From: Michael L. Williams
Re: Our Progress
-Those who have been revolutionized by the preaching of this Gospel
-Those who are contemplating this Gospel
-To those who have rejected this Gospel
-And to all those who have been made righteous by the blood of Jesus Christ
(Includes all of the above plus everyone else)


Just a quick note bit to update you on the goings on of the revolution.

Since September of 2002 it seems that the veil has been rent in people’s openness. Much “conversion” of their souls by the Gospel we share has ensued. Requests for tapes are coming in from around the world. Phone calls are received almost daily from “regular” folk and from those in many parts of the Church community’s leadership inquiring about the Gospel and its implications. Emails asking for more information and voice mail messages left reveals that the light of understanding God’s love is coming on. The flow is a constant thing now.

At this moment I have several situations concerning well-known church leaders of the Christian world who have made contact with me. I have made or am making plans to spend personal time just for discussion and to answer their questions. In most all these situations I’m not free to disclose my contacts at the current time for confidentiality sake.

The simplicity of this Gospel is shaking the so-called foundations of many who once called this an evil movement. My own understanding is growing every day. I must also say that the opposition has also grown to new heights. Yet my hope is buoyed in the knowledge that many who embrace the truth of the Gospel are the very ones who once rejected and denounced it right out of hand.

You see, if we’re correct about this Gospel, all humans are Holy and righteous from conception. If indeed that is true, there must be something resident in everyone’s heart specifically designed with this truth born with him or her. Therefore, no matter what their initial response, eventually it can become undeniable because it just fits perfectly into their heart, created in the image of God.

One email we received recently really gave me one of those moments of understanding. After reading the email I saw clearly in my minds eye the cross of Jesus. I saw as it is recorded the soldier piercing Jesus’ side. Out came the water and blood. Hebrews tell us that we enter into the Holy of Holies through the veil, which is “His” flesh. Yes, as the soldier thrust the spear into his side, out came blood and water from the Holy One. Water was for washing, blood for the cleansing of the sin of man. You see, that’s what we saw come out. The same water and blood used to purify the courts of the Temple and cleanse the sin of the people. But look at what God saw according to Ephesians. God saw the entire human race enter the Holy of Holies through the veil of HIS flesh. Not through works, ” obedience or belief”, but by the blood of Christ we have entrance in and stay in.

This communication to the world that all have been redeemed can produce more “believers” than all the evangelical presentations of the “Saddam Hussein-Jesus”. Yes, you read it right. The “Saddam Hussein-Jesus”. That false Messiah says obey and believe and I will reward you. If not, I will destroy you. At least the real Saddam Hussein’s punishment lasts only a relatively brief while.

The Jesus of the religious Christian world will burn and torture most of humanity forever.

Just look at the faces of those caught on camera in the crowds of Iraq. They appear filled with adulation and love (kind of like the so-called believers in the pews on television and in the churches). Yet, we know in the hearts of the Iraqis there is a seething anger for “having to believe and obey” Saddam. I wondered for years where the anger comes from when we present this Gospel to the evangelical world. Could it be that they are also deeply angry because they know they are not truly free in the system they’re in?

Just some food for thought.

Let me close by encouraging you all and by relaying that all is well as the “Gospel Revolution” rolls on!

Communicating the perfect love of this Gospel, we rejoice together in the victory of the cross,