The Gospel Revolution is aptly named because it is truly a revolution to have an organized effort, as we do, that uses nothing but the text of the Bible to teach that all men and women are equal and righteous in the eyes of God, regardless of race, nation, sex, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, beliefs, or lack thereof.

The Bible has been misused throughout the ages to condemn every class of people to an eternity of everlasting torment. Ironically, when read and taught in context, the Bible actually details an eternal peace and rest with God without any preconditions. The Bible teaches that the only condition necessary for right-standing with God was provided by God Himself. He swapped human’s sin to Jesus and Christ’s righteousness to humans. The Bible says Jesus Who “was tempted without sin” BECAME sin, while humanity wrought with sin BECAME the righteousness of God. Such a deal! This is what the Bible calls redemption.

No more wars to convert, proselytizing, or cajoling are needed with this message. As Jesus said on the Cross, “It is finished”. And when this Good News is consistently meditated upon, an uplifting of the soul and a stability of the heart results. This is what the Bible calls salvation.

Forgiveness is not only extended from God to humanity but from person to person.

If using the Bible to proclaim harmony, unity, and tolerance among God and ALL humans (even for those who perpetrate torment, divisiveness, and bigotry in the name of Christ) is not a revolution, we don’t what is.