Has anybody else out there noticed the irony of what’s going on in the world of religion right now? Things seem to be coming apart at the seams for organizations, institutions, and/or states directly associated with Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.


Maybe, finally, the world will begin to wake up and repent from believing in a God that ranks different human beings according to how “righteous” we act or believe.

If adherence to proper doctrine is the determinant as to who has eternal peace with God, we’re all in big trouble. But the “good news” is that the world must be waking up or we wouldn’t believe the way we do and you wouldn’t be reading and contemplating this right now.

“Look up for your redemption draws near” the Bible reads.

This is not a promise of something to be realized in the future but a current reality for any person Jesus died on the cross for–the whole race of humanity. Look up at the cross and its resulting redemptive work. And see if meditating that promise doesn’t lift your heart and perspective. That “lifting” of the soul is salvation and what distinguishes it from redemption or righteousness.

Righteousness or redemption was and is the fact that Christ established for all. He made us all one with God and each other. The awareness of that fact, that Jesus is Lord, is the salvation of the soul, the renewing of the mind–if you will.

Salvation, the understanding of redemption, comes to all when Christ is revealed. ALL will see Him as He is the Bible says. Therefore, all Israel (Jews and Gentiles–those of the nations–everybody!) will be saved. When and where? Only God knows. But can you think of a more needed message for Christians, Moslems, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, or atheists? No you can’t. Because a promise of unconditional eternal peace with God for everyone eliminates any competition to prove before the Creator our worth to get in.

No more wars in the name of God necessary.

We’ve got a long way to go, but we are on the road.

Communicating Love,

For Mike Williams Media