It is June already! And the Gospel Revolution is rolling on and rolling strong.

“The Mystery of The Gospel”, was my subject in Calgary, Alberta Canada June the 13th to the 15th. The CD’s will be ready soon. Order yours NOW!

June 27th and 28th are the dates for my upcoming Southern Illinois Gospel Revolution Seminar. Come join me. This is where I was the Pastor of two different Churches between 1979 and 1983. I may need reinforcements! Find the details on the back of this newsletter.

The Gospel Revolution in Kenya has kicked into a summer blitz! Well, summer blitz to one half of Kenya and winter blitz to the other half. (The equator goes through the center of Kenya.)

Beginning in July, The Gospel Revolution will be broadcasting regularly scheduled programs, throughout Kenya and neighboring countries. Here’s the amazing part: one station is Catholic-owned and operated, and the other is Muslim-owned and operated!!

This is the latest email I received from our friend and Gospel Revolution colleague Moses Ngata of Nakuru Kenya:

Jambo Papa,

How are you?

Today I had an audience with the Muslim leader in charge of the radio station in their studio. We were talking about the program we are about to engage in starting in July. They asked me about you and I was able to give a brief history and description of Mike Williams and Mike Williams Ministries and also about the school of the scriptures.

He shocked me when he told me that he is aware of the Muslims who attend the school of the scriptures and commented that he is in full support of them and the school of the scriptures.

He told me to say something On-Air in their studio and this is what I said that stunned him and the listeners too: “Prophet Mohammed and Yeshua are One”.

They laughed in the studio and their mouths hung wide open, speechless and in shock, asking for more elaboration on my statement. I told them to wait until July when we kick off for more good stuff.

This Muslim is reading my copy of your book ONE now.

What more can we say? You have favor in Kenya my friend.

Love you,

Amazing right?!

GOOD NEWS! Summer pledge drive will begin July 7th.

Help us run self-righteousness out of power! Start deciding now what you would like to do to send the Gospel Revolution around the world.