Surviving Christianity

Throughout my life I have watched young talented people giving full expression to their respective gifts as they looked to the future and what promise it may hold.

Thinking back on them puts a smile on my face and causes me to reflect on what growing up was like for me.

Perhaps you can relate.

I spent my entire life inhibited, afraid, self-conscious, guilt-ridden, and ashamed. I fully believed in Christianity and fully suffered the cost and loss for doing so.

If you were raised in church and were not concerned about sin in your life every moment, if you were not convinced all unbelievers were going to burn in hell forever, if you sat in -church but never totally accepted that the world was coming to an end and the judgment of God was soon to be poured out, if you actually thought you would grow to be an adult or that your children would become adults — you are fortunate beyond words.

If you, too, believed all the lies of Christianity and now know the Truth of the Gospel, you undoubtedly treasure the Gospel as much as I do.

The Gospel, the power of God if you will, had much repair to do for many of us long before it could begin to stabilize our hearts.

Damage this deep, perpetrated by a religion of sin and death, is so unexplainable and unfathomable to those who didn’t go through it. Yet still, it is only something wise enough and powerful enough to understand the damage that could ever hope to touch it and begin to help those so dramatically affected.