The Scriptures A Matter Of Life And Death: A Gospel Revolution Communiqué

The Scriptures A Matter Of Life And Death: A Gospel Revolution Communiqué

Understanding the actual Ancient Hebrew Scriptures, what they are, what they are not, and what their purpose was (and remains) is a matter of life and death for people all over the Earth. The misunderstanding of the actual Hebrew Scriptures has caused more harm to the human experience than all other ill-conceived notions combined in recorded history.  

The Bible is arguably the most influential...    see more >>

We Are (Angel Gabriel Chiclana)

We Are (Angel Gabriel Chiclana)

I sense love knocking on the door, You’re begging to come in Unaware that all the while, Love’s been knocking from within

You are the love you seek, All Perfect yet unique Righteous and Holy

When you feel lost and alone, Staring at the unknown Let these words be the compass, That guides you back home

We are one, We are love, We are

Gospel Revolution
We Are (Angel Gabriel Chiclana)

The Gospel Story By: Al Vatali

If you would like to understand the Gospel, you must first understand the Story (i.e., the Big Picture narrative in the Bible); and it is also necessary to thoroughly understand these four ideas.

The Good News for April 2016

The Good News for April 2016

Heralded by
April 2016

News from Kenya and


The following is a letter from Moses Ngata in Nakuru Kenya giving Mike and the rest of us an update on the gospel in Kenya.

Jambo Papa (Mike),
All is well here in Kenya.
I just want to report the tremendous news about the School of Scriptures and more so the radio show.
We have been meeting as usual teaching the students about the gospel of grace and peace, all drawn from Mike Williams lessons.
Many have been reached by these teachings through printed handouts and leaflets and thousands by radio show.
Two radio stations are still broadcasting your teachings. We didn’t broadcast on the last quarter of year 2015, due to financial constraints but during the month of December, an idea came to me of how to raise the funds for the radio show.
I decided to lease my car for 10 months at a cost of ksh. 25,000 per month for a total of ksh. 250, 000. The whole of this amount has been paid in cash for uninterrupted radio show for 10 months, counting from January 2016. Last December was a bonus. So the show is on until October 2016.
I now use public means of transport to go to work and to take the boys to school, although it’s very challenging and inconveniencing, especially when it’s raining.
Sorry Papa, I didn’t inform you on this before hand, buts it rewarding to see lives transformed and bringing sanity to Christianity.
This radio program has changed the lives of so many listeners beyond Nakuru, and beyond Kenya. And this has led to the following good news.
The good news is we now have The School of Scriptures, Naivasha, a town 60km from Nakuru town, and currently has 34 serious students on board, 3 of them Muslims, barely only one month old. Most of them heard you on the show, called me, we visited them, and we showed the need of gathering together to learn. And this is how we started the new school.
This is the best reward for the Mike Williams Ministries for 2016. A child is born.
We are growing Papa and the impact of the Gospel is real here in Kenya.
More good things are coming Papa concerning the school of scriptures.
Thanks to your endless support, this could only happen because of your trust in me and Liz. A billion people in Africa are reachable and we are spearheading this move in Kenya.
What can we say then? Thanks a million Papa Mike and thanks so very much to all the Gospel Revolutionaries and friends of MWM all over the world for your support and believing in us.
We did this together and we are in this together. We are a family, because we are ONE.
Love you Papa
Moses, Kenya

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July 22nd, 23rd, 24th – Summer Conference in Calgary
Mike Williams back in Calgary! Mike will be speaking again in Alberta Canada delivering the latest series for the Gospel Revolution. The conference will be held at The Carriage House Inn. To make reservations, please contact the Carriage House at 1-800-661-9566 and ask for the Grace Conferences special room rate. For more information, you can contact Jeff Robertson at our office at 561-557-1329 or Vic d’Obrenan in Calgary at 403-686-0841.

New Series Available
The Rise and Fall of Dualism
In this six-session conference from the 2016 Gospel Revolution Winter Conference, Mike Williams is the keynote speaker and teaches on this historical effects of dualism on the currently accepted Christian message. Guest speaker Beres Bartlett teaches two sessions on what he calls the eternal council and one session on the history of Christianity from Jesus to the Reformation. Order CD’s $52.75 including shipping and handling or download it now at the following link: Download The Rise and Fall of Dualism.

We’ve All Been Funneled In

Happy New Year! We are ushering in 2016 with this final Powercast of 2015. In this final episode of the year, Mike Williams and Beres Bartlett discuss a few messages we received recently. They then talk about what their identity was in traditional Christianity compared to where they are now in light of knowing the gospel. It boils down to a comparison between a religious...    see more >>

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We’ve All Been Funneled In



2016 Winter Conference

2016 Winter Conference

January 22-24  /  Calgary, Alberta

The Carriage House Inn
Calgary, Alberta

Mike is back in the Great White North in January! He and Beres Bartlett, our host of the weekly Powercast, will be speaking on the topic of dualism. The conference will be held at The Carriage House Inn. To make reservations, please contact the Carriage House at 1-800-661-9566 and ask for the Grace Conferences special room rate. For more information, you can contact Jeff Robertson at our office at 561-557-1329 or Vic d’Obrenan in Calgary at 403-686-0841.


Redemptionism:  The doctrine that all of humanity was redeemed (i.e., saved, sanctified) through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and asserting that the redemption of all was completed and concluded in his resurrection.  There was no further need for scriptural fulfillment thereafter. See Wictionary Entry

The advent of the redemptionist doctrine began with Michael Williams in the early 1990’s.  Williams is the President and Founder of Mike Williams Ministries and the Gospel Revolution.

Redemptionism, by its very definition in the opening paragraph, asserts a number of things, which comprise three fundamental conclusions: 1. All of humanity is redeemed through Jesus Christ.  2.  The redemption of all humanity is a historical event that was completed and concluded in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (referred to as “at the cross”).  3.  All Scripture was fulfilled at the cross.



Redemptionism asserts that all of humanity was condemned by the imputation of the disobedience (sin) of the first Adam to everyone, and in like manner and even greater, the righteousness of Christ, who was the Last Adam, was imputed to all who were in the First Adam according to the letters of Paul the Apostle.

According to the Hebrew Scriptures, God made covenant with the Hebrew patriarch Abraham, which promised that a descendant of his would be the Messiah who, when he comes, would establish a new covenant of everlasting peace and righteousness by the permanent remission of all sin in one day thereby ending the first covenant.  In the process, the Adamic species along with heaven and earth passed away at the cross and all things were made new in what is called the “new creation.”  This is all confirmed in the New Testament writings to the Romans, Corinthians and Hebrews.



Redemptionism also asserts that the redemption of all humanity from the law of sin and death happened at the cross of Christ ca. 2,000 years ago as a completed work, not an ongoing work in the lives of individuals or some future event that is yet to happen.

Redemptionism holds that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah prophesied in the Scriptures. He accomplished the establishment of the new covenant as a “kinsman redeemer,” who was qualified to redeem the world from the curse of the first Adam because he was related by blood and hence, the perfect sacrifice and the perfect high priest having been born not of man but of the spirit.  These three things were demonstrated and foretold in the Scriptures to the Jews through prophecies that a kinsman redeemer would come and that a Messiah would offer a perfect sacrifice as opposed to the symbolically ceremonial sacrifices of Jews that did not take away sin.  Christ was identified by John the Baptist as the “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world”.  Jesus achieved this through his death as a man, thus redeeming or “saving” the world as he himself said he would by offering his own blood, and by being sinless, destroying the curse of the law and sin, thus sanctifying and redeeming all kinsmen in the first Adam.  In his resurrection, he is a perfect high priest who never dies thus raising all of humanity who shared in his death as new creatures. The Letter to the Hebrews confirms that “sin was put away” by the sacrifice of himself and that this needed to only happen once for all time because he lives forever as the Great High Priest who presented the perfect sacrifice.


...    see more >>

Letters From the U.S & Canada

The Term Hell in the Scriptures

(This was sent to us from Randy French in the US. It is an excerpt from his upcoming book, “I used to be a Christian, but Jesus set Me Free”.)

I just finished doing a study on the word hell in the Bible, Old Testament (vs) New Testament. I was shocked at what I found!

There are 3 different words in the New testament that are all translated hell in the King James – none of them mean the Lake of fire or a burning hell. The words “Lake of fire” are used 4 times only in the book of Revelation….. Wow!

At least half of the doctrine I was taught in the Pentecostal religion was based on using hell as a way to scare or force people to accept their crazy doctrines!

There is no teaching of Hell (a lake of fire) in the Jewish religion, because there is no such thing in the Old Testament Scriptures.

Of the 31 times it is mentioned in the Old Testament, all of them are the word Sheol! Or the grave.

1 Thessolonians 5:20 says “Despise not prophesyings.”
21 “Prove all things; (By the Holy Scripture) hold fast that which is good.” (Do not believe the rest.)
If it wasn’t prophesied in the Old Testament Scriptures,

Geenna: A valley outside of Jerusalem
Hades: A place of departed souls
Tartaroo: Deepest part of Hades
Sheol: Or the grave. Not used in the New Testament 1 time. (Curious)

The lies and half truths we were taught in church have screwed up so many lives with guilt! If you have guilt, stop doing stupid things! But don’t think it is a punishment or judgment from God!
Stop following Christianity and start learning the Gospel! You are not going to hear the Gospel (Good News) in

Good News,
Randy French

Are we (Gospel Revolution) helping people?

(This was sent to us from one of our friends in Canada after we posed this question on our Powercast.)

“Are we (Gospel Revolution) helping people?

The answer is yes.

Here is just one way that I have found freedom in the last week.

My mom died of breast cancer. Shortly after her death I got saved (you know how I am meaning that).

Oh let me also say I just paused the “parking spot Christianity” podcast to send this….

Last week I went to the doctor and had an appointment booked to finally get a mammogram. I can say I finally have normal anxiety about going and getting the test done now. Prior to this I had enormous “spiritual” fear. The God who judges, punishes, and the fear of generational curses and all the spiritual baggage that goes with that mindset left me in the bondage of those results would represent if and how God accepts me. I think you know that mindset… good get good do bad get bad…(…I think that is how Mike says it).

To know I can go to the doctor and understand stuff happens and I might not get the results I would like,(run on sentence) is nothing compared to thinking I am being punished by God for something, and He isn’t even going to tell me what it is that “I” have to figure out and fix to be healed, and if it happens to kill me, I failed and probably on my way to hell, cause I didn’t do enough,…… faith, prayer, knowledge, obeying, etc….(depending on the doctrine I was in) etc… to “overcome” was unbearable.

Your ministry removed the barriers that held me captive to an angry God and given me the freedom to just go get the test. Thanks for sharing the “Love of God”. There is power in the blood……and the love it testifies to.

Thanks for helping people!

Love you guys!”

Today’s Top Ten List

Here’s Today’s “Top Ten List” of Things to Know About the Gospel:

#10 – The Gospel and Christianity are in direct opposition to each other.
#9 – The Gospel redeems no one.
#8 – The Gospel is information for the brain: nothing more, nothing less.
#7 – The Gospel is the “Good Information” of the Redemption of ALL of Humanity through the death, burial, and resurrection of Yeshua without the need of human faith, works, and/or contrition.
#6 – The Gospel adds nothing to your life.
#5 – The Gospel does, when consistently, persistently, and repetitively contemplated, remove guilt and judgment from one’s soul. Then the fun can begin.
#4 – The Gospel is not information to be stored; the Gospel is information which needs to be active in one’s thinking in order to be effective.
#3 – The Gospel reveals the distinct difference between redemption and salvation.
#2 – The Gospel is the information about the historical fact of God’s redemption of ALL people through Christ. The consistent rehearsal of that fact releases salvation to an individual’s mind—an ongoing cleansing and renewing of one’s soul in remarkable and unpredictable ways.

And the #1 thing to know today about the Gospel (drum-roll please….) –

The Gospel is the Power of God.

Glenn Klein

Senses That Make Sense

Senses That Make Sense

Dear Family,

Much of the information we gather during the course of any given day comes to us via our five senses. And the vast majority of their purpose and usefulness is to produce and enjoy pleasure!

With the eyes, color, so much color! The information is not delivered in black and white as it could be. It is in color!

With smell, fragrance so appealing and so specific it can lift you mentally to places nothing else can.

With taste, flavors abound! Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, roast chicken, a grilled hot dog, delicious!

With touch, feeling the wind against your skin, the soft clean sheets as you wrap yourself in bed.

With hearing, a babbling brook, a symphony, leaves rustling in the wind on a fall day.

I am told when one loses one or more of the five senses the others left become heightened to almost a super human level to compensate for those missing.

Perhaps you can relate to this but in my life during times of mental and emotional pain I seem to lose the full effect of all the five senses. Color is not so bright, fragrances are not so pleasant, taste becomes bland, and my personal favorite, touch, becomes almost nonexistent.

However, the information that comes from one’s heart and delivered to one’s soul is always accurate and perhaps even more crucial and heightened during times of extreme pain and stress. Even though the five senses do have a powerful effect on the mind, the heart perfected by the presence of the Holy Spirit in each human being has much greater and far-reaching implications than do the five senses on our respective brains.

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you now are well aware of my modus operandi. Yes, my “M.O.”, my “go-to and default position” is always the Gospel. I’m so proud of it! It is the Power of God to the saving of the soul!

Paul said,” God has made unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption.”

Where do those four incredible qualities reside for every human everywhere? In their heart, that’s where.

Since the Cross of Christ, His Resurrection, Ascension, and the coming of the Holy Spirit, the heart has become a vast resource for truth about these four realities—wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. This is critical: these four characteristics of God are no longer what we are called to pursue, obtain, or aspire to as Christianity so diabolically teaches. All human beings already have them all! They are as close as your pulse and as vital as the blood coursing through your veins.

The process of information received to the brain comes one of two ways. Either it comes from the exterior stimulating the five senses OR internally from the heart imputed with God’s very own characteristics.

The brain is an amazing machine. In actuality the eyes do not see, the brain does. Taste buds do not taste, the brain does. Skin doesn’t feel the brain does. The ears do not hear the brain does!

The gates of the five senses are just that, gates. The Gospel, the Scriptures which foretold the Gospel, is to the brain what the five senses are. The five senses gather information from the external world. The Gospel gathers information from the internal world, your heart where the Kingdom of God exists, and conveys it to the brain.

When guilt and judgment are predominant in the brain, you cannot just simply enjoy color. You must JUDGE the color. As with all the five senses, when we are under the cloud of legalism and religion we cannot simply enjoy color, taste, feel, aroma, or sound. The pleasure which our senses are designed to deliver is truncated by Christian-thought. We first must judge it! Or we feel guilty by being associated with it. Taken to their extreme, we see the serious sects of all religions stripping their worlds to the best of their ability of as much color, sound, and visuals as possible. Yuck!

On the other hand, the Gospel of Grace and the Gospel of Peace opens a flood gate of reality to flow from your heart, from every person’s heart, directly to the brain or the soul. And what is the Gospel’s #1 assignment? To remove guilt and judgment from the brain is the Gospel’s priority! And with laser like precision God’s revealed grace removes guilt and His peace removes judgment.

The brain ruled by guilt and judgment sees a colorless world. The brain can no longer “see” color. Color has been judged. It cannot produce feelings that can border on the euphoric. The color carries with it guilt. It is like a seriously faded shirt or blouse. Life becomes gray, taking on the pale of death. And although the faded garment might feel comfortable because of your familiarity with it, it really doesn’t look good on you anymore. And you know it.

The brain NEEDS stimulation! The brain NEEDS pleasure! But mostly the brain NEEDS salvation!

Without the full stimuli of the five senses, due to the filters of guilt and judgment, the brain experiences many kinds of mental and emotional maladies. Addictions of all kinds run rampant in this colorless and guilt ridden world.

However, by continually cleansing the brain with the Gospel through meditation, discussion, reading, listening—by consistently saving the soul—the brain can now see, hear, smell, taste and touch to its highest designed level rewarding the human it works for!

Void of guilt and judgment our senses finally can make sense!

At one time in my life I was so distraught by the guilt and judgment of a religiously tormented mind that I remember not even being able feel the comfort of fresh sheets when getting into my bed. I never want to be that emotionally dead again. And with the Gospel of God’s Peace and Grace, I don’t have to be and neither do YOU!

Much Love,

Jesus’ Sin

The Gospel Revolution is aptly named because it is truly a revolution to have an organized effort, as we do, that uses nothing but the text of the Bible to teach that all men and women are equal and righteous in the eyes of God, regardless of race, nation, sex, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, beliefs, or lack thereof.

The Bible has been misused throughout the ages to condemn every class of people to an eternity of everlasting torment. Ironically, when read and taught in context, the Bible actually details an eternal peace and rest with God without any preconditions. The Bible teaches that the only condition necessary for right-standing with God was provided by God Himself. He swapped human’s sin to Jesus and Christ’s righteousness to humans. The Bible says Jesus Who “was tempted without sin” BECAME sin, while humanity wrought with sin BECAME the righteousness of God. Such a deal! This is what the Bible calls redemption.

No more wars to convert, proselytizing, or cajoling are needed with this message. As Jesus said on the Cross, “It is finished”. And when this Good News is consistently meditated upon, an uplifting of the soul and a stability of the heart results. This is what the Bible calls salvation.

Forgiveness is not only extended from God to humanity but from person to person.

If using the Bible to proclaim harmony, unity, and tolerance among God and ALL humans (even for those who perpetrate torment, divisiveness, and bigotry in the name of Christ) is not a revolution, we don’t what is.


His Name Is Joshua

Dear Revolutionaries,

Greetings in the wonderful name of salvation, Joshua. That is the actual English name of Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew), and what a perfect name for He Who procured salvation for the entire world.

The Lord became known as Jesus when Christianity was made the official state religion of the Roman Empire by Constantine. In an attempt to make the new religion more palatable to the Greek pagan-dominated Roman world, Joshua’s named was altered to Jesus (or Je-Zeus) which literally means “of Zeus”. And thus the misrepresentation of who Jesus (Yeshua) actually was and what His all-world impacting work had actually done for ALL humanity was codified into state law.

This is how the Greek concept of an eternal underworld, Hades, got merged into the message of Christ. The same is true with the high holy days of Christmas (Jesus was not born on December 25th, it’s the pagan celebration of the winter solstice) and Easter (a festival in honor of the queen of fertility Eshtar, hence all the bunnies and eggs). Jesus has about as much to do with these as He does with a religion based on belief and performance, not much. Fast-forward a couple thousand years, and we are still reaping the harvest of this pagan, worldly, self-righteous, man-made, mixed-up, legalistic religion (aka Roman Catholicism and Evangelical Christianity).

But thanks be to God that we live in the time of world history that the truth of His all-encompassing love and redemption for all has been uncovered through the Gospel Revolution and others. The preaching and teaching of the reality of the Gospel, that Jesus is not of Zeus, but is the Redeemer of all people regardless of belief, religion, race, national origin, sex, or sexual orientation is THE eternal message of unity, acceptance, and tolerance. Can you think of a more important perspective needing to be heard at this time?

Well, more of this good news will be proclaimed tonight on the Glenn Klein Online Webcast from 9-10 EST as Mike and Glenn return to their normal format after a successful Winter Pledge Drive. The boys will be giving a full report on the outcome of the drive. Plus, send in your questions and comments to and listen to the answers live or on the archive by logging onto

For those of you who listened to last week’s show, you know how powerful that 90 minutes was. Towards the end Michael closed the program with a call to Ted Haggard to repent for Ted’s claim that he was delivered from homosexuality during a three week stint at some sort of rehabilitation center. We have seen first-hand how harmful to other gay men and women and their loved ones it can be to say that one could be “set free” from their sexual orientation. Mike said, “Ted, at some point let something more than money and prestige give you a heart for truth…Saying you went into intensive therapy for three weeks and are no longer gay, you are a liar and are destroying many lives who will try to be delivered in three weeks, fail–as people did when I used to make those kind of claims–and try to commit suicide out of frustration.”

You won’t want to miss more direct and poignant conversation and the opportunity to communicate with Mike and Glenn directly tonight!

During the Pledge Drive our good friend Mike Farmer of took advantage of our offer to dedicate an entire Webcast by making a donation of $250. Chris and Lizzy Essymeyer of beautiful Butte, Montana are Mike’s honorees for tonight’s program. (Chris and Lizzy were recent donators, also!) You too can sponsor an entire Webcast for a gift of $250 or more. Simply log on to the web site, click on donations, make your gift of $250 or more (or send a check to MWM – if mailing outside the U.S., please include USF or United State Funds on the check or just send a money order) and then e-mail us at to let us know for who or what you would like to dedicate your program. Perhaps you want to honor someone’s birthday, anniversary, or an organization. This is a great way to show your appreciation to them and to the Gospel Revolution!

Well, we hope you can spend an hour with the Webcast tonight or sometime soon on the archive. In the meantime, please contemplate that you are loved without conditions or reservations by the Creator of the Universe.


Mike Williams Media

Letter to Mike Williams

Dear Mr. Mike Williams,

I have meant to write this letter to you a million times and have finally decided to send it. I have listened to your tapes for years now and although I cannot offer you any financial support at this time I wish to express my most heartfelt thanks and gratitude for what you do. Simply and undeniably your message has helped me out in ways that I cannot even describe. It has helped me change my view on myself, on the world and on all of those around me. It has helped restore my faith and replaced my confusion and bitterness with the most indescribable love for humanity and a hope that I know will never die. I feel so happy and full of peace at times that I think I might burst and I feel like those feelings are actually starting to spill over as I learn to express this feeling I feel to others in the form of friendship and acceptance.

The main purpose of this letter is actually because recently I heard you say on one of your tapes that someone asked you how could it be possible that such a small group of people could have truth but I want to tell you that the more I hear your message the more I understand everything; philosophy, other religions, literature, movies and especially lyrics in songs. I think that the idea you have tapped into is one that has existed and has been shared by some of the greatest thinkers, philosophers, scientist and artists. I just wanted to share a few of the lyrics that I have found to suddenly ring true in my heart and comfort me and I think that they are some that you will definitely be able to relate to:

From the album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by “Lauryn Hill”:

My world it moves so fast today
The past it seems so far away
And I squeeze it so tight, I can’t breathe
And every time I try to be
What someone has thought of me
So caught up, I wasn’t able to achieve
But deep in my heart the answer it was in me
And I made up my mind to find my own destiny
I look at my environment
And wonder where the fire went
What happened to everything we used to be
I hear so many cry to help
Searching outside themselves
Now I know His strength is within me
And I made up my mind to find my own destiny
And deep in my heart the answer it was in me
And I made up my mind to find my own destiny

From the Album Reverance by “Faithless”:

Quiet, still, you feel there’s nothing going on
Until you realize that place behind your eyes
is filling up with something like peace
as your thoughts cease
Pleasure grows in your soul

I ain’t a Christian
Sometimes I feel like dissing them
But listen, I’m just tryin’ to tell ya what I know
If you would once relax
Chill to the max
These words would cause
sweet bells to ring in your soul.

If I say God is alive, I know you’ll wanna know why babies die,
Food don’t grow, why trains smash, planes crash
Situation mash, an slam-bam ya fellow man
Money’s in fashion. It ain’t rational because dammit,
He didn’t just give us the planet and its wealth.
Deep inside your soul he left a piece of himself
The Lord is in here, his voice is small
Y’ keep lyin’ and tryin’, denying the call from inside.
You can’t hide responsibility
So decide from today just how it’s gonna be.
Thou shalt have no other god but me.
He can set ya free, see, butcha hafta listen
And who’s that false idol I see ya kissin.
Money, success and untold wealth, good health
And all ya hafta do is love yourself.
It’s a fact, you’ll attract all the things thatcha lack.
So take a pace back, face facts it’s your decision.
You don’t need eyes to see you need vision.
Continue to view the Lord as bein’ separated
And you’re living a lie that’s been perpetrated.
For many centuries, I wanna mention these facts in my rap
I don’t sing but I wanna share the peace it brings….

From the album Pop by “U2”

From the song “If God will send his angels”
…Jesus never let me down you know,
Jesus used to show me the score
then they put Jesus in show business
now it’s hard to get your foot in the door…

From the album All that you can’t leave behind by “U2” ( the best band in the world)


Grace, she takes the blame
She covers the shame
Removes the stain
It could be her name

Grace, it’s the name for a girl
It’s also a thought that changed the world
And when she walks on the street
You can hear the strings
Grace finds goodness in everything

Grace, she’s got the walk
Not on a ramp or on chalk
She’s got the time to talk
She travels outside of karma
She travels outside of karma
When she goes to work
You can hear her strings
Grace finds beauty in everything

Grace, she carries a world on her hips
No champagne flute for her lips
No twirls or skips between her fingertips
She carries a pearl in perfect condition

What once was hurt
What once was friction
What left a mark?
No longer stings
Because Grace makes beauty
Out of ugly things

Grace makes beauty out of ugly things

I just want to let you know that I will forever thank God for allowing me to cross paths with you because your ministry has helped me open my eyes to the truth that I was blind to before. It has helped me accept myself and set me free from guilt and condemnation and I feel a strength growing inside my heart that feels endless, boundless and so stable. Thank you so much for helping me realize what was always there and what will never leave me no matter what I do. Words cannot express my gratitude. Thank you.

Anna O.

The Link Has Been Made

Florida Governor Jeb Bush recently nominated a fundamentalist Christian man named Jerry Regier to head the state’s embattled Department of Children and Family Services. (Several children had been either lost or killed when supposedly under the agency’s care.) Regier has articulated views that support keeping wives in a submissive state with regard to their husbands and spanking children for discipline sake even to the point of causing welts and bruising.

This point of this article is not to take a position on the value of submitted wives/dominant husbands or corporal punishment. It is our desire, however, to take issue with the motivation for such a view, that spanking and wifely submission is the “godly” way for all people.

We’ve have been making the point since the Taliban came into our lexicon that their religious approach (forcing and/or coercing people into “godly” behavior) is no different philosophically than that of evangelical, fundamentalist Christianity. But now the link between Talibanism legalism and Christian legalism has been made in our common culture.

During a meeting in the Sunshine State about the a fore mentioned Regier’s nomination, protesters showed up clad in burkas, the light blue head to toe covering that Taliban women are forced to wear. The protesters’ demonstration attempted to make the case that Regier’s “one size fits all” religious views are no different than the approach the extreme Islamists take. The picture of these totally covered women attending an American political event was worth a million words.

The good news is that more and more people of all backgrounds are coming to the realization of the devastating affects of religion on the minds and lives of those it is perpetrated against. The Light of the Gospel, that ALL are righteous already before God because of the work of Christ, is having its intended affect. And not a moment too soon.
Communicating Love (God’s Unconditional Love for ALL),


Thoughts on First John Chapters 1 and 2

=&0=&By Hector MacLeod
This in-depth research of I John 1:9 came about as a result of a home Bible Study. Everyone in the study was requested to research the New Testament and come back the following week with every Scripture in the New Testament that teaches confession of sin to God. I must say it surprised every one of us to learn that there is only one scripture verse in the entire New Testament that commands confession of sin to God. One of our researchers had a Bible program in his computer and was able to bring up every scripture verse on confession very quickly. He obtained a computer print out for each of us, showing every verse on confession in the Bible. That computer print out quickly proved that only one verse indeed (in the N. T.) called for confession of sin to God.

=&1=&Take special note of the following facts – 1 .The Holy Spirit chose to limit teaching on confession of sin to God, by employing one single verse in the New Testament. 2. Paul. the chosen teacher and Apostle to the Gentiles, never mentions the word confess with respect to sin in all of his Spirit breathed writing. 3. With the exception of the lone verse in 1 John, the remaining Spirit inspired writers of the New Testament are totally silent on the subject. In view of the above facts we can only come to the inevitable conclusion that confession of sin to God has been subtly shifted from the sinner to whom it is strictly applied, blown out of all proportion, and falsely applied to born again Christians who are already saved to the uttermost and totally forgiven of God for ever and ever. It is our prayer that the Spirit of God will release you, as He has many of us, as we researched deeper and deeper into His blessed truth that inevitably sets men free. We believe you will have to agree that, that one lone verse (1 John 1:9) has been misinterpreted and misapplied resulting in dreadful bondage and robbing God’s dear people of the constant joy He commands and longs for them to have at all times. (Phil. 4:4). Think of the troubled believers who honestly wonder if they have really confessed all to God. Their cry rings out incessantly. How will I fare if I fail to confess my sins to God as a result of ignorance, sickness or neglect? The sad part of it is, they can find no answer to release them from their bondage anywhere in the entire new Testament. If they, for instance, research all the inspired scriptures written by the specially chosen apostle Paul, the questions will remain to haunt them, as confession of sin is nowhere to be found in the extensive teaching of the apostle.

=&3=&Surely it is incredibly significant that the apostle John alone (in one lone verse) was led of the Holy Spirit to speak of confession of sin to God. We may search as we will through the Spirit breathed teaching of Paul, Peter, James, Jude, Matthew, Mark and Luke, but we will never find a word about confession to God for our sins. It should go without saying that the latter inspired writers were also specially chosen of God to reveal His perfect will to us. They covered great and glorious truths that inevitably set men free. They sounded out profound truth respecting our relationship and responsibility toward God, but never a word about confession of sin to God on the part of a believer. Their silence on confession of sin to God becomes all the more glaring when we consider how frequently the Holy Spirit used the following words of truth He wanted to impress upon our minds –

=&4=& is used one hundred and fifteen times in the New Testament.
‘Faith’ ‘trust, ‘receive’, are used seventy five times.
‘Salvation’, ‘save’, ‘saved’, are used one hundred and six times.
Believers are said to be IN CHRIST over one hundred and thirty times.

=&8=&Since none of the last referenced writers (i.e. Paul, Peter, James, Jude, Matthew, Mark, and Luke) ever mentioned confession of sin to God on the part of believers, why is that teaching so widespread? Who would want believers to be forever occupied with themselves and their sins, instead of “looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of (their) faith” Heb. 12:2? Who would not want our glorious Lord to receive all the glory for His finished work on the Cross? Does not scripture positively state that believers are “sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all” Heb. 10:10? and “by one offering He has perfected forever them that are sanctified” Heb. 10:14. Do believers who are sanctified by the offering of the body of Jesus once for all and perfected forever by Him, need to confess their sins to God who has declared them perfect before Him in love? Do not the scriptures plainly teach that “He put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself?” Are we to rule out positive language when it comes to scripture truth? Satan the arch enemy of God and man would certainly have us think so.

=&9=&Prayerfully consider the following points with your Bible as the final authority,
not some commentary of man, or even this booklet:
1. Is 1 John 1:9 for the born again Christian or for those who have not yet come to God for salvation?

2. If 1 John 1:9 is indeed for the Christian it is most incredible that the apostle Paul never once told the sinning saints in Corinth, Galatia, or anywhere else that they must confess sins of which they were guilty.

3. 1 John 1:9 is the only verse in the entire New Testament that calls for confession of sins in order that God may forgive. It is most interesting to note that warnings are sounded out frequently by scholars and teachers to never build a Bible doctrine on one verse of the Bible. Since confession of sins to God to obtain forgiveness is not found anywhere else in the New Testament, is it not amazing how widespread that rule is broken today? False cults are especially in-famous for building doctrine on one verse of the Bible.

4. Why is 1 John 1:9 the only verse in the New Testament that calls for confession to God for forgiveness? Does not the answer lie in the fact that the apostle John does not address his letter (1 John) to Christians only, whereas Paul, for instance, in every case starts off by addressing his letters strictly to the saints of God? When we consider the dead silence on confession in all the letters of Paul it is very evident that John includes in his letter instructions to a company of adherents who have never been born again.

5. If indeed a born-again Christian has to confess his sins to be forgiven (according to 1 John 1:9) would not every New Testament church be exhorted again and again to be obedient to that most important and critical command? If confession is for the born-again Christian and he fails to obey, the consequences are most frightening to say the very least.

6. As there was no direction whatsoever given by Paul for Christians to confess their sins to God, the early Church must have been at least 60 years without that instruction, as 1 John 1:9 was not written until A D 90-95. All the inspired letters (written much earlier) were distributed among the churches, and not a single word can be found in any of them respecting confession of sin to God on the part of born again believers.

7. The apostle Paul, by the Spirit, makes it crystal clear that he received the rounded out gospel directly from God. Fourteen years later, he compared what he had received with Peter, James and John (Gal 2:9). They probably spent many sessions together, and were many days comparing notes. After the sessions were over, Paul reported by the Spirit that they added nothing to what he had already received from God (Gal 2:6). Surely they must have compared notes on the supposed critical necessity of born-again Christians to confess their sins to God. How could they skip a doctrine that has such an incredible bearing on every born’ again Christian? We need to ask ourselves why did not Paul proclaim that critical doctrine over and over again. He was appointed by Almighty God “a preacher, and an apostle, and a teacher of the gentiles” 1 Tim. I :11. Paul’s instructions apply to multiplied thousands of saints in the Church of God down through the centuries. However, confession of sins to God on the part of the born-again Christian is foreign to the writing of the chosen apostle. He rather teaches the opposite. Paul’s God-given instruction to the born again Christian is very clear “reckon (count as true) ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.” It should be most obvious that those who are obedient to that command are never expected to confess their sins. One would have to have a split personality to count on both. “For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.” I Cor. 14:33.

8. Consider one instance (and there are many) where the apostle Paul had to confront carnal Corinthians regarding the heathen practice of going in to harlots (1 Cor. 6). If there was ever a time when confession of sin to God was required, here is a critical case. How does the chosen apostle handle it? Why, we may ask, does he not instruct the guilty ones to confess their sins to God immediately? Do we not teach today that this has to be the first move every born again Christian must make in order that they be forgiven and restored to lost fellowship? Why did the chosen apostle of God led of the Holy Spirit, rather tell them that “he that is joined to Christ is one Spirit, and know ye not that your body is the temple (nahos – Holy of Holies) of the Holy Spirit who is in you, and ye are not your own, you are bought with a price?” 1 Cor.6: 19, 20. If 1 John 1:9 is for the Christian surely Paul was seriously remiss. Would not we rather have told them that they were living with unconfessed sin in their lives and were totally out of fellowship with God? We need to be reminded that our great God chose Paul to be the apostle to the gentiles. He never told them any such thing. The Spirit of God used Paul almost exclusively to instruct born-again Christians with regard to their conduct. It is most evident that He never gave the apostle Paul the modern day doctrine of continuous confession of sin to God for forgiveness. Paul never once instructed believers to confess their sins. The teaching we propagated today respecting Christian confession, is foreign to the Spirit breathed writings of the apostle. We should also be reminded that the apostle Paul was chosen of God to write the greater part of the New Testament. His inspired words will abide forever, (see 1 Thes. 2:13).

9. The letter to the Romans is regarded by Bible scholars and teachers as the most complete and rounded out revelation to the church in the New Testament. Paul had never been to Rome, therefore his letter to that church had to include every vital truth for Christian conduct so miraculously imparted to him by Almighty God. Paul addressed his letter “to all in Rome who are loved by God and called to be saints” Rom. 1:7 NIV. Take special note that Paul never once remotely hinted that confession of sin was necessary on the part of God’s saved people. Confession of sin for forgiveness on the part of born again believers is totally foreign to the epistle of Paul to the Romans.

10. A teaching that goes hand in hand with 1 John 1:9 states that a Christian loses fellowship with God the moment he sins. I would exhort those who read this paper to be good Bereans, and search the inspired writings of the apostle Paul to see if this teaching can be substantiated. It can be stated most emphatically beforehand that there is not the remotest hint in the inspired writing of the apostle that a born again Christian can be out of fellowship with his God who is one Spirit with him (1 Cor. 6:17). On the contrary when he confronted the Corinthians and the Galatians with the sins they were guilty of, he revealed the greatest truths that pertained to their unity with their Saviour that can be found in the New Testament.

After careful prayer and consideration of the above ten points, may we compare I John 1:9 with other Scriptures in the New Testament? A simple comparison of Scripture with Scripture will quickly determine to whom it applies.

‘That which we have received and heard declare we unto you (the gospel of Christ which is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth) that ye (who have not received the Saviour might do so in order that you) also may have fellowship with us: (‘For what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?’ 2 Cor. 6:14. We should be aware that righteousness is something only God can give a human being, righteousness is not something that we do, righteousness is what we are, or are not, 1 Cor. 1:30) and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.” 1 John 1:3.


What a Coincidence

Has anybody else out there noticed the irony of what’s going on in the world of religion right now? Things seem to be coming apart at the seams for organizations, institutions, and/or states directly associated with Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.


Maybe, finally, the world will begin to wake up and repent from believing in a God that ranks different human beings according to how “righteous” we act or believe.

If adherence to proper doctrine is the determinant as to who has eternal peace with God, we’re all in big trouble. But the “good news” is that the world must be waking up or we wouldn’t believe the way we do and you wouldn’t be reading and contemplating this right now.

“Look up for your redemption draws near” the Bible reads.

This is not a promise of something to be realized in the future but a current reality for any person Jesus died on the cross for–the whole race of humanity. Look up at the cross and its resulting redemptive work. And see if meditating that promise doesn’t lift your heart and perspective. That “lifting” of the soul is salvation and what distinguishes it from redemption or righteousness.

Righteousness or redemption was and is the fact that Christ established for all. He made us all one with God and each other. The awareness of that fact, that Jesus is Lord, is the salvation of the soul, the renewing of the mind–if you will.

Salvation, the understanding of redemption, comes to all when Christ is revealed. ALL will see Him as He is the Bible says. Therefore, all Israel (Jews and Gentiles–those of the nations–everybody!) will be saved. When and where? Only God knows. But can you think of a more needed message for Christians, Moslems, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, or atheists? No you can’t. Because a promise of unconditional eternal peace with God for everyone eliminates any competition to prove before the Creator our worth to get in.

No more wars in the name of God necessary.

We’ve got a long way to go, but we are on the road.

Communicating Love,

For Mike Williams Media

Sorry For Being Human

The 300 plus-pound TV preacher railed against gluttony. Gluttony of all things!

Who did he think he was kidding? Well, apparently tens of thousands of people who keep his legalistic efforts and many others like it, awash in money.

He then moved on to list just about every possible “sin” that we human beings are guilty of. He went off on the “evil” of body piercing, quoting some biblical dictate against it. While listing off the body parts that were an “abomination” in God’s sight to pierce (eyebrows, tongues, belly buttons), he conveniently left out ears. Apparently he wasn’t desirous of totally offending nearly 100% of the female givers in his audience (not to mention a growing number of men). Thus, he demonstrated the picking and choosing fundamentalist speakers engage in in order to make their point. (By the way, we at do the same thing. It’s just we’re among the only ones who admit it.)

The rotund peddler of legalism is apparently guilty of at least one of the things he was coming against. But the bottom line is that at some level someone is guilty for every one of the legalistic doctrines that come down the pike. NO ONE measures up.

Then they teach that God does not expect perfection, He just wants the right attitude, that we repent perfectly. We don’t know about you, but repenting perfectly (or having a perfect attitude) is about as hard as any work one could ever do. Repenting for not repenting became a full time effort for many of us.

What evangelicals really encourage is a guilt-ridden existence for just being the way God made us–human.

Well, praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of ALL. He redeemed all of us from bad attitudes and all of our humanity (or what separated us from God). Now we embrace our humanity–all those who make it up–because God made it all good through Christ.

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Article Against Mike Williams

Article Against Mike Williams


The article below was originally published January 26, 2015 and was recently brought to our attention by a longtime supporter of Mike Williams Ministries and the Gospel Revolution. The author’s name is Jim Richards and he published it on his website 

Years ago, Jim Richards traveled with Mike Williams through Canada speaking at several churches and convention halls. Mike has also given many seminars at Jim’s church in Huntsville, Alabama.  Jim also awarded Mike with a “Doctorate in the Gospel of Peace” from his Bible school.  As Mike continued studying and teaching the gospel and grace, Jim was having a hard time going along with the direction Mike was going in and eventually parted ways. 

Jim wrote the article below in an attempt to discredit Mike and specifically the gospel he preaches. This is not Jim’s first attempt to discredit Mike.  Several years ago, he recorded a video with a Florida pastor in which they both attempted to discredit Mike and, as in this article, distort the gospel.  In the video, they mentioned Mike by name, but in the article below Jim is very clear in describing who this “Imposter” is by referencing their former relationship, which can only be Mike Williams. Yet, in the article below, Jim doesn’t mention Mike by name and even uses a blank underline “_____” when referring to Mike.

We will address the arguments Jim attempts to make in this article as we see fit in the coming weeks, but we also decided to let our audience read what this man is saying about Mike, us and the gospel. We are actually encouraged by his anxious urgency to rally his allies to stop the gospel in its tracks because, as he himself warns the reader, it is a dire emergency that they do.

The Grace Imposter

Dear Leader,

I am writing this to leaders because I believe the Church in America and around the world is at a serious crossroads. What began as slight deviations from sound doctrine has now become a deluge of devastating heresy, splitting and destroying churches and leading people away from a healthy relationship with Jesus as Lord! This letter is quite lengthy, but as a leader and theologian I feel you need as much information as possible to draw your own conclusions. The life of your church or ministry may be at stake, so please read this prayerfully!

It is not just the preachers of this error that are creating such massive destruction; it is the unwitting acceptance and promotion of this deceptive message by good pastors that will do the greatest damage. In an attempt to be open and allow their people freedom pastors are unintentionally allowing the leaven into their church that has already destroyed hundreds of churches and thousands of lives in America alone!

Very unintentionally the Church is departing from God’s Word as its Source for understanding and interpreting truth. The biblical definitions of love, sound doctrine, and righteousness are being replaced with subjective, philosophical, cult-based definitions and concepts. Ministers are unintentionally failing their congregations by allowing these subtle yet devastating heresies to ‘trickle’ into their congregations, which will become a destructive flood if left unchecked. I am convinced that most pastors are completely unaware of the ultimate consequence for their church as an organization and in the individual lives of their congregation. But I am writing this because I do believe you care about the flock wherein God has placed you!

As many of you know I was one of three men who pretty much pioneered the grace message in America in the 1980’s. My bestselling book Grace: The Power to Change was published by Impact Ministries in the late 1980’s and was republished by Whitaker House in 1993. It is a book designed to teach people that by God’s grace we overcome sin and are empowered to live in righteousness by God’s power. Of the three of us preaching grace in America I was the only one at the time who was presenting this message internationally. I am not saying we three were the only ones preaching grace, I am saying we were the only ones at the time presenting it on a national and international platform. Andrew Womack, another man, and I were the national pioneers of this message in the 80’s & 90’s. Andrew Womack has continued to present a biblically-sound message of grace that truly empowers the believer to live a faith-filled life of godliness while avoiding the trappings of legalism. He is touching and blessing millions. But sadly, one of the early pioneers had a major role in the destruction that is happening today. Because I saw this devastation more than 20 years ago I know how this is going to end!

The third brother who was powerfully preaching a doctrinally-sound message of grace in the beginning slowly began to adjust his message to match his compromised lifestyle. It began with ‘shock statements.’ These ‘shock statements’ (as I call them) are open-ended statements that were not completely theologically wrong, but if not explained left the listener to draw very destructive conclusions about church, godliness, and the effects of sin. They tended to lead to the questioning of other fundamental New Covenant truths.

These statements tended to emphasize what we don’t have to do as Christians. Instead of being an encouragement to follow God this attitude left struggling, codependent believers with an excuse for a compromised life and a victim’s mentality. But even more shocking was the way it fueled defiance and anger toward the Church. Instead of showing people how to have a healthy Church relationship it magnified all that was wrong with the Church. I have no problem with someone pointing out problems as long as they point people to healthy, biblical solutions. In the end the overwhelming feeling among those who heard the Grace Imposter message was this: “Anything I do for God is dead works; I don’t need church, sin is not a problem and has no consequences. “

Please understand, shock statements are not bad if they are used to get the attention of the listener and then qualified by presenting the truth. But when shock statements are made and just left with no truth to bring them into perspective they will always lead the weak, vulnerable, and struggling to reach the wrong conclusions. You never see this type of teaching with Jesus or any of the apostles. The emphasis was always how to live a godly life empowered by God’s grace. The Bible presents grace as the power to overcome sin, not the power to get by with sin.

Over time many people came to me after our meetings and said something like, “When I hear you preach grace I am inspired to live a godly life and believe I can. But when I hear _____ preach grace I want to throw up my hands and go out and get into sin again. What’s the difference in your messages? It sounds like you are almost saying the same things, but I am affected very differently when I hear him preach!” And that’s the problem with the Grace Imposter; it has just enough truth to make it believable to those who are not grounded in the Word of God.

When I asked my fellow minister about his statements he always blamed it on the people. He claimed he had no control over what they did with his message. I could never get him to accept that he may not have control over them, but he does have control to preach a responsible message, and if the majority understands it a certain way then the one presenting the message is the common denominator. I have had this same conversation with dozens of ministers who are following this same pattern today! We must be responsible ministers of the gospel but he, like many preaching an imposter of grace today, tend to lay blame on the hearts of the people. This, like their entire message, is a half-truth, and when misapplied makes it possible for the teacher to never assume responsibility for what is taught! When asked out right about their theological positions one never seems to get an answer that is consistent with their shock statements.

Eventually, though I deeply loved this man I had to follow the biblical admonition to have nothing to do with him! I was never against him personally and I’m not against him to this day, but I am very much against his message and the effects it has had on the listeners. Please understand; this is where it gets hard for all of us. These people are usually our friends or someone who may have ministered to us in the past. Personally, in my attempts to help him I stayed connected with him too long. My association with him caused others to be destroyed by his doctrine because they thought my involvement was an endorsement of his message.

When I finally pulled away he poured out his fury on me, trying to make me look like a legalist. But this is what these extremists do with anyone who questions or challenges their doctrine. They create what is known as a ‘straw man.’ When we no longer conducted meetings together and as he maligned my name pastors called me and wanted to know why we no longer worked together. Without attacking him I explained our theological differences. However, because of his popularity and his ability to draw a crowd they continued to have him speak in their churches. They found ways to justify his shock statements even though they grew more and more extreme. Then it seemed to reach a tipping point! Seemingly overnight there was an avalanche of destruction that began and is reemerging this very day!

For a period of a year or longer I received at least one desperate phone call a week from a pastor whose church split and who often had to shut down his/her church as a result of this man’s influence on their people. It seemed everyone who had any codependent tendency stopped attending and supporting their church and lavishly supported the man with the ‘new message.’ Suddenly, he was coming to their city and conducting private meetings with members of the churches that had previously hosted him. Those people began to see their pastor as a controlling legalist and terminated their involvement with church. I watched healthy churches fall into total disruption. Many of these were the very pastors that, when they previously asked, I warned about the unforeseeable devastation this doctrine would cause. When I warned them, instead of searching the Scriptures they tended to find fault with me. In time the number of calls decreased but, the truth is, we received calls like this for years.

No one would believe what started as a few shock statements from the pulpit would end up with churches collapsing, believers rejecting the authority of God’s Word, Christians rejecting the teaching of Jesus, and lives collapsing in sin. But this is exactly what Jesus and Paul warned would happen when we allowed the corruption of leaven to grow in our midst! Remember leaven isn’t restricted to legalism; it is any influence that undermines and disempowers.

It was so heartbreaking to watch helplessly as good churches collapsed and men and women who had been in the ministry for years left the ministry disillusioned, heartbroken, and financially ruined. However, the greatest sorrow was not the churches that failed, it was the lives that failed. Church members began getting divorces, using drugs, diving into homosexuality, and even denying Christ. You name it – it was happening! And sadly, all of this could have been avoided if pastors had been responsible under-shepherds and guarded the flock (1 Pet. 5:2).

Those who preach this Grace Imposter message claim that a pastor’s biblical responsibility to guard the flock is a legalistic action of control. Be assured, I am not talking about controlling your people; I am talking about no longer facilitating the exposure of your people to a message that is biblically-unsound and historically ALWAYS leads to destruction. I am not saying tell them what to do or who to listen to, but I am saying teach them the difference and, by all means, do not allow these wolves in sheep’s clothing access to your people through your pulpit, you social media, or your mailing list.

The sad truth is these pastors were good men and women but the allure of drawing crowds, the inability to withstand some disfavor, the humanistic attempt to be fair and open-minded, or the need to be accepted by someone they idolized seduced them into an unintended conspiracy of compromise that destroyed their flock and their ministry. And then there is ego. Pastors who have preached some of these very extremes or hinted at them in their messages will have to swallow their pride and lovingly lead their people in a healthier direction. If you make it to the end of this letter I’ll offer some positive suggestions to ending this erosion of truth in your congregation.

All of that happened nearly 25 years ago and now I’m seeing it all happen again, but this time on a much larger, more devastating scale! Today’s technology has allowed these teachers of error all kinds of new ways to influence your people. With the proliferation of Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms it is so easy for anyone to reach your people, but you do not have to be ignorantly complicit in their attempts! Guard your social media outlets and use wisdom about who you allow to post on your pages. It takes diligence and persistence to be responsible for what gets to your people through you, but it is a responsibility we must accept if we invite our people to follow us on social media. Who we allow to post on our social media outlets is no different than allowing them to preach in our pulpits. Remember, this is not about controlling people; this is about determining who you will allow to use your influence to speak to your people.

The message of Inclusion, Universalism, Trinitarianism, Ultimate Reconciliation, and other similar doctrines of destruction are being proclaimed under the banner of grace! But it bears repeating, the most shocking thing is pastors and leaders are once again complicit in this conspiracy of heresy by their refusal to take a godly stand! I am not suggesting we attack people, but when we see the warning signs in those who claim they have a revelation of grace, we should never expose them to our people through any means that would allow them to use our influence to speak to them! This is not meanness or judgment; it is obedience to the teaching of our Lord Jesus and the apostles.

The problem comes in the fact that when you ask these teachers if they believe in Inclusion, Universalism, Trinitarianism, or these other heresies they will nearly always deny it. But when they preach or make posts on Facebook they will continue to make questionable statements that sound distinctively like these doctrinal errors. They will make Facebook posts that seem to promote irresponsible living or a lackadaisical life with God! Then you’ll notice they are quoting and pointing people directly to the writings of those who are clearly teaching heresy. What’s worse is they promote the books and meetings or even participate in meetings with those who embrace these doctrines of destruction… all of which equates an endorsement by them and by you if it is on your social media page.

Keep in mind if they come out and publicly reveal their beliefs they will no longer have a ministry or a following among biblical-believing churches and pastors. These teachers tend to be notorious for not having their own following but instead creep in as wolves in sheep’s clothing and get the ear of your following, your congregation, the ministry you have spent your life building! Then they may even show up in your city having private meetings with members of your congregation. If you question or challenge them at all there will be a war waged against you as a controlling legalist!

You’ll notice they don’t emphasize the truth that grace makes you able to live a more godly life (Rom. 6:14), be more effective in ministry (1 Cor. 15:10), or display all the other healthy fruits of the spirit and good works that should come from hearing and believing the true message of grace (Col. 1:6). Instead, they emphasize what you don’t have to do. You don’t have to pray, you don’t have to read your Bible, you don’t have to repent, you don’t have to go to church, and of course, you don’t have to give. The listener becomes paralyzed; they think anything they do is dead works and makes them a legalist.

It always amazes me how they slaughter a local pastor for receiving tithes or an offering, yet they gladly take what was formerly given to your church and use it for their purposes. They have no respect for the children, teens, elderly, and other areas of ministry that cost money. They make you look like a money-hungry thief; but they gladly receive gifts that provide nothing for the giver other than a sermon.

Doctrinally they often have enough tidbits of information to make people question your ministry. However, while some of these things may be true, they are not truth. Truth is when the Word is applied the way God intended. When we walk in love and are empowered by grace we will do what we do because it is our desire. Grace and faith righteousness don’t stop us from doing godly things; they merely empower us to do them for godly, healthy reasons.

If your people are being exposed to these elements before long you will begin to have dissention in your congregation. Some people just leave but others stay and cause trouble! They feel it is their obligation to set your congregations free with their new revelation of grace. You start seeing negative changes in many areas. This is the fruit of their ministry. Your people discover a false sense of freedom which translates into: stop serving, stop giving, and stop doing anything that supports the local church… the church that is providing ministry to their entire family. They feel no need to live productive lives and eventually they have no need for church. And sadly, many will eventually reject their need for a personal faith in Jesus! I have seen it more times than you can imagine! Today it is happening in massive numbers around the globe!

Do not be dismayed. You can stop this tide of destruction. I will share a few ways you can identify those who are heading in a destructive direction. This will help you identify what I have seen to be some of the top doctrinal indicators of where a person is going in his or her doctrine. It is, however, important to remember the problem is not the grace message. The grace of God presented in the New Covenant makes one able to conquer sin, serve abundantly, be more generous, live in true righteousness, fulfill their call to the ministry, and every other aspect of godly living! Should you blame these problems on grace you will make the most fatal of mistakes. You will find yourself preaching against an essential New Covenant truth when, in fact, it is the only thing that makes us able to live this life. Secondly, you will then make it easy for your enemies to attack you. You will drive people out of your church straight into the arms of destruction! New Covenant grace is not the problem; The Grace Imposter is the problem. Heresy disguised under the doctrine of grace is your enemy. The grace message is not your enemy and the people preaching the Grace Imposter are not your enemies!

Following are what I believe to be doctrinal tendencies that form the early warning for detecting those who are headed toward error. If you see these doctrines please be kind and walk in love, but stop exposing these teachers to your congregation. If you have begun to buy into and preach these doctrines yourself I will provide some free ministry tools to help you understand the root of these doctrines and how they will play a role in disempowering the Church while ushering in the antichrist! I have seen how this ends! I know that isn’t what you want! Please prayerfully consider where you stand on these doctrinal issues and on your need to protect your congregation!

  1. Any teaching that twists or distorts the true meaning, definition, and intention of grace will always tend toward these mystical, compromising extremes. Here are important factors we should know about grace:
    1. Grace is the power to overcome sin (Rom. 6:14) and live our true identity in Jesus (1 Cor. 15:10).
    2. Grace is not mercy. The moment we

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The Gospel, Islam and ISIS

The headline might surprise you, but there’s a very interesting story that actually helps the headline make sense.

A few years ago, I was on a flight to Florida sitting next to a young mother and her little girl. The flight was almost 4 hours and we chatted along the way. They lived in London, England and were on their way to Disney World. The mother was originally from Kenya. She asked me what my occupation was, which is something I have still not figured out how to answer yet. I told her I work for a ministry. She said, “Oh, what church?” I told her we don’t represent any Christian denomination because our message is actually quite different from any of theirs. So, I was obligated to briefly explain the gospel to her to show her why our message was different. After hearing my explanation, she said, “You need to be teaching that in Kenya, because all the Muslims and Christians are fighting and both sides are saying Jesus is coming back!” Then I told her about our friend Moses. (I have never forgotten her powerful statement about Muslims and Christians each preaching Jesus is coming back.)

We were first contacted by Moses Ngata (pronounced “Gattah”) in July, 2010 and developed a strong relationship with him and his family. Moses, his wife Elizabeth and their two boys live in Kenya’s second largest city Nakuru. He was the director of a small journalism college in Nakuru and shared the gospel with the students at the school. He started the Gospel Revolution School of the Scriptures with Mike’s endorsement and our ministry provided him with copies of Mike’s book “ONE” and all the teaching series on both CD and online download. The School of the Scriptures originally started out with less than 20 students. They created small brochures about the gospel and paid street children to hand them out in the streets of Nakuru. Then the small group of students pooled their own money together and bought some airtime at a radio station in town that had a large listening audience. The gospel was aired in English and Swahili twice a week for six weeks. Moses received calls from radio listeners asking questions about the gospel and the number of students grew to over 40 including a handful of Muslims and Hindus. Occasionally, we have paid for airtime on their radio station since then.

About two years ago, Moses found two new stations to air the gospel on. One station is Catholic and the other is Muslim. When Moses met with the Muslim station manager (also Muslim) to arrange for the airtime, the manager asked him to go on the air with the radio hosts in studio and just tell the listeners about the new gospel program they would be hearing. He got on one of the microphones and they asked him, “What can you tell us about the gospel?” Moses answered, “That the Prophet Mohammed and Yeshua are one!” The radio hosts were amazed and excited to hear more. Moses told them and the listeners they would have to wait for the show.

The gospel has had great appeal among Muslims in Kenya as well as Christians, Hindus and others. Jesus is one of Islam’s great prophets. They know the Christian message and know the gospel is something they have never heard. There are now over 150 students in the School of the Scriptures learning the gospel and quite a few of them are Muslim. This is very exciting news! Recently, more radio airtime was purchased and this time the person funding the radio show is a Muslim!

Why is this so exciting? We have found the gospel speaks to Muslims in a way Christianity never could. The situation in Africa is like the woman I met on the plane explained. Muslim groups and Christian groups are fighting for control throughout Africa. Each group preaches Jesus is coming back and each group claims he’s going to be on their side. For nearly two years, a Muslim terror group calling itself ISIS is waging war throughout the Middle East with connections in Africa, Europe and elsewhere. They say they are waging a holy war and in the end, Jesus will come back and finish their battle in Jerusalem.

So, why is this so exciting? We have the opportunity to get the gospel of peace out to Muslims and it could reach the people in these Muslim terror groups!

So, please! Please don’t ever think your support for Mike Williams Ministries and the Gospel Revolution has ever not been needed. It is still very much needed and now more than ever!

Encouraging Good News

With 2015 now here, we are embarking into this New Year as we have now for over three decades with no other goal than to share the gospel of grace and peace with as many people as we can as many ways as we can.

Over these many years now, we can thank you who support us and share our message with your own friends and loved ones. Because of our efforts together, people have found the peace and assurance of the gospel and some will even hear our message after we are gone. We were reminded of how this can and will happen in an email we received from Eva Mull and want to share it with you:

Email from Eva Mull

Richard and I were married for 31 years. Richard was a friend, lover and much more. Quite simply, he was my dear husband.

When we met, Richard was Catholic. I became a believer in Christ in 1990.

Richard noticed a difference and was asking why we believed in the same Jesus, yet I seemed to have a change in my life.

Eventually, I shared the gospel I had learned with Richard. He accepted Jesus as I had. From that time we committed to living a Godly life. Richard always woke at 4 a.m. to read his bible and was so full of God’s Grace.

Together we worked on many mission trips, sharing our experience as we went. Everyone admired our relationship and how we worked together.

Things began to change for us after Richard met Michael Williams and heard the Gospel Revolution message.

I could not understand and could not accept what Richard was learning. We began to debate the Bible. The return of Jesus and whether it is our faith or Christ’s faith that redeems us were some of the issues we disagreed on now.

When Richard told me, “we are not required to pray.” I told him he was totally out of his mind! We began to fight about these things.

Now Richard has passed away and I know he is with the Lord.

Richard was not only my husband, he was my friend, lover and my brother. After the funeral I was in great despair.

Then I discovered Mike Williams’ CD’s and started listening. I heard “The Book of Hebrews Revealed and Debunked”, “The book of Romans Revealed’ and “The Mystery of Unbelief”, on the Gospel of John. After listening, I felt so sad about misunderstanding what Richard was trying to share with me.

It felt like I was losing my mind! What happened to my husband was now happening to me!

I now accept and believe the gospel of peace and have experienced a total “revolution” and it has all happened so fast! Every day, all day, it is like great lightning and thunder in my soul. The Holy Spirit is the great teacher!

Thank you so much to all who loved my husband Richard John Mull.

As Richard was the “King of comedy of the Gospel Revolution”, I am now the “Queen of The Book of Hebrews”
We are indeed one.

Merry Christmas to my family!
Eva Mull
PS: I am also Miss Fractal!

We are encouraged so much to know that Richard’s hope that his wife Eva would come to understand the peace of the gospel was realized thanks to his efforts and yours. We couldn’t be doing what we do without everyone who supports our ministry. We hope you had a happy Christmas.

From Mike and the staff of Mike Williams ministries, we wish to encourage you to look forward to 2015 and all that we can continue to do! This truly is a group effort.