The Good News for April 2016

The Good News for April 2016

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April 2016

News from Kenya and


The following is a letter from Moses Ngata in Nakuru Kenya giving Mike and the rest of us an update on the gospel in Kenya.

Jambo Papa (Mike),
All is well here in Kenya.
I just want to report the tremendous news about the School of Scriptures and more so the radio show.
We have been meeting...    see more >>

We’ve All Been Funneled In

Happy New Year! We are ushering in 2016 with this final Powercast of 2015. In this final episode of the year, Mike Williams and Beres Bartlett discuss a few messages we received recently. They then talk about what their identity was in traditional Christianity compared to where they are now in light of knowing the gospel. It boils down to a comparison between a religious...    see more >>

2016 Winter Conference

2016 Winter Conference

January 22-24  /  Calgary, Alberta

The Carriage House Inn
Calgary, Alberta

Mike is back in the Great White North in January! He and Beres Bartlett, our host of the weekly Powercast, will be speaking on the topic of dualism. The conference will be held at The Carriage House Inn. To make reservations, please contact the Carriage House at 1-800-661-9566 and ask for the Grace Conferences special room...    see more >>


Redemptionism:  The doctrine that all of humanity was redeemed (i.e., saved, sanctified) through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and asserting that the redemption of all was completed and concluded in his resurrection.  There was no further need for scriptural fulfillment thereafter. See Wictionary Entry

The advent of the redemptionist doctrine began with Michael Williams in the early...    see more >>

Letters From the U.S & Canada

The Term Hell in the Scriptures

(This was sent to us from Randy French in the US. It is an excerpt from his upcoming book, “I used to be a Christian, but Jesus set Me Free”.)

I just finished doing a study on the word hell in the Bible, Old Testament (vs) New Testament. I was shocked at what I found!

There are 3 different words in the New testament that are all translated hell in the King James...    see more >>

Today’s Top Ten List

Here’s Today’s “Top Ten List” of Things to Know About the Gospel:

#10 – The Gospel and Christianity are in direct opposition to each other.
#9 – The Gospel redeems no one.
#8 – The Gospel is information for the brain: nothing more, nothing less.
#7 – The Gospel is the “Good Information” of the Redemption of ALL of Humanity through the...    see more >>

Senses That Make Sense

Senses That Make Sense

Dear Family,

Much of the information we gather during the course of any given day comes to us via our five senses. And the vast majority of their purpose and usefulness is to produce and enjoy pleasure!

With the eyes, color, so much color! The information is not delivered in black and white as it could be. It is in color!

With smell, fragrance so appealing and so specific it can...    see more >>

Jesus’ Sin

The Gospel Revolution is aptly named because it is truly a revolution to have an organized effort, as we do, that uses nothing but the text of the Bible to teach that all men and women are equal and righteous in the eyes of God, regardless of race, nation, sex, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, beliefs, or lack thereof.

The Bible has been misused throughout the ages to condemn every class...    see more >>

His Name Is Joshua

Dear Revolutionaries,

Greetings in the wonderful name of salvation, Joshua. That is the actual English name of Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew), and what a perfect name for He Who procured salvation for the entire world.

The Lord became known as Jesus when Christianity was made the official state religion of the Roman Empire by Constantine. In an attempt to make the new religion more palatable to the Greek...    see more >>

Letter to Mike Williams

Dear Mr. Mike Williams,

I have meant to write this letter to you a million times and have finally decided to send it. I have listened to your tapes for years now and although I cannot offer you any financial support at this time I wish to express my most heartfelt thanks and gratitude for what you do. Simply and undeniably your message has helped me out in ways that I cannot even describe. It has...    see more >>

The Link Has Been Made

Florida Governor Jeb Bush recently nominated a fundamentalist Christian man named Jerry Regier to head the state’s embattled Department of Children and Family Services. (Several children had been either lost or killed when supposedly under the agency’s care.) Regier has articulated views that support keeping wives in a submissive state with regard to their husbands and spanking children...    see more >>

Thoughts on First John Chapters 1 and 2

...    see more >>

By Hector MacLeod
This in-depth research of I John 1:9 came about as a result of a home Bible Study. Everyone in the study was requested to research the New Testament and come back the following week with every

What a Coincidence

Has anybody else out there noticed the irony of what’s going on in the world of religion right now? Things seem to be coming apart at the seams for organizations, institutions, and/or states directly associated with Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.


Maybe, finally, the world will begin to wake up and repent from believing in a God that ranks different human beings according to how “righteous”...    see more >>

Sorry For Being Human

The 300 plus-pound TV preacher railed against gluttony. Gluttony of all things!

Who did he think he was kidding? Well, apparently tens of thousands of people who keep his legalistic efforts and many others like it, awash in money.

He then moved on to list just about every possible “sin” that we human beings are guilty of. He went off on the “evil” of body piercing, quoting...    see more >>

Article Against Mike Williams

Article Against Mike Williams


The article below was originally published January 26, 2015 and was recently brought to our attention by a longtime supporter of Mike Williams Ministries and the Gospel Revolution. The author’s name is Jim Richards and he published it on his website 

Years ago, Jim Richards traveled with Mike Williams through Canada speaking at several churches and convention...    see more >>

The Gospel, Islam and ISIS

The headline might surprise you, but there’s a very interesting story that actually helps the headline make sense.

A few years ago, I was on a flight to Florida sitting next to a young mother and her little girl. The flight was almost 4 hours and we chatted along the way. They lived in London, England and were on their way to Disney World. The mother was originally from Kenya. She asked me what...    see more >>

Encouraging Good News

With 2015 now here, we are embarking into this New Year as we have now for over three decades with no other goal than to share the gospel of grace and peace with as many people as we can as many ways as we can.

Over these many years now, we can thank you who support us and share our message with your own friends and loved ones. Because of our efforts together, people have found the peace and assurance...    see more >>