This morning I was having my regular morning conversation with Richard Mull.

As usual, I learned something.

Richard told me, “After listening to ‘The Faith of God’ series for the third time, I’ve made a decision. I am giving up my own righteousness!”

Now I have known Richard Mull for almost 20 years. And believe me when I tell you that he gave up his own righteousness long before today! However, Richard’s statement rang inside me like a church bell on a crisp fall day in Vermont!

Richard told me that giving up his own righteousness was the most important decision he had ever made.

Truer words have never been spoken. The ramifications of that decision may indeed place it at the top of every humans list of, “crucial things to do”.

Why is it just that important?

Well, reflecting on what we have all learned over the years, when self-righteousness is forsaken it has a direct, immediate, life-long and progressive effect on the soul.

And now for This Planet’s Top 10 Reasons to Abandon Self-Righteousness:

#10 – Allows for Peace to Elevate in One’s Soul in All Situations

#9 – Bitterness Loses Its Grip

#8 – Deceit Loses Its Charm

#7 – Implacability (unwillingness to resolve personal issues) Dissipates

#6 – An Attitude of Mercy Replaces Mercilessness

#5 – Understanding Oneself Ensues / Acceptance of One’s Contradictions Released

#4 – Self-Justification and Having To Prove Others Wrong Exits

#3 – Self-Pity Becomes Painfully Obvious

#2 – Judgment Loses Its Desired Result of Proving “I am Right!”

And the #1 Reason to Abandon Self-Righteousness…

Guilt is Reduced Until It Totally Evaporates

Please be assured that this is NOT is not a litmus test for how much self-righteousness one is dealing with! These are simply things that Paul taught would either accompany righteousness or things that self-righteousness produces.

Paul said he gave up his own righteousness that he might know Jesus and the POWER of His resurrection. That’s another great reason to give up on our own, don’t you think?

Still, the list is useful. Just do not use it to measure other’s self-righteousness. But feel free to compare it to your own state of a vital, logical, rational mental disposition.

Even God’s Law was only supposed to be used to judge oneself!

Watch and learn!

Love you,