The headline might surprise you, but there’s a very interesting story that actually helps the headline make sense.

A few years ago, I was on a flight to Florida sitting next to a young mother and her little girl. The flight was almost 4 hours and we chatted along the way. They lived in London, England and were on their way to Disney World. The mother was originally from Kenya. She asked me what my occupation was, which is something I have still not figured out how to answer yet. I told her I work for a ministry. She said, “Oh, what church?” I told her we don’t represent any Christian denomination because our message is actually quite different from any of theirs. So, I was obligated to briefly explain the gospel to her to show her why our message was different. After hearing my explanation, she said, “You need to be teaching that in Kenya, because all the Muslims and Christians are fighting and both sides are saying Jesus is coming back!” Then I told her about our friend Moses. (I have never forgotten her powerful statement about Muslims and Christians each preaching Jesus is coming back.)

We were first contacted by Moses Ngata (pronounced “Gattah”) in July, 2010 and developed a strong relationship with him and his family. Moses, his wife Elizabeth and their two boys live in Kenya’s second largest city Nakuru. He was the director of a small journalism college in Nakuru and shared the gospel with the students at the school. He started the Gospel Revolution School of the Scriptures with Mike’s endorsement and our ministry provided him with copies of Mike’s book “ONE” and all the teaching series on both CD and online download. The School of the Scriptures originally started out with less than 20 students. They created small brochures about the gospel and paid street children to hand them out in the streets of Nakuru. Then the small group of students pooled their own money together and bought some airtime at a radio station in town that had a large listening audience. The gospel was aired in English and Swahili twice a week for six weeks. Moses received calls from radio listeners asking questions about the gospel and the number of students grew to over 40 including a handful of Muslims and Hindus. Occasionally, we have paid for airtime on their radio station since then.

About two years ago, Moses found two new stations to air the gospel on. One station is Catholic and the other is Muslim. When Moses met with the Muslim station manager (also Muslim) to arrange for the airtime, the manager asked him to go on the air with the radio hosts in studio and just tell the listeners about the new gospel program they would be hearing. He got on one of the microphones and they asked him, “What can you tell us about the gospel?” Moses answered, “That the Prophet Mohammed and Yeshua are one!” The radio hosts were amazed and excited to hear more. Moses told them and the listeners they would have to wait for the show.

The gospel has had great appeal among Muslims in Kenya as well as Christians, Hindus and others. Jesus is one of Islam’s great prophets. They know the Christian message and know the gospel is something they have never heard. There are now over 150 students in the School of the Scriptures learning the gospel and quite a few of them are Muslim. This is very exciting news! Recently, more radio airtime was purchased and this time the person funding the radio show is a Muslim!

Why is this so exciting? We have found the gospel speaks to Muslims in a way Christianity never could. The situation in Africa is like the woman I met on the plane explained. Muslim groups and Christian groups are fighting for control throughout Africa. Each group preaches Jesus is coming back and each group claims he’s going to be on their side. For nearly two years, a Muslim terror group calling itself ISIS is waging war throughout the Middle East with connections in Africa, Europe and elsewhere. They say they are waging a holy war and in the end, Jesus will come back and finish their battle in Jerusalem.

So, why is this so exciting? We have the opportunity to get the gospel of peace out to Muslims and it could reach the people in these Muslim terror groups!

So, please! Please don’t ever think your support for Mike Williams Ministries and the Gospel Revolution has ever not been needed. It is still very much needed and now more than ever!