The Gospel of Peace

The Gospel of Peace is the most powerful part of understanding the Gospel. For me it is what revolutionized my understanding. It was after many attempts to try to be a good Christian, to win God’s favor, and trying to find God’s grace that I found the Gospel of Peace. I found something that quenched my soul and gave me everything that I needed to sustain my life.

I want to remind you...    see more >>

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Paul’s Dialectic Style of Logic

Prosopopoiea, or the Greek rhetorical device of quoting another person, is the necessary ingredient in the dialectic mode of logic so loved by Paul. In fact, Romans 1 thru 11 may be the greatest example of comparing thesis to it’s antithesis, and thus leading to a synthesis, that we may ever see in the Bible. In modern terms, we would say, now one point of view ...    see more >>

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Types & Shadows

In the Middle Ages, Churches used art filled leadlight windows to depict their gospel in picture form. They covered the stations of the cross and various parables (common was a window using a picture of Jesus with a lamb in His arms – the priest would use this window to tell the parable of Jesus leaving the 99 to find the one lost sheep.
Types and shadows in the Old Testament filled...    see more >>

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Jesus Second Coming 01

Matthew 16:28. & Luke 9:27
Either Jesus cannot tell the literal truth from an allegorical claim, OR He is a liar. You choose!
Matt 16:28 Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom.
It is always revealing, how we say that some Bible verses are to be taken literally and others are to be...    see more >>

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What IS the unforgiveable sin?

Let us read the only passage in the Bible that talks about the unforgiveable sin; I will use the Message Version, but almost any version will give us the goods here.

Mark 3:22-30 (MSG)

 22The religion scholars from Jerusalem came down spreading rumors that he was working black magic, using devil tricks to impress them with spiritual power.

23Jesus confronted their slander...    see more >>

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There is SO much more to say about Universal Redemption, but, for so long as invincible ignorance holds that Redemption and Salvation are roughly identical, what purpose is there in discussion? Of all the mental straightjackets to which “Christian orthodoxy” ever brain-chained it’s sheeple, this is perhaps as good as it gets. Logic is lost on lemmings. And just as Protestant Christianity...    see more >>

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My life was being ripped, shredded and literally torn apart once again. How do I accept who and what I am? What will happen to my family, my wife and our three young girls?

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Paul; Liar? or The Lord’s Man?

The Apostle Paul, who was especially commissioned by both God (Romans 1:1-5) AND Peter, James & John (Gal 2:7-8) to preach the gospel to the NON JEWS, claims at the end of his life, that he had declared the ENTIRE COUNSEL OF GOD (Acts 20:27).

The options presented here are limited to either (a) ALL of the counsel of God is contained in Paul’s teaching, OR (b) Paul was somehow delusional.

Take,...    see more >>

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Peter, James, John And The “Seven Churches”

It seems apparent in any logical exploration of the New Testament, that Paul stood at odds with the other writers.


JAMES ~ It is easy to forget that James was never an apostle, and was never a follower of Jesus during His lifetime, in fact, James belittled and derided Jesus (John 7:5). At one time he, and others, even presumed Jesus to be insane (Mk 3:21).  Then later, James, without any recorded...    see more >>

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I Was Called To Preach By A Monkey ~ Shean Smith 

My mother died soon after I was born in Ecuador while my parents were SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) missionaries there. The incident was due to doctor error. My mother died after I was born became a monkey on my back.

The ape was the continual implication that my mother died so I could be born. My birth mother’s death was touted as my the supreme sacrifice so I could be born and become a great...    see more >>

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Ant Reasoning

Often the very different (and strongly disagreeing) answers to the same question, are all correct and all wrong at the same time depending on your starting premise. In other words, our starting point inevitably determines our conclusions. We see this in politics all around us, every single day. If we understand a SuperSet of principles governing any discipline, then we will far better comprehend...    see more >>

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Predestined To Life


“Predestined to Life” is Mike Williams’ new series from a recent Gospel Revolution  Conference in Canada.  In this series, Mike exposes  the theology of  predestination in the light of the gospel as opposed to traditional Christian theology.  He studies out all references to predestination in the original Greek texts, as well as in the English translations. Find out...    see more >>

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Eternal Security.

Eternal security is the name given to the concept proposed by Calvinism and some forms of Arminianism who believe that once you are saved you will remain in that happy condition.
The logical comparison, is that one’s salvation may not be secure, or, if you prefer eternal insecurity, resulting in spiritual and mental insecurity in the here and now, nevermind eternity. In the group in...    see more >>

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Scientist’s Thoughts about Redefining our Concept of God, A

by Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D. – 1999

A friend, who is a very open-minded Episcopalian priest, asked me, as an open-minded evolution biologist, for suggestions in regard to his efforts at redefining God in our profoundly changing times. Now, that is a subject I actually think about a great deal, and one that I love, so I sent him my thoughts as follow:

In my dialog with Willis Harman, published...    see more >>

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Translations, Interpretations, Machinations, and Theology.

A Vital Question.

Before we look at this carefully, let me ask you a question. It is a very honest question and should be quite simple to answer. Your failure to answer it honestly pretty much voids any purpose in reading on.

The question is this; can you name me one Bible translation either modern or ancient, that was not translated through the filters of someone’s pre-existing theology? I...    see more >>

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Where Humanity Sees the Divine

There is a big difference between teaching the gospel and seeing the gospel.

How does one “see” the gospel?

We humans, with any self-reflection at all, seem to be acutely aware of how “human” we are. Our humanness surfaces each and every day. We feel human. We act human. Sometimes thankfully. Sometimes regrettably.
So, within this context of being “human”, how and when do we actually...    see more >>

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The God Who Doesn’t Exist

From Jacob M. Wright: via Cecil Cockerham

Just read an article on John Piper answering a parent who was concerned about what he should tell his child, who has “extreme anxiety” about death, about the topic of hell. Piper took the time to list “5 Great Realities” on why the fear of hell “is a golden opportunity for treating God as big and glorious and utterly real”...    see more >>

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What The Hell Is Hell?

No one has ever opposed this article calmly, clearly and logically. Emotionally? Yes, but never intelligently. Perhaps they can’t?

Read slowly……..Believers of Hell……..

1. There is no mention in Genesis,of hell ever being created. I’m supposed to believe God cares more about me being informed of when and how He created birds and bugs, etc., but not...    see more >>

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Predestined to Life

Can we imagine a world wholly different than the one we are experiencing right now? A world as drastically different on a human level as the changes we have seen on a technological level since 1995?

It has been said, “It Has Become Appallingly Obvious That Our Technology Has Exceeded Our Humanity”.

Is there a means, now available on the planet, by which this change for the betterment of...    see more >>

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Fulfilled Prophecies About Jesus Christ

Source ~ The Church of God Article linked to at the bottom of this article.

The Church of God International was the result of a massive split in the Worldwide Church of God, after Mike Williams teachings on the Gospel of Grace and Peace, led to divisions in that church.

Why did I copy someone else’s article? Because truth is truth, wherever you find it.

In today’s world, many do not recognize the plain prophetic statements foretelling the coming of Jesus...    see more >>

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Man’s Will versus God’s Will

In Christianity we were taught that our will affected out eternal destiny, but that God’s will, (and our purity of heart) saw to it that we got the right parking space, were killed or not killed by a tornado, and generally determined the course of events in our life. In the Gospel, we coined a phrase for this and called it “Parking Space Spirituality”.

The Christian religion teaches...    see more >>

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I’d Rather See A Sermon Than Hear One Any Day

I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day,
I’d rather that you walk with me than merely show the way.

The eye’s a better teacher and more willing than the ear,
And counsel is confusing but example’s always clear.

The best of all the teachers are the ones who live the creed.
To see good put in action is what everybody needs.

I soon can learn to do it if you let me see it...    see more >>

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Answer To A Friend

Today a friend mistook “Gay conversion Therapy” for what Christians call “conversion”.  Following is part of the conversation.

She wrote:-

OK so many things I don’t know. So I read about conversion therapy. I understand both sides of the fence. From your standpoint since Christ saved us all…sinful behavior does not exist. And yes we all sin. And yes we all a little...    see more >>

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Did the early Apostles consider their writings to be scripture?

There are several levels on which this may be challenged; that is to say, the claim that the early apostles actually believed that their writings, in any way, rose to the same level of the Old Testament Scriptures.
(a) The earliest church fathers and in particular, the first acknowledged church historisan, Eusebius, holds this epistle, 2 peter, to be a forgery.
(b) When paul asked Timothy...    see more >>

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Every 500 Years, a Reformation!

Since the inception of Christianity, every half millennium, we have seen a reformation.

About 500 years after the death of the Apostles, we saw the completion of the evolution of the Church from a charismatic, vibrant, alive, Greek influenced organism, to an institutionalized, dead, Latin thinking organization.

500 years later we saw the Great Schism where the eastern and western wings of Institutionalized...    see more >>

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Grace is NOT Unmerited favour

I know that to say that grace is NOT unmerited favour, flies in the face of popular Christian doctrine, but let’s examine this for a moment. The Scriptures state (Ps 138:6 NKJ) that, Though the Lord is on high, Yet He regards the lowly; But the proud He knows from afar. And again, (Prov 3:34 NKJ) Surely He scorns the scornful, But gives grace to the humble.

James quotes this Scripture...    see more >>

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It is a True Gospel Revolution


Recently, I have been addressing an article written by Dr James Richards of Impact ministries, Huntsville, Alabama. While I have been at a loss as to just why Jim published this now, 20 years since I last saw him, it has presented itself as a really good teaching tool.

Jim lets everyone know, 20 years after the fact, that I, Michael Williams, have been “biblically” shunned!

Over the...    see more >>

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The Testimony of God

“Experiences in life can carry a stern warning or a “wake-up call”, but just because we can connect some dots or learn something in the process does not merit the situation to have to take-on the “spiritual voodoo hyperbole” of “it happened for a reason.”

I just quoted myself. Is that allowed? Yep that is a quote from an article I wrote January 24, 2012 titled “Everything...    see more >>

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The Greatest Flight

Muhammed Ali

It was the early 1980s.

The sad thing is I should be able to give the exact date and time it happened because Mohammad Ali signed my boarding pass stub on a flight in first class from Chicago to L.A.

The flight is also connected to my very first visit to Hawaii, a place I treasure.

One of Norvell Hayes’ friends was a travel agent and wanted to impress Norvell. So, the guy got me the first class...    see more >>

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The Importance of Acknowledging a Once-Angry God

Mike Williams - President & Founder of Mike Williams Ministries & Gospel Revolution

Mike Williams – President & Founder of Mike Williams Ministries & Gospel Revolution

Did God ever repent, change his mind? Were his thoughts and emotions positively impacted by the successful mission of Christ? Are yours? Are mine? The answer to all of the above is a resounding “YES”!

Is it possible our collective intellect, will, and emotions are more like the Creator’s than we have ever imagined? Do we learn and grow in a similar way as he did?

In my case, as I’ve conveyed...    see more >>

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The Good News for April 2016

Heralded by
April 2016

News from Kenya and


The following is a letter from Moses Ngata in Nakuru Kenya giving Mike and the rest of us an update on the gospel in Kenya.

Jambo Papa (Mike),
All is well here in Kenya.
I just want to report the tremendous news about the School of Scriptures and more so the radio show.
We have been meeting...    see more >>

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Wow! What a year 2015 was! First I would like to thank all of you who supported the Gospel Revolution during this past year. It was indeed a banner year because of you! Your monthly support kept us alive and your one-time gifts in each pledge drive are the boost we need every quarter to finish the task.

This last year we also experienced a measurable increase in understanding...    see more >>

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The Journey in Context

I’ve been in the ministry 42 years now. When I first started teaching more in context, it began a new journey. Rather than teaching the way I was taught many years ago, which was for other purposes. I did like everybody else and I’d pick a verse in Timothy, one in Psalms, one out of Isaiah and one out of Revelation, put it all together and then find a Greek word that...    see more >>

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Redemptionism:  The doctrine that all of humanity was redeemed (i.e., saved, sanctified) through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and asserting that the redemption of all was completed and concluded in his resurrection.  There was no further need for scriptural fulfillment thereafter. See Wictionary Entry

The advent of the redemptionist doctrine began with Michael Williams in the early...    see more >>

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Send the Gospel Around the World

It is June already! And the Gospel Revolution is rolling on and rolling strong.

“The Mystery of The Gospel”, was my subject in Calgary, Alberta Canada June the 13th to the 15th. The CD’s will be ready soon. Order yours NOW!

June 27th and 28th are the dates for my upcoming Southern Illinois Gospel Revolution Seminar. Come join me. This is where I was the Pastor of two different Churches...    see more >>

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The Mystery of the Gospel

June 14th, 15th and 16th, I will be teaching a new series entitled “The mystery of the gospel”. To-date I have completed two series about this mystery. One entitled “The Mystery of Unbelief”, and the other is entitled, “The Mystery of Faith”. This time we will cover much more of the aspect of this great mystery. “The Mystery of the Gospel.”

Let me tell you what a mystery...    see more >>

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Outside of Sin

Like many of you, I teach and / or think on this gospel every single day of my life. I think about its consistent, fractal-like continuum, and it’s finite and infinite nature. Constantly, I am amazed that to date, I have not had to reply to a single question with even one if, and, but or maybe. Let’s face it my friends. We have struck gold! Of all the realities of the gospel, this one...    see more >>

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Letters From the U.S & Canada

The Term Hell in the Scriptures

(This was sent to us from Randy French in the US. It is an excerpt from his upcoming book, “I used to be a Christian, but Jesus set Me Free”.)

I just finished doing a study on the word hell in the Bible, Old Testament (vs) New Testament. I was shocked at what I found!

There are 3 different words in the New testament that are all translated hell in the King James...    see more >>

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The Psychology of the Gospel

Dear Family,

The general acceptance of a still-angry God and place of eternal punishments where he sends most people is to our society what the thought of a flat Earth was to antiquity. That’s how disconnected from reality it is. The almost complete and utter failures of our sociologists and psychologists to acknowledge, address, and affirm the devastating and mind-altering affect of this has been...    see more >>

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Freedom From Guilt

GuiltIt seems to me the human race is on an unrelenting quest, do or die, toward the ever elusive freedom from guilt.

Freedom from guilt is so obscured from the realm of reality for us that The American board of Psychiatry and Neurology gives very contradicting views of the subject. Try and google “guilt and psychiatry.”  You will find numerous...    see more >>

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95 Theses by Michael Williams

Nearly five hundred years ago, Martin Luther nailed his “95 Theses” to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany in what was then, the Holy Roman Empire. The religious world would never be the same. In it, Luther centered on practices within the Catholic Church regarding baptism and absolution of sin. The theses rejected the validity of indulgences (remissions of temporal punishment...    see more >>

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A Story of True Conversion

This year, for Christmas I have received a gift beyond all gifts that I have ever received in my life. It is my great privilege to pass this gift on to you.

In July, I flew to the Orange County airport and rented a car to go spend time with my precious friend, Richard Mull, the king of comedy of the Gospel Revolution. It was a difficult trip on many levels. Richard and I both knew it would be the...    see more >>

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At What Point?

At what point did it all change so completely? When did I stop feeling vulnerable and weak? It seemed like anything and everything could take me out mentally and emotionally at any moment – at any place. When did I stop feeling odd, peculiar, out of sync, out of place? How did I ever muster the strength to suffer devastating loss and walk on? Where did it become irrelevant if I were in a crowd...    see more >>

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The Kenyan Korner



Many thanks and appreciations from Moses, my wife Elizabeth, my sons Joshua and Richbright and from the entire students of the School of the Scriptures and of International College of Journalism in Nakuru, Kenya.

We can’t thank you enough for your support to buy the car, to open the school of media and all round support always.

To you Mike and all the Gospel revolutionaries who...    see more >>

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My Recent Conclusion About What Is And Is Not Scripture

Since everything I planned to work on this weekend got put on hold until this coming week, so I decided to do some research I’ve been wondering about.

Just by coincidence, 2 days ago I received 3 separate calls from people asking me what is and is not scripture. They wanted me to justify my reasoning for my answer. It made me think back to when I first decided what ISN’T scripture. To my...    see more >>

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The State of Our Union

Friends, Family, and Gospel Revolutionaries,

So much has happened in recent months and set to happen in the next few months as well.

The new Gospel Revolution Powercast is now just a little over 3 months old and we never stop hearing how people love the show. We get compliments all the time about what a great job Beres Bartlett is doing and we couldn’t agree more! Our hat’s off to you Beres. You...    see more >>

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Report from Moses Ngata

The School of the Scriptures- Kenya at 3 1/2 Months Old

It all started as a desperate search for the Gospel truth after years of walking in the darkness of religion to no avail. I could not find truth in religion until I stumbled onto the Gospel Revolution website and my eyes were opened. I downloaded all the webcasts in the archive, listened to all of them and this I have continued to this day.

This...    see more >>

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If You Had Any Doubt…


Volunteering at the orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya.

Volunteering at the orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya.

If you had any doubt about what is happening in Kenya, we hope to dispel whatever that might be.

We hope you’ve been following the exciting news coming out of Kenya, and that you had a chance to read Moses Ngata’s report in our previous e-newsletter. We can confirm to you that everything is going just as splendidly as Moses reports. He is, however, a very busy man now. We’ve published...    see more >>

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Wisdom will always beget freedom. Freedom will always seek wisdom. Wisdom creates nothing. Wisdom uses that which has been created to its highest potential!

I think I am seeing a beautiful pattern here.

Faith, in the operational aspect of creation – miracles, virgin birth, resurrection from the dead – was a creative force in the hands of God. Now, in 2012, 2,000 years after the cross, as Paul...    see more >>

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More Huge News!

Dear Family,

Mike Williams Ministries and the Gospel Revolution is proud to announce the formation of:


ACSL, (“A Child Shall Lead”) is dedicated and committed to reporting on the momentous actions, feats, inventions and achievements of our world’s righteous, holy, sanctified and redeemed children and young people (and, as you know, that means every child that...    see more >>

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And A Child Shall Lead Them


Jack Andraka – Award Winner

Dear Family,

He is only a freshman at North County High School in Anne Arundel County , Maryland .

However, 15-year-old Jack Andraka is being recognized for developing what may become an effective way to detect pancreatic cancer.

“I’ve created a paper sensor and it can detect pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer and lung cancer,” Andraka told WBAL News. “Basically it costs 3-cents...    see more >>

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Taking A Chance

Dear Family,


Chance is indeed an excellent name for a dog.

But please give me a chance! Not a dog but just a few minutes of your time. Because I think there is a chance.

No one really knows. There are no guarantees but there just may be a chance.

“Chance” is the thing we dread being stuck with. Yet, it is the thing we want just one more of. Just give me one more chance. Please?

Desperation...    see more >>

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Gospel Logic

Dear Family,

The first time I taught and declared the Gospel, the Good News of the Redemption of ALL, in the U.S. was in Denver, Colorado. Unfortunately, it was not recorded. The first recorded sessions which produced “The Redemption of the World” Series was done soon after in Glenn’s living room in Tampa, Florida. That series was duplicated and has gone all over the world, even being translated...    see more >>

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From Chapter 1 of “ONE”

Dear Gospel Revolutionaries,

Please enjoy the latest installment below from my book, “One – The Gospel According to Mike”. The excerpt is from Chapter One: “Pursuit of Righteousness”. The picture at the top of this Good NewsLetter is just one of the faces from the collage from Mosaic that comprises the cover of the book. Each chapter of the book will have one of these...    see more >>

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Today’s Top Ten List

Here’s Today’s “Top Ten List” of Things to Know About the Gospel:

#10 – The Gospel and Christianity are in direct opposition to each other.
#9 – The Gospel redeems no one.
#8 – The Gospel is information for the brain: nothing more, nothing less.
#7 – The Gospel is the “Good Information” of the Redemption of ALL of Humanity through the...    see more >>

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Liberty Now Has A Country

“If the liberties of the American people are ever destroyed, they will fall by the hands of the clergy.” Marquis de Lafayette
Dear Family,

It was the siege of Yorktown in America’s War for Independence.

The Marquis de Lafayette, the French General who had joined the revolution, was 24 years old. My third Great Grandfather Matthias Williams was 25 and was there, too, fighting under the General’s...    see more >>

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A Moment In Time


Dear Family,

There have been moments in time throughout history when a phrase coined in a certain way, a song, a poem, even just a thought resonates to such a degree that it can change the trajectory in the lives of scores of people. Sometimes echoes of the moment resound that it will affect the future of hundreds. And every so often a moment in time is so powerful that it alters...    see more >>

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The Family of One

Dear Beautiful Humans,

The other night my son Jacob who lives in San Diego was having dinner at my parents home in the Los Angeles area with their best friends in the world Pat and Ronnie, my cousin Richard, and my brother Jimmy, his wife Elaine, and their daughters Sammie, Casey, and Drew who were all on the West Coast visiting from Chicago. It was a mini Klein Family Reunion.

I spoke with them briefly...    see more >>

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The Power of God

Dear Family,

The Power of God…

No phrase on Earth has ever evoked more awe, excitement, fear, dread and amazement. Please pause for a moment and just imagine the inspiring implications which resulted, which are resulting, and which can result from this ultimate power.

The Scriptures declare how the Power of God created light and separated it from darkness. The Power of God organized the Universe....    see more >>

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From “One”

Dear Family,

As is my want, I wanted to share some Good News with you today. My Book, “One: The Gospel According to Mike – The Christianity-Free Gospel is in its final editing phase. We’re going over it with a fine-tooth comb! Yes, folks, it is really going to happen. Thank you so much for patiently waiting.

In anticipation, from time to time, we’ll share an excerpt here and...    see more >>

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How In God’s Name

Dear Family,

How in God’s Name does Jesus—the life of Jesus—leave the realm of fantasy, religion and myth as a biblical character to one of reality, truth, knowing, and a daily awareness of His impact?

If the Gospel is truly “the Power of God”, and if it is to have its full impact on what that power is directed at—our brains, the Gospel must become something we know, and we must know why...    see more >>

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A Holy Corrupted Part 3

Dear Family,

In this the third installment of “A Holy Corrupted” God, I want to examine both extremes and opposing views about an angry God: “God was never angry” and “God was and still is angry.”

Before I do let me give a bit more time to the question of God Himself ever being “corrupted”.

In the discussions I have had about this and with the questions that...    see more >>

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A Holy Corrupted God 2

Dear Family,

Last week I introduced this series of new articles entitled “A Holy Corrupted God”. I did not intend to leave you hanging with such an audacious title with no explanation of why God could have been both Holy and Corrupt all at once. However, that’s just what I did! Ooops, my bad!

Anyway, many of you are familiar with my teaching on “The Image of God”.

In that teaching...    see more >>

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A Holy Corrupted God Part 1

Dear Family,

So, you saw the article’s title. And you’ve continued reading this far. Well, I must have gotten your attention!

The debate has raged for thousands of years. The confusion over the issue is verifiable and palpable. Many positions have been taken.

What is God’s role in life today?

What, if anything, is God doing currently for us individually and corporately? And is His approach to...    see more >>

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The Power of Acknowledgment

Dear Family,

I just read the following email we received the other day.

Hi Mike and Glenn,

I thought I’d share this little experience with you. The other day, I read an article that appeared on one of Glenn Beck’s websites. The article regarded an appearance by Joel Osteen on the Oprah show, where he proclaimed that homosexuality was a sin, but that homosexuals would still go to Heaven.

I didn’t...    see more >>

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Everything Happens For A Reason

Dear Family,

“Everything happens for a reason.”


“Everything happens for a reason” has got to be one of the most incorrect, mentally lazy, spiritually vapid statements on Planet Earth. It is, however, admittedly a creative way to organize the mess of our lives mentally and emotionally after the fact of what we credit for happening for a reason.

Perhaps I should have massaged...    see more >>

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Dear Family,PEPSI

It’s been over 15 years now.

My life was being ripped, shredded and literally torn apart for me once again.

How do I accept who and what I am? What will happen to my family, my wife and our three young girls? I was being persuaded with such wonderful truth about the Gospel. When would it come out erupting unbridled from the depths of my own heart?

When would the truth about Mike...    see more >>

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Senses That Make Sense

Senses That Make Sense

Dear Family,

Much of the information we gather during the course of any given day comes to us via our five senses. And the vast majority of their purpose and usefulness is to produce and enjoy pleasure!

With the eyes, color, so much color! The information is not delivered in black and white as it could be. It is in color!

With smell, fragrance so appealing and so specific it can...    see more >>

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I Could Have Said No

Drive In Theater“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” (Thought or Reasoned To Put Away or Vanish)
1 Cor. 13:11 (KJV)

Dear Family,

It is Wednesday night, and we just finished our final show for The Start of Winter Pledge Drive.

To say that I am in a pensive mood would be an understatement. Saying my heart is moved with compassion for all who are involved in the Gospel Revolution is wholly insufficient.

Let me do my best to explain. When I write “Dear Family”, that is how I feel. I really see us as a major...    see more >>

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Dear Family,

Our letter from last week may have received the greatest response we have ever had.

In it I described how my daughter Audrey articulated during our recent visit that if she had known the Gospel as she knows it now she would have had the ability to say no to the molestation that was being inflicted upon her by her brother-in-law when she was a child. Because of her upbringing she was under...    see more >>

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So, This Atheist Went To Heaven

Dear Family,hitchens

Christopher Hitchens, the political writer, commentator, and avowed atheist passed away last week at age 62 after a long bout with cancer. And then, although it may sound like the start of a joke, this atheist went to Heaven.

In his media appearances, Hitchens made some of the most rational and reasonable observations I have ever heard. In a recent interview with CNN’s Anderson...    see more >>

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Extrapolating The Future

transitive verb
: to infer (values of a variable in an unobserved interval) from values within an already observed interval
a : to project, extend, or expand (known data or experience) into an area not known or experienced so as to arrive at a usually conjectural knowledge of the unknown area <extrapolates present trends to construct an image of the future> b :...    see more >>

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How In God’s Name

Dear Family,

How in God’s Name does Jesus—the life of Jesus—leave the realm of fantasy, religion and myth as a biblical character to one of reality, truth, knowing, and a daily awareness of His impact?

If the Gospel is truly “the Power of God”, and if it is to have its full impact on what that power is directed at—our brains, the Gospel must become something we know, and we must know why...    see more >>

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Putting Away Childish Things

1 Corinthians 13

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

8 Love never fails.

When I was a young Christian, I loved...    see more >>

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A Perfect Storm – A Perfect Ride

Dear Family,

I just finished watching an MSNBC documentary focusing on Dr. Conrad Murray and his role in Michael Jackson’s later life and death.

In the wake of Jackson’s death, and the trial of his physician Dr. Murray, we learned some things about the frame of mind of the late pop star and those surrounding him.

Jackson believed he was chosen by God to change the world. What pressure he must...    see more >>

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Top Ten Reasons To Abandon Self-Righteousness

This morning I was having my regular morning conversation with Richard Mull.

As usual, I learned something.

Richard told me, “After listening to ‘The Faith of God’ series for the third time, I’ve made a decision. I am giving up my own righteousness!”

Now I have known Richard Mull for almost 20 years. And believe me when I tell you that he gave up his own righteousness long before...    see more >>

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So Help Me God?

“So help me God” was not in the oath of office as George Washington took that oath when he was inaugurated as the first President of the United States. It was added by Washington himself at the end of taking the actual oath. Although it has never been officially added to the oath, every President since Washington has also included the phrase at its conclusion.

What are they giving oath...    see more >>

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Surviving Christianity

Surviving Christianity

Throughout my life I have watched young talented people giving full expression to their respective gifts as they looked to the future and what promise it may hold.

Thinking back on them puts a smile on my face and causes me to reflect on what growing up was like for me.

Perhaps you can relate.

I spent my entire life inhibited, afraid, self-conscious, guilt-ridden, and ashamed....    see more >>

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As If There Is No God

“I’m living life as if there were no God,” a dear friend recently informed me.

Now some might think that bit of news would be quite upsetting to a Bible Teacher who promotes The Gospel and the benefits of its meditation.

I was not upset in the least. I was excited!

When one’s understanding of God and spirituality leads to a belief that God or some “spiritual law” is working on behalf...    see more >>

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Dear Loved Ones of the Lord,

As we continue our journey through the Book of Romans Chapters 5-6, please notice the words found in Romans 5:1.

“Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Justified. What a fascinating word. It is a word that amazingly describes how we stand in the eyes and eternal view of God. To be justified means that you...    see more >>

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Number One Reason For Divorce

Researchers have discovered the number one cause of divorce: marriage. Yes, the legalistic nature of this religious institution is being torn apart by the freedom that is permeating western culture. Obviously, we are all free to do what we want to do, and believe what we want to believe. However, since marriage is now primarily a result of two people loving each other (as opposed to the formerly...    see more >>

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Better Be Catholic

From the Associated Press: “Lorenzago di Cadore, Italy – Pope Benedict XVI reasserted the primacy of the Roman Catholic Church, approving a document released last Tuesday that says other Christian communities are either defective or not true churches and Catholicism provides the only true path to salvation.”

Say what? “The commentary repeated church teaching that the Catholic...    see more >>

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Was Obama Right?

Dear Lovers of the Unity of the Faith (of God),

On Saturday Illinois Senator and 2008 Democrat Presidential hopeful Barack Obama delivered a speech on faith and politics at the United Church of Christ General Synod in Hartford, Connecticut. “Somehow, somewhere along the way, faith stopped being used to bring us together and started being used to drive us apart. It got hijacked. Part of it’s...    see more >>

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Eternal Forgiveness

Dear Gospel Groupies,

One of the great things about being part of the Gospel Group is that it is the only totally inclusive identifiable sector of humanity. Everyone is included. Every race, creed, national origin, religious affiliation or no affiliation, every belief system or lack thereof is part. This comes without cost or pain to us, all because of the pain that cost Jesus Christ on the Cross.

Just...    see more >>

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Freed To Be A Legalist

Dear Beautifully Redeemed Humans,

Many times on the Web Cast offering known as Glenn Klein Online, we have heard Michael utter something in a certain way that he had never quite thought of in those terms before or had never said in quite that way. Last week was another ones of those inspired, spontaneous moments.

The guys were talking about dealing with family members who are still stuck in a behavior-based...    see more >>

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Even Jerry Falwell Gets In

Dear Lovers of Humanity Through The Blood of the Messiah,

When Jerry Falwell passed away yesterday, wouldn’t you have liked to have been the proverbial fly on the wall when he realized that all his so-called “good works” here on Earth had been counted by the Lord “as filthy rags”? Or how about when he realized that joining him at peace with God was Adolph Hitler, Joseph...    see more >>

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God’s Other Son

Dear Gospel Loving People Who Love People Because of the Gospel,

Last week the U.S. was embroiled in a conversation about bigotry because of the comments of radio and TV host Don Imus about the women’s basketball team at Rutgers University. If you watched or read any news last week you couldn’t have missed it. The comments and the stored-up anamus against Imus cost him his job.

Don Imus,...    see more >>

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Jesus’ Sin

The Gospel Revolution is aptly named because it is truly a revolution to have an organized effort, as we do, that uses nothing but the text of the Bible to teach that all men and women are equal and righteous in the eyes of God, regardless of race, nation, sex, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, beliefs, or lack thereof.

The Bible has been misused throughout the ages to condemn every class...    see more >>

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His Name Is Joshua

Dear Revolutionaries,

Greetings in the wonderful name of salvation, Joshua. That is the actual English name of Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew), and what a perfect name for He Who procured salvation for the entire world.

The Lord became known as Jesus when Christianity was made the official state religion of the Roman Empire by Constantine. In an attempt to make the new religion more palatable to the Greek...    see more >>

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After Further Review

Dear Believers of the Gospel,

Recently an old associate of mine who lives in the U.K. came across my web site and listened to some of our Archived Webcasts. I had known him “back in the day” of religion and legalism. I had done my best to try to “get him saved”.

Thank God he resisted my efforts and never got sucked into the morass of what so many of us have had to extricate...    see more >>

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Giving Thanks

In the light of the freedom that this Gospel provides, we often get asked about prayer. Well, like every other human activity our advise is to follow your own heart. If it makes sense to you, and brings you a level of peace, pleasure, and/or enjoyment, pray away. There should be no judgment coming from anyone. Certainly God does not judge your prayer, because ALL His judgment was poured out “on...    see more >>

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Nova Scotia (New Scotland)

My flight to Nova Scotia was fairly uneventful, that was until I met up at the Halifax Airport with one of my buddies and a fellow worker in the Gospel, Richard Mull. Richard lives in California and works there in an investment firm. It had been a few years since we had last seen each other so some catching up was in order.

Randy Cook and Roy Muise were there in Halifax to drive us the 3 hours or...    see more >>

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I’m A Deceiver And A Liar

Haggard bares his soul in note to congregation
Thousands listen as the former evangelical leader shares his moral failings in a letter read from the pulpit.

By Stephanie Simon, Times Staff Writer
November 6, 2006

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. In the hush of a Sunday morning, believers grieved, struggled and forgave as their pastor, the Rev. Ted Haggard, confessed his sins.

“I am a deceiver and a liar,”...    see more >>

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