Dear Don:
Remembering Don Beres Bartlett

Don Beres Bartlett was from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. He was born on October 13, 1951 and died  September 29, 2021 in a Cullman, Alabama nursing home. He was just a couple weeks short of 70 years old. He had struggled for quite a while with diabetes and then contracted COVID-19 in 2020.

Survived by his loving wife Lora and his beautiful daughters Christie and Joni, Don also maintained a close friendship with his former wife Frieda throughout the years.


Immigrating to Nashville, Tennessee from Australia with Lora, Don was very involved in Evangelical Christianity for most of his adult life. In 2010, Don heard the Gospel Revolution podcast with Michael Lilborn Williams and Glenn Klein. To say the least, his religious and spiritual worldview was upended.
Discovering the Gospel of Peace and Grace through Jesus Christ, resulting in the righteousness of all humanity, would change Don’s life forever. He began communicating frequently with Michael, got involved in the ministry, and eventually became the co-host of the “Powercast” in 2011, reaching over 185 nations.
Don’s contribution to the Gospel Revolution cannot be overstated. All you need to hear to understand his devotion and understanding of the importance of the Gospel and its Revolution is to listen to his  “Deconstructing Religion and Barbecuing the Sacred Cows of Christianity” line from the podcast.

We are purposely utilizing the presence tense, because Don’s influence throughout the world is being felt right now and will always be. Don’s intelligence, insight, his understanding of the Greek of the New Testament Writings, his humor and love of the Gospel in Christ is second to none.


Don Beres Bartlett is an original. While his voice will ring throughout eternity, his physical presence is sorely missed by his family, friends, and the thousands around the planet who appreciate, respect and will love him without ending.
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  1. Glenn Klein

    Dear Don,

    G’day, Mate!

    So, if there is more to know beyond this brief existence, you now know. That is a lovely thought. Because we all know, you love gaining knowledge! If you can communicate from there, feel free. That would be cool.

    Our relationship certainly had its moments. One of the great things we shared was our ongoing growth in the gospel which enabled the two of us to work through any and all bumps in the road. I particularly enjoyed our long-distance happy hours when we would solve the world’s problem and challenge each other about all things gospel.

    Your communication is what is missed most. Your humor, insight, dogged determination to get the gospel out to more and more people—your fresh take on things—now must come through those who are still on this side. Just know your contribution to the effort of the GR continues and your impact will echo forever. We hear your voice on the show each week, and I know you are very happy with Michael’s and Daniel’s continual “barbecuing the sacred cows of Christianity” on the podcast you worked so hard on.

    You are perfect, righteous, holy sinless, blameless without spot or wrinkle and nothing but loved,


    • Be Love/Brian Lee Horne

      Dear Don,…
      I Am Truly Sorrowful to find this revelation of your passing into the Heavenly Realms this Day.!
      How & why it kept its secret to me until NOW.?!
      Yet, you know better than most Dear Brother the Lord has HIS’ purpose in ALL THINGS(seen/unseen alike).
      You have been a Dear Brother in the Lord & in All things in the Light of CHRIST Our Lord & Saviour…
      I Have No Words or Way to Express the pain of your loss, other than the pain in this Heart & the Tears streaming down mine face now, making so difficult to even type this letter to you now.!
      The World will be just a lil’ less bright without your reflection of Love’s LIGHT, though it is Good that you take your rightful place in the Heavenly’s to continue your Love of the Lord, l Truly Miss you & All the Moment$ shared of the Christ or the Group “Wake the Folk Up” where We were Divinely Appointed as Friends/Brothers in this Persuit to bring Heaven to Earth.!
      I Actully only this Day justseen your request for someone to continue the Group on your behalf.?!
      Why it kept from me until now is only known by the Father in Heaven… Only HÉ Carry’s all the Answers.
      Not sure at this moment If anyone has taken up the Torch to continue on.?!
      Yet, If it BE Abba’s Will…& No one has stepped up to carry on in your stead, let it be known to me at fathers due time… I Am at odds with emotions between elation for you passing & sorrow of your passing.!
      You were/ARE well Loved & l Am Sure that your memory & Legacy will carry on in the Lord’s GOOD Name…
      Bless All you Ever did for me & others, you are what’s Best in All men.!
      Perhaps Still to bring Heaven to Earth(for this is been my promise from above), to see you again & Embrace once more as Brothers…
      Much Love to you,… B’)??????

  2. Kent Lindsay

    Dear Brother Don,

    Like Abel “though he be dead, he still speaks” you speak so loud and clear so often even after your physical passing late last September. (Our deepest sympathies and condolences continue on to your loved ones) Though I never got to meet you you always answered my clouded “sacred cow” ? religious Christianity questions emails with Mike on the podcasts in years past. And though I may not of understood your answers fully back then, yours and Mike’s sticking to this “glorious Gospel of Peace” of our blameless eternal union of Papa God in Christ has indeed come to fruition for me in recent years. Your rich Aussie sense of humour always lifted my spirit and your great handle and explaining of Greek words so contributed to this great practical especially complete sinlessness by which I now live.
    You are forever in our hearts dear friend!

  3. John P.

    Don I liked hearing your Australian accent and your explanation of the meaning of the Greek in the NT.
    I will miss that.

    • Kristy Hansen

      Hey Beres, I’m so glad that you were and are a dear friend. Glad to have known you before you departed this beautiful country of Oz to live in the US.
      I want to say thank you for introducing me to the true gospel and the freedom that is rightfully ours. For some reason I steadfastly resisted what you were trying to share with me. You were so patient with me as I tried to correct you at different times and thought I had all the answers. How could I have been so wrong!
      But you will know from where you now are, that the seeds you planted all those years ago sprouted and are now growing and beginning to bare fruit. And as I now share this same message with others, I encounter the same resistance you did from me, and I recall your patience and quiet assurance, and that now keeps me focused on those things that are important.
      The world has lost a true saint, but I am sure your work is continuing from the other realm.
      Until we meet again… thanks for everything!

  4. Neil Hope

    Dear Don.
    It’s been a while now. I miss you still. Equally to the day you left us.
    I remember the first time I Met you. It was sort of like kindred spirits. Maybe because we were almost black sheep. Well, maybe not black but definitely tanned. Lol.
    I learned that you appreciated me, more than I will ever know. I feel the same way about you.
    You taught me in person what it means to be loved unconditionally. That is how you made me feel whenever I saw you or talked to you.
    I loved the time we spent together in Calgary. It will never be the same.
    Who else can I go to the pub with, and talk about everything from nonsense, to real as it can be life. We understood each other.
    I want to say, I love you Don Beres Bartlett. I can’t wait to see you on the other side of the pearly gates. But I will have to.

  5. Michael Lilborn Williams

    Dear Don,

    My prickly, sweet, stubborn, compassionate, and loving friend … I miss you to my gut level.

    This is so strange writhing this.

    You were always so available. Always ready to assault or confirm my thoughts while researching any given subject, especially when knowing what was actually written in the Greek was in question. This went way beyond what could be gleaned from my own concordance. I wonder, when will I ever stop thinking, “I need to call Don”. Then only to be jolted to our new reality.

    Maybe if you left after, tongue firmly planted in cheek, insulting me or my country, perhaps I could miss you less..

    But every year we worked together, you became one of my closest friends. Certainly you became my dearest companion on a daily basis.

    As we worked so closely on the Gospel Revolution, you became very careful just how you spoke and responded to me. You finally became convinced I truly loved you. I am so thankful for that and for YOU!

    I will guard your work and words with my life. I will publish them and your voice often. Why? Because, as you’ll remember, that is what we committed to each other some time back.

    You wrote your line. You added your equation. You exposed your life and family to question and ridicule. This all for the sake of the Gospel. And you love me.

    I think of you all the time and will see you before too long,


  6. Daniel Rouse

    Dear Don,

    When I first heard your voice on the GR Powercast, you often made me mad!

    Why? Because you were exposing my favorite preachers (I.e. Benny Hinn,
    Kenneth Copeland, Jesse Duplantis) in a negative light. However, your
    straightforward logic resulted in my rational reconsideration of their
    teachings and ministries.

    Then I started paying attention to your Greek explanations. I fell in
    love with your mind. Your teaching on “the faith OF Christ”
    revolutionized my world! Thank you so much!!!

    I’ll never forget our phone calls, trouble shooting technical issues,
    dreaming of a global GR expansion, hearing your life stories, and most
    recently your training me to take your spot with the “Big Res Button”
    (editing the Powercast).

    Though you are physically absent, your legacy lives on.

    Your generosity, intellect, and rational thinking has forever impacted
    my life. Again, thank you so much my friend and mentor!

    With Love,

    Daniel Rouse

  7. Mark Gaw

    Dear Don

    Thank you for making me laugh.

    Thank you for translating the Greek better than Michael and Daniel.

    See you later,
    Mark Gaw

  8. Laird Smith

    Dear Don:
    Your knowledge of Greek provided insight as to the meaning of the New Testament words which were interpreted by the scholars during the days of King James.
    I miss the banter with you and Mike as you discussed the terminology of the Bible. Your humour was so dry but Mike always took it with humour.
    Your contribution is missed, but we will always remember you fondly.

  9. Rob

    I had the opportunity to talk to Don on the phone for a couple weeks or so and just enjoyed the guy. Like Don, I am a musician and we talked a lot about our bands, stories about our music lives and the audience, band members, all of us being jerks, mostly talk you wouldn’t post on a Gospel site. This was special time here with a special musical brother from across the ocean and I was a kid again. This guy had stories. The guy was funny and my favorite thing he would do or say, I guess as a contributor to the GR ministry, would be after Mike or Daniel would mention that the GR is doing a pledge drive or if you want to support the GR, so on, he would butt in and say ” I wouldn’t give these guys a dime”. I’d spit my drink out. I was just hoping this goofy guy from Australia would say something asinine like that and sometimes it was there. Or some other “out of the blue” borderline acceptable comment. He made my night. He was the type of guy who could tell the same joke to you three times and it’d be funny every time.

    Sometimes when I remember Don I’m wishing something like ” awe, can’t we joke around on the phone again a little while today”? The little time we shared was gold.

  10. Billie Thompson

    Dear Don,

    I love your humor, your wisdom, your sincerity and your outrageous flirting!

    Glad Michael told me you would get a kick out of knowing you were caught!!!

    Billie Thompson

  11. Jeanne Hope

    Dearest Beres,

    I have a hard time remembering to call you Don, but I know you have excused me for that. It was sure my pleasure to know you my friend. Your colorful personality and matter of fact attitude were fun but you also really cared what I thought. With that genius brain of yours, I am very honored that you asked me what I think. I find it hard to imagine that you had ever followed the scattered teaching you tried to clarify for all. Your knowledge of of the finished work of the Cross was so certain, clear and appreciative. Thanks for the jokes, the stories and the fellowship over meals at the Calgary restaurants. My friend , you are a real connoisseur of life and fine food. My son Neil so enjoyed you and your showy statement of here I am. “This is me take it or leave it” and your love of life and color. I’m afraid now his shoes and socks tell the tale of his admiration. I so loved your choice of songs on the podcast and thought that Mike should loosen up and enjoy the comedy. Love your make a donation song! Wish I had recorded it. I’m sure I will find it tucked in the podcasts you made sure were recorded, even with the boys choir. I am so glad I know we are all one in Christ in God. Makes it much easier to have a conversation with you. to know I am there with you and know you are here with me. Laura, I do hope you know there is no distance between you and Don. Oh how he talked of you with such love and admiration! How he could not believe how you loved him so strong with no thought of criticism. Don would tear up when he spoke of you. I just wanted you to know the deep love he has for you. Bares, I must tell you that I was in awe at your logic, your genius brain and will go back and listen to you over and over. I learn more every time. Thank you for leaving us with that. I know you will enjoy yourself where you are, united with man and God and Christ. Feel free to visit, communicate or whatever it is that you do. Experiencing being one with mankind must be exciting. With all those you are meeting, don’t forget us. Hugs my friend. I miss you but as with others I have lost knowing the truth of being God in the Earth is kind of fun figuring out just how that works. Have fun.

    Jeanne Hope

  12. Paul Viggers

    Dear Don,

    What a wonderful contribution you made to the Gospel Revolution. I spent many happy hours listening to you and Mike on the powercast.
    Mike was a great teacher for many years and after you came along you inspired him to be even greater. Your additional knowledge of history and the Greek language enabled Mike to teach more accurately on subjects such as Predestination and Faith. My favourite Calgary Conference was a few years ago when Mike taught us about these two subjects.
    Don you also dealt very wisely and firmly with some internet trolls who were determined to undermine the GR message.
    Thank you for all your hard work and time spent in the GR. You did all this while looking after your wife who was very unwell.
    You were and are a wonderful person.

    Paul Viggers

  13. Rick Doan

    Dear Don,
    I would like to give you thanks Don. For your life, and your passion, and your sense of humor. Both you and MICHAEL are responsible for my recovery from spiritual abuse. And the only way that was possible is for two factors: one, Michael’s obsession with staying in context, So that a believer can actually understand Paul, I think most folks basically surf through the book looking for a verse to get them through the week, or their divorce or there whatever…. Situation they might face. And to, your part in the dynamic duo, being the Greek scholar brought depth of meaning and clarification to concepts and ideas that most Christians can’t grasp or are afraid to. your grasp of Church history, and your wealth of knowledge also added into Michael’s ability to stay in context, your knowledge and skill, placed everything in the broader context of the historical issues affecting the church. What can I say, we really didn’t get a chance to know each other, and for that I’m sad. But I know you’ve impacted the world and your tapes and lessons live on to continue setting people free, clarifying confused and bewildered minds. You have reached down and pick up the brokenhearted and debased. And I know that you know this in this world, but now I know you know it in a much more complete sense… when Jesus said, as much as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto me. I think in your case, that will bode well for you. I miss you, miss your humour miss your wisdom miss your person and character. Thank you for all you’ve done.♥️✌️

  14. James Gustafson

    Don, when you stood before us at the Calgary conference and began to speak I tried so hard to understand what you were saying because of your Aussie accent. To top it off,when you were done you asked” how do you know if I made all this up or not? Did any of you do any research for yourselves.”
    I stood up and told you I am too busy to do research and I need to trust what you are saying is accurate and true. You assured me that doing research is not that difficult in this age of technology and computers. I was not totally convinced when
    you said the material you had put together was done over 5 years or more.
    The next session you thanked me for putting trust in you. I have done some research on my own since that time but mostly by listening to your presentations numerous times.
    I do miss you Don as you have helped my thinking process and in many other ways.
    I wonder if you are wearing the T shirt “Beards are Back” that you said you really liked. I will continue to listen to and read your material.
    I love you Don.
    Your friend
    James Gustafson

  15. Gary Helms

    Really enjoyed all your comments and speaking about the true gospel.


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