There is a big difference between teaching the gospel and seeing the gospel.

How does one “see” the gospel?

We humans, with any self-reflection at all, seem to be acutely aware of how “human” we are. Our humanness surfaces each and every day. We feel human. We act human. Sometimes thankfully. Sometimes regrettably.
So, within this context of being “human”, how and when do we actually get to “see” the gospel in humanity?

For myself, I am amazed at just how human I actually can be. I get angry at someone for cutting me off on the road even when I am not in a hurry and where no real danger exists. My lack of compassion and empathy at times raises its ugly head. I have desires, even those that most would see as “acceptable,” that I keep to myself hoping no one ever sees. Yes, I hide parts of my humanity. Why do I do this?

On the other hand, my opinions? I think everyone is obligated to hear and accept all my opinions! Why the disconnect? The humanity I hide is comprised of things I really should have no problem being open about. Contrarily, I pontificate about some things which no one actually needs to hear. At times, I am not very happy with myself. However, I usually only admit that to myself.

So, how does this all jive within the Gospel Revolution view that God and man are “ONE”? If we are one and are ALL perfect, why do these contradictions exist?!

Because of that perfection, where we are “one”, is within.

So, experiencing “peace which passes all understanding”, while this paradox of humanity remains, is truly divine!

The only way most of us have ever heard about experiencing God is encapsulated in the phrase: “To err is human, to forgive is divine”. It is true. However, what is divine about forgiveness? And why would something divine be required of us to do? Did God forgive because he was required to? If so, by whom and by what law was he required to? Of course, he was not required to. He chose to for his AND our benefit. He made a choice IN his own righteousness!
The resident God or the “divine” nature of humanity have never and will never be able to be realized or seen by that which is required. This is one of the factors which makes legalism so insidious and destructive. Like the veil of Moses, required action and attitude (AKA legalism) hide the divine keeping it from being seen and experienced.

The religious mind cannot accept the divine being manifested in the Earth through a “rule-breaker”. We in the Gospel Revolution are fortunate to know of the divine inside all. However, maybe we’re still being affected by thinking that the divine cannot be delivered by the rule-breakers.

Legalism “crucifies” the Christ in us on a moment by moment basis, not effecting our being ONE but our awareness of it. Leaving us humans to experience a “form of godliness” but unable to “recognize” the power thereof.

Many times we see God in humankind as described as the extraordinary or the heroic. At other times, simply as kind, caring, giving and loving.

How would one be able to recognize if any of these are truly divine?

Perhaps it is when it is seen and acknowledged as kind, heroic or extraordinary. The one performing the act, deed or word, is baffled as to how it could be seen as anything more than, “what anyone would do”!
Powerful indeed!

So, when divine shows itself powerful, loving, kind, the one through whom divine does its work sees it ONLY as normal! And yet the observer is astonished.

When we experience God IN us and think, “it is only natural”! Now THAT is divine!

I am not referring to being “used by God”. I find this statement gross and disgusting! I am not talking about being used by God but rather simply and profoundly being God in the Earth!

Does the butterfly have a clue of its beauty? Is the mighty waterfall aware of it power and ability to inspire awe? Of course not. Their amazing contributions to our world come naturally, without hesitation or self-consciousness.

May humanity increasingly see and experience our true divine nature, and the supernatural flow of the gospel, to be as effortless and powerful as the butterfly and waterfall manifest their nature. This is where human error and divine acts, including forgiveness, meld into the reality of God and mankind being one and eliminates legalism from our consciousness.

Thank you for your participation in this quarter’s pledge drive. Should you ever realize what your gift is doing, you would know it is divine!

Much love,