About the GospelRevolution

The Gospel Revolution acts as a touch-point for like-minded folks in over 1287 countries.  It also houses much information and inspiration regarding the good news of redemption in Christ. It’s our ongoing effort to impact hearts. minds, and societies, with the thought that the Creator of the Universe is not about to judge them or the planet because of sin. Because He has already poured out ALL His anger and wrath on Himself 2000 years ago in the form of a Jewish man from the Galilee area named Jesus of Nazareth.

Why is this a revolution? Because for thousands of years humankind has been kept in shackles, both literal and figurative, by religious mindsets that proclaim one leader or individual or group as somehow more righteous or chosen or holy in the sight of God than everyone else. Multiple millions of lives have been lost over this very issue. We have discovered that this self-righteous attitude is pure dung. It is not logical and does not hold up to a careful examination of the story and life of Israel or the prophets culminating in Christ. A thorough study of the original languages of the Bible indicate strongly that far from condemning the vast majority of humanity to an eternal place of punishment, that God has already counted everyone righteous. This speaks of the hugeness of the work of the cross. It completely levels the playing field for all people. No one is preferred eternally by God. All have been made one with Him and each other.

Think this bit of information penetrating the souls of believers all over the world could make a revolutionary difference? We sure do. And even if it doesn’t, it’s still the truth.

And knowing the truth about the gospel brings a revolution to one’s heart and truly sets one free. Not free from being human but free from condemnation and the need to be a judge over other human conduct and behavior. Truly it was for freedom that Christ set us free.