Here’s Today’s “Top Ten List” of Things to Know About the Gospel:

#10 – The Gospel and Christianity are in direct opposition to each other.
#9 – The Gospel redeems no one.
#8 – The Gospel is information for the brain: nothing more, nothing less.
#7 – The Gospel is the “Good Information” of the Redemption of ALL of Humanity through the death, burial, and resurrection of Yeshua without the need of human faith, works, and/or contrition.
#6 – The Gospel adds nothing to your life.
#5 – The Gospel does, when consistently, persistently, and repetitively contemplated, remove guilt and judgment from one’s soul. Then the fun can begin.
#4 – The Gospel is not information to be stored; the Gospel is information which needs to be active in one’s thinking in order to be effective.
#3 – The Gospel reveals the distinct difference between redemption and salvation.
#2 – The Gospel is the information about the historical fact of God’s redemption of ALL people through Christ. The consistent rehearsal of that fact releases salvation to an individual’s mind—an ongoing cleansing and renewing of one’s soul in remarkable and unpredictable ways.

And the #1 thing to know today about the Gospel (drum-roll please….) –

The Gospel is the Power of God.

Glenn Klein