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I’m Free ~ Tom Tonsky

If I told you what it takes
to reach the highest high
you’d laugh and say nothings that simple
but you’ve been told many times before,
messiah’s pointed to the door
but no one has the guts to leave the temple

I’m free, I’m free and freedom tastes of reality

~ Tom Tonsky

The Mystery  ~  Deidre Simpson

God had a mystery revealed to the Apostle Paul.
Christ in you, the hope of glory not for one but all.
To reconcile Jew and Greek and One new man to make,
To reveal how redemption was done for each man’s sake.

The plan was hidden for the ages past,
And revealed at the cross by Christ at last
Who died to put the plan in place,
And shed His blood for the whole human race.

And while we are weak and couldn’t resist,
We were not included nor did we assist.
God’s grace saw us through recipients all,
Humanity redeemed from Adam’s fall.

So the mystery has been solved,
By the Cross man’s been absolved.
God sees us Holy, Righteous, sanctified,
All in Christ, we are justified.

~ Deidre Simpson


“Inclusion by Seclusion” ~ Jackie Barnard

Abraham bid his servants stay
While he and Isaac trod the way
To that place that God had chosen
To carry out the consummation.

Then Abraham with torch in hand
And Isaac with the wood bowed down
The two alone
Climbed to Moriah’s brow.

A pyre of stones did Abraham form
And laid the wood
And bound his son.
He held his breath
And drew the dagger
His faith in God
Never staggered.

God would raise this child of Sarah
The son of promise
Who came so late
And there alone
With none to witness
He raised the blade
To do God’s bidding.

One moment and the deed he’d finish
One heartbeat and a life would end
One blink before the knife descended
A voice called out,
“Don’t harm your son.

And there amidst a crown of thorns
A ram was fastened by his horns.
God had by His own device
Provided them a sacrifice.

Never has a painter’s hand
Though master he may be
Portrayed a scene like this before
And never will again.
The father and the son
Secluded from the eyes of men
Together in the solitude
In harmony embraced.

Now looking forward through the years
We see another day
When darkness fell
To keep from view
The eyes of all but two.

When the Father and the Son
Fulfilled the type of Abraham
And God spared not
His own Dear Son.
In the shadow
of the altar-cross
Christ’s faith
Did not waver once.

When God excluded
all the race
That He might save them
All in grace.
In the shadow
At mid-day
God was in Christ
Reconciling the world
Unto Himself.

~ Jackie Barnard



The Stealthy Gospel Rides Again ~ Jackie Barnard

The Gospel says the war is done.
Guilt and judgment there is none.
The Father’s covenant with the Son
Made God and the human family one.
God and man enjoy the gain.
The Stealthy Gospel rides again!
Before the light had dawned in me
Difference was all that I could see.
If you don’t pray the sinner’s prayer
You’re on your way to hell’s despair.
But now I know we’re all the same.
The Stealthy Gospel rides again.
New wine in old skins cannot stay
New skin’s a must
or the old will burst
and old and new will fall away.
New wine’s a fountain from within
The Stealthy Gospel rides again.
How well I see in life’s rear view
My criticism came undone.
My mind began to open up
Judging had a softer touch.
I am so free, so calm, so sane.
The Stealthy Gospel rides again.

~ Jackie Barnard



Richard Mull ~ Glenn Klein

There once was a man named Mull.
His humor–it never was dull.

The GR he loved,
from the Father above.
and the smiles he made knows no lull.

With Much Love,



New Wine ~ Jackie Barnard

New wine in new wineskins is the “knowing”…knowing that implies intimacy and relationship.
No man will say to his neighbor know God, for God shall write it in their hearts.
Therefore, the new wine is the experience of God exposing Himself
in a free soul which has the living alacrity to absorb that knowing.

The new wine and the renewed soul expand and extend together
in the knowledge of Christ and Him crucified
and the power of His resurrection.
These things, too high for my mind to collect, are settled in my soul.

It is the life of God in me, living me and making me into (who would have guessed it) me.
By pouring new wine into old wineskins both are lost
in the cycle of religion
and evaporating in the sands of church.

But, like an abused spouse fleeing the abuser
and running into another
just as evil and dangerous the cycle is repeated.

Yet some will say the old is better.
New wine brings into focus what religion has blurred.
New wine is supernatural binoculars to the soul.
Religion is slurred speech…enticing words that disguise the bata bata bata.
New wine is the intoxication of the soul.
Knowing and being known of God.

It is to know Christ, to know a new creation,
knowing the renewing of the mind and the salvation of the soul.
New wine is knowing freedom from Law’s measurement.
Knew wine is to know power to make choices
and power to accept accept responsibility for those choices.

For all things pertaining to life and godliness are imputed inside of you.
New wine is knowing oneness with God
and with all mankind,
knowing that all are perfect and equal.
New wine in a new wineskin is that intimate knowing
that is constantly and continually being renewed.
The knowing and the soul expand together and both welcome the exercise.

New wine is knowing peace and comfort in all of life’s circumstance.
New wine saturates the soul and all of life is filtered through it.
New wine in new wineskins is the mysterious work of God,
for all things pertaining to life and godliness
are imputed into the heart of every person.

Where does this knowledge, this new wine come from?
It is and always has been inside of every human.
It is that fountain of living water
springing up unto everlasting life from within.
It is rivers of waters flowing from man’s own belly.
One might ask, “How can I aquire this living water?”
The answer is that no one can aquire it, because everyone already possesses it.
By putting new wine into new wineskins both are preserved.

~ Jackie Barnard, August 9, 2011



We Seek ~ Michael Williams

We have sought for commands to do his will. But no commands came
We ask to be shown the way. No directions came.
We desired to sacrifice. But none was required.
We asked to know. But no knowledge came.
For the power of God is not to know. But rather to be known.
And when we started hearing what was known, revelation started to flow like cascading waterfalls…
Revelation so profound that I declared:
I know nothing at all. I believe nothing at all.
For the heart that is free cannot be commanded. Needs no directions. Finds no place to sacrifice.
For when all portions are equal, they are one.

~ Michael Williams April 27, 2011



“I did not know I was the righteousness of God until my mind was renewed and awakened to the Gospel and released from the pseudo gospel of religion. ~ Jackie Barnard”

New Perspective, New Life ~ Jackie Barnard

Suddenly I felt my soul emerging
From the crisis of confession.
Confession to assuage
By false assurance of guilt’s acquittal.
Reverting to denial
So to bear sin’s trial.
All the while enabling my own dependence
On the broken reed.

My light had been lit
By the One who lighteth every man
But was hidden under law’s bushel.
Yet the old wine skin could not prevent
The new wine bursting free
Fresh and satisfying.
Fruit of the vine
Of grace and peace.

By this new perspective, which is truth
Had finally made me know that I had been raised from the dead.
I now knew that the old husband died and that I was now married to another who can never die.
The Cross was my Armeggedon,
The resurrection was my rapture. I have been caught away.

I am a new creature, morphed from captive of sin into captive of righteousness.
My virgin’s lamp was already filled.
Not held in a glazed vessel but in my heart.

~ Jackie Barnard



“Twas the Webcast ‘fore Christmas ~ Glenn Klein

‘Twas the webcast ‘fore Christmas, and all through the Earth
Not a human was sinning, none had a curse
Christ hung on the Cross with such perfect love,
For the joy set before Him, from the Father above

All God’s children, redeemed, saved to the max
Even Bill Clinton while playing the sax
The Pope, too, in his lovely outfit and cap
Though many were lulled into a bad religious nap

When out in the world arouse such a solution
The Gospel for all, what a Revolution!
Away on the internet and via the stream
Week after week, God’s ultimate dream

He delivered His promise to the world as a whole
Made Jesus the Lord, for He paid all our toll
And I heard Him exclaim, as He rose out of sight
“You’re ALL holy and righteous, I saved you just right”.

~ Glenn Klein



Shadow of Law, Light of God ~ Jackie Barnard

Shadow of Law,
Not the substance,
As a solid burden
To cloud the mind
And stoop the soul.
False master
Curtain of fear.
Illusion of disaster
That blinds and binds men here.

Come, Phantom, rule.
We will sell our souls
To the narcotic of regulation
That addicts
And we will play the role
And dance upon your strings.

We will not have “this man”
Our preference to the ban.
Clinging to the Ten in stone.
Rejecting as the “builders”
The One who makes us free.
Bowing to the will
Of sightless majority.

Irony of men
Yet self-condemning.
Blind and groping
In the darkness.
Wall of hope
They cannot see.

Paralyzed and lost
In fear and trembling
Devoted to defending
Their lack of sight.
Lend their strength
To the strength of darkness
Letters of wrong and right.

Lauding Moses
While unaware
The lawgiver brings
The suit against them.
His morals full
Of death that stings.

Welcome enterprise of freedom
Resurrection’s liberty
No longer captive
To the darkness
From bonds of night
Now set free.

Christ the light
Of every bosom
Floods the earth
Wave on wave.
God declares
The war is over.
By His words
Of peace and grace.
God indwells
His new creation.
Lighting every man that’s born.
Come, lets tell
This blessed story.
The veil that kept the way
Is torn.

~ Jackie Barnard



Peter’s Dinner ~ Jackie Barnard

God said rise and eat.
Three times the repeat.
Thrice Peter declined,
For he had never dined
On what was in the sheet.

At last he did obey,
And Peter learned that day
…no longer deceived.
God had all received,
And no one has to pay.

Now men were at his gate,
Those very things he ate.
But Peter had just learned,
No creature had been spurned.

No one was left behind,
Only in their minds.
All are one with us.
He became sin,
And we became righteous.

So we were also versed
That different means accursed.
Yet God made the arrangement
And ended all estrangement.

No sin, no sinner,
Everyone a winner.
No longer unclean,
Just like Peter’s dinner.

~ Jackie Barnard

After all that I’ve known ~ Robert May

After all that I’ve known
passes like a shadow
from my eyes and I am gone,
What will be the harvest
of the seeds that I have sown,..
When I find myself alone
After all?

When this world in which I stand
Slips between my fingers
like so many grains of sand,
will I let it go?
Or will I quickly close my hand?
Will I come to understand
after all?

After all that I see
fades into the mist as just
A fleeting memory,
What road will I follow
Which direction will it lead,
when I awaken from this sleep
after all?

When this life, with all it’s cares
sets me free, oh will I see
I could have better fared?
If I had but believed
in some far away somewhere?
And will I find you waiting there,
After all?

~ Robert May