Email from Eva Mull

Richard and I were married for 31 years. Richard was a friend, lover and much more. Quite simply, he was my dear husband.

When we met, Richard was Catholic. I became a believer in Christ in 1990.

Richard noticed a difference and was asking why we believed in the same Jesus, yet I seemed to have a change in my life.

Eventually, I shared the gospel I had learned with Richard. He accepted Jesus as I had. From that time we committed to living a Godly life. Richard always woke at 4 a.m. to read his bible and was so full of God’s Grace.

Together we worked on many mission trips, sharing our experience as we went. Everyone admired our relationship and how we worked together.

Things began to change for us after Richard met Michael Williams and heard the Gospel Revolution message.

I could not understand and could not accept what Richard was learning. We began to debate the Bible. The return of Jesus and whether it is our faith or Christ’s faith that redeems us were some of the issues we disagreed on now.

When Richard told me, “we are not required to pray.” I told him he was totally out of his mind! We began to fight about these things.

Now Richard has passed away and I know he is with the Lord.

Richard was not only my husband, he was my friend, lover and my brother. After the funeral I was in great despair.

Then I discovered Mike Williams’ CD’s and started listening. I heard “The Book of Hebrews Revealed and Debunked”, “The book of Romans Revealed’ and “The Mystery of Unbelief”, on the Gospel of John. After listening, I felt so sad about misunderstanding what Richard was trying to share with me.

It felt like I was losing my mind! What happened to my husband was now happening to me!

I now accept and believe the gospel of peace and have experienced a total “revolution” and it has all happened so fast! Every day, all day, it is like great lightning and thunder in my soul. The Holy Spirit is the great teacher!

Thank you so much to all who loved my husband Richard John Mull.

As Richard was the “King of comedy of the Gospel Revolution”, I am now the “Queen of The Book of Hebrews”
We are indeed one.