Dear Family,

As is my want, I wanted to share some Good News with you today. My Book, “One: The Gospel According to Mike – The Christianity-Free Gospel is in its final editing phase. We’re going over it with a fine-tooth comb! Yes, folks, it is really going to happen. Thank you so much for patiently waiting.

In anticipation, from time to time, we’ll share an excerpt here and there. I think it will encourage you with the truth contained in every aspect of the Gospel.

This particular one is taken from Chapter Four: “God’s Will? Not To Worry”

It was a huge challenge when I started teaching in context. I could “cut and paste” together a message with the best of them in a successful attempt to draw a lot of people. We used to fill buildings with hundreds of people, thousands of people, but we also had the ability to manipulate the things that we were teaching. Now, did I do it consciously? No. That’s just how I was taught to do it. And I was a good pupil. We had certain doctrines that we were promoting because they were promoted to us and we believed them. I did like everybody else and I’d pick a verse in Timothy and one Psalms and one out of Isaiah and one out of Revelation and put it all together and find a Greek word that made it all fit “together” and teach on it. You can come up with some really strange doctrines that way. We certainly did.

However, when I started teaching more in context, I strayed from the party line.

In the Word of Faith Movement, I became known as “America’s Foremost Authority on Demonology”. When I started unraveling the demonology doctrines, I realized that they were built together on a bunch of different statements that had absolutely nothing to do with each other. Each one of them in context explained themselves in their own right. They in truth had nothing to do with demons or demonology. That was quite a wake-up call for me! To be called America’s foremost authority on demonology and then take my own doctrine and deconstruct it completely and set it aside – well, it was an interesting trip to say the least. So, so much for being an authority on demonology!

Time after time I found myself revisiting definitions pertaining to Christianity and the Bible and the Scriptures and I had to let them define themselves. The whole process didn’t just destroy my doctrines; it started uncovering the fallacy of the fundamental doctrines in Christianity.

I didn’t set out to expose Christianity as a fraud. That was never my goal. I was a Christian, for goodness sakes! I was trying to prove Christianity was real! I was trying to prove that it is true. The more I learned about the Gospel the more I realized Christianity was a lie. The more I realized Christianity was a lie, the more I believed the Gospel, and the more I understood the Gospel, the clearer the Gospel became. I was amazed as I saw the issues that are dealt with so clearly in the Scriptures are completely repudiated by Christianity and completely solidify the Gospel.

Most fundamental doctrines of Christianity cannot even be found in the Bible at all, especially when you read in context. It truly is remarkable. I could go back and point out so many things that are not even in the Bible that are the fundamental principles of Christianity. One subject in Christianity that has become extremely misleading, misguided, and even deceptive is the issue of the free will of mankind.

Stay Tuned for More!
Much Love,