The Term Hell in the Scriptures

(This was sent to us from Randy French in the US. It is an excerpt from his upcoming book, “I used to be a Christian, but Jesus set Me Free”.)

I just finished doing a study on the word hell in the Bible, Old Testament (vs) New Testament. I was shocked at what I found!

There are 3 different words in the New testament that are all translated hell in the King James – none of them mean the Lake of fire or a burning hell. The words “Lake of fire” are used 4 times only in the book of Revelation….. Wow!

At least half of the doctrine I was taught in the Pentecostal religion was based on using hell as a way to scare or force people to accept their crazy doctrines!

There is no teaching of Hell (a lake of fire) in the Jewish religion, because there is no such thing in the Old Testament Scriptures.

Of the 31 times it is mentioned in the Old Testament, all of them are the word Sheol! Or the grave.

1 Thessolonians 5:20 says “Despise not prophesyings.”
21 “Prove all things; (By the Holy Scripture) hold fast that which is good.” (Do not believe the rest.)
If it wasn’t prophesied in the Old Testament Scriptures,

Geenna: A valley outside of Jerusalem
Hades: A place of departed souls
Tartaroo: Deepest part of Hades
Sheol: Or the grave. Not used in the New Testament 1 time. (Curious)

The lies and half truths we were taught in church have screwed up so many lives with guilt! If you have guilt, stop doing stupid things! But don’t think it is a punishment or judgment from God!
Stop following Christianity and start learning the Gospel! You are not going to hear the Gospel (Good News) in

Good News,
Randy French

Are we (Gospel Revolution) helping people?

(This was sent to us from one of our friends in Canada after we posed this question on our Powercast.)

“Are we (Gospel Revolution) helping people?

The answer is yes.

Here is just one way that I have found freedom in the last week.

My mom died of breast cancer. Shortly after her death I got saved (you know how I am meaning that).

Oh let me also say I just paused the “parking spot Christianity” podcast to send this….

Last week I went to the doctor and had an appointment booked to finally get a mammogram. I can say I finally have normal anxiety about going and getting the test done now. Prior to this I had enormous “spiritual” fear. The God who judges, punishes, and the fear of generational curses and all the spiritual baggage that goes with that mindset left me in the bondage of those results would represent if and how God accepts me. I think you know that mindset… good get good do bad get bad…(…I think that is how Mike says it).

To know I can go to the doctor and understand stuff happens and I might not get the results I would like,(run on sentence) is nothing compared to thinking I am being punished by God for something, and He isn’t even going to tell me what it is that “I” have to figure out and fix to be healed, and if it happens to kill me, I failed and probably on my way to hell, cause I didn’t do enough,…… faith, prayer, knowledge, obeying, etc….(depending on the doctrine I was in) etc… to “overcome” was unbearable.

Your ministry removed the barriers that held me captive to an angry God and given me the freedom to just go get the test. Thanks for sharing the “Love of God”. There is power in the blood……and the love it testifies to.

Thanks for helping people!

Love you guys!”