We are proud to announce that the hugely successful Winter 2015 Gospel Revolution Calgary Conference has n ow been made free for a limited time. This series consists of two separate presentations, one by Mike Williams and one by Beres Bartlett.
“Changes that Changed the World” by Mike Williams
In three sessions, Mike Williams presents five things that changed at the cross.
“The Fundamentals of Redemptionism” by Beres Bartlett
In two sessions, Beres Bartlett argues the significance of the scriptures and the resurrection of Christ. Grab these while we’re not thinking and and please keep in mind the Gospel Revolution’s copyright rule! You MUST copy these and give them away to others!

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Partisanship is simply the ego demanding equal time for its own opinion. We presume, in our inexperience, that everything has two sides and that it is our duty to be on one or the other. Only by moving past partisanship, can we inherit the peace and rest that nourishes our creative drives. Creative Unity; Creative solutions; Creative inventions! Click on one of the links above, to connect with the CPR of the Gospel. Say goodbye to outsourcing your thinking, and say hello to the peace and rest you discover, in being grounded and centered in the divine eternal purpose of your existence.
The nature of truth
“Truth is universal; truth will work in every arena of life!”
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Proclaiming the gospel of peace and the audacity of God’s grace fulfilled for all is the revolutionary truth of the cross that will only offend the self-righteous. If you are offended, we’re here to help!

It's a True Gospel Revolution

-by Michael Lilborn Williams

Recently, I have been addressing an article written by Dr James Richards of Impact ministries, Huntsville, Alabama. While I have been at a loss as to just why Jim published this now, 20 years since I last saw him, it has presented itself as a really good teaching tool.


Gospel Revolution founder and author Michael Williams’ book ONE

The truth about religion
Great book for those wanting to know the truth about religion. The only book you need for finding out the truth of the bible.
Published 1 year ago by Potshot

So sad getting to the end I kept looking for more …
One book one must read! So sad getting to the end I kept looking for more pages!
Published on July 9, 2015 by Adrianne


“The most important thing we can ever learn about faith is that it’s there not to change our life’s circumstances, but that along life’s path, faith is what is in place to keep circumstances from changing us.” – Mike Williams

Quoted from “ONE – the gospel according to Mike” by Mike Williams.

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“Proclaiming the gospel of peace and the audacity of God’s grace fulfilled for all is the revolutionary truth of the cross that will only offend the self-righteous.”

 If you are offended, we’re here to help!

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Redemptionism: The doctrine that all of humanity was redeemed (i.e., saved, sanctified) through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and asserting that the redemption of all was completed and concluded in his resurrection.  There was no further need for scriptural fulfillment thereafter.   READ MORE


The gospel is pure good news. The Gospel Revolution is simply an attempt by a growing group of humanity to get out the good news–especially to those who have been burdened down by religious dictates, guilt, condemnation, and abuse. Our web site, gospelrevolution.com acts as a touch-point for like-minded folks from literally all over the world. It also houses much information and inspiration regarding the good news of redemption in Christ. READ MORE

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