Recently, I have been addressing an article written by Dr James Richards of Impact ministries, Huntsville, Alabama. While I have been at a loss as to just why Jim published this now, 20 years since I last saw him, it has presented itself as a really good teaching tool.

Jim lets everyone know, 20 years after the fact, that I, Michael Williams, have been “biblically” shunned!

Over the years, many have been through this dogmatic crime against the heart.

It seems almost all Christian denominations have some sort of predetermined way to dis-fellowship their wayward, rebellious, misguided members. This harsh and unloving act gives vent to all that is truly wrong with legalism. In fact, it is the epitome of legalism.

One need not research meticulously through the doctrine of those that practice “shunning.”  The fact that they do it is all the evidence you will need.

Please avail yourself to the Powercast hosted by Beres Bartlett to learn the “biblical” reply to this self-indulgent doctrine.

Many examples of shunning come to mind, and I would like to ask you to send me an email describing your experience with this crude doctrine. It will help others who have been shunned. So please participate. This can be done to people “officially” by leadership or just friend to friend and even by family members.

Listening to the gospel and coming to Mike Williams meeting has brought real and painful backlash for many. Everything from grandparents being told to never speak of it again or they will not see their beloved grandchildren again and eventually being told if they even are caught listening to me they will not see their babies again.

I myself am only tolerated by some of my siblings because of their Christian doctrines.

Yes, a part of this gospel revolution has been very

painful for so many of us, and inevitably will continue to be. It is simply part and parcel of “stepping out of line.” At least in other people’s view. There is a price my friends for following your heart.

Friends, you should be aware of our tremendous success, even according to Jim Richards and many others! It has been the “GR” that has penetrated the darkness of legalism and brought the subject of grace to the forefront around the world. Yes you have done this!!

And to all those like Jim who oppose the gospel revolution we say. You are holy, righteous and perfect in the eyes of God. Whether aware or ignorant of God’s grace we have all been given HIS righteousness by HIS faith.

Much love,

Michael Lilborn Williams