Why is Facebook such an Educational and Intellectual Cesspool?

Why is Facebook such an Educational and Intellectual Cesspool?

When Jesus stayed behind after Passover at about age 13, his parents noticed him missing after about a two days journey. First of all, Mary and Joseph may have flunked “Parenting 101”. Not realizing your kid was gone for two days? But I digress. The story tells us they went back and found their son in the temple. What was the young Messiah doing there? He was both listening and asking them questions! Understanding this story changed my life forever.

A World Within a World / A Day Within a Day!

A World Within a World / A Day Within a Day!

Dear Gospel Revolution Friends and Family,

YOUR world is your life, isn’t it? Your world and life are contained in a new world which started 2000 years ago at the close of the old!

Similarly, we each have only one “day” to live—not many days. Your day started when you were born. Your one and single day to live will end at the moment you die.

The Gospel of Peace

The Gospel of Peace

The Gospel of Peace is the most powerful part of understanding the Gospel. For me it is what revolutionized my understanding. It was after many attempts to try to be a good Christian, to win God’s favor, and trying to find God’s grace that I found the Gospel of Peace. I found something that quenched my soul and gave me everything that I needed to sustain my life.

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My life was being ripped, shredded and literally torn apart once again. How do I accept who and what I am? What will happen to my family, my wife and our three young girls?

Where Humanity Sees the Divine

Where Humanity Sees the Divine

There is a big difference between teaching the gospel and seeing the gospel.

How does one “see” the gospel?

We humans, with any self-reflection at all, seem to be acutely aware of how “human” we are. Our humanness surfaces each and every day. We feel human. We act human. Sometimes thankfully. Sometimes regrettably.
So, within this context of being “human”, how and when do we actually get to “see” the gospel in humanity?

For myself, I am amazed at just how human I actually can be. I get angry at someone for cutting me off on the road even when I am not in a hurry and where no real danger exists. My lack of compassion and empathy at times raises its ugly head. I have desires, even those that most would see as “acceptable,” that I keep to myself hoping no one ever sees. Yes, I hide parts of my humanity. Why do I do this?

On the other hand, my opinions? I think everyone is obligated to hear and accept all my opinions! Why the disconnect? The humanity I hide is comprised of things I really should have no problem being open about. Contrarily, I pontificate about some things which no one actually needs to hear. At times, I am not very happy with myself. However, I usually only admit that to myself.

So, how does this all jive within the Gospel Revolution view that God and man are “ONE”? If we are one and are ALL perfect, why do these contradictions exist?!

Because of that perfection, where we are “one”, is within.

So, experiencing “peace which passes all understanding”, while this paradox of humanity remains, is truly divine!

The only way most of us have ever heard about experiencing God is encapsulated in the phrase: “To err is human, to forgive is divine”. It is true. However, what is divine about forgiveness? And why would something divine be required of us to do? Did God forgive because he was required to? If so, by whom and by what law was he required to? Of course, he was not required to. He chose to for his AND our benefit. He made a choice IN his own righteousness!
The resident God or the “divine” nature of humanity have never and will never be able to be realized or seen by that which is required. This is one of the factors which makes legalism so insidious and destructive. Like the veil of Moses, required action and attitude (AKA legalism) hide the divine keeping it from being seen and experienced.

The religious mind cannot accept the divine being manifested in the Earth through a “rule-breaker”. We in the Gospel Revolution are fortunate to know of the divine inside all. However, maybe we’re still being affected by thinking that the divine cannot be delivered by the rule-breakers.

Legalism “crucifies” the Christ in us on a moment by moment basis, not effecting our being ONE but our awareness of it. Leaving us humans to experience a “form of godliness” but unable to “recognize” the power thereof.

Many times we see God in humankind as described as the extraordinary or the heroic. At other times, simply as kind, caring, giving and loving.

How would one be able to recognize if any of these are truly divine?

Perhaps it is when it is seen and acknowledged as kind, heroic or extraordinary. The one performing the act, deed or word, is baffled as to how it could be seen as anything more than, “what anyone would do”!
Powerful indeed!

So, when divine shows itself powerful, loving, kind, the one through whom divine does its work sees it ONLY as normal! And yet the observer is astonished.

When we experience God IN us and think, “it is only natural”! Now THAT is divine!

I am not referring to being “used by God”. I find this statement gross and disgusting! I am not talking about being used by God but rather simply and profoundly being God in the Earth!

Does the butterfly have a clue of its beauty? Is the mighty waterfall aware of it power and ability to inspire awe? Of course not. Their amazing contributions to our world come naturally, without hesitation or self-consciousness.

May humanity increasingly see and experience our true divine nature, and the supernatural flow of the gospel, to be as effortless and powerful as the butterfly and waterfall manifest their nature. This is where human error and divine acts, including forgiveness, meld into the reality of God and mankind being one and eliminates legalism from our consciousness.

Thank you for your participation in this quarter’s pledge drive. Should you ever realize what your gift is doing, you would know it is divine!

Much love,

Predestined to Life

Predestined to Life

Can we imagine a world wholly different than the one we are experiencing right now? A world as drastically different on a human level as the changes we have seen on a technological level since 1995?

It has been said, “It Has Become Appallingly Obvious That Our Technology Has Exceeded Our Humanity”.

Is there a means, now available on the planet, by which this change for the betterment of the human race can be witnessed and experienced by the entirety of humanity?

This medium in my way of thinking is here; it is called the gospel!

The teaching in Canada this Spring revolved around the subject of, “predestination”. I consider this subject to be the cornerstone to understanding the gospel. All redeemed, no law, no sin, no personal faith required on man’s part.

Predestination explains how God controlled events to lead up to the new creation which was completed at the death burial and resurrection of Christ. Paul knew beyond any other possibility that in Christ, God predestined all to be called, justified and glorified. (Romans 8:30)

Paul did not reach this conclusion by faith. He was enlightened to these facts by knowledge, logic and reason! Yes, even by the Holy Ghost.

Everything up to and including the work of the cross was carried out by God’s faith through predestination. The requirement for personal faith was as much a failure for all mankind as it was a total failure on Israel’s part to keep God’s law.

We have watched the deadly nature of religions around the world when it imposes God’s law, now done away with, on humanity. I am persuaded that imposing “personal faith” on humanity has been even more destructive than using a law, done away with two thousand years ago.

Just as important as being freed from Gods law, you have been delivered from all demands, requirements and expectations of personal faith.

Yes, predestination has delivered you INTO a world of logic, reason, chance possibility and personal responsibility!

It is way overdue that we accept our God-given righteousness, redemption, identity, freedom and responsibility for the amazing life imparted to us by Christ himself! Is there anyone who can be harmed by this way of thinking, as we have been so thoroughly warned against?

No one, not a single human being can be harmed by being God’s righteousness in the earth!. No one, can be harmed by total personal responsibility for one’s own life! No one, can be harmed by reason, logic, knowledge and understanding! No one!!

Can any human be harmed by being under God’s law? Can anyone be harmed by being under requirements of personal faith? EVERYONE!

Please notice what is happening! Legalism and personal faith is a total abdication of reason, logic and knowledge. Legalism and required personal faith is as far from love mercy and kindness as the east is from the west!

Stop wondering just how ISIS became what they are! Just like all religions, they get there by being subjected to a law done away with and a requirement for faith completely fulfilled by Christ!

Spiritualizing daily life is an open door to mental illness. Humanizing Gods work with “personal faith” is the destruction of civilization.

Please show yourself some love, mercy and kindness this week. It just may spill over onto others.

Much love,



“Predestined to Life” is Mike Williams’ new series from a recent Gospel Revolution  Conference in Canada.  In this series, Mike exposes  the theology of  predestination in the light of the gospel as opposed to traditional Christian theology.  He studies out all references to predestination in the original Greek texts, as well as in the English translations. Find out who was predestined and when, and also find out what roles faith and hope play in predestination and whose faith and whose hope they were.

It is our very great pleasure to offer this series for free. Just click on the link and right click; then select the option, “save link as”.

Predestined to life 1a Predestined to life 1b Predestined to life 2
Predestined to life 3a Predestined to life 3b Predestined to life 4a
Predestined to life 4b


It is a True Gospel Revolution

It is a True Gospel Revolution


Recently, I have been addressing an article written by Dr James Richards of Impact ministries, Huntsville, Alabama. While I have been at a loss as to just why Jim published this now, 20 years since I last saw him, it has presented itself as a really good teaching tool.

Jim lets everyone know, 20 years after the fact, that I, Michael Williams, have been “biblically” shunned!

Over the years, many have been through this dogmatic crime against the heart.

It seems almost all Christian denominations have some sort of predetermined way to dis-fellowship their wayward, rebellious, misguided members. This harsh and unloving act gives vent to all that is truly wrong with legalism. In fact, it is the epitome of legalism.

One need not research meticulously through the doctrine of those that practice “shunning.”  The fact that they do it is all the evidence you will need.

Please avail yourself to the Powercast hosted by Beres Bartlett to learn the “biblical” reply to this self-indulgent doctrine.

Many examples of shunning come to mind, and I would like to ask you to send me an email describing your experience with this crude doctrine. It will help others who have been shunned. So please participate. This can be done to people “officially” by leadership or just friend to friend and even by family members.

Listening to the gospel and coming to Mike Williams meeting has brought real and painful backlash for many. Everything from grandparents being told to never speak of it again or they will not see their beloved grandchildren again and eventually being told if they even are caught listening to me they will not see their babies again.

I myself am only tolerated by some of my siblings because of their Christian doctrines.

Yes, a part of this gospel revolution has been very

painful for so many of us, and inevitably will continue to be. It is simply part and parcel of “stepping out of line.” At least in other people’s view. There is a price my friends for following your heart.

Friends, you should be aware of our tremendous success, even according to Jim Richards and many others! It has been the “GR” that has penetrated the darkness of legalism and brought the subject of grace to the forefront around the world. Yes you have done this!!

And to all those like Jim who oppose the gospel revolution we say. You are holy, righteous and perfect in the eyes of God. Whether aware or ignorant of God’s grace we have all been given HIS righteousness by HIS faith.

Much love,

Michael Lilborn Williams

The Testimony of God

“Experiences in life can carry a stern warning or a “wake-up call”, but just because we can connect some dots or learn something in the process does not merit the situation to have to take-on the “spiritual voodoo hyperbole” of “it happened for a reason.”

I just quoted myself. Is that allowed? Yep that is a quote from an article I wrote January 24, 2012 titled “Everything happens for a reason”. (I’d like to suggest this article for your enjoyment once again on our website at GospelRevolution.com under the tab, “Articles.”) On a following Powercast “connecting dots” was elaborated on and I want to address it again.

It is obvious when someone says they connected the dots, that it is basically a benign statement. What if “connecting the dots” leads to forced thought? Free thinking and forced thought simply are not compatible. Therefore connecting the dots in many circumstances may not be so benign.

Astrology is totally based on connecting the dots. Think about it. Some one person drew lines between the stars and came up with twelve different sign of the Zodiac. Even though billions of stars are out there only 9,006 stars are said to be visible in the night sky at any given time. Less than 250 stars make up the “connected dots” or the twelve signs.

Several years ago while looking up to the sky to see how many I could find, I wondered, who drew these lines that I must now look at the stars and see just where I fit in? To see what my and others characteristics and traits are?  Yes, even predict the future and what my day will be like today!!

Forced thought leads to false beliefs. We see this at work in modern Christianity, where, wrested out of its context, one verse is taken from here, and another from some other place, then all placed together in a mash-up designed to support some theology or other. Biblical scholars call this ‘proof-texting’; it is, in fact, nothing more than joining the dots in such a way as will support someone’s particular biased belief system.

For about 2,000 years since the Zodiac was introduced to people. Forced thought is what astrology has contributed to the human race. Why can’t you come up with your own lines drawn between the choice of over 9,000 visible stars – your own definitions and characteristics?

As far as the gospel of peace and the gospel of grace is concerned, it has no need for anyone to connect the dots. It is not written in the stars. It is written in language. In fact the Hebrew alphabet is made up of pictographs as is the Chinese language. One letter can be read as a letter, a number or a subject. It is really rather straight forward – no dots to connect at all.

During my stay in the word of faith movement my entire doctrine was based on “connecting the dots” Wow … did THAT get wild!  However, based on the lines I drew between verses and concepts, viola! Proof beyond a doubt!

With the gospel there is a story, “the testimony of God”, not man’s but God’s. It is laid out in the law, psalms and prophets and then the story is analyzed with amazing precision by Paul. Pointing out the “pictures” as he goes. The first and the last Adam, Moses and Jesus, the new creation, on and on Paul points to the already clearly defined picture. In fact, God took great care to use picture after picture (scholars call them types and shadows), to predict in unusual detail, His plan in advance.

The gospel is very easy to understand my friends. Just read the story and look at the pictures. We are still learning and growing. Keep looking at the amazingly perfect and beautiful picture. Gods testimony.

“And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God.” – 1 Corinthians 2:1

Much love,


The Greatest Flight

The Greatest Flight

Muhammed Ali

It was the early 1980s.

The sad thing is I should be able to give the exact date and time it happened because Mohammad Ali signed my boarding pass stub on a flight in first class from Chicago to L.A.

The flight is also connected to my very first visit to Hawaii, a place I treasure.

One of Norvell Hayes’ friends was a travel agent and wanted to impress Norvell. So, the guy got me the first class flight to LA where I was speaking with much more well-known speakers. This is where I met Donna Douglas, who became a very sweet friend, Johnny Rivers who sang for us at the LA Civic Center and Todd Fisher, the son of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. (Probably better known as the brother of “Princess Lea”, Carrie Fisher.) I was this Tennessee boy dropped into another world.

Ali was across the aisle from me to my left in the center nose section of the jumbo jetliner in the first row of first class. No, I never ever rode first class before, but his time I did. Ali was with his wife. He was copying onto a legal pad words from the Koran. Ali left a space between each line he copied. Somewhere in the flight his pen ran out of ink. He reached over to me and said, “Excuse me, do you have a pen I could use?” I said, “Yes, I do” and handed him the pen from my suit coat pocket. He thanked me and continued writing from the Koran to the legal pad.

As our flight was preparing to land, Ali touched my arm and smiled thanking me for the use of my pen. As he handed it back, instead of taking the pen, I handed him my boarding pass stub and asked if he would be so kind as to sign my boarding pass. He was happy to do so and handed my pen and the signed boarding pass stub back to me.

As we were disembarking the aircraft, Ali said “Thank you again. Goodbye”. His wife simply smiled.

I know it is just a little story, but it’s one I want to remember. Thank you for letting me share it. Stories are powerful and can teach us much.

The autographed boarding pass stub? It was in a bedroom drawer for years. I haven’t a clue where it is now. Dang! Maybe it will turn up one day!

Michael Lilborn Williams

The Importance of Acknowledging a Once-Angry God

The Importance of Acknowledging a Once-Angry God

Mike Williams - President & Founder of Mike Williams Ministries & Gospel Revolution

Mike Williams – President & Founder of Mike Williams Ministries & Gospel Revolution

Did God ever repent, change his mind? Were his thoughts and emotions positively impacted by the successful mission of Christ? Are yours? Are mine? The answer to all of the above is a resounding “YES”!

Is it possible our collective intellect, will, and emotions are more like the Creator’s than we have ever imagined? Do we learn and grow in a similar way as he did?

In my case, as I’ve conveyed to you over the years, my learning curve is slow. I am thankful for the peace which has accompanied my contemplation and consideration of every aspect of the gospel. My coming to the understanding the gospel of peace, which is the foundation of the gospel and its revolution was slow and methodical.

For five years, from 1977-1982, I never opened my mouth about it. I just studied and listened.

While the unraveling of Christian doctrine—a doctrine of, at best, restricted peace and grace has been the journey of a lifetime, one thing is certain; there is still much to learn and understand about this wonderful good news and its unlimited peace and grace.

For over 20 years we have watched people from all over the globe leave Christianity through the teaching of the Gospel Revolution. Then some have exited the gospel because they came to the conclusion that God was never angry, that He did not have a process leading to the cross. Inherent with that has been the thought that man was never a sinner and was always righteous since creation. Even some of those folks who know what we teach, have continued listening here because they say they’ve never heard a better gospel taught.

As I look back on my process, while remaining open to all perspectives, I remember sharing points from the Scriptures which support the view of a “never angry God” and a “never sinful man”. For example, God never showed anger to Adam. It was, in fact, Adam who hid himself from God, not the other way around. There was no anger displayed to Cain either after he killed his brother Abel.

The compulsion for me, and I know, for many others, has been and continues to be, finding truth. We know finding truth will make us free. We do not care what the truth is. We simply want to know what it is; at least to the degree we can know it, along the way.

This journey became more defined for me after being introduced to the word of faith movement. As a 21 year old Baptist boy, the Baptists taught me it was God’s will for me to be sick and broke. The Word of Faith movement however, taught me that God wanted me healthy and wealthy. Still, even then, I have a very clear memory of my earnest prayer, “God, whether you want me sick and broke or wealthy and healthy is irrelevant to me. I simply want the truth.”

Somehow I knew freedom was more important than wealth or health. Knowing the truth about any subject and experiencing its resulting freedom and peace, became my compass. Being “right” about my current position on anything became irrelevant. It is still true today.

Remaining consistently open has caused me to rarely push back very hard in conversations with anyone, regardless of the topic. This has been equally true on the topics of “Was God Ever Angry” and “Was Man Ever Sinful”. I may have offered up an occasional a counterpoint or two, but those who know me best, know the truth of this.

People who know me, know I care about them, rather than what they believe. I have close family and friends, all with extremely diverse religious, political and spiritual perspectives. What we believe, unquestionably affects our ability to navigate this thing called life. And I am dedicated to the people I care about doing as well as they can.

An accurate perspective on topics such as, “was God angry”, “did God go through a process leading to the cross”, “was man ever sinful” and “how accurate are the Scriptures”, are pivotal in respect to people’s psychological and emotional well-being. We’ve witnessed this time and time again. This is why I feel it’s so vitally important and why I’m addressing it. Not to mention, it continues my slow but steady pursuit of truth.

For many, the view that man was always righteous and never a sinner emanates from Paul’s declaration that the gospel is a “revelation” of righteousness. Thus, they say, righteousness is simply a revelation of what always was. However, Paul also said that God’s law is a “revelation” of sin. Does that mean sin always was? Of course not! The law (delivered hundreds of years after sin came on the scene) was given to reveal the sin of Adam. By the same logic, the gospel reveals the righteousness produced by the second Adam, Jesus Christ. Just because something revealed something else, doesn’t mean what was revealed always existed. Both sin and righteousness were revealed by the law and the gospel respectively. Both, having not existed prior, were produced by Adam and Jesus respectively. Human beings were affected in both cases, due to no fault or credit of their own. The impact of Adam’s act lasted until the cross. The impact of Jesus’ act will last eternally. Now that is good news!

Regarding the issues of “God’s anger” and “Man’s sin”, I’ve reached some conclusions.

Why are there tens of thousands of Christian denominations? Simply stated, it is because people make up their own interpretation of Jesus’ teachings. Often, if not always, it’s based on some of the Bible taken out of context.

Another Christian denomination has formed over the last few years for the same reasons. There has been an interesting and exponential increase in articles, messages and videos produced stating the God of the New Testament could not be reconciled with the God of the Old Testament, that “the God of the Old Testament” is simply not acceptable. This theory points to the words of Christ who claimed that, “if you have seen me you have seen the Father”. (John 14:9). And so, this recent teaching, this new denomination, has done like all the others. They take a concept, a selection of verses, and ignore what many other parts of the Scriptures and/or the New Testament writings say, then come to their own conclusion. And voila, we have another, new denomination.

In just two “judgement of God” types and shadows, the flood of Noah and exodus of Israel from Egypt, we see Paul’s understanding of the cross, without which, Paul’s communication of the gospel would have been severely impaired.

Just like all denominations, this next new one limits their understanding to a few passages and personal preference. It bases the entire doctrine on one verse and many inferences. Context is discarded in favor of “proof-texting”. At least in this case, no attempt has been made to hide the “one verse” revelation, purported to define the entire Bible and especially the Scriptures. It has been simply stated, that all other views must be considered as wrong and even dangerous.

Let’s look at a few other denominations which have established their entire beliefs on one verse.
John Calvin based almost all his doctrines, in what became known as Calvinism, around one verse – namely that no one could come to God unless God first drew them to Him (John 6:44). Arminianists, in a response to this highly exclusive doctrine, boil their doctrine down to one single verse, namely, “Whosoever will, may come, and drink freely of the water of life (Revelation 22:17). All other views are to be considered, not just wrong, but dangerous.

The Church of Christ founders discovered a verse that teaches being “baptized in the name of Jesus only”. This denomination declared the “one verse” revelation upon which all the Bible would be defined. No other doctrine can be considered and is even dangerous, according to the Church of Christ.

In Appalachia, the Holiness folks found the text about snakes not harming us (Luke 10:19), and then started the practice of handling snakes in church services in order to prove their “holiness”. This doctrine has proven to be deadly. Yet to hear its leaders, it is dangerous not to believe their deadly doctrine.

In reality, pulling a verse from here and a verse from there to support a doctrine is what is dangerous. It has literally caused genocide and the deaths of multiple millions.

The founders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormons, discovered a verse about baptism for the dead. The denomination declared the “one verse” revelation upon which all the Bible would be defined. No other doctrine can be considered and is even dangerous, according to the Mormon Church. Again, they pulled a verse from here and from there to support their doctrine.

My own personal poisonous position was the “word of faith” doctrine, whose entire doctrine was based on one single passage, Mark 11:23-24. “You have what you say”. I experienced the danger of this one up close and personally.

By now, I am sure you can see that innumerable examples of “one verse denominations” exist all over the world. They thrive and are added to the growing list continually. With this new one, the “God was Never Angry” one, we must accept that either there were two markedly different gods in the Bible or we must decide to selectively prune the Bible of whatever we don’t like about the “bad” God.

Pick and choose, cut and paste; where have we seen this before? Everywhere!

Here is their ‘one verse” from which all Scripture must be viewed, accepted or rejected according to the new teaching that God was never angry. Heb. 1:3, “Who being the brightness of His Glory and the express image of His person.”

Here is the declaration of this new denomination “Christ is who God REALLY is and all other expressions of God must be rejected. They state, it is even dangerous to accept anything else. Most important in this new way of thinking is any and all Scripture that suggest God was ever angry, jealous, wrathful, vengeful or displayed any judgment at all MUST be rejected without question! How could a loving God manifest such actions and emotions? He couldn’t! Or could he?
This is such a sweeping, one verse revelation. The entire Bible is again subject to one single verse!

My friends, when will we ever learn? How could it be possible that the very Scripture that so accurately foretells the life of Christ is completely wrong about so many other subjects?

The blinding question seems to be, according to this teaching is: how to reconcile the “God of the Old Testament with the God of the New Testament”? Apparently, one of these Gods has got to go!

Let’s consider this question coolly and logically.

The easiest thing would be to reject anything which disagrees with our “accepted truth”. This would include certain selections of the Scriptures themselves, remembering what the Scriptures, as defined by Christ himself actually are—the Law, Psalms and the Prophets.

The “Old Testament” reveals God and man as separate entities: God—the creatOR, and Man—the creatED. The “New Testament” reveals God and Man as a combined creation in Christ—a new creation. Man was originally created in the image of God. Please note, man was “in the image of God”. They were NOT one and the same. Upon the inception of the New Creation, at the resurrection, Man is now found IN Christ or we could say IN God. Now we ARE one entity, in direct comparison to what preceded the New Creation.

The full and complete revelation of God through Christ is the one which was prophesied in the Scriptures. These are the same Scriptures which present a multidimensional God, one who indeed became angry and who said “vengeance is mine”. The same God who claimed through the mouth of Jesus, “Therefore be merciful, just as your Father also is merciful.” (Luke 6:36) and in John 3:36, “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him”. This, of course, all changed at the cross. Thank God.

Can you hear the new “God was Never Angry” denomination responding to Jesus about his pre-cross claim? “We are so sorry Jesus, you like Moses, Ezekiel, Daniel and Isaiah, got it all wrong! Wrath was NEVER a part of your Father’s nature. Wrath was never upon man in the first place! You, Jesus, YOU’RE the one who bought into the “dangerous” belief. But we know better!”

Jesus was the “prototype” of a new creation which had never before existed. God and man being ONE…what a concept! Talk about a Revolution! Christ is indeed the full expression of God in the New Creation, after the cross and resurrection! There are old wineskins and there are new wineskins. There is a first creation and there is a new creation, an old covenant, and a new covenant, an old priesthood a new priesthood, a first Adam and a last Adam and now even a new heaven and a new earth!

God changed just like we did, and do. It affected his thoughts and emotions as they do ours. His process emotionally and thoughtfully was completed at the cross. Ours is on-going. God’s position as perfect, righteous, holy and without sin never changed during his process to total peace. Neither does ours. God is at peace with everyone; knows it, and is always aware of it. We are at peace with God and everyone, too. We’re just not always aware of it. We’re still in a mental process on this side of the cross, a very similar one which the Father went through before the cross, before it was “finished”.

There’s nothing future about the gospel at all. Everything was finished at the cross—the entirety of the law, the penalty of the law, all prophecy, all feast days, all trumpets, all holy days, all sacrifices, all transgression and all righteousness because Jesus was the fulfillment of all of this and so much more!

How can we change the story? How dare we? How could we disrespect God’s process?

If we do, if we open the Scriptures to “private interpretation”, then like all denominations, we get to pick and choose what to believe. However, if we allow Scripture to interpret itself, to be read and absorbed in context, the result in ourselves, is the same as that which resulted from the fulfilment of the Scriptures—peace—specifically the revelation of the Prince of Peace and the gospel of peace between his Father and all humanity.

Our directive is now is to “follow the spirit” and nothing else. This stand-alone statement is truth.

However, the position of this new denomination, is to follow the Spirit to the exclusion of the Scriptures, i.e. the Law, the Psalms and the Prophets. Jesus, Paul , and all their contemporaries knew the Scriptures to be “inspired by God”. Who are we to disagree with their assessment? Do we now find self-same Scriptures which Christ called inspired, which he said were all about him to be without merit and a mistake of our predecessor’s lack of understanding God himself? Who are we to do that?

Some in this “new move” point to when God said he hated the nation of Israel’s sacrifices and offerings, feast days and ceremony, once. According to Hebrews God hated the sacrifices because of their ineffectiveness and repetition. Isn’t it rather convenient to forget that this was the same God who commanded them to be carried out? How can this be used to defend a stance that God was never angry when these verses are saying God was angry about the sacrifices and even hated them?

“Sacrifice and offering You did not want!” Again from the same Scripture, inspired by God that instructed Israel to do sacrifice.”But a body you have given”…Well, it is time for some context.

Hebrews 10, with quotes or reference from Isaiah 1:11, Psalms 40:6, Jer. 6:20 and Amos 5:21-22.
For the law having a shadow of good things to come, and not the very image of the things, can never with those sacrifices which they offered year by year continually make the comers thereunto perfect.
2 For then would they not have ceased to be offered? Because that the worshippers once purged should have had no more conscience of sins.
3 But in those sacrifices, there is a remembrance again made of sins every year.
4 For it is not possible that the blood of bulls and of goats should TAKE AWAY sins.
5 Wherefore when he came into the world, he said, Sacrifice and offering You did not desire, but a body you have prepared me:
6 In burnt offerings and sacrifices for sin you have had no pleasure.
7 Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do your will, O God.
8 Above when he said, Sacrifice and offering and burnt offerings and offering for sin you did not desire, neither had pleasure therein; which are offered by the law;
9 Then said he, Lo, I come to do thy will, O God. He taketh away the first that he may establish the second.
10 By the which will we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.
11 And every priest stands daily ministering and offering oftentimes the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins:
12 But this man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down on the right hand of God;
13 From henceforth expecting till his enemies be made his footstool.
14 For by one offering he hath perfected forever them that are sanctified.

The documentation was always about Christ. However, his life, the purpose of God and his process must be read and understood in its entirety and in its context. Would you want your life to be examined by a short snippet? Or would you wish fair-minded people to look at the whole record, the good, bad and the ugly? What we overcome and the ways in which we grow are often the best part of the story!

Christ was the first demonstration on planet earth of God and man being ONE. This was the declaration of peace; the declaration of “peace and on earth good will toward men.” Christ is the full and complete expression of God because he is the first example of the removal of all walls, divisions and hostility between God and man. But there had to be those divisions, that enmity if peace was needed. Otherwise, why send Jesus? But thank God Jesus was sent. He was on earth as the first manifestation of what God and man looked like as ONE!

One must wonder, why is this new denomination is not asking us to reconcile the Christ who lived and taught before the cross and the resurrected one? Using the same logic that claims that the Old and New Testament Gods can’t be reconciled, even so, the post-cross resurrected Christ cannot be reconciled with the pre-cross teaching Christ who spoke of judgment and the law and was even sarcastic, short and downright disrespectful to his followers and the religious leaders from time to time. You know the one. The Christ who called a Samaritan woman a dog; who called Pharisees walls with fecal material on them white-washed; who said if you do not forgive God will not forgive you, who said far worse than what the law called for when he said you are in danger of judgment for adultery and murder if you even have one thought about them!!

Christ made his own scourge out of cords, with which to beat people! He’s the Jesus who said you have to be as perfect as God, in order to have eternal life. Jesus instructed to cut off hands and gouge out eyes! Remember that Jesus?

My friends, the cross not only delivered us from an angry God, it delivered us from an exacting law taught perfectly by Jesus himself prior to going to the self-same cross. The entire process produced the gospel, the gospel of peace and the gospel of grace.

Here are a couple of the most used push-backs to the gospel of peace, a gospel declaring that a once angry God is no longer angry.

#1 Push-Back: God is love, therefore God could never have demonstrated anger, wrath or vengeance because love is kind, etc., etc. It must be pointed out that Paul defined love after the cross. (I Cor. 13) This is the perfect picture of love, indeed, at least a love that is respected and returned. However, God warned Israel about what would happen if they did not love him back!

In the law, mercy was promised to those who loved God and keep his commandments (Ex. 20:6). While we now understand God’s love as unconditional, this is not the way Scriptures described the law of Moses. This is another thing we get to attribute to the cross—the unconditional love of God. But it was the cross which brought that on. It did not exist before! Under God’s law, it is clear, that God’s love and mercy were conditional.

#2 Push-Back: “I just could never serve or believe in a God who was wrathful and angry!” Well, I have good news for even people who think and say this! Not God, Jesus, Paul, the gospel, MWM, the Gospel Revolution request that you or anyone serve or believe anyone or anything. One thing I can guarantee, if that request was made of you or me, we would do nothing but fail at serving and believing!

Again, Jesus met all the requirements, and gets ALL the credit, for serving God, AND, for faith and believing. Paul wrote, “I live by the faith OF the son of God. Who loved me and gave himself for me! Now that is unconditional love and is also the finished story about faith itself.

Why would we have to live by our own faith and Paul would get to live by the faith OF Christ?

We don’t, thank God!

The kind of love we now have coming from God, is unconditional love and is strictly a result of the cross.

What do we do with the progression of humanity going from servant to friend, which Jesus declared? Should we blast Jesus for suggesting we were once servants and not always friends? The progression of “the story” is critical. God could only become “friends” with man after he took on the mantle of manhood himself, not before. Do we dismiss Paul saying “while we were yet enemies Christ died for us”?

Was God never angry at “his enemies”?

I have even heard it said that Moses was wrong in his thinking about God, and His growing anger with humanity in general and Israel in particular. If Moses was trying to impose his own view of an angry God (versus the reality of God’s changing perspective) why would Moses have missed the opportunity to say God was angry with Adam for his disobedience? And why would Moses have missed the opportunity to say God was angry with Cain for murdering his brother, Abel? No! It’s not in there.

Do you think the prophet Isaiah was duped by Moses? Did Moses lead Isaiah astray, in prophesying that God would no longer be angry or rebuke anymore after the covenant of peace would be established (Isa 54:9)?

Was Jesus confused by Moses, too!? How can we completely strip Christ of his introduction to planet earth, of this new and glorious reality of God and man being ONE? Can one verse cancel out the angels’ claim of a new era marked by peace between God and man or take from his work which was completed on the cross? What need for peace is there in the absence of hostility? Why bring down the wall of partition between Jew and gentile, men and women, bond and free, God and Man if there was no wall before the cross???

Where does one get any sense of reverence or uniqueness of a Jesus Christ, if we throw-out the Scriptures we don’t like for whatever reason we don’t like them? Where do we draw the line? Remember, when we say “Scriptures” we’re talking about the ancient text that CHRIST himself honored and defined for us, not the whole Bible.

Is it possible someone created the universe? If you answer, “yes”, then it’s not a stretch at all to say it’s possible that the same creative force, the same God, inspired people to write down a foretelling of the ultimate conclusion of the Creator’s relationship with those he created. I believe that is what happened. If one doesn’t want to see that or believe that, no problem. However, if we go down that path I must ask, to what degree do we throw out the Scriptures to accept a new teaching founded in the selective interpretation of a single verse?

Could it be by removing the power and purpose of Christ, who removed hostility between God and man, we remove our own “new creation DNA” thereby eliminating our, God experienced, ability to resolve conflict between ourselves and indeed within ourselves?

Paul was confident that the gospel is “the power of God”—the only power which can save the human soul, our minds, wills, intellects and emotions. If the gospel is news, good news, a story; It’s a story which IS power. It’s a story Paul defines as “the gospel of peace”. Why the need for peace? If we change the clearly stated story in the record, do we therefore, limit the power of God to save the human soul, itself?

Please consider the impact the cross had on God himself. Yes, you read that right, the impact the cross had on God. Is God still angry, jealous, vengeful or wrathful? No indeed! According to the definition and understanding of the gospel of peace, this is the direct result that the impact of the cross had even on God.

The gospel as we understand it and meditate on it saves the soul. This glorious information removes anger, jealousy, vengeance and wrath. The gospel IS the power of God! What could be better than this?

What if we call the story of how the cross, which ended God’ judgment, anger, vengeance and jealousy, THE gospel! The gospel is the power of God to affect us, too! The same cross, the same power has the exact same effect on us as it had on God himself. The power of the Gospel canceled out forever, vengeance, wrath and judgment, as far as God was concerned. What could it do for us? Our potential as humans could explode off the charts! You become more than just the best and the greatest you. You become the manifestation of God on earth as ONE, just like our predecessor and prototype, Jesus.

This good news about the ultimate declaration of peace should not and cannot be allowed to be reduced, may I say eliminated, by a fond desire that peace already existed, because hostility never existed! For far too long, denominations have robbed humanity of “the power of God” by rejecting the gospel of peace and the gospel of grace. Preaching, “God is still angry!” Rejecting the very grace which humanity needs to know about so desperately.

Now, yet another denomination is poised to preach their own doctrine by declaring, “God was never angry”. What is the difference between those who corrupt the end of the story by teaching that God is still angry and is about to bring another judgment, with the new one which denies the beginning of the story by promoting the thought that God was never angry? In effect, there is NO difference at all! The first crippling doctrine is that God is still angry with humanity. The second is just as crippling. God never was angry with humanity, and consequently, – it’s all about me. “I am the greatest, best and most! God was never angry at anyone at any time at all!”

The gospel, my friend, is not about you. It is not about me. It is the story of Christ! Who are we to steal his story?

This new denomination’s doctrine is an upside down pyramid, and just like all those before it, differs drastically from the fractal nature of the gospel of peace and the gospel of grace declared by Mike Williams Ministries and the Gospel Revolution. The smallest part of a fractal is a full picture of the whole. The largest is a full view of the smallest.

The Gospel Revolution teaches about sin, anger, grace, mercy, the end of the world, judgment and peace. Really, though, we do nothing but declare Christ! Each single subject is a revelation of the big picture and the big picture is a complete understanding of each single subject.

Do you see it?

Like Paul, we can learn much from observing nature. Nothing exists in a vacuum. Light is the presence of light. Dark is the absence of light. Dark may be natural (e.g. night time) or enforced (a windowless room at noon). In both these scenarios, dark and light are opposites. Opposites may be either natural or enforced. If grace is in any way real, then the absence of grace, either natural or enforced, is similarly real. Therefore, Noah could find grace in the eyes of the Lord while others around Noah experienced only the absence of grace, the natural opposite of grace. Likewise, the Israelites under Moses, found the enforced opposite of grace, aka the law.

Light is never the first thing to exist. Light only ever follows darkness. Darkness is the natural state of affairs. It took an act of God (creation) to switch on the light for light to oppose the darkness. In the same way, for grace, mercy and peace to exist, they had to follow their natural opposites. Mercy followed the absence or opposite of mercy. Grace followed the absence or opposite of grace. Peace followed the absence or opposite of peace.

You and I know how challenging the search for truth is. Discovering we were wrong, evolving our thinking as others speak into our lives and moving forward, even as we read the Bible or something like this are all fraught with emotional landmines. I get it.

Still, my hope is that those who have adopted this “new view” of a never angry God, will reconsider not dismissing the vast majority of Scripture plus Paul’s revolutionary teachings on them. Please consider all the Scriptures, rather than embracing another “one verse” view of salvation and the work of Christ. We’ve all been there, done that, and have the scars to show for it.

Really, this is no startling new doctrine. This is as old as the second-century gospel of Marcion, who, in what most religious scholars agree was the first Bible canon to be ever cobbled together, expunged all the things that opposed his view…but retained those things that accorded with his opinion, because neither could he accept that God could change. We should all be aware of that story and its lesson.

Here’s the bottom line. God evolved, if you will. He went from creator at Eden, to enemy after Eden, to friend when Jesus became Man at Bethlehem, to ONE at the new creation in Jerusalem. If we diminish any part of his story, and consequently diminish the power of God which transformed us into God-Men (as exampled by Jesus), we do so at our own peril—not eternal peril but emotional and societal peril in the here and now.

No longer are we in the image of God, nor are we enemies. Nor even friend, we are ONE!

If one eliminates the anger, wrath, judgment, jealousy and vengeance of God from the Scripture, then one must eliminate the peace, the mercy, and the grace of God to be intellectually honest and consistent. Or you can make-up a new denomination and not worry about intellectual honesty or logical consistency.

The anger of God was not only declared by Moses but, as though that wasn’t enough, reiterated by every major prophet, the angels, Paul, the disciples and, of course, Jesus himself!
My friends, here’s the good news. While the anger and wrath of God was real resulting in all its accompanying carnage and confusion, IT IS FINISHED!

Much Love,
Michael Williams

“God is no longer angry! His wrath is satisfied. It is for this purpose Jesus Christ bled and died. Comfort ye my people, tell them the war is won. And I made them righteous through the blood of my own son.” ~ From a song by Michael Blanch, Vice President MWM and the Gospel Revolution.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Wow! What a year 2015 was! First I would like to thank all of you who supported the Gospel Revolution during this past year. It was indeed a banner year because of you! Your monthly support kept us alive and your one-time gifts in each pledge drive are the boost we need every quarter to finish the task.

This last year we also experienced a measurable increase in understanding the gospel.

Issues of Heaven and Hell were clarified. Our understanding of exactly what “unity” with God looks like has also increased. Dualism is being exposed and defined as Beres and I both tackle the subject.

2015 brought with it a strong juxtaposition between the gospel and Christianity. Here is one of the most striking differences as we put them side by side: All Humans come with internal and external contradictions such as, “I love everyone, but I occasionally get angry.”

Christianity as a doctrine attempts to eliminate these contradictions. Lets face it, the contradictions never ever leave us. The only result in the pursuit of eliminating our contradictions is to become fake, phony, yes even liars or discouraged. Remember those days?

The gospel does not create a goal of ending human contradictions. The gospel synthesizes our contradictions. It gives us the ability to be honest about them with ourselves and others. It eliminates the “polar opposite” dynamics of contradictions, therefore bringing peace! That’s what the gospel is all about. Peace with God, peace with our self, and peace with others.

Kenya has become a major part of the GR in getting the gospel out, especially to the Muslim community. The School of The Scriptures is thriving and meeting as often as possible due to the rise in terror threats in Kenya. All kinds of religious backgrounds are proud to call themselves gospel revolutionaries in Africa.

Myanmar and Thailand have been added to the list of countries where the gospel is being shared at extreme risk to those who are sharing it and also to those who are attending classes and schools set up for the sole purpose of declaring the gospel of peace and grace.

This year much will be learned and shared in and from the gospel revolution and MWM.

From myself, Hazel, Jeff, Beres and our new project manager, Kris Novak, we once again extend to you our gratitude! Have a wonderful New Year!

Michael L Williams

PS Remeber! Beres and I will be speaking in Calgary Alberta on the subject of “Dualism” beginning Jan 23rd to the 25th. Jeff will be making more videos this year. Keep in touch!

The Journey in Context

I’ve been in the ministry 42 years now. When I first started teaching more in context, it began a new journey. Rather than teaching the way I was taught many years ago, which was for other purposes. I did like everybody else and I’d pick a verse in Timothy, one in Psalms, one out of Isaiah and one out of Revelation, put it all together and then find a Greek word that...    see more >>

Send the Gospel Around the World

It is June already! And the Gospel Revolution is rolling on and rolling strong.

“The Mystery of The Gospel”, was my subject in Calgary, Alberta Canada June the 13th to the 15th. The CD’s will be ready soon. Order yours NOW!

June 27th and 28th are the dates for my upcoming Southern Illinois Gospel Revolution Seminar. Come join me. This is where I was the Pastor of two different Churches between 1979 and 1983. I may need reinforcements! Find the details on the back of this newsletter.

The Gospel Revolution in Kenya has kicked into a summer blitz! Well, summer blitz to one half of Kenya and winter blitz to the other half. (The equator goes through the center of Kenya.)

Beginning in July, The Gospel Revolution will be broadcasting regularly scheduled programs, throughout Kenya and neighboring countries. Here’s the amazing part: one station is Catholic-owned and operated, and the other is Muslim-owned and operated!!

This is the latest email I received from our friend and Gospel Revolution colleague Moses Ngata of Nakuru Kenya:

Jambo Papa,

How are you?

Today I had an audience with the Muslim leader in charge of the radio station in their studio. We were talking about the program we are about to engage in starting in July. They asked me about you and I was able to give a brief history and description of Mike Williams and Mike Williams Ministries and also about the school of the scriptures.

He shocked me when he told me that he is aware of the Muslims who attend the school of the scriptures and commented that he is in full support of them and the school of the scriptures.

He told me to say something On-Air in their studio and this is what I said that stunned him and the listeners too: “Prophet Mohammed and Yeshua are One”.

They laughed in the studio and their mouths hung wide open, speechless and in shock, asking for more elaboration on my statement. I told them to wait until July when we kick off for more good stuff.

This Muslim is reading my copy of your book ONE now.

What more can we say? You have favor in Kenya my friend.

Love you,

Amazing right?!

GOOD NEWS! Summer pledge drive will begin July 7th.

Help us run self-righteousness out of power! Start deciding now what you would like to do to send the Gospel Revolution around the world.


The Mystery of the Gospel

June 14th, 15th and 16th, I will be teaching a new series entitled “The mystery of the gospel”. To-date I have completed two series about this mystery. One entitled “The Mystery of Unbelief”, and the other is entitled, “The Mystery of Faith”. This time we will cover much more of the aspect of this great mystery. “The Mystery of the Gospel.”

Let me tell you what a mystery is not. It is not a riddle. When I think of a riddle, I think of something one wants to trick or deceive someone about. Maybe I was exposed to too many fairy tales as a child.

A mystery seems, by definition, designed to be found out! I know for sure, at least in the case of the gospel, that this is a fact. Now, no longer a mystery, yet the world seems to have missed it all together. This mystery, this gospel mystery, has already been made known. We will cover much more of this mystery in Calgary June 14th through the 16th!

Now this part is no mystery at all. It is time for the Spring Pledge drive!! Beginning April 1st through April 21st, we will be asking you to help out in a very special project.

This may be the most specific pledge drive we have ever done. On the agenda this time is office space and living space for Jeff. Let me tell you of my plan to accomplish both.

Jeff needs to live on his own and so do I. Please help me get rid of Jeff! Ha ha ha! Honestly, I’m kidding on that one! Jeff and I have a good arrangement here at my home in Houston. Jeff and I both chose to give up much of our personal space to give the ministry a break on expenses, including office space, which is in my house also at this time.

Here is my plan: A fifth wheel travel trailer and truck for Jeff. The office would be conducted from the travel home at no rental cost to the ministry!

When Jeff first started working full time for MWM and the Gospel Revolution he was paid $50.00 a week plus room and board. Jeff makes more than that now and I have always wanted to show my appreciation to him for the time he worked for almost nothing.

Jeff’s truck has all but fallen apart. Help me do this?

$25,000.00 will give Jeff a home of his own, transportation and office space for the ministry! We will be telling you more about this shortly.

I intend to put $1,000.00 on my credit card to help accomplish this goal. Just 24 more and we’re there!

I love you all very much, and I hope your weather has warmed. Help me say “Thank you!” to Jeff for his limitless commitment to me, the Gospel Revolution, and Mike Williams Ministries!

Much love,

Outside of Sin

Outside of Sin

Like many of you, I teach and / or think on this gospel every single day of my life. I think about its consistent, fractal-like continuum, and it’s finite and infinite nature. Constantly, I am amazed that to date, I have not had to reply to a single question with even one if, and, but or maybe. Let’s face it my friends. We have struck gold! Of all the realities of the gospel, this one stands at the front of my own personal reality like the sunrise of a new day, a day that has no end. Sin has been destroyed! Words fail me.sin

Emotions exceed my senses when I wake first thing in the morning and repeat it to myself, “In Christ, I have never once known sin.” Come on, dare to say it, say it out loud? Say it with me. “I have never once known sin in my life!” Now say it again! Say it louder! “In my life, I have never known sin!”

Most all decent teachers on the subject of grace will all say, “Christ died to forgive sin, past, present and future,” to which I say, “NO! A million times, NO!” If Jesus is forgiving present sins and will forgive future sins, his blood is no better than that of a goat!

The difference between the blood of Christ and the blood of a sacrificial goat is not that Jesus’ blood deals with sin “better” than that of the blood of a goat. Sin coming between God and man first requires there to BE a “God and man” to be between! But when we and God are one in Christ, there IS no “God and man” There is only ONE. Invent “TWO” though, and then you can have relationship problems. In Christ there is no such thing as sin. When we see things in this light, we might even say that sin consciousness is the only devil left to defeat on this planet.

What is sin consciousness?

Sin consciousness is any thought that applies a spiritual consequence or reward to any action or deed. Let’s think this through. ALL religions, without exception, teach spiritual reward and consequence to actions and deeds or the lack thereof. Even if you come up with another word to replace “sin,” the application of “something out there” is working either for or against me and is indeed sin consciousness.

It seemed almost easy to stop thinking that hell was waiting for my deeds, especially after I stopped “confessing my sins.” However, after that, I started noticing comments I would make that seemed odd for the first time in my life. Statements like, “Wouldn’t ya know it? Why does this happen to me every time? Why me?” Now the statements are fine as stand-alone comments, but I noticed they rarely come out without this inference that some spiritual force is working against me. THAT is sin consciousness!

This is life to me: There is nothing spiritual working for or against me apart from that which proceeds from within me. Christ in us. The hope of glory!

Much love,

Believe It Or Not

In my last seminar at the Carriage House Inn, Calgary Alberta , I spoke on The Mystery of Faith and the value of doubt and unbelief. Lets try expand our view of these subjects.

Somehow our society, especially religious society, views belief as good and doubt as bad. “Have no doubt, just believe.” We will not try and upend this basic understanding, however, a little closer look is warranted.

Seems the planet is full of “belief bullies” and “doubt bullies”.

“You must believe!”,

“I very much doubt that!”

And if one disagrees with either?

Well, there is hell to pay!

Is belief always a virtue? Yes, believing is a virtue. However in many cases where belief has been applied, doubt would have served you better. A few “in-the-news” examples:

A man whom a family in California had no doubt about at all but believed him to be a trusted friend, tortured and killed the Mother and her 8 year old son. Then he kidnapped the 16 year old daughter. Just a moment’s doubt could have saved this entire family!

Then there is the story of the girls who were kidnapped and held in Cleveland Ohio . At least one of the girls knew Castro as a trusted family member. Doubt, on any one’s part in the family could have caused this 10-year nightmare to have not occurred.

In religious history, remember Jim Jones, the Guiana compound and Kool-Aid? Where is that little bit of doubt when it is so desperately needed?

Belief – always a virtue?


The virtues of doubt? Where would we be without those damnable doubters of this world?

The earth is flat! – “I doubt that.”

Man was not made to fly! – “I doubt that.”

The atom is the smallest particle! – “I doubt that.”

One could almost say that doubt and unbelief have been this planet’s greatest blessings, while faith and belief are its most devastating curse – but, not exactly.

Belief or doubt can only be applied to what is already determined. I can doubt truth, it does not change truth. I can believe truth, it does not change truth.

Faith and belief can change one’s life, to the positive or to the negative.

Doubt and unbelief can change one’s life, to the positive or to the negative.

However, neither can change the facts nor the truth. Belief can do nothing but believe. Doubt can do nothing but doubt. Neither have an iota of influence as to what the truth is.

President John Adams once said, “Facts are stubborn things.” Well truth, like facts, is a stubborn thing. Truth is not moved by my belief or by my unbelief.

In the book of John, Jesus himself laid out belief as an imperative. Much like Moses laid out the law and its imperative. The conclusion of Moses’ imperative is clear. “There is none righteous, no not one.” By John chapter 12 we see the conclusion of Jesus’ imperative to belief. None did.

Moses law concluded what was already true before the law was given. All were sinners by one mans deed. Jesus teaching concluded what was already true. There is none that believe, no not one.

Once the law concluded its work and Jesus concluded his teaching, the entire world lay waste before God, bare and exposed. No more excuses!

Then it happened! The cross went up in the air. The loins of Christ, the last Adam, opened and received all that came from the loins of the first Adam. All sinners, all disobedient, all unbelieving, without hope and without God in this world.

Tucked safely in the cleft of the rock, under the shadow of the Almighty, wrath for all sin and all unbelief rained down on the cross.

In that one died, all died.

In that one was raised, all were raised.

Yes, raised a new creation! This time NOT in God’s image as the first time around, subject to corruption. This time as God’s own righteousness in the earth.

While Paul taught clearly how all were crucified with Christ, all died in Christ, all were buried in Christ, all were raised in Christ. With all this detail there is not a single mention of even one making it back out of Christ! You see, like Paul we are all prisoners of Christ. Captivity lead captive! ARRESTED! And placed in Christ for judgment.

And I quote:
“For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. For as ye in times past have not believed God, yet have now obtained mercy through their unbelief: Even so have these also now not believed, that through your mercy they also may obtain mercy. For God hath concluded them all in unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all.

O the depths of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and his ways past finding out! For who hath know the mind of the Lord? Or who hath been his counselor? Or hath first given to him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again? For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: To whom be glory for ever. Amen.”

Believe it or not!


The Psychology of the Gospel

Dear Family,

The general acceptance of a still-angry God and place of eternal punishments where he sends most people is to our society what the thought of a flat Earth was to antiquity. That’s how disconnected from reality it is. The almost complete and utter failures of our sociologists and psychologists to acknowledge, address, and affirm the devastating and mind-altering affect of this has been nothing short of catastrophic for multiple millions.

Psychology and sociology expend a great deal of energy dealing with the negative and devastating mental affects of a still-angry God resulting in the likelihood of an eternal place of suffering. They understand and acknowledge the fact that being guilt-ridden is at the root of most mental and emotional disorders and never even begin to address where that guilt was born! It is tantamount to finding bruises on a child and never looking to the source of the bruise to discover the real issue and its source!

The fact is much of the “professional” services offered in the name of psychology come from “Christian” therapists. They may not be fundamentalist Christians, but if they have not resolved the issue of guilt, they might as well be regarding trying to help people mentally.

After doing rather brief, and non-professional research on serial killers in the United States, I found the only common link to them all was a strong religious, legalistic influence in their childhood through someone close to them: a parent, a grandparent, etc. They came from rich, poor and middle class backgrounds. They came from broken homes, single parent homes, and traditional nuclear families. They were the middle child, oldest or youngest. This legalism and religious connection was the only constant and “thing in common” that I found.

Last year I was watching a documentary about America ’s first serial killer. He was in Chicago around the time of the World’s Fair there in the 19th century. The experts, too, later looked for something he had in common with those serial killers who followed. They found no link. However, as the film told of his childhood and showed his home environment, the comment was made that one of his parents was a very strict religious person. It was passed over as an inconsequential event in his life, but based on my research, I knew better!

I remember our dear sister Ruth Gustafson’s mental and emotional state. She thought she was out of the will of God, and out of the will of an angry God at that. Then there were my own three attempts of suicide believing I was rejected and damned to Hell by God. I recall the young man from New Life Bible College in Cleveland, TN, who drove back and forth over a ten mile stretch of interstate for hours paralyzed into inaction, unsure of God’s will as to which way to go. Tragically, he eventual leapt from a 30 story building on the gulf to his death.

The completed work of Christ at the Cross is the single most important event in human history.

The Gospel of Grace and Peace is by far the most valuable information that has been shared on this planet since this new being, the ONE new man, emerged from the grave 2,000 years ago!

The cross created a whole new species. Literally, a God-Man! The ONLY information, the only “news”, that causes this God-Man to function in an optimal way is the information freely revealed in the Gospel of Peace and Grace. Certainly, the news coming across our televisions and computers everyday certainly won’t. And neither will the information being presented behind pulpits all over the world.

My new book, “ONE, The Gospel According to Mike”, is arriving at many doors as I write this. This book was written from, to, and for this new God-Man. It is not for a broken or even repaired image of God. It is for a whole new creation, a creation made to function ONLY with an understanding of the absence of an angry God or the threat of an eternal or temporary punishment from God. Today’s human species was created in Christ 2,000 years ago to function ONLY in a relationship with a God without any enmity who requires no performance or belief in order to gain, have, or maintain a relationship with him.

The doctrines of Christianity, in all its forms, never address the new creation with a “gospel” designed for it to function optimally and in the current reality. Christianity does not accept the new creation as a done deal, as a truly finished work. The doctrines of Christianity are designed for a long-gone species, one that was in a broken image of God. The doctrine, which has so impacted society that it even affects sociology and psychology, is designed to this very day in an attempt to repair this broken image of God, this broken man. It cannot be done! Why? Because you cannot repair the faults and insufficiencies of a dead man and that old man is dead!

The gospel is designed for the new man, the new creation, who is perfect and faultless in the sight of God. It is therefore time for a new psychology, a new sociology. What is this new psychology, this new sociology? Folks, it is nothing more and nothing less than this beautiful Gospel of Grace and Peace, “the psychology of the gospel”, if you will.

We are voyagers on a sea of revelation far from the devastation of religion in our lives. Just imagine it. It’s easy if you try!

Much Love,


Freedom From Guilt

Freedom From Guilt

GuiltIt seems to me the human race is on an unrelenting quest, do or die, toward the ever elusive freedom from guilt.

Freedom from guilt is so obscured from the realm of reality for us that The American board of Psychiatry and Neurology gives very contradicting views of the subject. Try and google “guilt and psychiatry.”  You will find numerous...    see more >>

95 Theses by Michael Williams

95 Theses by Michael Williams

Nearly five hundred years ago, Martin Luther nailed his “95 Theses” to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany in what was then, the Holy Roman Empire. The religious world would never be the same. In it, Luther centered on practices within the Catholic Church regarding baptism and absolution of sin. The theses rejected the validity of indulgences (remissions of temporal punishment due for sins which have already been forgiven). In this, they view with great cynicism the practice of indulgences being sold, and thus the penance for sin representing a financial transaction rather than genuine contrition. Luther’s theses argued that the sale of indulgences was a gross violation of the original intention of confession and penance, and that Christians were being falsely told that they could find absolution through the purchase of indulgences. The theses challenged the very authority of the agents, priests, etc. and especially the Pope himself in these matters.

And so, Protestantism was born.

Now, five centuries later, Mike Williams answers with “The 95 Theses of the Gospel Revolution”. These ninety-five points refute Christian orthodoxy, whether Catholicism or Protestantism.

Each thesis, like all aspects of the gospel, is a fractal of the good news in and of itself. They declare unabashedly the complete work of Christ for all humanity regardless of belief, background, station in life, behavior, repentance, penance, indulgences, contrition or any other role for humanity in the redemptive process.

Ninety-five theses boldly announcing to the world, “It is finished”.

Could it be that 500 years after Luther, the religious world is about to be upended again, this time once and for all?

1. The scripture declares that everything was created by the Word of God; that the Word of God would be sent out and would not return to him void. The Word of God was sent and was literally made flesh in Christ. Therefore, there can be no interpretation of scripture except through the conception, life, death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. Anything else would indeed be a “private interpretation” of the scripture.

2. Christ is the ultimate definer of scripture. He defined the scripture as the law, the psalms and the prophets. All the New Testament writers agreed with Jesus’ definition of what scripture actually was.

3. All of God’s anger, wrath, and jealousy toward mankind was and is completely and finally dispensed with by the death of his son Jesus the Christ.

4. It is an insult to the grace of God to teach, preach, imply or infer that any destruction, malady, devastation, or tragedy (whether natural or man made) is a judgment, or the product of God’s wrath, anger, vengeance or chastisement because Christ was the receptor of all judgment. Yet, there is no divine, temporal or eternal consequence to this manifest offence of God’s manifold grace because Christ took it all.

5. The law concluded for the benefit of the conscience of mankind, without ambiguity, that the full offence of sin was found in one man, Adam, and would and could only be reconciled through one man, the Christ. Therefore, God’s law is to be held in the highest regard.

6. By one man’s (Adam’s) offence and disobedience, all were made sinners as imputed by God. It is therefore perfectly consistent, and even more so, that through one man (Jesus), all humanity was made and forever shall be righteous as also imputed by God.

7. In the same way that all people “came” from the loins of the first Adam, all “returned” to the loins of the last Adam, Christ, at the cross. Therefore, when he was nailed to the cross, all of humanity, not just Christ alone was crucified, died, buried and raised to life again.

8. Christ concluded that if even one “jot or tittle” ever passed from the law that it would signify forever that all law and prophecy was completely and irrevocably fulfilled.

9. God’s law was never, and could never be, satisfied through obedience. God’s law was satisfied and fulfilled by the death of Christ.

10. All prophecy, in total, was fulfilled in the life, death, burial and resurrection of Christ. Nothing was left undone or incomplete, including the destruction of the temple. The temple prophecy was gloriously and profoundly accomplished in Christ’s body as he foretold, “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again in three days.”

11. The glory and precision of God’s law, nor any disobedience to it whatsoever, ever caused any person to become a sinner. Sin was imputed to to all by God because of the first Adam’s disobedience.

12. Sin and its implications were completely eradicated as an issue between God and humanity through Christ’s death on the cross.

13. After Adam’s transgression, all humanity was born “in sin,” regardless of behavior or background or their intentions. Whether recognized or not, no act by anyone imputed with Adam’s sin could, in part or in whole, alter or change that condition in any way.

14. After Christ’s obedience unto death on the cross, all humanity was reborn “in Chris,” regardless of action, race, sex or intent, and is perfect in the view and opinion of the Almighty. This condition of imputed righteousness cannot be annulled by any human being, whether recognized or not, no more than the imputed sin could be annulled by any human being in the first Adam.

15. In the beginning God created man in his own image, subject to corruption, not willingly but by reason of hope. Once corruption entered by Adam, far from seeking to repair his broken image, God began the process to utterly and completely destroy his creation and create a new one.

16. In the giving of Christ, God did not repair his broken image. God knew that to have repaired the image would have left his creation subject to corruption yet again. God corrected the original dilemma for eternity.

17. Part of the unchangeable nature of the new creation is revealed in established fact, not the hope, that all people are now in Christ. Unlike the first creation, we are not a separate image so there is never again any possibility of corruption. Mortal has now put on immortality and corruption has put on incorruption.

18. Under the first testament, signified by the blood of animals, one offended God by breaking his laws which always was answered with punishment.

19. Under the second testament, signified by the blood of Christ, one can offend God’s grace, which is always answered with… more grace.

20. The temptation of Adam came as a suggestion that he could become “like God.” The reason it was a temptation was because Adam was already made like God. Adam fell prey to this temptation.

21. The last Adam, Christ, was tempted in a similar manner to the first with the words from the devil, “If you are the Son of God…” Christ refused the temptation to do something Godlike to prove his “sonship.” He, the Last Adam, defeated what felled the first.

22. To be a son of God under the New Covenant does not require one to prove one’s sonship.

23. Falling from grace is not when one breaks a law. Rather, falling from grace, occurs when one keeps a law mistakenly believing that keeping it can in any way win favor with God.

24. Repetitive confessions of sins do not honor God’s grace. Confession of sins under the new covenant in the blood of Christ is doing despite to the spirit of grace and counting the blood of Christ, which sanctified us, as an unholy thing.

25. All prophecies and teachings of wrath and judgment after the cross are to be condemned. There is, however, no condemnation toward the messenger who delivers a teaching or prophecy of future wrath and judgment.

26. Any and all proclaimed fulfillment of scripture yet to come after the life, death, burial and resurrection of Christ should be considered nonsensical. How is it possible for any scripture, “the Word of God”, to be fulfilled outside of the life of Christ who was the word and became flesh? God’s word could only be, and was, completely fulfilled after it became flesh and dwelt among us.

27. What prayer is and is not should be left to the conscience of the individual in one’s understanding of grace. What prayer cannot be is a petition requesting something of God who has already given us all things that pertain to life that he has already given.

28. Since the book of Psalms is replete with prayers, and psalms are scripture and scripture has been fulfilled, our understanding must include the fulfilled nature of such prayer.

29. “Faith” is to be viewed as fulfilled as well. Jesus concluded and proved humanity does not possess the faith that has supernatural abilities. Far from our faith being involved in any way in the redemptive process, we are redeemed only by the faith of God.

30. The substance of faith has been realized in Christ. We now have the righteousness that was only hoped for and oneness in God that had never been seen before the cross.

31. Man has never added substance to faith, only Christ could. He is, therefore, the author and finisher of faith.

32. Faith no longer has power to change things. The faith of Christ has already changed all that faith was supposed to transform. Faith now acknowledges what has already changed.

33. The perfection of the sacrifice of Christ was the direct result of his birth by incorruptible seed, not the result of how he lived his life on this earth.

34. The will of God has been forever completed in Christ, without the involvement of mankind’s will, magnificently and especially pertaining to redemption.

35. The requirement to make Jesus one’s “personal Lord and Savior” is not only not scriptural, it is neither inferred nor specifically found anywhere in the Bible. Only God could make Jesus Christ Lord. And when he did, he made Jesus Lord over all without asking or needing man’s permission to do so.

36. Being born again is not and could never be a personal or individual experience. To be born again is to be born from the dead, as Christ was in his resurrection. It is concluded without reservation that since all were in Christ at the cross, all were born from the dead at his resurrection.

37. The human race is now holy and incorruptible. For if the seed is holy, so too are the tree and the branches.

38. Jesus’ requirement to believe, as set forth before he went to the cross was replaced (like all law and requirements) by God’s grace when God declared all to be in unbelief so he might have mercy on all.

39. In the same vein, “whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved,” was trumped by, “I was found of them that asked not after me; I was made manifest unto them that did not ask, or call upon me”.

40. Making an honest effort was never God’s requirement for relationship and fellowship with him; God’s requirement was perfection. The law could not produce the perfection which God insisted upon.

41. Perfection was attained by virtue of the sinless conception and birth of Christ without the polluting and corrupting effect of the seed of Adam.

42. Christ’s perfection at the resurrection unconditionally transformed humanity into Christ’s righteousness by God’s sovereign choice. Far from individuals making “a decision for Christ,” God made a decision for each and every person for eternity.

43. A birth free from the condition of sin and a perfect sacrifice would have been ineffective without a perfect high priest to offer the fulfillment of all things unto God.

44. The priesthood under the old covenant was unable to offer the perfect sacrifice. The proof of their individual and collective disqualification was manifest. They all died and stayed that way.

45. By the resurrection from the dead, the sacrifice (the body of Christ) became the perfect high priest, “a priesthood after the order of Melchisedec”—an endless life.

46. The priesthood of Christ was established once, confirmed by God, will continue without end, will never require repeating, is conducted from a position of rest, and constitutes an eternal Sabbath for God and his creation who are now one.

47. God is omnipotent; all powerful. God has now chosen to eternally demonstrate his power, all of it, in the gospel.

48. While the most celebrated impact of the gospel is freedom from guilt, the removal of judgment in one’s thinking produces quietness and assurance forever in the soul. This is nothing short, and nothing other than the power of God.

49. The day of God’s wrath and the day of the mercy of God all fell on one day, at one place, in one body. This is the day that the Lord has made – the Day of the Lord.

50. Judgment Day occurred 2,000 years ago at Golgotha and therefore is now a historical event.
51. The end of the world is a historical event. The disciples asked when the “aion” (age) would come to an end, not the “kosmos” (world). The aion world ended at Christ’s death on the cross.

52. The “aion” age/world that ended was all things pertaining to the temple, laws and sacrifices – sin ended.

53. Christ is the savior of the kosmos world. Not once did he speak of ending, nor did he predict the end of the kosmos world.

54. The gospel was preached in all the “oikoumene” world (which was then specifically the Roman Empire), and then the end of the world “aion” came.

55. Likewise, the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy is also history. The prophecy was fulfilled when transgression was finished, the rule of sin was ended, and reconciliation for iniquity made, prophecy completely fulfilled and “sealed up.” Christ was anointed “Most Holy.” It has all been accomplished. “It is finished.”

56. The kingdom of God is not something we seek after any longer. The kingdom of God is within you, now resident and abiding in all people.

57. God’s initial creative order was: God, angels, man, animals, plants, etc. The angelic realm became corrupted which led to the corruption of man.

58. In God’s new creation, he himself became a man, completed his redemptive work and raised mankind up above all angels.

59. This new position required and produced a new heart for the whole of humanity. This new heart was made in all, forever. It created a whole NEW human race of wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and Christ’s perfection – so much so, it has become humanity’s identity not performance.

60. The mind desperately needs to be renewed to the new heart reality. The gospel is the anchor that tethers the renewed mind to the new heart.

61. The mind renewed (or to have the mind of Christ), accepts and recognizes that equality with God is nothing which needs to be strived for. The mind of Christ counts equality as a finished work.

62. We no longer seek wisdom. We are wisdom. We are so forever by the work of Christ. The Gospel is the announcement and the assurance of this truth, as well as all other aspects of who we are as God in the Earth.

63. We also no longer seek his righteousness. We are born the righteousness of Christ. The Gospel is the information about this and is the assurance of all humanity’s forever state of righteousness.

64. After the cross, sanctification and redemption never again had to be sought after. They sought us, found us, captured and invaded us.

65. Morality and spirituality are separate and distinct issues and should remain mutually exclusive.

66. All seeds contain within them all that they will ever produce. Christ, the seed, the spiritual seed, the new seed, produced a tree never seen on this planet before—the tree of righteousness. It is the planting of the Lord.

67. In the same way redemption is not a personal or individual event, neither is the resurrection of the dead. One died. We were all dead. One was raised. We were all raised.

68. In one single moment of time, in the twinkling of an eye, the last trump sounded, and those who were dead “in sin,” were raised incorruptible to sin no more, and it all happened on the day of the Lord. This is part of history also.

69. Thus, these questions were answered once and for all time: “Oh death where is your sting? Oh grave where is your victory?” Not just incorruptible by sin, the mortal has put on immortality.

70. Being chosen and predestined by God and for his purpose is the only way for one to be redeemed. Man’s choice and will are of no consequence in redemption.

71. In ancient Jewish marriage, the bride had no choice in her marriage. The law gave her no option to divorce. Only the husband could divorce. The mystery of marriage is seen in Jesus, the bridegroom in the completion of scriptural marriage who said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. What God has joined, no man (or man’s religion) will be able to put asunder.

72. True conversion is not turning from your sinful acts to righteous acts. It is, indeed, turning from your own righteousness to God’s righteousness brought solely through Christ.

73. Those who advocate finding righteousness by keeping God’s law, including belief, are trying to make a substance out of old testament shadows, which is falling from grace.

74. The gospel comparison is not between righteousness and unrighteousness. Rather it is wholly a comparison between righteousness and self-righteousness.

75. Just as there are the fruits of righteousness, there are surely the fruits of self-righteousness.

76. Self-righteousness contains no understanding of truth at all. While all people are as spiritually grown up as they ever will be, true Sons of God. Self-righteousness inhibits emotional and intellectual growth and maturity.

77. Self-righteousness is unprofitable. Nothing good proceeds from self-righteousness; only guilt, condemnation and judgment.

78. Self-righteousness is full of curses and bitterness. It is deceitful. Its words are poison and must be condemned.

79. Self-righteousness proposes to inflict punishment quickly. True justice never comes from self-righteousness.

80. Destruction and misery of the individual and society are two of the most predominant fruits of self-righteousness.

81. The way of peace is unknown to self-righteousness. The gospel of peace is anathema to self-righteousness.

82. It is of greatest importance to understand that the most destructive force we face on planet earth today is not unrighteousness. It is, without question, self-righteousness.

83. When one gives up on their own self-righteousness, the knowledge of Christ’s righteousness and the power of his resurrection replace it quite naturally. This starts the continuous saving of the soul on its infinite journey to discover the gratuitous grace and peace and life that are within.

84. It is “the flesh,” worldly and carnal, to apply old covenant practices and thoughts to the new covenant life much like adding new cloth to an old garment.

85. The word “salvation” is used in many applications. However, Paul used it mostly to describe the effect the gospel, the good news, the power of God, has on the mind or soul.

86. The Gospel has no power to redeem. It is by definition, information, news—good news—about the redemption that is fully completed for all with no need of participation by human beings.

87. The power of the gospel is not intended to give one an accurate view and opinion of God. It is intended to reveal God’s accurate view and opinion of us.

87. Between the first and the Last Adam stood God’s law. The law pointed to the first Adam as the problem and concluded the Last Adam to be the answer.

89. Just as the scriptures spoke of Christ, Christ – the Word made flesh – spoke of himself. This acknowledgment by the mind removes the shackles of religion, which turns the scriptures on us. Scriptures reveal what the gospel declares about Christ.

90. It is paramount to know what the Father promised the Son to be his inheritance, which is the heathen of the earth.

91. When one reads the teaching of Christ with the mistaken view, influenced by religious teaching, that it is about us, an honest heart will have to conclude that there is ultimately no hope for redemption at all.

92. The gospel removes Christ from the realm of fantasy, religion and myth as a biblical character to one of reality, truth, knowing, and a daily awareness of his completed work.

93. The true power of the gospel is manifested not by what it adds to one’s life but rather what it removes from one’s soul which is guilt and judgment.

94. The removal of guilt and judgment, by the power of the gospel, gives way to viewing others and ourselves the way the Almighty sees us all.

95. The gospel, its intuitive knowledge in the heart about the equality and oneness of God and all people, has led to every advancement of human rights, dignity, and peaceful co-existence that has been realized in the last two thousand years.

A Story of True Conversion

This year, for Christmas I have received a gift beyond all gifts that I have ever received in my life. It is my great privilege to pass this gift on to you.

In July, I flew to the Orange County airport and rented a car to go spend time with my precious friend, Richard Mull, the king of comedy of the Gospel Revolution. It was a difficult trip on many levels. Richard and I both knew it would be the last time we would see each other here on this earth.

In addition to the obvious difficulty of my trip, there was another difficulty that I was acutely aware of but had no clue what to expect.

Richard’s wife, Eva, had not been at all accepting of Richard’s understanding of the gospel. Eva was very concerned about her husband, as she loved him very much. Eva was deeply disturbed about this “Gospel Revolution” her husband had gotten involved in and had fully participated in for over 15 years.

Only recently did I learn that heated discussions took place as often as two or three times a month. On one occasion, Richard told Eva, “I do not have to believe!” To which Eva replied, “You are crazy! You are a crazy man!” So naturally, meeting Eva at this time was an uncertain expectation for me because I, of course, was the one who taught Richard most of these things.

Eva was so very polite and, under the stress of the situation, could not have been more gracious to me. Eva understood in spite of their disagreements that I was Richard’s best friend, and she respected me for that.

I had never heard Eva’s story as we never once had a conversation during the time Richard and I were friends. A hand full of times, Eva would answer the phone when I called the house. Each time she was very polite, but we never once engaged in a conversation of any kind on any level.

A few days after my visit, Richard passed away. Eva called me from Richard’s hospice bedside in their home soon after. Her stress, anxiety and brokenness was palpable over the phone. I think for the first time I realized just how much Eva loved Richard.

During almost 20 years of friendship with Richard, I did not know Eva Mull, even though Richard and I spoke almost every day by phone.

Being that I was Richard’s best friend, Eva requested that I speak at Richard’s funeral. Honestly, it was my hope that I would not have to return. However, this was Richard’s wife, his widow, who was asking. Even though I did try, I could not say no. I accepted. Eva said she would give me $500.00 for my expenses.

On August the 6th, my new book, ONE, The gospel according to Mike arrived. Richard Mull had done so much to support me and the expense of publishing this book. He was extremely excited about it. My greatest desire was to hand him a copy personally. Instead, I had to put the first copy of my book down and catch a flight to go speak at Richard’s funeral, on the very same day.

Richard’s funeral was atop a beautiful hill in a large chapel to accommodate the number that attended. Most of them were Korean, as Eva is of Korean decent herself. Eva had ministered for some 20 years or more in the Korean churches of southern California. Richard’s family and coworkers were there also.

One of his coworkers tried to speak and was overcome to the point his wife had to finish for him. He explained how Richard knew his entire family, their names, their birthdays and he never missed a one. This was true for everyone in Richard’s life.

I spoke for 10 minutes and I can not remember a single word I said, though it seemed to be appreciated by all.

I think it is a tradition in Korean families to provide a dinner after a funeral. Eva invited me to come. During the meal, she presented me with a check for $500.00. I handed it back and told her I simply could not accept it. I flew back to Houston that evening.

Eva and I had to communicate during the next few weeks to complete a business situation Richard and I were in together.

Then one evening, I got a call from Eva in an excited voice. Eva explained how she had decided to keep Richard’s car and sell hers. After getting into Richard’s car and starting it, one of the CD’s from The Book of Romans Revealed series started playing automatically. Apparently, it was what Richard was listening to the last time he drove his car.

“Michael, Michael!” ” I did not know. I did not know.” Eva said. I inquired as to just what she did not know, as I was getting acquainted with Eva’s Korean accent. ” I did not know that walking in darkness meant you did not know where you are going!” She explained how she was taught that it meant being in sin.

Since that time, Eva has listened to Hebrews Revealed and Debunked, the one I recorded at our first convention here in Houston. She had listened to each CD more than 5 times along with many other of my CDs.

The calls I get from Eva are filled with such joy at what she is learning. A few have been with her weeping uncontrollably as she talks about what she has learned. I could detail each call, but I think most of you know kinda how it goes.

Eva’s ministry over the years has been in song. Eva has released many CD’s of Gospel music of her singing while playing her guitar. She has traveled on many foreign mission trips and was known widely as a “prayer warrior.”

My latest call from Eva was one during which she was crying uncontrollably. She had just learned that the book of Psalms, a book replete with prayer, a book Jesus identified as scripture, was fulfilled. The burden of “required prayer” was falling off her shoulders like mighty shackles from a once bound slave. “I do not have to pray! I do not have to pray!” she repeated over and over.

On this call, Eva said as she was crying, “I wish I had known when Richard was here. I wish I could tell him I am sorry I did not understand. I told him on many occasions that he was totally crazy. And now, I AM CRAZY!” That was followed by a big laugh.

Without knowing the custom of gospel revolutionaries selecting a title. Eva says she is, Mrs. Fractal. That recently changed to The Queen of Hebrews!

Eva has not spoken to anyone other than me in the Gospel Revolution, not even my office.

So, as a Christmas gift, I would like to introduce you to “The Queen of Hebrews”, Eva Mull!

And to Eva, I take great joy in introducing you to your new family who loved your husband beyond words and will love you just as much!

Merry Christmas everyone!


At What Point?

At what point did it all change so completely? When did I stop feeling vulnerable and weak? It seemed like anything and everything could take me out mentally and emotionally at any moment – at any place. When did I stop feeling odd, peculiar, out of sync, out of place? How did I ever muster the strength to suffer devastating loss and walk on? Where did it become irrelevant if I were in a crowd or all alone?

Honestly? None of it has ever truly changed. I suppose I simply decided along the way that I am part of the human race and this is what it is like to be human. To be human is to feel vulnerable, weak, odd, peculiar, out of sync and out of place.

Loss and being alone is just what it is to be human, and honesty with one’s own self about it all is the only door I personally have found to the God part of me. The God part of me is indeed a mighty fortress with unending strength. It is God-like to walk on when the loss is so deep that quitting seems to be the only viable option. When the human part of me began to discover the God part of me, solitude became a majestic throne room instead of that forever-dreaded dungeon of loneliness.

Along this journey, acceptance is the most powerful force and gift that anyone has ever given to me. It is also the most of myself I have ever been able to give to someone else. Acceptance of myself, however, has been my sole contact with that which is miraculous. We seem to always be looking for that point where everything changes. Maybe the things about life that we never want to change always do. And the things we want to change never really will. The miraculous is not found in that which changes or needs to change.

By accepting ourselves just the way we are – is that the truly miraculous? Is honesty about myself – to myself – the point where I meet an infinite God full of Grace and truth?

Much love,


The State of Our Union

Friends, Family, and Gospel Revolutionaries,

So much has happened in recent months and set to happen in the next few months as well.

The new Gospel Revolution Powercast is now just a little over 3 months old and we never stop hearing how people love the show. We get compliments all the time about what a great job Beres Bartlett is doing and we couldn’t agree more! Our hat’s off to you Beres. You have our utmost gratitude for what you do for us! (Beres will also be attending the upcoming conference in Cullman, AL September 29th & 30th. We hope you plan to go and it will be a great chance to meet Beres as well as so many other names we hear of here like Pastors Ted and Pat Winsett, Barry Laney and others who will be there! For more information, call Jeff at 561-557-1329.)

The Powercast audience just keeps growing and growing. In its first 3 months, the Powercast has had 2,357 return-visitors vs. 1,045 return-visitors in the 3 months prior to the start of the new Powercasts. We also had 1,422 new visitors vs. 851 prior. In short, we have more new people and more people coming back than ever before. That’s growth!

Eventually, we will be set up to take calls and after that go back to live shows. We still have equipment purchases and streaming services to pay for and then test it out before that happens. We appreciate your patience and continuing support!

Also during this time, Mike’s book ONE – The Gospel According to Mike has been published. As you may have already guessed, Moses Ngata is already working on translating the book into Swahili. Reviews have been coming in to us through Facebook, email and phone calls. People are very excited about it and giving it out to as many people as they can think of. (To learn more about the book, please go to OneMikeWilliams.com)

Peggy Zuniga says, “As I am handing out Mike Williams’ book ‘ONE,’ there is this total thrill of seeing religion come down and a loving sadness because some of the people I love will fight to stay blind. It really is a dark occupation to have to keep religion up and running. There is no turning back now! Please think about paying forward Mike’s book by purchasing it and sending it to friends’ email. I am having fun gifting it to many pastors from over 30 years ago…this is just fun for me! PS It counts as a real book sale for Mike, so start sharing this gift…..thanks!”

We have done our initial internet launch of the book and now we are working on other publicity campaigns through the internet and conventional media which will continue over the next several months. Again, thank you all for what you are doing and will do to help promote this ground-breaking work!

It was also just a few months ago that the gospel went on the radio in Africa! Moses Ngata and the students of the Gospel Revolution School of the Scriptures in Nakuru, Kenya brought their resources to bear and aired the gospel in English and Swahili for 6 weeks. By now, well over 1 million people in Kenya and Uganda have heard the gospel at least once. They have scheduled another 2-week run and are in negotiations for a purchase of 6 more months. This is a historic new height for the Gospel Revolution!

We continue to reach for new heights in spreading the good news of this gospel. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are now. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to continue to climb. We have always been in this together! We really are ONE!

We hope you are as excited as we are about where we have all come on this journey we call a Gospel Revolution and we hope you are even more excited about where we plan to go!

In this pledge drive, please consider giving this quest a boost in momentum. In addition to the $600 in new monthly pledges we need to recover, we also rely on your generosity in one-time gifts. One of the publicity campaigns for the book we must absolutely do is extremely critical to break through into new market territory and will cost several thousand dollars that were not in our original budget. Your support is what will make that happen.

Please call Jeff at 561-557-1329 to make your pledge or donate here.

As always, we are so thankful for you and what you do for all of us!

If You Had Any Doubt…

If You Had Any Doubt…


Volunteering at the orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya.

Volunteering at the orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya.

If you had any doubt about what is happening in Kenya, we hope to dispel whatever that might be.

We hope you’ve been following the exciting news coming out of Kenya, and that you had a chance to read Moses Ngata’s report in our previous e-newsletter. We can confirm to you that everything is going just as splendidly as Moses reports. He is, however, a very busy man now. We’ve published an actual recording from 99.0 FM HERO Radio in Kenya of a broadcast of the gospel message “The Redemption of the World” on our podcast site. The broadcast is in Swahili, but in the first 5 minutes of listening, you can hear the radio announcer say “Mike Williams”, “Gospel Revolution” and “School of the Scriptures.” The number of students at the School of the Scriptures is growing! All of this was made possible by Moses Ngata and the students with their own money and efforts. By now, over a million people (if not many more) have heard the gospel in East Africa. You can listen to the radio broadcast at “Gospel Revolution on the Air in Swahili.”

We are proud to support Moses and the students. It must be said that Moses has never asked for anything. He has never complained, even when he was attacked on his long walk home a couple weeks ago. We are committed to buying Moses a vehicle and we are accepting any and all donations toward that effort. Please call Jeff Robertson at 352-569-4889 to donate or for more information.


The Gospel Revolution Conference in Calgary this past weekend was a huge success. Mike spoke on “Living by Faith”, and the clarity of the subject as well as some really surprising insights came out of those meetings. The series is already available for download. You can download it at “Living by Faith Audiobook Download.”


On a more somber note, Mike made an unscheduled trip to California and is with our dear friend Richard Mull. Richard’s bout with cancer and his journey here are coming to an end. For all of you who know Richard, we’ve all shared in his suffering as much as Richard shared his love with us. We are all richer people for having been graced with Richard in our lives. Richard takes great joy in having all of us in his life too. Even in this, the gospel gives us peace.


Wisdom will always beget freedom. Freedom will always seek wisdom. Wisdom creates nothing. Wisdom uses that which has been created to its highest potential!

I think I am seeing a beautiful pattern here.

Faith, in the operational aspect of creation – miracles, virgin birth, resurrection from the dead – was a creative force in the hands of God. Now, in 2012, 2,000 years after the cross, as Paul put it, faith “acknowledges.” (I will be teaching on this in great detail in my upcoming Calgary, Alberta Canada conference July 20 – 22. See details below.)

Faith is no longer a “creative” power to change things. Faith is now the unrestricted power to acknowledge that which HAS changed by the power of God. You see, when I say that we are ALL righteous, THAT is faith in its total operation today! Faith, in the hands of a human being, does not create nor does it miraculously change things. It acknowledges the things that have changed by the Faith of God.

This is one reason I think it is important to know that God WAS angry before the cross. You see, I acknowledge the truth about the Gospel of Peace. Acknowledging this truth is faith in its FULL action! One can only do that if they understand WHY a Gospel of Peace was necessary. A once angry God should not be a threat to our spirituality. It should be a cornerstone OF our spiritual being.

Of all the amazing “creations” of man, NONE stands alone outside God’s creation. We create within the perimeter of that which WAS created. So you see, when man “creates” He is simply acknowledging the truth of what has already been created by God himself!

Much the same is wisdom. In the hands of God wisdom formed all that we know to exist. Including the redemption and freedom of the human race at the cross. THAT wisdom from the cross made it into our constitution, well at least one line. ALL men are created equal! You see mans wisdom did not create equality for all. The wisdom imputed to man does not create freedom, it has and can ONLY acknowledge, and apply it.

Every place wisdom is applied, freedom will ensue. Freedom, in response, will always desperately look to wisdom to accomplish its highest potential! Freedom brought on by wisdom will never leave us drowning in our own inadequacies, shortcomings and personalities.

On this fathers Day 2012, it is my 60th year on this planet. My desire for freedom seems to have been outrun by my desire to operate in enough wisdom to make my freedom and its potential as effective as possible. Forty years ago I prayed. “Lord, I admit I am a fool, a young fool. The world seems to tolerate young fools. I pray that I will not be an old fool. I do not think the earth can tolerate even one more old fool.”

I no longer pray that way, nor do I expect an answer. None the less, I desire wisdom. Wisdom, I know for us all, is now within. Wisdom to cause my freedom to reach it highest potential!

You see, freedom in my life without wisdom leaves me no perimeter within which to create. Wisdom can even take my greatest shortcomings, perceived or real, and give me a platform from which to declare freedom! Without wisdom I am simply lost in a “puddle” of myself. Believe me that does not look or smell good at all.

By wisdom I use faith and acknowledge the truth about myself and you! You are Holy, Righteous, without fault and perfect in the eyes of God! Wisdom does not make these truths look and smell good to God. Hopefully, wisdom will help my freedom smell and look good to others. And if not to all, at least to a few more as each year goes by.

Happy Fathers Day everyone!

Much Love,


More Huge News!

Dear Family,

Mike Williams Ministries and the Gospel Revolution is proud to announce the formation of:


ACSL, (“A Child Shall Lead”) is dedicated and committed to reporting on the momentous actions, feats, inventions and achievements of our world’s righteous, holy, sanctified and redeemed children and young people (and, as you know, that means every child that is and will ever live on Earth).

As our first “official” bit of ACSL News, please view this from You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmVzs3-GNBc

In our last Good NewsLetter we reported on Jack Andraka’s amazing accomplishment. But we wanted to show you him receiving his award and acknowledge that seeing this was the inspiration for that letter and for ACSL.

It is our heartfelt belief and conviction that a child raised to know his or her true identity has the potential to literally change our planet.

Continue to hang on for the ride, Folks. We have ONLY just begun to establish ways for the Gospel Revolution to infect this planet with knowledge to a generation that will lead us.

I want you all to understand we are now enacting “The Blanket and Laser Strategy” for MWM and the Gospel Revolution. The goal is to blanket the planet in the undeniable revealed love of God. Then with laser precision zap every form of doctrine that dares raise its ugly head in judgment or to diminish the proven and finished work of the Cross.

ACSL will begin as a segment on the Gospel Revolution Radio Webcast and eventually become its own entity.

Excited yet?

Please stay logged-on and involved.

Much Love,

And A Child Shall Lead Them

And A Child Shall Lead Them


Jack Andraka – Award Winner

Dear Family,

He is only a freshman at North County High School in Anne Arundel County , Maryland .

However, 15-year-old Jack Andraka is being recognized for developing what may become an effective way to detect pancreatic cancer.

“I’ve created a paper sensor and it can detect pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer and lung cancer,” Andraka told WBAL News. “Basically it costs 3-cents and takes about five minutes to run, so it can be used in routine screenings, and I found that it could detect the cancer before it became invasive, and your chance of survival is much greater before it becomes invasive.”

Jack’s research has attracted the attention of Dr. Anirvn Maitra of the Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Research Center at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Maitra agreed to let the teen test his paper in his lab, after nearly 200 other researchers rejected Andraka’s request for help.

He has also won $75,000 as the grand prize winner of the Intel International Science Fair.

The filter paper he designed is coated atom-sized carbon tubes that can detect mesothelin, a protein that is found in very high levels in the blood of people who have pancreatic cancer.

“I’ve also been touched personally from pancreatic cancer. I know a lot of people who have died due to it. It’s really a death sentence when it’s diagnosed late, so I wanted to make a way to diagnose it early, such that less people would die due to it,” Andraka said.

He adds that blood tests are the most common way to detect for pancreatic cancer.

Andraka has patented his idea, which he says can also be used to detect which drugs are resistant to cancer.

He says it took two months to develop his idea and that a bio tech firm in San Diego has been interested in his test will help perform clinical trials on his product in order to win FDA approval. He says he hopes the paper can be used to detect other cancers.

Jack wants to become a pathologist.

Folks, are you kidding me? How can we have nothing but the greatest of hopes for the future?!

The Gospel supports, encourages, and releases this kind of wisdom. Why? Because God literally resides in every human temple. It’s just a question of placing those temples in an atmosphere free of guilt and judgment in order to release that kind of God-imputed wisdom to this Earth which is so in need.

Now, let’s together see a world manifested where children are free of mental, emotional, religious, and spiritual abuse to discover and lead us to a new day.

“And a child shall lead them.”

Transforming with the planet…

Much Love,

Taking A Chance

Dear Family,


Chance is indeed an excellent name for a dog.

But please give me a chance! Not a dog but just a few minutes of your time. Because I think there is a chance.

No one really knows. There are no guarantees but there just may be a chance.

“Chance” is the thing we dread being stuck with. Yet, it is the thing we want just one more of. Just give me one more chance. Please?

Desperation is cruel to the bone. It is what we feel when we believe our chances are up or when we’re aware there is a chance we will suffer loss.

“There is no chance” are dreaded words to a lover, from a doctor, a preacher, a parent, the lady behind the ticket counter, even from your mechanic.

However, what if we were to accept the secure perimeters of “chance”?

The human mind can deal with the accurate realities of chance. When chance is misplaced or ill defined, the mind warps and bends in noticeably awkward ways to accommodate the misleading reality of chance. When we are deceived about chance, we struggle to make sense of life.

If we accurately define what chance actually is, we can survive. We can even thrive.

Let us find the true dimensions of the perimeters of chance. It may have never been done before, but what the hay, let’s go for it.

Seven years ago I lost all of my family except for Hazel and my baby girl Audrey. It was a horrendous life tragedy. Before it happened I would have said there was NO chance anything like this could ever happen to me and my family. One of the points I used to make in my “testimony” of having been delivered from homosexuality was, “I now know I will not be alone when I turn 60 as other homosexual men are. No matter what happens, I will always have my children and grandchildren.”

But, here I am, as alone as can be in a way I never thought I would be.

We have truly become uncomfortable with chance when we allow ourselves or others to turn into “little prophets”. Some of my best friends have tried to guarantee me that my children and/or grandchildren will come back to me one day. They’ve told me, “Mike, I KNOW they will come back!” Now, please do no think I am referring to you, I’m not. You have no clue just how many have said that to me. It is very uncomfortable to be around someone who has suffered a grievous loss. Our words of “hope” (or little prophecies) are often our way of trying to bring comfort. It is way too uncomfortable to say, “You know what? Even God does not know what will happen?”

But here is the reality: there is a chance. There is always a chance!

There is a chance you will be rich. There is a chance to be poor. There is a chance nobody will ever love you the way you want and need. There is a chance the person you thought loved you will abandon you on a seeming whim. There is a chance you will meet someone today that will never leave your side.

Chance is what keeps the fertile soil of life turned and ready for seed. By giving our souls a secure place for chance to take place, God has opened virtually ever vista to the human race. What is that secure place you may ask? It is here on Earth where ALL things eternal have been resolved. And here on Earth, all things temporal are left to chance and our effort. One can increase one’s chances. One can reduce one’s chances. But no one will ever be outside or beyond the realm of chance in this life.

We can navigate chance in the here and now. We are NOT equipped to handle chance on eternal or spiritual matters (especially in light of the fact that ALL things eternal have already been handled by God).

To mix-up these two pivotal perimeters of chance in one’s thinking is to guarantee a life of instability.

While chance rules the day for we humans, there is NO chance you are not loved by God!

There is no chance you will ever be punished by God.

There is no chance you will ever become unrighteous.

According to Scripture, there is NO chance the sun will not rise tomorrow.

There is no chance your life will ever truly be over.

Please let these perimeters of chance comfort you. Be confident in what there is no chance of happening. And please know that come what may, with all the issues of chance in this temporary existence, you have all it takes to succeed, and to suffer, endure, and recover from loss.

God separated the perimeters of eternal and temporal chance 2,000 years ago. God has now equipped us through the Holy Spirit’s presence in each heart with wisdom, righteousness sanctification, and redemption. He removed chance from the eternal equation. And God released into the temporal “the chance of a life time”. You are equipped “to the teeth”! You now have all it takes to traverse this temporal world of chance. And hopefully by now you know you have eternal security where nothing has been left to chance.

In reality, in this articulated accurate reality, I am never alone and never will be. Either will you. For you and I and God are One!

On August 16th I will turn 60 years old and there is NO chance I will be alone! When things of the temporal “fail”, the security of the eternal can give us a perimeter in which to have quietness and assurance in our soul, forever!

As my birthday approaches this summer there is something very exciting on the horizon. There is “a chance”, and a very good one, that my new book “ONE: The Gospel According to Mike” will be in your hands by the time the calendar says 8-16-12!

We have waited for so long for this to come to fruition. Many of us know there is a chance the publishing of this book has the potential to impact the planet in an amazingly positive way.

In its final editing stage, “ONE: The Gospel According to Mike”, is nearing some 270 pages. Among other vital perspectives, the book methodically and directly helps the reader separate the two distinct perimeters of chance—the eternal and the temporal.

The Gospel gives full breath to Louis Armstrong’s classic song, “What a Wonderful World!”

Now I have a question for YOU. Is there a chance you will help with the expenses of publishing and distribution?

“ONE” could soon be available at Barnes and Nobles, on Amazon, through Kindle, all e-book outlets and more.

We honestly have a chance to touch the world with the truth that has transformed life as you and I know it.

Please help me do this. Knowing what we have learned about this wonderful Good News, we now have the chance to share the “Power of God” with so many more people needing to know of their chance in this life and that there is no chance that their lives will be judged by God because of the finished work of Christ.

By mid-week you will receive another “Good NewsLetter” detailing the funds we’re going to need to get this job done.

Please be thinking about the chance you have to help out and about what you can do.

Much Love,

Gospel Logic

Dear Family,

The first time I taught and declared the Gospel, the Good News of the Redemption of ALL, in the U.S. was in Denver, Colorado. Unfortunately, it was not recorded. The first recorded sessions which produced “The Redemption of the World” Series was done soon after in Glenn’s living room in Tampa, Florida. That series was duplicated and has gone all over the world, even being translated into Mandarin Chinese.

The Denver meetings, however, gathered a small group with lots of questions and excitement. This may sound like the start of a joke, but it was no joke. There was a Scientist, a Buddhist and an Atheist.

After hearing my presentation, the Buddhist said. “Ever since I moved to Denver 20 year ago friendship after friendship ended as people tried to convert me to Christianity. After three sessions she said, “what you’re sharing is indeed good news!”

The Atheist announced he now believed in God without reservation!

The Scientist shocked me the most by declaring, “Mr. Williams, this is the most logical lecture I have ever heard.” Then he continued, “I am not talking about this being the most logical spiritual lecture. I am telling you, Mr. Williams, this is the most logical lecture on ANY subject I have ever heard in my life!”

The term “Gospel Logic” was born out of my meetings well over a decade ago and even became the name for a “sister” website which hosted my materials.

The Logic of the Gospel is my mantra. It flows from my heart. It is the goal of my life.

Logic, of course, is not something commonly associated with “spiritual” or “belief-systems” on Earth. However, THE most common word spoken of in describing the Gospel I teach and preach is the term logical. All those of the Gospel Revolution and Mike Williams Ministries seem to roll in, revel, and enjoy the logic of the Gospel like a kid in ivy!

When you teach something that literally has no “ands, ifs, buts or maybes”—logic ensues as well as its twin stabilizing force: “consistency”.

Let’s get one thing clear here. There are times in my life when I can be illogical and act a bit foolish. The Gospel, on the other hand, NEVER lacks logic or is foolish.

The Gospel is so rich with wisdom you can “taste” it!

Wisdom for what? Wisdom for every circumstance life throws at you, that’s what.

Gospel Logic: it’s infectious, it’s life-saving for me and for so many others around the planet. It is the most exciting thing I’ve encountered during my lifetime.

Much Love, Grace, Peace, and Logic for ALL,

From Chapter 1 of “ONE”

Dear Gospel Revolutionaries,

Please enjoy the latest installment below from my book, “One – The Gospel According to Mike”. The excerpt is from Chapter One: “Pursuit of Righteousness”. The picture at the top of this Good NewsLetter is just one of the faces from the collage from Mosaic that comprises the cover of the book. Each chapter of the book will have one of these faces at the top that in total makes up the “One” face from the cover. As for the book’s progress, we are in the final editing stage of this amazing project. The book’s physical reproduction through our new Geneva Publishing is cued-up next. Stay logged-on and getting ready to be saved…

…The story told right from the outset in Genesis is the basis for redemption. It is also the basis for understanding the Gospel. It is the basis for understanding the work of Christ. Without it, there is no need for the work of Christ, because we could become knowledgeable about spiritual things through our own conceptions. And that, my friends, can get into a really weird zone. I’m sure most everybody has experienced the weirdness of trying to come up with one’s own individual spirituality. Still, when spirituality is allocated to the reality of only one man’s experience, freedom begins to dawn upon the soul. Anytime any of this becomes about you, the light begins to go out. You do not become enlightened. Blinders begin to cover our eyes opening the door of our thinking to shame and guilt.

When God spoke through the prophet Isaiah, he was talking about the light that was coming through the Redeemer and said, “I would give you sight, but it wouldn’t do you any good because you are in complete darkness. And I would take away the darkness, but it wouldn’t do any good because you are totally blind”. It’s irrelevant whether or not you have sight if you are in complete darkness. It’s also irrelevant to have light if you’re blind! And here we see this incredible struggle in the religious world. People claiming to be “in the light” yet can’t see. People who claim to see, yet in complete darkness.

The first time I understood what Jesus meant by “being in darkness”, it was really funny because I had previously accepted a totally different teaching about what darkness meant. Being in darkness was about my sin. My life simply did not measure up. Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll – that was darkness. However, in John’s Gospel, Jesus told the disciples directly that they were in darkness. He said they were in darkness because they didn’t know where they were going. The light went on for me! Being in “darkness” doesn’t mean you are in sin. It doesn’t mean you have done something wrong. Being in darkness means…you don’t know where you’re going.

We have an entire world that is “in darkness” because they don’t know where they’re going. So, let’s shed some light on the subject…

….And light is indeed what is being shed — with the Book, the Webcast, the Website, the Newsletter, and our lives. These lives of ours that have been united forever as ONE through the Gospel of Grace and Peace because of the one, singular work of Jesus, the Redeemer of ALL!

There’s more light coming on this week’s show. Until then…

Much Love, Grace, and Peace for ALL,

Mike Williams Ministries

Liberty Now Has A Country

“If the liberties of the American people are ever destroyed, they will fall by the hands of the clergy.” Marquis de Lafayette
Dear Family,

It was the siege of Yorktown in America’s War for Independence.

The Marquis de Lafayette, the French General who had joined the revolution, was 24 years old. My third Great Grandfather Matthias Williams was 25 and was there, too, fighting under the General’s command.

The famous battle resulted in the defeat of the entire British armed forces as the empire’s Major General Cornwallis offered his surrender to the U.S. Commander General of the Continental Army, George Washington.

It also resulted in Lafayette’s famous quote, “Liberty now has a country!”

Five generations later I am amazed that I live a free man, a free and openly gay man in that free country, without fear of being dragged from my home for my sexuality!

The last thing that was in the minds of Lafayette, Washington, or my Great Grandfather was that they were fighting a revolution so that African Americans, American Women, and American Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender People would one day have the same rights as they desired and fought for. But that is how big the idea and ideal of liberty is. It is bigger than any person’s ability to comprehend its ultimate implications.

What began as nothing more than an idea in the mind of man had spread ever so slowly from the backwaters of a people born under the rule of a Sovereign King from a distant land.

Yet born it was!

Even the talk of such a thing was a traitorous and treacherous act in mid 1750’s Colonial America. But, talk they did. They talked and talked and talked about what?—about liberty! The “talk” spread throughout the Thirteen Colonies and all Western Europe.

Liberty? Is it even possible?

The consistent and constant talk spread to France and to the ears of a sixteen year old newly married young man, Marquis de Lafayette. The idea he heard grew into a passion. Even though the battle for it would be fought in a very distant and foreign land, Lafayette was hooked on liberty!

On July 27, 1777, at age nineteen, the Marquis de Lafayette knocked on the door of the newly formed U.S. Government in Philadelphia and offered his service. He was turned away by George Washington then. However, the first American President later repented for his mistake and greeted the French hero with an apology.

Matthias Williams, a Virginia militia man, joined the forces of the Marquis de Lafayette in January of 1781. As history would show, the battle for liberty was secured at Yorktown, Virginia, October 17, 1781, 230 years ago! And my great, great, great granddad was there!

If you haven’t picked-up on it, I am so proud of this connection to our American Revolutionary history, very proud as a matter of fact!

Yet, the pride I have in my lineage to my country’s victory for liberty pales in comparison to my pride in the magnificent Gospel of Grace and Peace.

There are amazing parallels between the American Revolution and the Gospel Revolution. The Gospel’s history of liberty was consummated over 2,000 years ago at the battle that was joined at the Cross by another young man, Jesus Christ. His victory was and is celebrated by an empty tomb in Jerusalem.

And the truest liberty in its sweetest form, our freedom in Christ, flowed down onto and into the hearts of every human being. Just like the men and women whose efforts unleashed liberty on government and did not understand all of its implications for its citizens, we in the Gospel Revolution still really have no idea of the extent of the Power of God and its potential to release the human soul to its full and glorious freedom.

The American Revolutionaries of the 18th Century desired to throw-off the shackles of imposed British imperial rule on their lives and those in the future, a monumental task no doubt.

The Gospel Revolutionaries of the 21st Century desire nothing less than the shackles of imposed Christian, legalistic, condemning rule to be removed off their hearts and minds and those of future generations forever. An even larger goal than my Great Grandfather and his comrades in arms had? Sure. But for the Power of God, the Gospel, it’s nothing but a thing and just a matter of time! This I can confidently extrapolate.

And like the Revolutionaries of old, we talk about it and talk and talk and talk…

Yes, indeed, liberty found a country. And now, because of the Internet and its corresponding technology, freedom in Christ—the Gospel—has found a voice for the entire world.

There are so many more ears that need to hear.

Much Love,

A Moment In Time


Dear Family,

There have been moments in time throughout history when a phrase coined in a certain way, a song, a poem, even just a thought resonates to such a degree that it can change the trajectory in the lives of scores of people. Sometimes echoes of the moment resound that it will affect the future of hundreds. And every so often a moment in time is so powerful that it alters the destiny of millions and impacts the very existence and the way people live on the entire planet.

When Jesus declared from the Cross that “It is finished”, that was the moment in time when God Almighty declared peace with all of mankind. And whether they have known it or not, from that day forward no one needed to concern themselves with the judgment, anger, or wrath of God because Jesus had received it ALL on that day at Golgotha.

Considering all the history-changing moments in time, there was never, and never will be again, a moment as earth-shaking as that one. Never.

Still, and please forgive what may seem like foolishness and bravado to some, I am persuaded that The Gospel Revolution stands ready to seize the moment about THE Moment. We have THAT certain phrase, THAT song, if you will.

I think we all agree The Gospel is that profoundly powerful thought. The question is, are the Gospel Revolution and Mike Williams Ministries ready and committed to this “moment in time”?

Everyone, who is now an integral part of this amazing effort, has heard me rant on and stress how we must present the Gospel with the excellence it deserves. Even though we sometimes fall short of that standard it is nonetheless our goal and the default program running in the background.

The Gospel Revolution in and of itself has no power at all. It has no political view. If we did we could at least garner half of the population’s support or consideration by taking one side or the other of the issues of the day.

There is no political path that can guide our way. But the Gospel, as a pathway of thinking, has never been followed before by more than a hand full of people at one time ever.

History shows us that the shaft of light that reveals the Redemption of All has dawned on humanity’s consciousness every few hundred years only to be snuffed-out. And there have only been a few reasons for this most revolutionary thought to be thwarted from penetrating the whole world.

#1 – A Lack of Persuasion: People who saw the Redemption of All through Christ were not persuaded in their minds enough to withstand the assault from the religious community that stand to lose a fortune and a global empire by the demise of what the Gospel exposes.

#2 – A Lack of Clarity: I have studied many if not all of the past and present “experiments” with teaching the Grace of God applied to the whole of humanity, the redemption of the world. NONE of them had or have clarity. Some taught and still teach that the “End of the World” is still coming. Some say the Scriptures were not fulfilled until 70 AD at the fall of Jerusalem. Some promote “ultimate” reconciliation, meaning a temporary stop in Hell before a final destination in Heaven. Some embrace “universalism” which at its core teaches that ALL religious or spiritual paths lead to God. What a confusing mess this has all led to!

#3 – A Lack of Time: Many hardcore preachers have extolled the virtues of Evangelical Christianity throughout their respective careers. And then at the end of their lives they relent and say Jesus’ work was so profound that He did indeed redeem everyone. A case in point is the Reverend Billy Graham. But alas, for Dr. Graham like so many others who found Grace in their last moments on the planet, it was just too late to make a difference. His own son Franklin castigated him for the folly of his dad’s comments. As Billy fades away into old age, Franklin preaches a most radical, guilt-ridden, judgmental message that would have made the younger firebrand Billy proud.

#4 – A Lack of Commitment: Many thousands of people over the decades have found freedom by being exposed to the Gospel via the Gospel Revolution. Virtually none of them have gone back to organized institutional religion. A few folks have taken their freedom and said in effect, “I do not care about others, I got mine. I am out of here!” Now, of course, I support their right and decision to do that whole-heatedly. Many very successful “ministries” have been formed out of my teachings over the years. Yet they have felt a need to disconnect from The Gospel Revolution all together solely because I am gay. They seem to believe that somehow to acknowledge having learned something from a gay man would impede their message and ministry. However, let me assure them and anyone else that the Gospel is the Power of God regardless of whom or what it comes through.

Now, once again, a handful of people have been gathered on the edge of history. The group is comprised of people of every race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, and political perspective known to man.

We call our effort and “team” The Gospel Revolution. Do we believe this Gospel Revolution is just another departure from the norm of religious thought? Or do we know the Gospel is indeed the Power of God revealed in and to man?

The Gospel needs nothing to be powerful. It quite simply is, and by itself, the Power of God. The Gospel Revolution, on the other hand, does need some things to be “powerful”:

· We need persuasion. Well, we have that in spades!

· We need clarity. We have that, too! There is zero conflict in the message—no ands, ifs, or buts.

· We need time. We certainly have that. The last 30 years and counting has developed our understanding of the Gospel and its articulation so beautifully. And besides, I’m only going to be 60 years old this year! LOL.

· We need commitment! Boy, do we got that! We’re like “a dog on a bone”! Jeff is relentless. Glenn never ever wavers. Vic is a rock. Beres never quits. Sean continues regardless. Hazel is so consistent. Tim has added his expertise for over a decade with no pay. Pep never slows. Don and Judy are stalwarts. And like making an acceptance speech at an awards ceremony risking I’ll leave some out (but you know who you are if I do) – Revolutionaries with last names like Mull, Gustafson, Meyer, Lau, Howell, Benham, Amburgy, Miller, Koostra, Thompson, Barnard, Herrington, Keller, Van Sickle, Forehand, Johnson, Salonen, Galuska, Wynn, Bayerl, Price, Lange, Oliver, Jonsson, Dorsey, Winsett, Wilby, Bucholz, Gray, Burman, Davyduck, Bayley, Davis, Kolb, Roos, Moore, Najjar, Tonsky, Dyck, Wirch, Perry, Colston, Morgan, Fox, Heller, Taylor, and newcomers like Barton, Dillard, Tennie, Misener, Windorski, and Gachau and so many more are standing-up loud and proud on behalf of the Gospel for ALL! As for myself, I’ll let you judge the level of commitment I have. But it’s been over three decades and I’m still out there letting it rip!

Because we are making and have made a dent in the power of religion from people’s lives there has been and continues to be a concerted effort over these thirty years to stop the Gospel Revolution. The voices of most all the leaders of Christianity, literally, have denounced, maligned and belittled this effort and message. This at the same time they were using material from my own teachings claiming them as their own.

Can we afford to answer such a systematic attempt to thwart this Revolution with a mediocre effort or with a “wait and see” attitude on our part?

Believe me, others before us have made the effort to go down this “Gospel Road” and have been swallowed up in the very religion it hoped to challenge with the truth.

We in the Gospel Revolution have become a heartfelt family. Can we, will we, now actually become a force to be reckoned with?

Liberty always requires independence. We have declared our independence from Christianity. Independence always leads to conflict. Yet the conflict we find ourselves in has no guns, no bullets, and no bombs. It is in fact a conflict waged in which no defense is offered in retaliation by “the rebels” at all! What is our defense, our strategy to see the Earth saturated with the Good News? Simply, we are NOT going away! Those that have gone before us have waited for the Will of Heaven, the Will of God to come.

I think the Will of Heaven, the Will of God waits for us!

This is not about a people or a person thinking more highly of themselves than they ought. It is an issue of a people thinking that the Gospel is and has become to them greater than ever perceived or imagined before. Yes, we actually believe that the Gospel is the Power of God, even the very same power that created the Universe!

So, we have the persuasion, clarity, time, and commitment. But what are we lacking?


We wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true. You guys know my heart. You know we never put a guilt-trip or try in any way shape or form to spiritualize giving to this effort. How many times have you heard us say “God will NOT bless you for giving to Mike Williams Ministries or the Gospel Revolution”?

Still, the reality is the reality. We need money to do what we are attempting to do. We still have a bit of “old ministry debt” hanging over us. And we need to get “One” published, finish the new website, set-up the new Gospel Revolution School of the Scriptures starting first in Kenya, prepare for the onslaught that is coming at us once we go public with all this. And it is coming. Will we be ready for our “moment in time”?

Folks, we have a huge task ahead of us in accomplishing what we want to do. It will take equal effort from every quarter of the Gospel Revolution to achieve our goal of seeing the planet freed from the shackles of Christianity, religion, and falsely perceived human-division.

What we’re facing financially right now is nothing but “a speed bump”. Still, it could slow us down disproportionately. But as everyone “steps up to the plate”, we will more than persevere.

Can you help? Will you help? Please help me knock this burden out of the park!

To everyone who has helped in our current Start of Spring Pledge Drive and is helping, let me say thank you! You have lightened my load. For those who have not contributed currently, can you? Will you? Can you do any more? I am certainly not ashamed of the Gospel. And I am not ashamed to ask.

The Gospel, and the people who need to hear it, deserve the excellence of our hearts in every way possible.

Much Love,

Start of Spring Pledge Drive 2012 – We are right smack-dab in the middle of The Gospel Revolution’s Start of Spring Pledge Drive 2012! And…


Our Goal is to raise $500 in New and/or Increased Monthly Pledges. Can you do five or ten or twenty bucks a month? Whatever you can and want to do, it will be received with many thanks and all used to continue to get the message of the Gospel out to YOUR Family who has been dominated too long by religion, guilt, judgment, condemnation, fear, and Christian doctrines presenting a feckless, unsuccessful, and failed mission of our brother Yeshua.

However, we have the Good News for them, don’t we?

Christ was completely and utterly successful in His mission to make God and us One!

The Start of Spring Pledge Drive runs through the week of April 11th. We are so grateful to be able to report to you that the number of people who pledge monthly has been growing. Of course, we’re hoping to continue this trend. It really helps us to budget for coming projects. We have a small advertising budget now that could grow depending on how well The Pledge Drive goes.

Log on to the Show Wednesday or on the archives later to hear the up-to-date list of our Generous GR Givers. And PLEASE join them!

As always, we’re more than pleased to receive One Time Gifts and Pledges, too. Large, medium, or small—it all goes to reaching the World. We’re being more and more successful reaching-out as each day goes by. On top of the bit of web advertising we’ve been able to do:

Gospel Revolution Radio is now being heard in 182 countries.
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The first-ever Gospel Revolution School of the Scriptures now being started in Kenya!

THANK YOU GIFTS – For One-time and New or Increased Monthly Pledges totaling $100 or more, we will be sending you Mike’s Latest Series from the Grace Conference in Calgary: “What’s Proverbs Got to Do With It?” – This One’s For Laurel”. Plus, if you make a NEW MONTHLY PLEDGE or INCREASE YOUR MONTHLY PLEDGE, you’ll receive The Essary’s Book, “The Hour We Least Expected” as an extra “Thank You”.

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Much Love, Grace, and Peace for ALL,

Mike Williams Ministries

The Power of God

Dear Family,

The Power of God…

No phrase on Earth has ever evoked more awe, excitement, fear, dread and amazement. Please pause for a moment and just imagine the inspiring implications which resulted, which are resulting, and which can result from this ultimate power.

The Scriptures declare how the Power of God created light and separated it from darkness. The Power of God organized the Universe. It brought order out of chaos. Even the most staunch fundamentalist Christian, Moslem, or Jew would agree that God’s power was so definitive in the process of creation that He does not even have to consider or “pay attention” to these things in order for them to continue working just as He designed them to work as they do to this very moment and will forever. For truly, “It is finished”.

In its feeble and inept tradition and in its attempt to continue to “verify and legitimize” the Power of God for today, Christianity is still promoting the so-called miraculous, answers for earnest praying, concepts of how to win God’s favor, and “making Jesus Lord” with the added threat of how the Power of God is about to unleash a scourge of judgment on the Earth unparalleled in human history.

However, I have Good News for Christians around the World and everyone else…

Jesus is already Lord for everybody!

Judgment has already come!

Creation is already finished!

Re-Creation is already complete!

The Power of God’s Law is already fulfilled!

The Power of Prayer and Praise has already been realized!

The Power of Prophecy is already done!

So, where oh where has all this magnificent power gone? Did it dissipate into the atmosphere? Did it just stop and cease to exist?

The Science of Physics informs us that energy CANNOT be destroyed, just transformed or it takes on another form. But never ever can it be destroyed!

Do you think that the Power of God is, in its most basic understanding, energy?

I do, too!

The Power of God does not exist in a vacuum. It does NOT do NOTHING. The Power of God does SOMETHING. What does it do? It brings results.

So what happened to it? Where is the totality of God’s Power now? What is it accomplishing today, if anything? It certainly isn’t parting Red Seas or leveling Sodoms and Gomorrahs anymore, is it? Is the Power of God divided up into many different forms and demonstrations as in the days of the Scriptures and the Old Testament? Far from it, because…

…ALL previously mentioned manifestations of God’s Power, and thousands not mentioned here, HAD their ENTIRE culmination at the Cross some 2,000 years ago.

But what about now? Yes, what about NOW?!

On this side of the Cross, the Gospel has sprung OUT! The Gospel (which Paul declared to be “the Power of God”) with its Declaration of Peace between God and man, and its Revelation of Grace, finds man no longer needing redemption. This is a “done deal”. The Good News, AKA the Gospel, results in the salvation of the soul of every man, woman or child who hears it and allows it to permeate their respective souls. The Gospel cleanses the soul and renews the mind. It is a salvation desperately needed for the collective mind of an already redeemed human race—whether they know it or not.

The power of all our childhood fairytales, the power of all of “the ghost stories” past, all the power of a hog-wart’s education can now be seen on the tip of a wand or a scepter or ET’s finger!

All these stories and fantasies were produced in some form out of the Gospel which resides in the heart of each human being manifested by their creativity.

This is perfectly brought home to us by the reaction to the “Harry Potter” series–the reaction by both the religious community and everyone else. Have the multiple millions of imaginations captured by these books and movies been done so because all these people are at heart warlocks, witches and wizards or influenced by the devil as so many preachers have claimed? Not at all! The reason we yearn for and respond to this kind of fantasy and stories of freedom and liberty is because of the revelation of the Gospel that is bulging from the human experience. The Gospel wants to be known! The Power of God is waiting to explode!

Yes, the Power of God, THE POWER OF GOD, can be thwarted by the human will on this side of the Cross. In the Scriptures (in the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets), the Power of God was unhindered by humankind’s will. In the freedom and liberty of the New Heaven and New Earth produced by the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, humanity has been freed to experience the Power of God by our own volition. For it was for freedom that Christ set us free.

Our fairytales are released from the heart which KNOWS that all power comes from “behind the wand”. Thousands of years of human history and amazement verify it.

You may be thinking, “Mike, come on! Are you trying to say there is such a scepter, such a wand?” YES, a million times yes!!

“But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne oh God is forever and ever, the scepter of thy Kingdom is a scepter of righteousness!” Hebrews 1:8

This ”wand” is called the Gospel, the Power of God, the Righteousness of God, the Kingdom of God.

The Gospel is information, Good News. And what is behind the history of all creation and the transformation of that creation? The Gospel, that’s what! This power, like all useful forms of power, is very accurate and understandable to anyone wanting to know what it is and how it works and who will take the time to contemplate and study it.

With laser like precision, God’s infused power has been designed and designated to obliterate two awful and terrible enemies of the human soul: guilt and judgment.

Does the Power of God heal a few and not others? Does it save one from tragedy and not others? Does it anoint one man and not others? Does it redeem just a few and condemn all others? NO, a million times no!

Life’s circumstances are all issues of chance in this New Testament, the covenant we now all live under. Circumstances and the nature of change are NOT due to the Power of God. They are NOT Gospel issues.

If the Gospel does anything at all, it will do it in concert with the information it represents—the Redemption of ALL. The Gospel doesn’t redeem. The Cross of Christ did that. However, when the Gospel (the News of the Cross) is heard, embraced, and rehearsed, it will save the souls (the minds, the wills, the emotions, the intellects) of those who hear it. Save them from what? From paralyzing and fear-producing guilt and judgment, that’s what!

Please understand, the Gospel adds NOTHING to your life. Its power is measured in it what it takes away from your life. Our New Heaven, our New Earth, our New Creature has no place for guilt and judgment. You see, this New Creation is perfect as God Himself is perfect—as WE are perfect! And perfection does not suffer guilt and judgment in any way, shape or form.

Guilt and judgment are the toxic leftovers of religion and the Law. Remove these two destructive elements from the soul of humanity and, behold what results–nothing short of the Kingdom of God! While Christianity and the religions of the world try to tell you what the Kingdom of God does or will look like, I have the privilege to tell you the Truth.

Jesus said the Kingdom would never be seen with the human eye. It is an “inside job”. It is a Kingdom of the Heart. And I am blessed and proud to be able to give you this Good Report: the Kingdom of God is absent of all guilt and all judgment. You may ask, “Guilt and judgment from what?” The guilt of thinking that anyone can be estranged from God for any reason, and the judgment of thinking that anyone is more favored by God than anyone else, that’s what!

In my considered and humbled opinion, only the Gospel–the very Power of God–can remove these dastardly aliens now living comfortably in the minds of some men and women. And ONLY the self same Gospel can repair the lifetime damage, destruction, fear and confusion left in the wake of this alien invasion. Yes, even repairing the damage that is unknown to the individual human mind they invaded.

Now, ALL the Power of the Ages is here to help you and to help me. And help it has. Furthermore, if the Power of the Gospel can save yours and my soul, whose soul can it not save?

Please let the Gospel, the Power of God, put order to the universe between your ears. Let the Gospel make sense of the emotional chaos that has existed heretofore in the orbit of your mind. Let it bring light to where there was darkness in your soul.

And please join me and Gospel Revolutionaries around this World in sharing the Power of God with others. So many need to know. They need to know who they are and where they are. They and God are ONE!

My book “ONE” will be published soon. You will be so proud of it. The Gospel Revolution Radio Webcast has become an oasis of revelation, understanding, and just plain old fun! I am so proud of it. And wait until you see the New Gospel Revolution.com Website coming soon. Wow!

Can you help me find more ways to deliver the Power of God, the Gospel, to a planet in such desperate need of this Good News?

I need your talents, time, effort, energy, creativity, ideas, and money! Since we’ve firmly established that this is the Kingdom of the Heart, please always do whatever you do from your own heart. You will not be disappointed.

Much Love,

From “One”

Dear Family,

As is my want, I wanted to share some Good News with you today. My Book, “One: The Gospel According to Mike – The Christianity-Free Gospel is in its final editing phase. We’re going over it with a fine-tooth comb! Yes, folks, it is really going to happen. Thank you so much for patiently waiting.

In anticipation, from time to time, we’ll share an excerpt here and there. I think it will encourage you with the truth contained in every aspect of the Gospel.

This particular one is taken from Chapter Four: “God’s Will? Not To Worry”

It was a huge challenge when I started teaching in context. I could “cut and paste” together a message with the best of them in a successful attempt to draw a lot of people. We used to fill buildings with hundreds of people, thousands of people, but we also had the ability to manipulate the things that we were teaching. Now, did I do it consciously? No. That’s just how I was taught to do it. And I was a good pupil. We had certain doctrines that we were promoting because they were promoted to us and we believed them. I did like everybody else and I’d pick a verse in Timothy and one Psalms and one out of Isaiah and one out of Revelation and put it all together and find a Greek word that made it all fit “together” and teach on it. You can come up with some really strange doctrines that way. We certainly did.

However, when I started teaching more in context, I strayed from the party line.

In the Word of Faith Movement, I became known as “America’s Foremost Authority on Demonology”. When I started unraveling the demonology doctrines, I realized that they were built together on a bunch of different statements that had absolutely nothing to do with each other. Each one of them in context explained themselves in their own right. They in truth had nothing to do with demons or demonology. That was quite a wake-up call for me! To be called America’s foremost authority on demonology and then take my own doctrine and deconstruct it completely and set it aside – well, it was an interesting trip to say the least. So, so much for being an authority on demonology!

Time after time I found myself revisiting definitions pertaining to Christianity and the Bible and the Scriptures and I had to let them define themselves. The whole process didn’t just destroy my doctrines; it started uncovering the fallacy of the fundamental doctrines in Christianity.

I didn’t set out to expose Christianity as a fraud. That was never my goal. I was a Christian, for goodness sakes! I was trying to prove Christianity was real! I was trying to prove that it is true. The more I learned about the Gospel the more I realized Christianity was a lie. The more I realized Christianity was a lie, the more I believed the Gospel, and the more I understood the Gospel, the clearer the Gospel became. I was amazed as I saw the issues that are dealt with so clearly in the Scriptures are completely repudiated by Christianity and completely solidify the Gospel.

Most fundamental doctrines of Christianity cannot even be found in the Bible at all, especially when you read in context. It truly is remarkable. I could go back and point out so many things that are not even in the Bible that are the fundamental principles of Christianity. One subject in Christianity that has become extremely misleading, misguided, and even deceptive is the issue of the free will of mankind.

Stay Tuned for More!
Much Love,

How In God’s Name

Dear Family,

How in God’s Name does Jesus—the life of Jesus—leave the realm of fantasy, religion and myth as a biblical character to one of reality, truth, knowing, and a daily awareness of His impact?

If the Gospel is truly “the Power of God”, and if it is to have its full impact on what that power is directed at—our brains, the Gospel must become something we know, and we must know why we know it!

As long as Jesus, truly the ONLY figure in the Gospel, is still portrayed as a baby in a manger or a figure on a crucifix, the Gospel will never be known. Jesus must be KNOWN, not believed on or in. And He must be known through the Scriptures—which are not the New Testament writings. The Scriptures, as defined by Jesus Himself are: the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets.

The Law was an exercise God revealed to humanity through the history of Biblical Israel. That demonstration showed we were not designed to live by laws.

Jesus came on the scene, to His own nation first, demanding faith and belief as the ultimate and logical conclusion to trying to live-out the Law.

And what was the conclusion? Israel, even with the Messiah in their midst, absolutely proved that humans have no ability to keep God’s Law as a means to a covenant with God.

Regarding our ability to have faith, Jesus said if we had just some faith—even the smallest amount of faith—we could cast a mountain into the sea. And to show how little faith it would take He compared it to the littlest of seeds—the mustard seed. He said if we could have just a little itty bitty faith it would cause the physical world to be affected.

No human has ever had that kind of faith, ever. We do not and cannot have the faith that God demanded.

Moved any mountains lately? Seen any moved by someone else?

What I call the “Body Document” (aka the Scriptures) was never written to be believed in or have faith in. It was given so we could actually KNOW Jesus and the power of HIS resurrection.

Through several centuries of text and writers, this Body Document has proven itself to be the Divine Spoken Word of God.

It was never wrong, inconsistent nor inaccurate in its multiple accounts of Jesus as the Messiah. This foreshadowing was hidden, what Paul called a mystery. However, that mystery has now been revealed.

There is no calculable possibility for someone to have put the hundreds of prophecies together so they could be “acted out” at some later date. It was only in retrospect that we know what God was up to. This is especially true when you see how that the Scriptures, and Jesus Himself, even hid its own true meaning until “the Day of the Lord!”

For example, had someone wanted “to make” the prophecies “be true”, no one would have had Jesus born in Bethlehem, be from Nazareth, to have women as close confidants, nor be betrayed by someone named Judah (Judas) Hebrew for the “Praise of God”!

So, you may ask, Mike, why are you calling the Scriptures by this term “Body Document”? Glad you asked! I use this term because it is a document that became a body. God breathed words, became a physical document manifested in the body of ONE. The Scriptures are a body of work, a Body Document, so the work could become a body, Jesus Christ.

How can one KNOW Jesus? We know Jesus by knowing the Scriptures: the Law, Psalms and the Prophets. As we begin to understand the Body Document, we begin to see the very form of the Messiah! You can feel His form, hear His voice, see His face.

Paul said, when HE shall appear, be revealed, we shall be like Him. For we shall see Him as He is!

I talk to Jesus ever morning when my phone rings and it is my sweet brother Richard Mull. I was privileged to have Jesus in my house for four months this summer, before he went off to school, Ray Harris. I watched Jesus run the sound board at our recently completed Summit, Jeff Robertson. I’ve listened to Jesus sing in Kate Benham and Greg Amburgy. At those Summit meetings Jesus sat next to me in the persons of Glenn and Carla. Jesus showed up in a beard and long hair from Wisconsin, Josh Tennie. He stayed in the parking lot in a motor home next to the hotel, Alvin Cooper. Jesus wept as Mary Lou Koostra, with eyes moistened, listened to a message she had never heard before.

At the Summit we dared to know the Scriptures rather than to believe the writings of any man.

I admit my limited knowledge of the Scriptures, that beautiful Body Document. But to every degree I understand the Scriptures, the more I KNOW Him! I see Him. I understand Him. And I begin to understand me.

And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one. Zechariah 14:9

Much Love,


A Holy Corrupted Part 3

Dear Family,

In this the third installment of “A Holy Corrupted” God, I want to examine both extremes and opposing views about an angry God: “God was never angry” and “God was and still is angry.”

Before I do let me give a bit more time to the question of God Himself ever being “corrupted”.

In the discussions I have had about this and with the questions that have been raised, the issue of what the meaning of “corrupt” is seems to be a snag for some folks.

In our society the term corrupt is most commonly used to refer to morals. However, not only can one’s morals be corrupt, but government, law enforcement, etc. can also be. Let’s benefit from the Merriam Webster definition, shall we?
Definition of CORRUPT

transitive verb
1a : to change from good to bad in morals, manners, or actions; also : bribe
b : to degrade with unsound principles or moral values
2: rot, spoil
3: to subject (a person) to corruption of blood
4: to alter from the original or correct form or version <the file was corrupted>

The one I believe best describes God’s particular kind of “corruption” is definition #4 .

We have no indication that God was ever angry “before” He actually became angry. Even when Adam partook of the forbidden fruit, no anger is mentioned at all. Yet, if we believe the Scriptures at all, we must accept that God DID BECOME angry eventually and even increasingly so as time went on. A full 80% of the Law and Prophets are replete with God’s anger, wrath, judgment, jealousy and vengeance. Any honest and rational reading of the Holy Writ HAS to come to that conclusion—again if we’re to believe anything about the Scriptures to be true.

Are ANY of the above qualities “good”, even or especially by God’s own definitions? None.

I can even accept President Richard M. Nixon’s adjustment of the definition of corrupt. “If the President does it, it is not a crime!” But to say God was never angry is to take away every foundation of the understanding of the truth of the Gospel all together.

According to the very same Scriptures, God’s anger would be satisfied, taken away, ended at the sacrifice of the Anointed One—the Messiah. I believe Jesus accomplished all of that at the Cross! Do you?

If indeed God was NEVER angry, then there is no such thing as a “Gospel of Peace” or any need of it. One of the main reasons spoken of by the prophets for the Cross was to remove the judgment of God from us, judgment that would bring utter damnation.

On the other hand, Evangelical Christianity says God was and is STILL angry. Just ask Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Jimmy Swaggert and their ilk. This view is the ultimate insult to God’s Grace. If God is still angry or never was angry—both—then the Cross is reduced to, as Carlton Pearson describes it, “This bloody mess that took place 2000 years ago.” That statement was made by Carlton at our First Gospel Revolution Convention in Houston. Carlton also stated in that same meeting, “I also utterly reject the foolish notion that the Cross saved us from God!”

However, if the Scriptures are correct, IT DID save us from God!

And it may have saved God, too.

So, if there WAS NOT an angry God and He BECAME angry, then His anger was certainly taken away. Is that not good evidence of the temporary corruption which He found Himself in? Especially in light of one of His very own early commandment to Israel from Deuteronomy 4:16: “Lest ye corrupt yourselves, and make you a graven image, the similitude of any figure, the likeness of male or female.”

Did God not make man in His image? Did the very same God not say, making an image after yourself will corrupt you? Did God know what He was talking about?

When I was less than five years old, while visiting my aunt and uncle in the country side of Tennessee, I dropped a kitten down what is called a cylinder well. The opening to the well was about the diameter of a stove pipe with a four foot long, smaller cylinder that was lowered into the well. The flap at the end would be released to close the bottom of the cylinder. The rope would haul-up a fresh cylinder of cold well water which was released into a waiting bucket. Wanting ONLY to know if a kitten could swim, I folded extremely resistant paws and legs together until I heard the sound of kitten claws scraping down the inside of the piped entrance to the well, then after a long silence from deep in the well I heard a faint “splash”.

OMG! I cannot believe I am telling you this! I simply refuse to tell the rest of the story. YES, IT GETS WORSE! Let me truncate. The jet black, yellow-eyed kitten survived. My Aunt gave the poor thing to my family. We named her Betty. Yes, her name was “Black Betty” long before the song would ever come out by that name! We should have gotten royalties.

Back to the issue of “corruption”, my uncle said that I had “corrupted” their well. There was even talk of having to drill another well. Why was the well corrupted? It had a cat in it. Was the kitten a bad kitten? No. Was the water in the well bad water? Nope. What made the water corrupt? Kittens and water simply do not go together! Just ask any cat!

In the same way as the cat and water: anger, wrath, vengeance, jealousy and God do not mix! Ask any good Hebrew that experienced it prior to the Cross. Oy vey!

I have taught for many years now that ALL the Law, Psalms and Prophets are all about Jesus. Even when I cannot see the connection in those Holy Writings, I know it is still about Jesus. However, in this particular Law about not doing images, I TOTALLY see Jesus. He not only destroyed the corruption of unbelief in man but He destroyed the anger, wrath and jealousy from the character of God, too. Wow.

After removing God AND man’s “corruption”, if we indeed accept God’s anger as corruption, He joined us ALL together to make a totally New Creation, a New Creature. Again, call him a God-man or a Man-god, you get the point.

Is there something to be gained by this understanding? Yes, in so many ways. Still, let’s look at the most obvious and tangible benefit.

If the Cross took away God’s anger, wrath, judgment, vengeance and jealousy, is it possible for its understanding to take away ours? If it could it would alter life forever for us, wouldn’t it? What if a major part of the population benefited from this knowledge the same way as God did? Could it change existence as we know it on Planet Earth for the better? I am thinking, “YES!”

There is so much to learn and to be understood. If one “thinks” the world just might be round instead of flat, one will never know until one sets sail on the voyage of a lifetime, will one?

We are voyagers on a sea of revelation, far from the devastation of religion in our lives!

Much Love,

A Holy Corrupted God 2

Dear Family,

Last week I introduced this series of new articles entitled “A Holy Corrupted God”. I did not intend to leave you hanging with such an audacious title with no explanation of why God could have been both Holy and Corrupt all at once. However, that’s just what I did! Ooops, my bad!

Anyway, many of you are familiar with my teaching on “The Image of God”.

In that teaching I detailed how God created man in His own image as Genesis states. Yet, amazingly, God commanded in one of His very first Laws that NO image be created after ANYTHING! No image. No image of a fish or bird or cow or any living thing should be made after itself.

It is truly amazing how most of the religious world, except for the most extreme sects, ignores this Law all together. According to this “anti-image” Law, every picture, movie, carving, statue, etc. is forbidden. Regarding that Law, it angers God. It is evil. God hates it. It means you have forgotten the Covenant. It is an abomination and you are cursed if you do it!

God’s Command concerning every image produced and created was that they ALL were to be utterly destroyed! One of the most telling verses about what may have been motivating God in making this command is found in Deuteronomy 4:16 “Lest ye corrupt yourselves, and make you a graven image, the similitude of any figure, the likeness of male or female.” God was saying, if you make an image after yourself you will corrupt yourself! And if you do, to end the corruption of anger and abomination, it must be destroyed!

Is it possible that God knew about the corrupting influence of creating images because He knew from whence He came? Or another way to say it might be “it takes One to know One”.

I am not one to take liberties with the Scriptures. So, obviously I don’t feel like I am here. It seems very clear to me that we can learn something about God Himself here.

Did God corrupt Himself by making man as an image, even if it was in His own image?

If by any notion anger, wrath, vengeance and jealousy are a sign of corruption, then YES, God corrupted Himself through the image-making process! Was God’s only answer to be relieved of this corruption the destruction of that image? YES it was and He did it in the person of Jesus!

The main difficulty with comprehending “A Holy Corrupted God” is our own notion that God could not possibly be corrupt AND holy at the same time. However, on this side of the Cross we now can see His work in US via the Holy Spirit and the Gospel. Regardless of our deeds and attitudes we are still holy, aren’t we?! I am not saying that God became any less holy, righteous or perfect by the corrupting effect of His making something in His image. He remained holy in spite of it.

Holiness is a state of being not a sanctioned set of actions.

One thing I do know for rock-solid-sure is that God did indeed destroy His own image, man, mankind, the First Adam at the Cross in the death of One Man, Jesus Christ. And from this arose the NEW Creation. Yes, indeed, a New Creature emerged which had never before been seen on Planet Earth except in Christ Himself.

When Jesus showed anger at the Temple money-changers or was hyper-critical or sarcastic with the Pharisees or Disciples was He any less holy? No!

This never seen being (a God-man or a Man-God—write or say it however you please) holds all of God and all of man collectively and individually in Christ. And it was ALL manifested by the work of the death, burial, and resurrection of One Man, Jesus Christ.

This news is way too exciting to try and tiptoe around any offense or defense one may have pertaining to any given aspect of it. We and God are ONE!

The God that was out there in the Scriptures is NOT out there any longer. He is in here. In where? In every single one of us! And the corruption God suffered from making man in His image was remedied at the death of Jesus. God rid Himself of this corruption, anger, wrath, judgment, vengeance and jealousy. Then relieved man of our corruption, of the sin of unbelief, AND joined us together as ONE righteous, holy, incorruptible being!

NEVER again will God be angry.

NEVER again will man know sin.

There will NEVER again be a possibility of corruption on either part.

If God did corrupt Himself and that corruption was manifested in anger, wrath and jealousy, we know it can never happen again. As we know all humanity was corrupted by the First Adam, we now certainly know we will never be corrupted by the Last Adam, Jesus Christ!

Holy God! Jesus IS Lord of Heaven and Earth!

Much Love,

A Holy Corrupted God Part 1

Dear Family,

So, you saw the article’s title. And you’ve continued reading this far. Well, I must have gotten your attention!

The debate has raged for thousands of years. The confusion over the issue is verifiable and palpable. Many positions have been taken.

What is God’s role in life today?

What, if anything, is God doing currently for us individually and corporately? And is His approach to humanity different in any practical way than it was in the Scriptures?

As we begin going down this road, please remember the BIG picture. We, as always, remain open to discussions and adjustments as we move forward with this amazing Gospel Revolution that we have chosen to be a part of.

Of the positions that have been espoused about God’s role today, all are replete with the “ands, ifs, and buts” that seem to always accompany people’s advocacy for their own religious persuasion.

However, we come at this from the perspective of the Gospel—which is always free of all the “ands, ifs, and buts” of religion. In the Gospel, there are no “ands, ifs, or buts”.

Please let’s rehearse that the message of the Gospel is NOT our view and opinion of God. Rather, the Gospel is God’s view and opinion of US. So, as we commence the discussion of what God is up to, and what changes may have occurred in God’s thinking between the former paradigm (the Old Testament) and the current one (The New Testament), we will keep “like frontlets between our eyes” the overriding mindset that is the Gospel.

If we are to gain a view of God that has any merit at all it must be based on the Scriptures and the Scriptures only. Our personal life experiences and or our own perception of what has happened to us as individuals must take a distant back seat to what the Scriptures, what I call “the Body Document”—the Law, the Psalms and Prophets—have to say. Still, it is also important to examine what effect our beliefs have on the human mind and soul.

There are answers and more than a few clues about God as revealed in the Scriptures that we do need to address especially in light of our lives since “The Day of the Lord”, the Cross, which we know fulfilled all Scriptures.

So, where is God? What is He doing now? What has He done? What does He know about my future? Does God have a plan for my life?

In subsequent articles we will review at least the most prominent declarations on these matters offered by today’s religious speakers, writers, and the denominations they embrace.

First, the overarching linchpin that must be pulled out and which dominates this debate is: “For I am the Lord, I CHANGE NOT.”

We teach a lot about reading and thinking about the Scriptures and the rest of the Bible always in their context. Some verses taken out of context simply lose their power. Some taken out of context take on a power unto themselves. This may be one of the best examples of a verse taken out of context taking on a power of its own.

“For I am the Lord, I CHANGE NOT.” The word “change”, in its original Hebrew rendering, means “duplicate”. Thus, it should read: “For I am the Lord. I DUPLICATE NOT!” Or I never do the same thing the same way twice! Could it be that the linchpin for ALL current doctrines about God does not even say OR mean what we have thought about God for all these centuries? It has sent the theological world scurrying to two opposite and unscriptural corners about God’s personality and its manifestations throughout human and Biblical history.

#1. Most of the Evangelical world embraces that God was and IS still angry–ready to judge sin at any moment in an individual’s life and that of the world as a whole.

#2. God was NEVER angry. This is an Eastern philosophy espoused by some in the Christian community because of their inability to resolve how a loving God could ever be so vengeful, full of wrath and have ordered His people Israel to administer His judgment on each other and the other people groups they encountered .

I am never satisfied solely with knowing the accurate translation of one word from the Scriptures or the Bible. We must know what the respective words actually mean AND read them in the context in which they were articulated. The issue always falls or stands on the context of the sentence AND the word’s definition.

So, in the context of this matter it should read,” I am the Lord, I duplicate not; therefore….ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.” Remember, if there is a “therefore” one needs to understand what the therefore is “there for”.

Therefore you sons of Jacob are NOT consumed–NOT consumed! Not only does the word definition not support a God who does not change, but rather the opposite! The context does not support the teaching that God never changes, but in context He is saying, “You the sons of Jacob better be glad I don’t always do things the same way I have in the past. For, if I did YOU would be toast!”

The main reason for clinging so tightly to this verse out of context and word wrongfully translated may very well be a fear that God Himself may be much more like us than we are comfortable with to accept. Maybe the only way to fully apprehend how much like God we actually are is to embrace just how much like us He is and has been.

After all, did He not originally create us in His likeness, in His image?

Here are the issues we will be grappling with in this series:

Is God angry?

Was God angry?

Was God ever angry?

If He was, why was He angry?

If He was and now no longer is angry, why is He not angry any more?

Did God ever make a mistake?

Stay logged-on!

Much Love,

The Power of Acknowledgment

Dear Family,

I just read the following email we received the other day.

Hi Mike and Glenn,

I thought I’d share this little experience with you. The other day, I read an article that appeared on one of Glenn Beck’s websites. The article regarded an appearance by Joel Osteen on the Oprah show, where he proclaimed that homosexuality was a sin, but that homosexuals would still go to Heaven.

I didn’t care about the article. That’s not where the fun began. The fun began when I decided to enter the comment section on the site, where I thought I’d throw a “Gospel-Brick” through the good Christians’ window. So I commented that the redemptive work of Christ was completed at the Cross, and that ALL people would be “going to Heaven”.

I’ll admit that I was just trying to tweak all of those people who were condemning the “sinners,” and Osteen, and homosexuals, etc.

But what I got back from the other commentators can only be described as a 90 foot tidal wave of “Christian” condemnation. Bible verses were coming at me by the bushel, all designed to show me that I was a “false teacher,” a “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” a “deceiver,” and on and on it went. One commentator took verses from 8 different books out of context, strung them together into one long verse of her own making, just to “prove” how “wrong” I was.

My first thought was, “Well, this could be fun.” So I decided to respond by telling them that the New Testament wasn’t “Scripture”. That got them going. And when another quoted Peter to “prove” their point I informed them that quite often, Peter was just WRONG. And the tidal wave grew. I let this go on for a while longer, until I decided to just let it go.

I write this to you because having dipped my toe into the role of Gospel Revolutionary, I have a new appreciation for the kind of resistance you must have faced over the years. It just amazes me how many people will resist the Gospel till their dying breath, all to defend their own “Christianity.”

I now have a whole new level of respect for you guys.

John K. Orlando, FL

First let me say, thank you John! Thank you so very much!

We in the Gospel Revolution are grateful for your comments, and you voicing your appreciation for what we all do AND for taking the time to proclaim the Gospel on that thread.

I wept reading John’s letter. I wept because John acknowledged the unending bashing and anger I have received countless times over many years. Many of you were in some of those meetings and observed and felt the discomfort and the anger.

Personally experiencing all those places, I heard all the anger, read the letters and the e-mails over the years. Many times being in meetings I just was happy to get out of there just to get back to my room, close the door and enjoy the stillness.

Quietness is to this day my most favored environment. You guys have no clue how much I have felt like a duck out of water who has not really been built for any of this.

One time a letter came to me saying my home was going to be burned to the ground. Another time a gun was produced from underneath a young woman’s sweater after the meeting. She told me she came to kill me. She then explained with the gun still in their hand and with tears in her eyes that what I had said had touched her heart just before she could pull the trigger.

While these type of incidents were intense and stressful, they are nothing compared to the abuse one child can endure in just one day in their own home. And it happens everyday all over this world.

I am not rehearsing these incidents because I want you to feel sorry for me, far from it. Rather, I want to use it to speak to you about the “Power of Acknowledgment”.

Years ago I stopped trying to change my own life and the life of others. My efforts for myself and others switched from attempts to change things to simply acknowledge them.

“That the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.” PHM 1:6 (KJV)

We ALL have the faith OF God within us. In the same way, we ALL have the wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption of God within.

Faith is not used to change things but rather to acknowledge things that have changed. Faith was used by Jesus to change everything. Can that “faith” become active and effective in us? YES, INDEED! However, we must remember, faith no longer changes things!

“In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth.” II Timothy 2:25

Acknowledgment is such a powerful thing. Whether it is simply acknowledging what someone has endured, as John K. did in his letter to us or acknowledging that we have hurt someone in word or deed, acknowledging that I was wrong, acknowledging my weakness—all very powerful stuff! And all are signs of an active faith!

If acknowledgment is that powerful in all these “temporal or earthly” situations, just imagine what acknowledging THE TRUTH can result in. Well, actually we do not have to wonder. We who are active in the Gospel Revolution have all been acknowledging the Truth of the Gospel on a persistent, consistent, and repetitive basis now for over six years since the Webcast went online full-time. Still, the discovery and acknowledging of that truth has been going on now for thirty years!

That’s right! 2012 marks 30 years since I first stepped to the platform and preached the Gospel of Peace. To my knowledge no one in modern times ever declared the Gospel of Peace based on the completely finished work of the Cross anywhere before that day. It was at The Book Shelf Christian Fellowship where I was Pastor in Herrin, Illinois.

No, there have not been a lot of pats on the back or a ton of acknowledgment getting from there to here over these 30 years. But I have to say the acknowledgment that we have received has certainly been inspiring.

Even when no one acknowledges us for what we do or who we are, we still can make the enormously powerful decision to begin to acknowledge others and to acknowledge the pure truth about who we all are in Christ.

Remember family, this is not a competition. Everyone can freely acknowledge others without having been acknowledged themselves. And there is so much forward motion produced by just that happening!

There is so much truth to mine here. I’m trying to communicate it well enough to help extract the nectar of this powerful subject.

What is happening when we begin to acknowledge the truth of what and who went before us AND The Eternal Truth of the Gospel? Nothing short of living by faith!

Do you believe that everything changed at the Cross? I do and I know you do also. Faith in and of itself did not change. However, how faith is demonstrated, recognized and made powerful has changed.

Everything that needed to change did change through the Faith of God at the Cross. What about now? NOW, faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Why did faith become the evidence of things not seen? Because everything that needed to change in relationship between God and man did change. But things did not change in the realm where we cannot see–in the inner recesses of our souls and minds.

Faith is no longer changing external things. The expression of faith now is acknowledging that things have already changed that we cannot see! Yet, we know through the Power of the Gospel, the Power of God, that they have indeed changed. What has changed that we cannot see? The way we think!

“While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.” II Cor. 4:18

Faith operates pertaining to things eternal, not temporal.

Everything that needed to change externally has changed and it changed 2000 years ago!

During Jesus’ three years of earthly ministry, He used faith on this temporal world. He healed the sick, opened blind eyes, he raised the dead. He was kind of doing a lab experiment like in school. School is not where the project ultimately operates. School is simply where you demonstrate the validity of your hypothesis.

Jesus took his hypothesis about faith, went to the Cross and resolved all things eternal, doing this only after demonstrating faith in the temporal world for our benefit.

Now we can understand and acknowledge the eternal effect of faith to the saving of our souls out here in the real world. The last thing we needed, or need, is to be addicted to the lab experiments and start and embrace a religion called Christianity.

Much Love,

P.S. As a post-script, I want you to know I just returned from my trip to Calgary and the Grace Conference. I wrote the above letter before I left. However, what I witnessed through these wonderful people–children, teens, moms, dads, and seniors–was the very power of acknowledgment of the Gospel that I had coincidentally written about before the trip. I’ll have more to share on that later but suffice it to say, the Truth of the Gospel, the faith it produces to the cleansing of the soul and the renewing of our minds is very real and the very hope of the human race and was on display in a big way this past weekend at the Carriage House Inn.

Everything Happens For A Reason

Dear Family,

“Everything happens for a reason.”


“Everything happens for a reason” has got to be one of the most incorrect, mentally lazy, spiritually vapid statements on Planet Earth. It is, however, admittedly a creative way to organize the mess of our lives mentally and emotionally after the fact of what we credit for happening for a reason.

Perhaps I should have massaged that statement and eased into it a little bit before “letting it off the table” for your consideration. Nonetheless, let me elaborate.

To believe or be persuaded that everything happens for a reason is akin to turning the wheel of a ship over to the “Ghost of Christmas Past”, pulling the rudder out of the water, and replacing it with Ramen noodles. It’s just that nonsensical.

Of course, it is perfectly normal and human to search for a reason that things happen in and to our lives. That is reasonable and rational. However, the only real reasons for accidents in life are carelessness and happenstance. Birth defects are a genetically explainable tragedy. It may have been from drug use or the result from a mother falling, etc. Who knows why? We may never know what caused it. But it did not happen for a reason. Most things that happen can be explained. Still, everything does NOT happen for A reason!

Experiences in life can carry a stern warning or a “wake-up call”, but just because we can connect some dots or learn something in the process does not merit the situation to have to take-on the “spiritual voodoo hyperbole” of “it happened for a reason.”

Here’s how Merriam-Webster defines the word reason:
1a : a statement offered in explanation or justification <gave reasons that were quite satisfactory> b : a rational ground or motive <a good reason to act soon> c : a sufficient ground of explanation or of logical defense; especially : something (as a principle or law) that supports a conclusion or explains a fact <the reasons behind her client’s action> d : the thing that makes some fact intelligible : cause
<the reason for earthquakes> <the real reason why he wanted me to stay — Graham Greene>
2a (1) : the power of comprehending, inferring, or thinking especially in orderly rational ways : intelligence
(2) : proper exercise of the mind (3) : sanity b : the sum of the intellectual powers.

The only connection in all of that that is applicable to “everything happens for a reason” is: “A statement offered in justification.”

The need to justify every event in our lives as meaning something big or spiritual is rooted in the lack of comprehension about the justification we received in Christ over 2000 years ago. The more we understand true spiritual justification, the less we need to spiritualize and justify the events of our daily lives in this New World of God’s Oneness and Christ’s Finished Work.

To every degree one spiritualizes daily life, with distorted views such as “everything happens for a reason” is to the degree that we are failing to acknowledge our true spiritual identity. And when we do that, the last way to describe the mental disposition that arises from that would be logical, vital, and rational.

“Beyond Chance”

Even though the statement, what happened is “beyond chance” is not as broad a brush as “everything happens for a reason”, “beyond chance” is at least its kissing-cousin for revealing a vacuum of spiritual vapidity.

Years ago there was a TV show called “Beyond Chance”. It had these wonderful stories. Things like a child born to a mother in Germany fathered by a service man from the United States who never knew his real father. Twenty years later the now grown man moved to the U.S., gets a job, works for a man 10 years only to find out that his boss is his father!

Now I loved that show. The stories were wonderful and even fanciful. But were they “beyond chance”? NOTHING is beyond chance!


During the time I was entertaining these thoughts about reason and chance I was living in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Down the three flights of my stairs took me to the sidewalk out on Hanover Street. I lived three blocks from Martha Washington’s house! For me, it was historical heaven. But it was not “beyond chance”. I was living in Virginia. And where had Martha and George lived? Virginia!

One time fifteen minutes after a summer rain I decided to go to the gym which was four blocks away. As I stepped onto the tree-lined historical street, a drop of water hit the bridge of my nose and ran instantly to its tip. Immediately I began thinking what is the chance of that happening? Where did that drop of water come from? (This is how my brain works!)

Most likely that drop of moisture emanated from the Pacific Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. But really, who knows where it came from. Wherever it started, it was carried for many miles in the clouds and fell over Fredericksburg. It then fell on the tree on the street outside my apartment. Then from leaf to leaf like a game of “Plinko” from the TV game show “The Price is Right”, “miraculously” it hit my nose just as I stepped out of my door at exactly the right time!

A miracle? Everything happens for a reason? Beyond chance? I think not. In fact, I KNOW not!

In the Old World, the World and Covenant before the Cross of Christ, everything was miraculous! Everything happened for a reason! The birth of Jesus, a perfect example, was beyond chance! His mother was a virgin, for God’s sake. God was manipulating and predestinating EVERYTHING!

However, that world’s economy (or the way God transacted business with the human race) produced THIS world. That world was a dictatorship. God dictated everything to the Earth. That would give way to this New World, a world of freedom—for it was for freedom that Christ set us free. This world, and our way of understanding and articulating it, should be affirming that the previous world was indeed real! And because of that one, dominated by God doing miracles, doing things for a reason (ultimately for THE reason—Christ Himself), and doing things beyond chance, that world’s completion is the reason we are now FREE!

We now live in a FREE WORLD, a world of perfect equality. Nothing is predestined anymore for anyone. We wouldn’t be free or equal if God was doing certain things “for a reason” for some or even for one and not for others.

Once again we have discovered that there is a true line drawn between the miraculous and non-miraculous, between chance and beyond chance, between reason and everything happens for a reason. And it is not a “fine-line”. It was a massive, huge, earthquake causing fault-line! As with all things revealed in the Scriptures (Scriptures defined by Christ as the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets only) that line drawn was at the Cross forever!

You might ask, “Okay, Mike Williams, you’re telling me everything is left to chance?”

YES! Chance! The great equalizer! A World of Chance is the ONLY world God could free us all into without us continuing in a mindset and economy of “blessing and cursing”. One can increase ones chances to the positive or negative. However, if you are waiting to be “blessed, chosen, or get your request answered”, you just might miss out on the chance of a lifetime!

Much Love,



Dear Family,PEPSI

It’s been over 15 years now.

My life was being ripped, shredded and literally torn apart for me once again.

How do I accept who and what I am? What will happen to my family, my wife and our three young girls? I was being persuaded with such wonderful truth about the Gospel. When would it come out erupting unbridled from the depths of my own heart?

When would the truth about Mike Williams finally come out?

My prayers and confessions of shear desperation went unheeded by God. For the very first time in my struggle I could not escape through yet another stay in a mental institution or by the repeated introductions and invitations to the stage as a “delivered” homosexual or America’s foremost authority on “demonology”. Reaching out and reaching up had run its course for good this time.

In the midst of all of this I found myself driving back from another meeting. Still in my suit after stopping at Taco Bell with an extra large Pepsi held cautiously between my legs, I drove. I felt like I was literally coming apart on the inside. The inner-conflict I experienced during that day’s meetings I felt could not be hidden from the eye. I felt like it must have been like seeing a dirty bum on a filthy street corner pretending he was in a suit of armor at the moat of his castle waiting for the bridge to be lowered.

As I reached to pick up the Pepsi it suddenly exploded in my lap as the top collapsed out of its plastic unsecured lid! The icy Pepsi was not only cold and wet, but it had to stay there for the entire three hour trip home because I had no other clothes with me.

Looking back it was as if a conductor was standing poised with wand raised in hand to release his orchestra to play. The only problem was that when the wand was dropped in a circular deliberate motion to commence, the orchestra was not ready. And all that was heard was a primal scream and a cry that came ripping out of me from the deepest part of my being. It suddenly had nothing to do with the frosty liquid all over me. It was that my life was spilling out in gushes all over myself.

Torrents of rage, confusion and anguish exploded out of me. Like the Pepsi all over me, I realized I had no choice but to sit in it, all of it—my mess, MY LIFE! I had no one to turn to, nothing to pray about, nothing to do but to finally accept this royal mess. The suit of armor vanished. The castle evaporated before my eyes. No bridge to be lowered. The next step was simply into a dark deep trench. And I was about to tilt right over its precarious edge, and already in filthy clothes.

Without any prompting, these words came unrestricted from within me. Send the song! Please send the song! Let this all make sense! Like Elton John singing “Good Bye Yellow Brick Road”, please let the Gospel come out like a beautiful symphony from someone worthy to carry it! As these words came almost involuntarily from my mouth, as the screams and crying muddled my speech, I knew everything had changed.

Now I knew that reaching inside me was my only option. I had swatted every fly, stomped every viper, head butted every obstacle, rebuked every devil and nothing had changed for Mike Williams.

For the very first time in my life, I reached inside.

Now, after more than 15 years, I keep on finding treasure in this earthen vessel. I find “other” things in there, too! LOL! Ya know what I mean? But now I know how to sort them. Sorting is one of the keys to happiness! Do ya know what I mean?

And, oh, can you hear it? The orchestra seems ready to begin! Seats, instruments, and music stands are getting situated! There’s a hush over the crowd! I am sure I just heard the tap, tap, tap of the maestro’s baton…

Each and every one of you has had the “Pepsi” explode in your lap, too.

Now enjoy what’s coming out of you! I can hear it. And I love it and I love YOU!


I Could Have Said No

I Could Have Said No

Drive In Theater“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” (Thought or Reasoned To Put Away or Vanish)
1 Cor. 13:11 (KJV)

Dear Family,

It is

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Dear Family,

Our letter from last week may have received the greatest response we have ever had.

In it I described how my daughter Audrey articulated during our recent visit that if she had known the Gospel as she knows it now she would have had the ability to say no to the molestation that was being inflicted upon her by her brother-in-law when she was a child. Because of her upbringing she was under the misguided notion that she should pray to God for His help to stop the abuse. And, of course, no help was forthcoming for my little girl. Her anger toward God was palpable and understandable, to say the least. However, once she understood the perimeters or the borders of the Gospel—everything changed in her thinking. She now knows that God is inside of her instead of some outside separate entity—that she and God are literally One. Then came the realization, the very powerful idea of what inner-strength had actually been available to her even as a child.

The larger one’s perimeters become, the greater becomes the capacity for creativity that is released in one’s mind. New thinking and ideas are born in larger spaces than that which was granted by the smaller perimeters that once dominated our thought process. Precious few new ideas, if any at all, come from old defined perimeters.

As important as broadened perimeters are for advancement in the human experience, a lack of perimeters causes the mind to become inactive and regressive, producing only irrational and disconnected thought.

The very idea of human liberty was born only after the perimeters of human existence expanded from the Flat Earth Doctrine that had been promoted and sustained by the Catholic Church to the understanding that we in reality inhabited a Round Planet. That literally led to the discovery of an entire New World. Religious thought always seeks to thwart perimeter expansion. The perimeters and paradigm switch from flat to round changed everything. Our minds were collectively challenged to fill-in the new open spaces of the new perimeter. The massive advancements of humanity came ONLY after that religious doctrine was relegated to the ash heap of history.

I remember sitting in a desert years ago experiencing its vast open space and feeling so inspired. That incredible space released my imagination. Still and this is so important vies-a-vies our understanding of the Gospel, no boundaries or perimeters at all befuddles the imagination. No perimeters or boundaries gives us nowhere to go!

For many eons of ages humans have emphatically declared that travel expands the mind. Truer words were never spoken! But why does traveling expand the mind? I think it is because when we experience new horizons, the boundaries of the new reality open our minds to begin creating in order to reach the limits of the new perimeters we now know exist.

The human race has only progressed after the perimeters that once seemed limited were allowed or even forced to change.

After we realized the Earth was a globe, one of the next major changes of thought came after the perimeters were enlarged at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina to include the understanding that man could fly. And that was just over 100 years ago! Look at the innovation that has taken place after the perimeters were changed from “Round” to “SUPER-Round”!

The next thing we knew we were launching our first manned space flight. As perimeters grow the mind changes and with it its ability to imagine what once was unimaginable!

Bondage, or the old boundaries and perimeters, always lead to freedom!

To lead us to our ultimate freedom in Christ, God Himself had to first put us in bondage to Law. Limitations produce angst. And then angst produces a desire to expand the perimeters. Then, as the process continues, the changing of perimeters inspires the mind of people to create.

Limits should only be placed on someone to deliberately produce a desire to think and be bigger. However, the abuse of limitations for purpose of control is a devastating perversion of the genius of perimeters.

Remember when we were kids being told to “color within the lines”? Whether as children or as adults, virtually all of our reality is lived out within certain lines or perimeters. Think about the import and reality of ALL the perimeters in our lives: the television, our pictures and artwork even those of the very homes we live in. All have very specific perimeters that have grown as the old definition of those perimeters were challenged and overcome. It is only within perimeters we create! The larger the perimeters become, the greater the creativity that is unleashed!

The Gospel does not remove all boundaries; it expands them to their greatest existing reality. Established then expanded perimeters inspire imagination. Having no boundaries at all, no basis for understanding our current “location” seemingly places the mind in neutral. We have seen this with some folks who got free in their thinking from Evangelicalism through the Gospel, only to be neutralized by discarding the perimeters of the Gospel itself. Even the Gospel, or I could say especially the Gospel, has perimeters. The Power of God, the Gospel, is released to our souls by the ongoing understanding and discussion of what those perimeters are!

Sometimes people end up throwing-out or denying the perimeters of the Gospel because the old perimeters of their former Christianity were so wrought with holes and as much ridiculousness as seeing the Earth as flat. Some of these wonderful folks go adrift becoming atheistic after being set free by the very Gospel they now reject. Or we’ve seen some concoct their own new religion again with no perimeters which again stunts growth.

Discovering the Earth is not flat does not mean there is not a round Earth to discover forever!

The flatness of Christianity has now been exposed as the fraud that it is. The roundness of the Gospel is just now beginning to unleash our creativity and thirst to discover where these new perimeters can take us.

Christianity has no clearly defined perimeters. Every attempt to establish a perimeter in Christianity is accompanied by an “if, but, or a maybe” resulting in irrational and disconnected attempts to establish perimeters on morality rather than on spirituality.

No wonder there are over 50,000 Christian sects and denominations! This insanity has NO perimeters to anchor on.

The perimeters or boundaries of the Gospel are certain, crafted by God and verified by the Holy Spirit-Inspired Body Document, what Jesus Himself called the Scriptures—the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets—which do not include the writings of what became known as “the New Testament”.

God’s first perimeter was the Law:

· Designated Behavior
· Specific Sacrifices
· Divine Rewards
· Divine Punishments

These were all designed by God as a foreshadowing of what and Who was to come as He expanded the perimeters to the Gospel:

· Redemption is only by One Man
· Redemption is established without the participation of the rest of humanity
· Redemption abolished all law governing humanity’s relationship with God
· Redemption is the fulfillment of ALL Scripture

So, go ahead, I dare you! Connect these perimeter lines of the Gospel and start coloring!

Like the amazing picture that Audrey was able to paint for herself about her own life, that I could never have drawn for her, you will be amazed at the beautiful piece of art that your thoughts renewed by the Gospel of Peace and Grace will produce.

This New Covenant and eternal perimeters of the Gospel are going to be recognized by the masses one day. We are on the ocean on the way to this “new world” of thought. The false, constricted, judgmental confusion that is Christianity is literally on its way to being consumed by the very inferno it created.

Much Love,

So, This Atheist Went To Heaven

So, This Atheist Went To Heaven

Dear Family,hitchens

Christopher Hitchens, the political writer, commentator, and avowed atheist passed away last week at age 62 after a long bout with cancer. And then, although it may sound like the start of a joke, this atheist went to Heaven.

In his media appearances, Hitchens made some of the most rational and reasonable observations I have ever heard. In a recent interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper he said, “I do not think that any incantation (prayer) can save the soul or the body.”

How is it that someone who teaches and advocates for the Gospel of Grace and Peace as much as I do could be in such agreement with an avowed atheist?!

Here’ how…Long before the Gospel stabilizes one’s heart it must first dismantle the irrational but widely accepted conclusions of Christianity and religion. Hitchens’ statement that a prayer cannot save the soul, meaning ones eternal destiny, is more rational than anything ALL the evangelists combined on planet Earth are saying, that’s for sure!

The voice of the rational is never heard immediately. The rational is not heard until the voice of the irrational and absurd has been followed mindlessly to its most devastating and destructive conclusion. History is replete with examples. Only a very few hear the voice of reason and bring to a halt the insanity and devastation mid-process.

The rational voice is eventually heard and becomes conventional thought only by its consistent, persistent, repetitive nature. It refuses to go away. And it happens not because it shouts louder or rebuts every misguided statement of the irrational. It is eventually heard and adhered to simply because it is there, that it exists.

Rational thinking can come from any place and any person’s heart at any given time. Yet, rarely does it emanate from a mind dominated by religious thought.

Even though Christopher Hitchens did not believe in God, his statement about the power of prayer to effect eternity is according to the Gospel 100% accurate. Once he took his last breath he was confronted with the reality and enormity of the work of the Cross. And he now knows that the God he did not believe in loved him desperately and without condition.

And Hitchens also discovered upon his entrance into Heaven that he was totally right about his stance on prayer and belief, that an incantation could not change his eternal destiny. Still, his stance did not mean he did not have an eternal destination. He just didn’t know it!

For 20 years now I have been influenced by the rational reality of the Gospel regarding “the end of the world.” I have declared for decades that “the end of the world” would not happen. And I based my definitive statement with the Scriptural evidence. I have been right ever time! But, as of yet, my stand has been relatively ignored and unheard.

Now as we approach 2012, have you heard? This is going to be the last one that humans will be here. 2012 is the end of the world, again! Really?

Once again, let me be consistent, persistent and repetitive. “IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!”

Will my voice be heard amid the irrational clamor? Maybe not this time, but will it eventually? Without a doubt! Why? Because that statement, that rational verifiable statement, is out there.

Thank you so much to those of you who have supported this effort financially and otherwise this past year. It has given us a greater opportunity to speak rationally into this sea of confusion.

Some might ask, “Mike should we pray for you?”

Let me reply with the wisdom of Christopher Hitchens. During his public battle with cancer people would ask him the same question. “Should we pray for you?”

Hitchens would reply, and I echo, “If it makes you feel good.”

Much Love,

Extrapolating The Future

transitive verb
: to infer (values of a variable in an unobserved interval) from values within an already observed interval
a : to project, extend, or expand (known data or experience) into an area not known or experienced so as to arrive at a usually conjectural knowledge of the unknown area <extrapolates present trends to construct an image of the future> b : to predict by projecting past experience or known data <extrapolate public sentiment on one issue from known public reaction on others>
intransitive verb
: to perform the act or process of extrapolating

Extrapolation works ever time.

The Founding Fathers of the United States extrapolated. Our existence in this country is not just based on the basic ideas on which it was established but also on the hope what those ideas would have on future generations. That future hope motivated our Founders.

Martin Luther King, Jr. utilized those basics to lead an entire nation forward in race relations. His dream’s foundation were those basics. If he had not used those basics to extrapolate what the future would look like, would the U.S. have a black President and another African American from the opposing party possibly challenging him for that high office? The answer is no!

Ronald Reagan extrapolated the downfall of the Soviet Union based on basics. He relegated what he called the “evil empire” to the “ash-heap of history”. He was correct.

Using the basics, I extrapolate the downfall of organized Christianity and religion in general.

The basics of science cause one to extrapolate. As long as that extrapolation does not supersede the frame of time where all factors are the same. Therefore, we can extrapolate the eventual effect the Gospel will have on humans to come. Because we know as a result of the Gospel that ALL things will remain the same vies a vies God’s relationship with us and the planet—no judgment to come, no end of the world, no rewards for conducting one’s spiritual life a certain way, no answers to prayers, no special treatment for a “chosen” few—we can easily foresee the ramifications that the Gospel will have on the near and distant future.

The reason many “sciences” or long-prescribed “scientific” statements of “fact” eventually fail is simply because of their faulty extrapolation of accepting that things may not stay the same in the future. And they, too, mistakenly think that things have always been as they are.

As long as these two things can be accounted for, extrapolation works ever time.

Our awareness of the sure absence of future judgment from God, no threat of the end of the world, no hope for prayers being answered—in other words a vital, logical, rational mental disposition—we grow. We grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These false perceptions, promoted by religion throughout the ages, proved to stunt the minds and imaginations of humankind over four thousand years. Advancements in medicine, science, the arts, thought itself, and the most important one of all, acceptance of one’s self and others were almost completely aborted.

Recently we received constructive criticism which is always welcome. The critic’s point was that we in the Gospel Revolution were straying into opinion and mere speculation – that we were not sticking to the basics. We considered his comments carefully and appreciated them. Still, here’s the reality. If the basics do not give one a view of how one’s thinking could and should change personally, and therefore potentially for that of all humanity, are those basics at all? If the basics don’t have the seed of growth beyond them, they really are not basic, are they?

We must stick to the basics. I agree. However, are the basics only to be used to find a safe place to moor “life’s ship”? Or can we also utilize the basics to sail for the unknown?

It is true that those who use the basics of the Truth of the Gospel to stay in a safe harbor AND those who choose to sail and chart the unknown are all One in Christ!

Let us not judge those who choose to stay safely harbored. But in the same vein please do not hold back those of us who want to sail freely to the next horizon!

Taking the risk of the voyage, the uncertainty of tomorrow, yes, even the next moment is something that many of us foresee the Gospel leading us to!

For those who choose safe moorings, the adventures of the daring among us will surely benefit you and your own decedents guaranteed. They always have and always will. And your safe harbor will remind us that it’s all worth the effort!

I have no claim to “know what I am doing”. No true explorer knows for sure what the future holds for them. However, the basics of the Gospel call me and my fellow explorers forward like a delusional lover challenging the bounds of what he or she can feel, not just what we know.

We KNOW Jesus by the Truth of the Gospel based on the Body Document, the Holy Scriptures. What I know about Jesus makes me reach as far as I can. And once I have reached as far as I can, I set sail following something I feel AND based on something I know.

So, if the Gospel has caused you to find safe moorings, ENJOY! Still, if the Gospel has sparked your immigration, then get aboard! Or better yet, set sail on your own! Be prepared for an unending adventure that will see you arriving into the loving revelation of just who and what you are and what your full potential may be!

We truly are ONE.

Much Love,


How In God’s Name

Dear Family,

How in God’s Name does Jesus—the life of Jesus—leave the realm of fantasy, religion and myth as a biblical character to one of reality, truth, knowing, and a daily awareness of His impact?

If the Gospel is truly “the Power of God”, and if it is to have its full impact on what that power is directed at—our brains, the Gospel must become something we know, and we must know why we know it!

As long as Jesus, truly the ONLY figure in the Gospel, is still portrayed as a baby in a manger or a figure on a crucifix, the Gospel will never be known. Jesus must be KNOWN, not believed on or in. And He must be known through the Scriptures—which are not the New Testament writings. The Scriptures, as defined by Jesus Himself are: the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets.

The Law was an exercise God revealed to humanity through the history of Biblical Israel. That demonstration showed we were not designed to live by laws.

Jesus came on the scene, to His own nation first, demanding faith and belief as the ultimate and logical conclusion to trying to live-out the Law.

And what was the conclusion? Israel, even with the Messiah in their midst, absolutely proved that humans have no ability to keep God’s Law as a means to a covenant with God.

Regarding our ability to have faith, Jesus said if we had just some faith—even the smallest amount of faith—we could cast a mountain into the sea. And to show how little faith it would take He compared it to the littlest of seeds—the mustard seed. He said if we could have just a little itty bitty faith it would cause the physical world to be affected.

No human has ever had that kind of faith, ever. We do not and cannot have the faith that God demanded.

Moved any mountains lately? Seen any moved by someone else?

What I call the “Body Document” (aka the Scriptures) was never written to be believed in or have faith in. It was given so we could actually KNOW Jesus and the power of HIS resurrection.

Through several centuries of text and writers, this Body Document has proven itself to be the Divine Spoken Word of God.

It was never wrong, inconsistent nor inaccurate in its multiple accounts of Jesus as the Messiah. This foreshadowing was hidden, what Paul called a mystery. However, that mystery has now been revealed.

There is no calculable possibility for someone to have put the hundreds of prophecies together so they could be “acted out” at some later date. It was only in retrospect that we know what God was up to. This is especially true when you see how that the Scriptures, and Jesus Himself, even hid its own true meaning until “the Day of the Lord!”

For example, had someone wanted “to make” the prophecies “be true”, no one would have had Jesus born in Bethlehem, be from Nazareth, to have women as close confidants, nor be betrayed by someone named Judah (Judas) Hebrew for the “Praise of God”!

So, you may ask, Mike, why are you calling the Scriptures by this term “Body Document”? Glad you asked! I use this term because it is a document that became a body. God breathed words, became a physical document manifested in the body of ONE. The Scriptures are a body of work, a Body Document, so the work could become a body, Jesus Christ.

How can one KNOW Jesus? We know Jesus by knowing the Scriptures: the Law, Psalms and the Prophets. As we begin to understand the Body Document, we begin to see the very form of the Messiah! You can feel His form, hear His voice, see His face.

Paul said, when HE shall appear, be revealed, we shall be like Him. For we shall see Him as He is!

I talk to Jesus ever morning when my phone rings and it is my sweet brother Richard Mull. I was privileged to have Jesus in my house for four months this summer, before he went off to school, Ray Harris. I watched Jesus run the sound board at our recently completed Summit, Jeff Robertson. I’ve listened to Jesus sing in Kate Benham and Greg Amburgy. At those Summit meetings Jesus sat next to me in the persons of Glenn and Carla. Jesus showed up in a beard and long hair from Wisconsin, Josh Tennie. He stayed in the parking lot in a motor home next to the hotel, Alvin Cooper. Jesus wept as Mary Lou Koostra, with eyes moistened, listened to a message she had never heard before.

At the Summit we dared to know the Scriptures rather than to believe the writings of any man.

I admit my limited knowledge of the Scriptures, that beautiful Body Document. But to every degree I understand the Scriptures, the more I KNOW Him! I see Him. I understand Him. And I begin to understand me.

And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one. Zechariah 14:9

Much Love,


A Perfect Storm – A Perfect Ride

Dear Family,

I just finished watching an MSNBC documentary focusing on Dr. Conrad Murray and his role in Michael Jackson’s later life and death.

In the wake of Jackson’s death, and the trial of his physician Dr. Murray, we learned some things about the frame of mind of the late pop star and those surrounding him.

Jackson believed he was chosen by God to change the world. What pressure he must have felt believing in this “calling”, plus having hundreds of millions of dollars at his disposal to possibly accomplish it, and a myriad of enablers around him to feed this notion. The oppressive nature of that for him must have been beyond measure.

It was Dr. Murray who reported that Michael Jackson said, “I am chosen by God to change the world”. It is likely that the very sleep disorder which required extreme measures in order to sleep was either caused or exacerbated by Michael’s messianic beliefs.

Murray’s comments imply that he, too, by virtue of his intimate and pivotal relationship with Jackson may have seen his role as God-ordained, as well.

A perfect storm was in place. All it would take for Dr. Murray to ignore all professional protocol in his care of Michael was to believe he was also chosen of God for this divine assignment.

True to form, Dr. Murray reported having a “holy spirit” moment when he became convinced God Himself was in control of his life and guiding his path.

I have to admit, I can relate to Michael in his desire to change the world. However, it is vital, even an issue of life and death, to know the difference between WANTING to change the world and believing God Himself has CHOSEN you to do so. I rejoice that I am NOT chosen by God, save the one thing all humanity was chosen for: redemption.

This is the finite and infinite nature of the Gospel in practice. The finite: Jesus was THE only One chosen to redeem the whole world. And the infinite: ALL human beings past, present, and future are chosen for redemption for all eternity!

When an individual removes themselves mentally from this single equation of only being chosen the same way everybody else is chosen, they place themselves in the most vulnerable position psychologically and emotionally one can be in. Seeing yourself safely inside this equation allows you to KNOW your value and worth (and everyone else’s) in God’s eyes. Without it, the search for identity can lead to delusional external spirituality.

When two identically misplaced spiritual identities come together, with the same “calling” like Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray with the resources to feed the lunacy—what you can end up with is a perfect storm!

With a sleep disorder, possibly caused from the pressure of thinking he was being chosen by God to change the world, and with that sleep disorder possibly preventing Michael from doing “God’ s Will”, Dr. Murray was there to make sure Michael slept and then felt perfectly justified in doing whatever it took to do so. At that point, no request from Michael or any act on Dr. Murray’s part was too extreme. The goal was to save the world as instructed by God, for God’s sake!

Some think I see the world a bit too simplistically. I get that. However, when ones understanding of the Gospel places the Gospel in the same survival category as the need for water, air, and food, things get pretty simple and to the point.

In my opinion most answers for the psyche, the mind, the will, the emotions, the intellect—in other-words, our soul—are all resolved in the understanding and ongoing rehearsal of the Gospel.

Christianity does not teach a daily benefit of the Gospel. It only teaches an eternal benefit of “the gospel” they promote, which is no Gospel at all. I do not think all mental and emotional damage comes from religions like Christianity. However, I do think all mental and emotional traumas are increased in intensity by religion.

The Gospel has no eternal benefits.

The Gospel is the good news reporting that all eternal consequences were finished at the Cross. The continued meditation of this fact, with all its implications, frees the mind, the emotions, and the intellect—our soul—for its designed purpose: to operate in a logical, rational, vital, mental disposition.

This is the entire purpose and target of the Gospel, what Paul called “The Power of God”. The power’s target? The target is our brains and the way with think and emote and thereby communicate.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is it!

I’ve been observing my own journey for a while now. It has been one of mental and emotional instability transitioning into one that is observably more stable. All my internal instability has not been resolved to my satisfaction as of this writing. However, with Gospel before my eyes, I sure am enjoying this ride–a perfect ride!

Much Love,

Top Ten Reasons To Abandon Self-Righteousness

This morning I was having my regular morning conversation with Richard Mull.

As usual, I learned something.

Richard told me, “After listening to ‘The Faith of God’ series for the third time, I’ve made a decision. I am giving up my own righteousness!”

Now I have known Richard Mull for almost 20 years. And believe me when I tell you that he gave up his own righteousness long before today! However, Richard’s statement rang inside me like a church bell on a crisp fall day in Vermont!

Richard told me that giving up his own righteousness was the most important decision he had ever made.

Truer words have never been spoken. The ramifications of that decision may indeed place it at the top of every humans list of, “crucial things to do”.

Why is it just that important?

Well, reflecting on what we have all learned over the years, when self-righteousness is forsaken it has a direct, immediate, life-long and progressive effect on the soul.

And now for This Planet’s Top 10 Reasons to Abandon Self-Righteousness:

#10 – Allows for Peace to Elevate in One’s Soul in All Situations

#9 – Bitterness Loses Its Grip

#8 – Deceit Loses Its Charm

#7 – Implacability (unwillingness to resolve personal issues) Dissipates

#6 – An Attitude of Mercy Replaces Mercilessness

#5 – Understanding Oneself Ensues / Acceptance of One’s Contradictions Released

#4 – Self-Justification and Having To Prove Others Wrong Exits

#3 – Self-Pity Becomes Painfully Obvious

#2 – Judgment Loses Its Desired Result of Proving “I am Right!”

And the #1 Reason to Abandon Self-Righteousness…

Guilt is Reduced Until It Totally Evaporates

Please be assured that this is NOT is not a litmus test for how much self-righteousness one is dealing with! These are simply things that Paul taught would either accompany righteousness or things that self-righteousness produces.

Paul said he gave up his own righteousness that he might know Jesus and the POWER of His resurrection. That’s another great reason to give up on our own, don’t you think?

Still, the list is useful. Just do not use it to measure other’s self-righteousness. But feel free to compare it to your own state of a vital, logical, rational mental disposition.

Even God’s Law was only supposed to be used to judge oneself!

Watch and learn!

Love you,


So Help Me God?

“So help me God” was not in the oath of office as George Washington took that oath when he was inaugurated as the first President of the United States. It was added by Washington himself at the end of taking the actual oath. Although it has never been officially added to the oath, every President since Washington has also included the phrase at its conclusion.

What are they giving oath to? And what did they invoke God to assist them in?

Among the other things they pledge is “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America”. And historically we know some have not, that some have outright broken the Constitution they pledged to protect and which they implored God to help them to do.

Did God fail to help them? Did the devil get in? Did the citizens not pray enough for their respective leader? Or was Jesus to be taken seriously when He said on the Cross, “It is finished”.

Before revolutionary America and since, people who do not accept or understand their own greatness or that of their peers often add God to the equation in almost every scenario. By doing so, they diminish the freedom and wisdom of their own heart (and of all others) which ironically God Himself imputed to all people.

This attitude of “adding God” to what is produced out of our own hearts (and should be recognized as such) can also diminish our mental capacity to pursue fact and truth.

The United States, whose birth we just celebrated, was not born out of the will of God.

Nor was it founded with God’s hands-on assistance.

It was conceived and forged by the will of men from within their own hearts.

Yes, it was conceived from the heart of mankind. The same heart of mankind freed by God Himself!

No act of God formed these United States.

Ever since the Cross, freedom has been integrally joined to the heart of every human being. And from then to now, a struggle has been engaged for that freedom of the heart (that God gave each person) to be realized in each one’s mind, intellect, will, and emotions–the human soul.

The birth of this nation was simply a slight reflection of that magnificent freedom.

This is akin to the reflection of light that comes off one molecule of water that has worked its way to the surface. This may possibly be for the first time in history that the light hit that molecule in just the right way, when it was finally at the surface (perhaps at the surface for the first time ever, too) and reflect it in such a way that it hit the beholder’s eye for just a split second.

And what a glorious image it was!

So much so, and so powerful a moment it was and so timely to he or she who experiences it, that it must have to be “miraculous” or to have that added “God factor”.

But it wasn’t a miracle. There was a scientific, observable, quantifiable explanation behind it, as wonderful as it was to the observer.

What happened in the 1770s must have seemed just as “miraculous” to those who experienced it and also to those who have looked back on those days. But the glory of this nation’s existence was not founded on the assumption that providence or the intervention of God is her strength.

But rather, it was without providence or intervention of any supernatural power that the U.S.A. was established and exists to this day.

At this point in our history, it is vital to understand that God is neither for nor against my ideas or yours–no matter how inspired they may be.

Still, it is equally important to know that God is the only source of freedom producing our ideas and thoughts.

When we think that our ideas are validated by God, it not only can give me the assumed right to assassinate the character of those who think differently than I — but since God is on my side — I MUST destroy the character of those who disagree with those ideas (or doctrines) that God has “blessed” and supposedly validated.

The power of the Cross is that man had no part in the freedom that was purchased for us.

The power of this nation is that God was not involved in establishing it.

If we are able to keep the glory of these two apart — God’s accomplishment at the Cross and humanity’s accomplishments on the Earth — we stand a chance to unleash the most creative power ever seen on this planet.

Perhaps we could even see true freedom manifest worldwide, not just for a few (or one) nation “blessed” by God.

God not only did not establish the United States. He also did not establish Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, modern-day Judaism, ET AL.

God, through Jesus Christ, did establish the Gospel. The only hope of true glory we really have.

– Mike Williams

Surviving Christianity

Surviving Christianity

Throughout my life I have watched young talented people giving full expression to their respective gifts as they looked to the future and what promise it may hold.

Thinking back on them puts a smile on my face and causes me to reflect on what growing up was like for me.

Perhaps you can relate.

I spent my entire life inhibited, afraid, self-conscious, guilt-ridden, and ashamed. I fully believed in Christianity and fully suffered the cost and loss for doing so.

If you were raised in church and were not concerned about sin in your life every moment, if you were not convinced all unbelievers were going to burn in hell forever, if you sat in -church but never totally accepted that the world was coming to an end and the judgment of God was soon to be poured out, if you actually thought you would grow to be an adult or that your children would become adults — you are fortunate beyond words.

If you, too, believed all the lies of Christianity and now know the Truth of the Gospel, you undoubtedly treasure the Gospel as much as I do.

The Gospel, the power of God if you will, had much repair to do for many of us long before it could begin to stabilize our hearts.

Damage this deep, perpetrated by a religion of sin and death, is so unexplainable and unfathomable to those who didn’t go through it. Yet still, it is only something wise enough and powerful enough to understand the damage that could ever hope to touch it and begin to help those so dramatically affected.



As If There Is No God

“I’m living life as if there were no God,” a dear friend recently informed me.

Now some might think that bit of news would be quite upsetting to a Bible Teacher who promotes The Gospel and the benefits of its meditation.

I was not upset in the least. I was excited!

When one’s understanding of God and spirituality leads to a belief that God or some “spiritual law” is working on behalf of that individual pertaining to their life, career, health, relationships, etc. or that some evil force is working against them—this is the beginning of a progression from an organized mental illness to a very disabling one.

Thinking that God or the Devil is either working for or against you in daily life is mental illness.

America’s most famous atheist, Madeline Murray O’Hare, stated that one reason she did not believe in God was what she had been taught about God and what He does and does not do. One summer afternoon, after not being able to resolve her questions, she stepped outside during a lightning storm. Having been taught Christianity, Madeline decided to take it to its limit. Even if it cost her life, she was going to know once and for all. As the lightning struck all around her she turned her face to heaven and yelled out “if there is a God, strike me dead NOW!” The storm passed. Thus, America’s most outspoken and famous atheist was born.

Transformation of the heart and mind does NOT come to the human soul when one figures out what God does and does not do in everyday life. Nor does it satiate the heart to know that the Devil is working against us.

What satiates, transforms and renews the mind and soul of humankind is to know that “IT IS FINISHED!”

During the last few years I have not only started experiencing this “salvation”, but have observed close friends having very similar experiences while consistently staying focused on the message and the many facets and ways of looking at the Gospel.

We have all seen many of life’s ups and downs, to say the least! What a difference it is to face them with a healthy, vital, logical emotional and mental disposition!

I do understand what my friend said about “living life as if there is no God”. Instead, I would like to say that I am living life as if it truly is “finished.”

What is finished?

Everything is finished. Every way in which we saw God interact with humanity in the Scriptures, and which Christianity wants to apply to our lives on this side of the Cross (which is so amazingly destructive to do)—that is what is finished!

I could never say that God is NOT involved in daily life. Especially since He and we are ONE! Still, that IS God’s sole involvement in our daily life.

God’s involvement is not seen in what HE does or does not do today. It is manifested in who we all are: perfect, righteous, holy, without spot or blemish, sinless—and what He did to accomplish that fact.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!!!

Live free, love free, think free. This is best accomplished by knowing Who has set us free, what we’ve been set free from, and by continually acknowledging that freedom.

Lots of Love,


Dear Loved Ones of the Lord,

As we continue our journey through the Book of Romans Chapters 5-6, please notice the words found in Romans 5:1.

“Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Justified. What a fascinating word. It is a word that amazingly describes how we stand in the eyes and eternal view of God. To be justified means that you stand without guilt or blame. Someone once stated that being
justified means God sees me ‘just if I’d never sinned”. This is the truth of God’s view and opinion of you. To be justified means that in the eyes of God you are in equal standing with Jesus Christ. Wow.

God sees you as holy, as blameless, as pure, as innocent, as without guilt or blame just like He views His only begotten Son. When God looks at you, He sees the purity and innocence of Jesus Christ. Think of that for a moment and let it sink in. You are justified, not guilty. You are not and will never be condemned. And to be justified goes beyond just being forgiven. It means God sees you as having NEVER done anything which needs to be forgiven. Wow.

How many Christians live their lives in a never ending cycle of repentance and guilt? When you hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speak to your heart that “you are justified”, you know that there is nothing left to repent for (accept the thought that you need to repent)! There is nothing to seek forgiveness for. There is nothing to feel guilt about. God says you are not guilty. God says not only have the charges of the law been dropped against you through the death of Christ, but there is not even a record left that you were ever a transgressor. You are justified. Wow.

Look at the next words, therefore being justified by faith. As we noticed last week, our right standing before God is based wholly and fully on the grace of God through faith. And that faith is the faith OF the Son of God Who loved us and gave Himself for us. So, not only are you pure and innocent in the eyes of God, that fact has nothing to do with your own worked-up faith or belief. It is forever secured, based upon the perfect faith OF the Son of God. Wow.

Christ had/has the faith that when He went to the Cross the demands of the law would be met forever. He had/has the faith that ever charge that could ever be brought against the whole human race was dropped from the Court of Heaven for eternity. The death, burial and resurrection of Christ declare forever to the whole world that you are justified before God. Do you believe that? Even if you don’t, for whatever reason, it is still true! And it’s all because it is based on the faultless faith OF the Son of God. Rejoice and again I say WOW!

So how does it feel to be perfect and without fault in the eyes of God? Get used to it. It is the only way God ever has and ever will view you, justified. Just if I (you had never sinned). Double Wow.

More Good News to Come,
Michael Williams

Nova Scotia (New Scotland)

My flight to Nova Scotia was fairly uneventful, that was until I met up at the Halifax Airport with one of my buddies and a fellow worker in the Gospel, Richard Mull. Richard lives in California and works there in an investment firm. It had been a few years since we had last seen each other so some catching up was in order.

Randy Cook and Roy Muise were there in Halifax to drive us the 3 hours or so south to the beautiful seacoast fishing village of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. There we met all the different people who had started listening to our teaching tapes and who were filled with wonder at what they had heard.

Then the questions started flying!

My schedule called for eight days, teaching every evening, plus lunches and breakfasts with many different folks. It was an awesome time of getting to know everyone.

Without speaking “evangelistically”, it seemed like the Gospel we share was spreading like a wild prairie fire impacting the hearts and minds of those present. Lots of different people from many different walks of life were there, restaurant owners and chefs, dairy farmers, nurses…well. many interesting people

One young man who touched my heart deeply plays hockey for the Mariners, a minor league hockey team in Canada. What an amazing thing it was to get to tell this young man that he can fully expect to become a father and grandfather outside any unforeseen circumstances AND for him to become certain that when life ends it will NOT be at the hand of God having decided to destroy the planet in an “end times” calamity as he had been taught!

I tell ya, I feel so blessed to get the opportunity to bring such good new to such wonderful people. Now I want everyone to meet my new found friends and fellow workers in the Gospel who reside in one of Canadaâ?Ts most beautiful provinces, Nova Scotia

I will post some pictures on the web site so you can see some of these beautiful people.

Michael Williams


Philadelphia is called the City of Love, and after my recent visit there I must say that I concur.

Just a few months back I had the pleasure of being contacted by a minister from an area near Philly. His exposure to the teaching I have done over the last few years had made a dramatic impact on him. As we’ve talked over the last few months I learned that several other folks in the area had also been significantly affected from hearing our gospel message that all the law and
prophecy of God had been totally fulfilled at the cross. As a result, I received an invitation to come share with this small group of people who hungered to know more.

Two days and four meetings turned into an immersion experience of being engulfed in the love of God. It is an amazing thing to visit a place and people where you had never been and be greeted with unrestricted acceptance. It resulted in a sense that I have known these people forever.

One of the most poignant moments was when we were discussing the question of why Jesus went to the cross and what end had been realized because of it. I have had questions regarding this for a long time that seemed unanswerable. However, our time together revealed a crystal clear understanding.

When I was a young man I attempted suicide three times. I had been told that my own sin was in fact nailing Jesus to the cross over and over again. This perverted message of Christ, which in purity should have relieved my guilt, instead caused so much guilt that it was, to say the least, absolutely oppressive.

Here is what surfaced so beautifully in that meeting in Philadelphia. You see, Jesus did not die because you or I had done wrong. He died for the unbelief of the Adam. As Paul explained, sin was in the world 430 years prior to the giving of the law by God to the children of Israel. Paul also stated that the law NEVER made a man a sinner. So, if Jesus died to correct all of our wrong doing, than the work of the cross was a miserable, disappointing failure.

Further, if people still had to believe in order to achieve righteousness, after Jesus died for “the sin of the world” (Adam’s sin of unbelief), then again this would represent a total failure to accomplish the goal.

Only two things are called “sin” in the Bible, the sin of unbelief and sin which is a transgression of God’s law. Concerning the sin that was a transgression of God’s law, Jesus did NOT die to free us from what we have done, not done, OR are currently doing. He did, however, die to remove the law which had held all of humanity liable for our actions. In other words, Jesus did not die to free me from my sinning. He died to free me from the requirement to believe. Then He nailed the law, which had indebted me to God for simply being human, to His tree.

Yes, in Christ is TOTAL freedom from sin. For where there is no law there is NO transgression (Romans 4). And where there is no sin of unbelief any more, no human can be held liable for their unbelief either! Oh happy Day! Oh happy day! When Jesus washed, He washed my sin ALL away! Oh happy day! And by the by, that was not the day I believed. That was 2,000 years ago on the cross of Calvary. Oh Happy day, indeed!

To my new friends and partners in this awesome Gospel work, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your graciousness and kindness while with you in Philadelphia. I hope to see you again there soon!

Now I move on to Nova Scotia, where another new group of listeners have invited me to speak.

And to those who have supported and still do support this amazing truth of God’s Word, THANK YOU!

One of my good friends and supporters Richard Mull from California will be traveling with me to the Canada meetings. Richard’s wife Eva will be visiting her family in her native land during the same time. Many of you will remember Richard and Eva from some of our week long meetings a few years back. Eva sang and played her guitar. We could have listened to her for many hours.

It’s all about Jesus!

Michael Williams

The Law of God

Recently I have found myself engaged in conversations concerning the law of God. So, I wanted to update you on my view of this awesome subject, a subject that can lead one to total insanity or an amazing level of peace of mind and heart.

Yes, I believe many emotional disorders can be traced to a misguided view on this subject. I personally concur with King David when he stated that he loved God’s law! I also love Gods law passionately. Most of my critics would never think of me making such a declaration, since I do not believe God’s law exists for relationship with God any longer. Yet, I love it!

Others who profess to love God’s law, without an accurate revelation of its purpose, are often privately very angry about God’s law, and, indeed, angry with God Himself. It would be very difficult to love something that you perceive is the instrument of your feelings of guilt and shame and the cause of you potentially burning in hell for all eternity. Plus, how could you truly love the One who inspired such an instrument. So, you see, the perception of God’s law relative to us today is a very important subject indeed.

I can’t seem to find any of the purposes of living God’s law that I once accepted. Here are a couple of examples.

1. Righteousness. How much clearer can one be? Paul stated that if righteousness could have come by the law then surely a law would have been given for that purpose. So, I agree with Paul, too. God’s law was NOT given to make one righteous. Therefore, it obviously cannot be used to measure righteousness.

2. Blessings. Can anyone be blessed by keeping God’s law? They sure can. However, I do not believe I have the right to come up with my own standard by which I am blessed. I must accept the standard as set forth by the law I am attempting to use to be blessed by. Can I receive the one blessing spoken of by keeping the one law? No, it is not possible, according to the Law Giver. I MUST keep ALL of God’s law without infraction before I may receive even one blessing! This extends even to my third generation! Yes, a full three generations must keep ALL of God’s law for one to be blessed! That’s right. We must all be obedient to all God’s law to get even one blessing. Can anyone do that? Of course not, it is impossible. Therefore, God’s law can not be used to obtain blessings. I could go on with how God’s law was given to show us the way to live and many other so called reasons for God giving it to the Jewish people.

Still, I think I will accept the one and only reason Paul taught was the purpose of Gods law. It is found in the book of Romans. God’s law is pure, holy and just. In Paul’s words, God’s law was given to reveal, nothing else, just to reveal. If that is its purpose, should I not seek the revelation the law was intended to reveal?

First, we must ask Paul’s question. Did the law make any one a sinner? God forbid! How can anything perfect and holy create something unholy? You see God’s law did not create anything. It was given to reveal the condition in mankind that existed before the law was ever given. So, you see, the law cannot bless or curse. It can only reveal. This revelation is how peace replaces insanity. How? This understanding replaces a perceived division between you and God with total unity. According to the same teaching of Paul the law was given to reveal sin, the condition of sin (or separation from God) not the act of sin. This condition was brought on by one man’s, disobedience. Adam was the perpetrator.

By comparison, in the same teaching, we accept Paul’s declaration about the gospel.

The gospel is the power of God because it reveals the righteousness of God. So, here’s my prayer. That people would stop misusing God’s law and accept it for its intended purpose. In all reality, the law made it unlawful to act like a human. God’s purpose in it was to produce the revelation that our humanness was NOT the problem and so that we would ever be free in Christ from trying to change our humanness in order to please a God Who could only be pleased through perfection, the perfection of Jesus Christ.

Always remember, the law is revelation not instruction. Understanding this crucial difference is the difference between inner peace and turmoil.

I Wish You Peace Above All Else,

Michael Williams

Staying The Course

First, let me say thank you for sharing one of my life’s most amazing moments. My last writing really was just that for me.

As we continue to move forward in this great Gospel effort, I am reminded of Paul’s statement that states “the Gospel IS the power of God.” He declared that the rationale behind this power is a divine revelation of GOD’S righteousness. The following statement in Romans 1:18 declares that without THAT understanding verse 17 indicates that all you are left with is a view of God as a wrathful God. And that, my dear friends, is not true!

Until my eyes were opened to this Gospel, I saw God through the prism of the Law. One might ask, “Why would viewing God through the Law leave you with an impression of God as wrathful?” Simply stated, it is because the Law works wrath. Wrath is the only logical conclusion to the Law of God, for through it there is none righteous. No not one!

Unless the heart and mind is freed from the Law, there can never be a clear understanding of the Gospel.

I think that most all of evangelical Christianity sees the issue as some form of mixture of law and grace. However, that is simply a double minded perspective of God and HIS Gospel. It is so easy to hear this two-faced view from the statements of the legalistic Christian. One moment you will hear absolute statements about unconditional love. The next, maybe even the following week’s sermon will be of absolute wrath.

Herein reveals the heart of understanding the Gospel. Is it a line drawn to separate good from evil based on God’s Law? Or, is it a line drawn between law and grace? Yes, here is exactly where I depart from evangelical Christianity’s view of truth. While making grandiose statements about respecting God’s Law, they really dishonor God’s Law! Why? Because they confuse God’s purpose for giving the Law to Israel in the first place.

While many profess respect for God’s Law, I think our articulation of the Gospel is the only true absolute respect for the Law of God. And, by the way, this is the view that agrees with the Law. ALL who were born after Adam were declared to be sinners, without exception.

You simply cannot take one single issue then try to make a moral statement out of it as people who judge by the Law do.

I sometime wonder why the Christian and religious world wants to debate who is and who is not right with God based on the Law, when the Bible is clear that ALL are guilty. Just what part of ALL is so hard to understand?!

So someone may ask, “Michael is homosexuality condemned by the law”? Here is where I could imagine Jesus answering a question by asking a question. “Is EVERY sexual thought against the Law?” The answer is, of course, a resounding “YES!” because that, ladies and gentleman is the true heart of the Law! The answer YES is the correct one to any question that ponders if God condemns any human endeavor short of His perfection.

Galatians 5, which I believe includes ALL of us, never debates the validity of the condemnation of every human aspect as declared by the Law of God.

Entire religious movements form in order to excuse one area of failure or another as they attempt to keep the Law. And then they stand back and judge others for other laws THEY are not keeping.

Here’s a case in point. Many “gay” churches exempt homosexuality from the Law. I do not. Whether self-righteousness comes from a gay person or the “Church Lady” herself, I care not! I will never vacillate. The Law declares ALL to be guilty, including me. Let me say it again, ALL. God’s Law is pure, converting the soul. That includes me. That includes you.

I have no problem at all with a complete and total admission that if the Law were in effect today that I would be under God’s wrath. Can you say the same? Just where does our righteousness come from? Is it a mixture of His righteousness and ours? No. Thank God, it’s just HIS!

Thus Paul’s testimony in Philippians 3 reveals his conversion was not from a murderer to a pacifist. It was a conversion from his own righteousness to God’s! Hallelujah!

Then just why was the Law given to the Hebrew children? One thing is for sure, it was NEVER given to make them righteous or it failed more miserably than Communism. It was given for the sole purpose of revealing to the human mind that ALL were sinners, as a result of Adam’s transgression. To this end, there has never been a greater success.

God had already declared ALL to be sinners due to the disobedience of one man, Adam. The Law did not help God differentiate between who was a sinner and who was righteous. God already had declared who was a sinner. Do you actually think the Law helped God to see sinners for what they were? That would be laughable. The Law did NOTHING to help God see humans for what they were. Neither did the Law make a man a sinner. The Law did not set the parameters for human behavior. Virtually all the Law does is declares us to be human and God to be God.

What does the Gospel reveal? God is God and we are human and righteous humans at that! The current debate is that “without God’s Law a human has no guide to behavior.” Don’t they know that there are entire cultures that have NEVER heard or seen God’s Law who have much more respect and care for humanity than some Christian individuals have ever had?

You see the black hole vacuum of judging by the Law sucks everyone who uses it that way into a blinded, skewed understanding of the Gospel. While swirling in the blackened confusion, they point the finger at the “lawless” and live in their own self-imposed private hell of guiltiness. Running to and fro, using the name of Jesus as a cover for sin, and NEVER accepting Him as the removal of all sin.

“For where there is no law, there is no sin!” One of Paul’s statements about the Law is that should you ever, ever use it to judge someone else, you are NOT a doer of the Law any more at all. According to Paul, we see that the Law was ONLY and STRICTLY given to judge one’s own self, not for one to judge another.

Let’s suppose that God’s Law WAS still in effect today. Now let’s apply Paul’s understanding of how to use it LAWFULLY. Ok then, can I only use this code to judge myself? Yes, the law cannot be used to judge others, ONLY for your self.

WOW, bring back the Law!! And then let’s use it LAWFULLY! For being TOTALLY under the law AND using it lawfully, is far better than this convoluted disrespect and mixture of God’s Law AND His grace! Herein is found the understanding of the Cross. Without a FULL understanding and acceptance of the Law, there will never be a full and complete understanding of grace.



If you miss the guilty “revelation” of the Law, you will miss the righteous “revelation” of the Gospel. Can you even imagine a world where the Law of God was used by individuals to judge one’s self and NEVER as a tool to judge another? Could the statement in Revelation be about this? Be HOT or COLD. Luke warm is sickening! Is HOT one who keeps God’s Law and COLD one who breaks God’s Law? I think not, because then law breaking is just as acceptable as law keeping. Be hot or cold! This is what is acceptable. Could it be he is suggesting that you should either get totally under the Law or totally under Grace? For to be in the middle is a sickening misguided view that can only lead to confusion and a lack of understanding of both the genius of God’s Law and the beauty of His Gospel!

The Law didn’t need a little gospel and the Gospel doesn’t need a little law.

Let me declare, “I love God’s Law”, because it reveals God’s opinion of us through the first Adam. I will never forget its revelation! I Love the Gospel equally to God’s Law, because without the Law those of us who tried to be accepted by it would never know the glory of His grace.

So we declare like other revolutionaries: “Give me grace (liberty) or Give me law (death)!

Grace is indeed a “revelation” of liberty and law is indeed a “revelation” of death! Therefore, I now can address the issue of morality on any issue, as can any who do NOT judge others by the law.

My view of morality can be summed up in this single statement: Morality is totally and completely irrelevant in the message of the Gospel which leads to the freeing of the heart.

Now, let’s take on the issue of freedom. Freedom NEVER wants to violate the liberty of others. And it’s not that this violation in and of itself is a God’s Law issue. But it is an issue of the heart. Is this a subjective call? I think not, because it is only those who use God’s Law to judge others who make that Law subjective.

Yes, I can now hear those who do judge by the Law shriek, “What?! Did he just say morality is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY irrelevant in the Gospel message?” Yes, without wavering, it is irrelevant.

Is morality irrelevant in the commitments we make to each other? Absolutely not. If you are not ready for commitment and promises, don’t make them. You could possibly destroy yourself and the person you make the promise to. Let your yes be yes and your no be no!

Thus my view, sexuality is NOT a Gospel issue. It is a personal, private issue to be worked out in the strictest separation of law and grace like every other moral issue. And just like each of those, it is to be worked out in the heart of each of us, like the ones about eating pork, having intercourse during the menstrual cycle, women covering their heads, etc., etc.

With this absolute separation of law from grace, is sexual predatory behavior a private issue? NO! A sexual predator is a violator of another’s freedom. Thus, no understanding of the true Gospel would lead a heart to limit another righteous person’s freedom. Nor does the Gospel revelation lead to inaction when standing for the freedom of others to live free.

“Then why, Mike Williams, did you bring up your sexuality in the last letter?” I did so ONLY because it was already brought up previously in a false light. I am not afraid of the light shinning on it now in order to correct my own previous misstatements.

Yes, we’re staying the course. The current of the river of religious bigotry is very strong in the world. However, do not waiver, dear one. Do not be sucked into the hypocritical vacuum of compromised “Christian values”. Stand fast, therefore, in the LIBERTY (see definition below) wherewith Christ hath made you free and be not entangled again in the yoke of bondage. In other words, stay the course!

Much love,
Michael Williams

Liberty: Exempt from moral, mortal, sacrificial, and ceremonial law.


The response to our “Revolutionary Plan” is tremendous. Viva La Revolution! The Plan is in full force! But please be patient.

I will be in contact with you personally soon.

Some of you got so excited, you didn’t even tell me what area you were from.

When responding please give me all your contact info (especially day and night phone numbers) and something about what city, state, and hamlet you may be able to cover. And you may call me.

For all of you (should I call you “deranged” righteous folks) who have taken WAY too much pleasure in your e-mail responses poking fun of my acronym for Point People (“P.P.s”), you’ve convinced me into change a quick change! You guys may just be too funny for your own good. For those who didn’t catch it (or restrained yourself from commenting), at least I know that all Gospel Revolutionaries are not budding stand-up comedians!

How about going with: “GRiPP” (Gospel Revolution Point Person)?

I know I will just never live it down calling our support and organization people our “PPs”. Granted it was mostly our American comrades who picked out this “flaw” in our plan. Who else would you suspect? Not our more reserved Canadian revolutionaries to the North!

So, from now on you will be called our GRiPP in your area. You all are hilarious and even more appreciated. Even with all this potential fun, we don’t want to open the door for even more criticism that you know is going to be there anyway.

So, got it? We are no longer looking for “PPs”. We want GRiPPs, Gospel Revolution Point People!

Having Fun Communicating Love,

Mike Williams

P.S. “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.  Concerning all acts of initiation and creation, there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans; that the moment one definitely commits oneself, the Providence moves too.  All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.  A whole stream of events, issues from the decision, aiding in ones favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no one could have dreamed would have come their way.  Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.  Begin it now.”

Forward or Backward

In the latest post on our gospelrevolution.com site, Glenn took the opportunity to express views that, in short, examined the stances pro and con regarding the controversial appointment of an openly gay man to the position of Bishop in the Episcopal Church. I felt it was a good point to make. I knew he had struck a cord. I just didn’t realize how big of one.

I now know how naive I was about where people really are in their thinking. Actually after the many responses came in my surprise went both ways. We received some of the most gracious replies. There were letters encouraging us to keep going, demonstrating that this gospel revolution is breaking down barriers and changing hearts in an awesome way.

There were others of disagreement. As I read them I could see their point and respected their opinions whether well thought out or not so well thought.

Disagreement is such a healthy exercise in this life. Hey, let’s face it. None of us have moved forward in our thinking without some conflict and disagreement. The fact is our that our nation, as a free society, was founded in conflict and has never moved forward without it. In actuality, the planet and its people has never moved to a better position without these moments, unpleasant as they may be. However, in each of these human experiences, national and personal, opinions don’t answer the critical questions. Ultimately, they are only addressed through observable experiences that endure the passing of time.

Perhaps, rather than be inflamed by the excessive warnings of the “slippery slope” that the doomsday folks always warn us about, let’s all take a deep breath and see what transpires. Warnings about the peril to society when the slaves were freed or when women got the vote turned out to be baseless. It simply took time to see that a freed black man was not a demon waiting to commit anarchy. Nor did women’s equality change the electorate to a totally emotionally-based voting pattern.

Contrarily, we should never allow ourselves to be lulled into a sleepy mindset that would allow a true societal tragedy such as the Holocaust Germany perpetrated.

The question at hand, though, is this: are we moving forward or backward?

There has been present in the argument against homosexuals as equals the fringe thinking that certainly must be openly and vigorously denounced and exposed for its ignorance, hate, and intolerance of any grace or critical thinking.

My mind is literally filled with so many things I want to say. My heart is groping for wisdom to make my thoughts clear. What I’m about to say is in no way designed as a publicity stunt or tactic to keep you “tuned in”. The things I want to say will be forwarded in the future and will be clearly articulated. I will be doing this is a series of posts to come, hopefully very soon.

As you read my comments, please read them knowing who they are coming from. They will be coming from Michael Williams: the youngest of 6 siblings, a father of 3 daughters, the Grandfather of four, and a man who turned 51 August 16th, one whose life’s is driven to know, understand, and share the Truth of the person of Jesus Christ. This is all comprised in an honestly gay man. This is a man who truly wants to grow in the grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and who believes he is.

Michael Williams

Gospel Revolution Memo

From: Michael L. Williams
Re: Our Progress
-Those who have been revolutionized by the preaching of this Gospel
-Those who are contemplating this Gospel
-To those who have rejected this Gospel
-And to all those who have been made righteous by the blood of Jesus Christ
(Includes all of the above plus everyone else)


Just a quick note bit to update you on the goings on of the revolution.

Since September of 2002 it seems that the veil has been rent in people’s openness. Much “conversion” of their souls by the Gospel we share has ensued. Requests for tapes are coming in from around the world. Phone calls are received almost daily from “regular” folk and from those in many parts of the Church community’s leadership inquiring about the Gospel and its implications. Emails asking for more information and voice mail messages left reveals that the light of understanding God’s love is coming on. The flow is a constant thing now.

At this moment I have several situations concerning well-known church leaders of the Christian world who have made contact with me. I have made or am making plans to spend personal time just for discussion and to answer their questions. In most all these situations I’m not free to disclose my contacts at the current time for confidentiality sake.

The simplicity of this Gospel is shaking the so-called foundations of many who once called this an evil movement. My own understanding is growing every day. I must also say that the opposition has also grown to new heights. Yet my hope is buoyed in the knowledge that many who embrace the truth of the Gospel are the very ones who once rejected and denounced it right out of hand.

You see, if we’re correct about this Gospel, all humans are Holy and righteous from conception. If indeed that is true, there must be something resident in everyone’s heart specifically designed with this truth born with him or her. Therefore, no matter what their initial response, eventually it can become undeniable because it just fits perfectly into their heart, created in the image of God.

One email we received recently really gave me one of those moments of understanding. After reading the email I saw clearly in my minds eye the cross of Jesus. I saw as it is recorded the soldier piercing Jesus’ side. Out came the water and blood. Hebrews tell us that we enter into the Holy of Holies through the veil, which is “His” flesh. Yes, as the soldier thrust the spear into his side, out came blood and water from the Holy One. Water was for washing, blood for the cleansing of the sin of man. You see, that’s what we saw come out. The same water and blood used to purify the courts of the Temple and cleanse the sin of the people. But look at what God saw according to Ephesians. God saw the entire human race enter the Holy of Holies through the veil of HIS flesh. Not through works, ” obedience or belief”, but by the blood of Christ we have entrance in and stay in.

This communication to the world that all have been redeemed can produce more “believers” than all the evangelical presentations of the “Saddam Hussein-Jesus”. Yes, you read it right. The “Saddam Hussein-Jesus”. That false Messiah says obey and believe and I will reward you. If not, I will destroy you. At least the real Saddam Hussein’s punishment lasts only a relatively brief while.

The Jesus of the religious Christian world will burn and torture most of humanity forever.

Just look at the faces of those caught on camera in the crowds of Iraq. They appear filled with adulation and love (kind of like the so-called believers in the pews on television and in the churches). Yet, we know in the hearts of the Iraqis there is a seething anger for “having to believe and obey” Saddam. I wondered for years where the anger comes from when we present this Gospel to the evangelical world. Could it be that they are also deeply angry because they know they are not truly free in the system they’re in?

Just some food for thought.

Let me close by encouraging you all and by relaying that all is well as the “Gospel Revolution” rolls on!

Communicating the perfect love of this Gospel, we rejoice together in the victory of the cross,


Stretch It

For over 30 years I suffered from disabling lower back pain. Over the years everything became more and more difficult and restrictive. Flying or driving had to be limited to about 5 hours and continued getting less and less.  Muscle relaxers and painkillers became a regular part of living, or so called living. About six years ago, after seeking every form of professional help to no avail, I happened to catch a T.V. magazine show. A professional therapist wanted to demonstrate to the world the wonderful benefits of stretching. To do this he took nursing home volunteers who shuffled about holding onto handrails, unable to bend to tie their own shoes. He began to work the magic of stretching on those suffering from the advanced affects of aging. The news story filmed the participants before and after his instruction and guidance. The result after one year was astounding! Elderly folks standing, bending, looking behind themselves, between their legs! Sitting, lifting one leg at !
a time and placing it behind their neck! Convinced, I was going to do it! I would not grow old without learning to stretch.

I was already to start.

Six painful years passed. I used the “no one to show me the way” and a million other excuses. You see, I didn’t need anyone to show me how to walk or where to walk. Just stretch me so I can walk and keep going where ever I chose.

I will never forget the day this past April. A friend in Vancouver, who owns a gym there, put me on the floor for my first good stretch. Cold sweat, nausea, rapid breathing were just a few of my immediate reactions. Just when I thought he should quit, he pressed more. The result? Instant release! Getting up off the floor and standing could only have been described as new life! I could feel! I didn’t even know how numb I actually had been all those years! Walking around seeing how wonderful I felt must have been like watching someone on the newest and best wonder drug.

During the process of learning and practicing my new-found freedom in the gospel could be aptly compared to my experience with stretching.

We have all seen and experienced it many times. The mind and heart gets stretched. We sense emotional and mental nausea, if you will. But we continue on. We experience freedom and feeling that hasn’t been there in years if ever before. Many of us literally walked in freedom for the first time perhaps in our lives. “Walking” without the disabling pain and restrictions of legalism is literally joy unspeakable and full of glory.

You see, my desire is not to show you how or where to walk. Just stretch you so you can go where your need to.

I think many have wondered, “Now that I am free why should I get actively involved in this Gospel Revolution?” Here is the answer. We all need the gospel! Just like the awesome liberty of physically stretching. The results can only be enjoyed as long as we continue to stretch. Be a part. Join in on every “stretching class” available. And then start stretching on you own! Tapes, web sites, sharing, reading, getting involved financially.

Sorry, giving won’t stretch YOU. However, it will help me to stretch others to think and expand their view of the awesome completed work of Jesus. Your own experience tells you just how desperately it is needed. You can also get a group together and invite me to come share for a weekend. It really is not that expensive or difficult.

Use the freedom you have been given and keep on stretching! Please don’t become complacent now. You are the ONLY ones I can turn to for help in defining and delivering this message to the masses.

Here is where to call or write to get involved.
Mike Williams Media
P. O. Box 572
Olney, IL 62450

Or call the office 561-557-1329. You may get our voice mail. But we will return the call.

Your friend,
Michael Williams

Kenya Crises

Kenya Crises

Dear family,

To keep you informed our family in Kenya is in crises.

Moses, Liz and the boys are under assault in their home town of Nakuru. Moses has informed me the store has to be closed a majority of time due to violence. This is impeding their freedom to provide for themselves.

Please let them know you are thinking of them. Check in on social media with messages of encouragement.

Much love,


A member of the Luo tribe runs away from police and past a house reportedly owned by a Kikuyu which they ransacked and set ablaze by other members of his tribe during ethnic clashes in the central Kenyan town of Nakuru. (ROBERTO SCHMIDT, AFP/Getty Images)

A member of the Luo tribe runs away from police and past a house reportedly owned by a Kikuyu which they ransacked and set ablaze by other members of his tribe during ethnic clashes in the central Kenyan town of Nakuru. (ROBERTO SCHMIDT, AFP/Getty Images)