Dear Family,

Mike Williams Ministries and the Gospel Revolution is proud to announce the formation of:


ACSL, (“A Child Shall Lead”) is dedicated and committed to reporting on the momentous actions, feats, inventions and achievements of our world’s righteous, holy, sanctified and redeemed children and young people (and, as you know, that means every child that is and will ever live on Earth).

As our first “official” bit of ACSL News, please view this from You Tube:

In our last Good NewsLetter we reported on Jack Andraka’s amazing accomplishment. But we wanted to show you him receiving his award and acknowledge that seeing this was the inspiration for that letter and for ACSL.

It is our heartfelt belief and conviction that a child raised to know his or her true identity has the potential to literally change our planet.

Continue to hang on for the ride, Folks. We have ONLY just begun to establish ways for the Gospel Revolution to infect this planet with knowledge to a generation that will lead us.

I want you all to understand we are now enacting “The Blanket and Laser Strategy” for MWM and the Gospel Revolution. The goal is to blanket the planet in the undeniable revealed love of God. Then with laser precision zap every form of doctrine that dares raise its ugly head in judgment or to diminish the proven and finished work of the Cross.

ACSL will begin as a segment on the Gospel Revolution Radio Webcast and eventually become its own entity.

Excited yet?

Please stay logged-on and involved.

Much Love,