So, the Gospel has revolutionized your life and is renewing your soul day by day. It’s awesome to be free, isn’t it? Many have asked what can they do so more folks who have been mired in religious dead works can hear that the work is over. Here’s the Top Ten List of things YOU can do to help propagate the Gospel Revolution:

10. Info; Keep posted on Mike’s travels and other exciting news, bookmark this site now. The Newsletter is great for this.

9. Publicise; Tell your friends and family about .

8. Newsletter; Get on our e-mail and snail mailing list. Click here

7. Amazon Smile; If you are a registered Amazon user, then Amazon will donate to Mike Williams Ministries, 0.5% of everything you buy from them. Nothing else will change for you except that now you will be an active participant in the Gospel Revolution, without spending one extra cent! Neat eh?!

6. Invite Mike; to your area to speak to your group whether small or large. Click here

5. Testimonies; Write an article and send it to us about how the Gospel has revolutionized your thinking and life. It may get printed on the site! Click here to get started.

4. Join the groups; at Friends of Mike Williams and Gospel Revolution Facebook Wall and join our friends page, or if you’re game, the Gospel Revolution Private Group.

3. Encouragement; Call our office on 832-318-9339 and discover how to connect with outreaches in South Asia, Africa, and around the world. Perhaps you would like to have a meetup with other GR’s.

2. Listen to the Weekly GR Podcast now uninterrupted for over a decade; tell ALL your friends and family about it, and call us with any questions, comments, insights, or just to tell us you’re listening, on telephone 1 23456 40971 – from outside the USA prefix this number with your international dialling code. E.G. from Australia, the full dialled number would be 0011 1 23456 40971

And the #1 thing you can do to help propagate the Gospel Revolution is,
of course, send a tax deductible donation! Click here.