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April 2016

News from Kenya and GospelRevolution.com


The following is a letter from Moses Ngata in Nakuru Kenya giving Mike and the rest of us an update on the gospel in Kenya.

Jambo Papa (Mike),
All is well here in Kenya.
I just want to report the tremendous news about the School of Scriptures and more so the radio show.
We have been meeting as usual teaching the students about the gospel of grace and peace, all drawn from Mike Williams lessons.
Many have been reached by these teachings through printed handouts and leaflets and thousands by radio show.
Two radio stations are still broadcasting your teachings. We didn’t broadcast on the last quarter of year 2015, due to financial constraints but during the month of December, an idea came to me of how to raise the funds for the radio show.
I decided to lease my car for 10 months at a cost of ksh. 25,000 per month for a total of ksh. 250, 000. The whole of this amount has been paid in cash for uninterrupted radio show for 10 months, counting from January 2016. Last December was a bonus. So the show is on until October 2016.
I now use public means of transport to go to work and to take the boys to school, although it’s very challenging and inconveniencing, especially when it’s raining.
Sorry Papa, I didn’t inform you on this before hand, buts it rewarding to see lives transformed and bringing sanity to Christianity.
This radio program has changed the lives of so many listeners beyond Nakuru, and beyond Kenya. And this has led to the following good news.
The good news is we now have The School of Scriptures, Naivasha, a town 60km from Nakuru town, and currently has 34 serious students on board, 3 of them Muslims, barely only one month old. Most of them heard you on the show, called me, we visited them, and we showed the need of gathering together to learn. And this is how we started the new school.
This is the best reward for the Mike Williams Ministries for 2016. A child is born.
We are growing Papa and the impact of the Gospel is real here in Kenya.
More good things are coming Papa concerning the school of scriptures.
Thanks to your endless support, this could only happen because of your trust in me and Liz. A billion people in Africa are reachable and we are spearheading this move in Kenya.
What can we say then? Thanks a million Papa Mike and thanks so very much to all the Gospel Revolutionaries and friends of MWM all over the world for your support and believing in us.
We did this together and we are in this together. We are a family, because we are ONE.
Love you Papa
Moses, Kenya


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