Dear Gospel Revolutionaries,

Please enjoy the latest installment below from my book, “One – The Gospel According to Mike”. The excerpt is from Chapter One: “Pursuit of Righteousness”. The picture at the top of this Good NewsLetter is just one of the faces from the collage from Mosaic that comprises the cover of the book. Each chapter of the book will have one of these faces at the top that in total makes up the “One” face from the cover. As for the book’s progress, we are in the final editing stage of this amazing project. The book’s physical reproduction through our new Geneva Publishing is cued-up next. Stay logged-on and getting ready to be saved…

…The story told right from the outset in Genesis is the basis for redemption. It is also the basis for understanding the Gospel. It is the basis for understanding the work of Christ. Without it, there is no need for the work of Christ, because we could become knowledgeable about spiritual things through our own conceptions. And that, my friends, can get into a really weird zone. I’m sure most everybody has experienced the weirdness of trying to come up with one’s own individual spirituality. Still, when spirituality is allocated to the reality of only one man’s experience, freedom begins to dawn upon the soul. Anytime any of this becomes about you, the light begins to go out. You do not become enlightened. Blinders begin to cover our eyes opening the door of our thinking to shame and guilt.

When God spoke through the prophet Isaiah, he was talking about the light that was coming through the Redeemer and said, “I would give you sight, but it wouldn’t do you any good because you are in complete darkness. And I would take away the darkness, but it wouldn’t do any good because you are totally blind”. It’s irrelevant whether or not you have sight if you are in complete darkness. It’s also irrelevant to have light if you’re blind! And here we see this incredible struggle in the religious world. People claiming to be “in the light” yet can’t see. People who claim to see, yet in complete darkness.

The first time I understood what Jesus meant by “being in darkness”, it was really funny because I had previously accepted a totally different teaching about what darkness meant. Being in darkness was about my sin. My life simply did not measure up. Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll – that was darkness. However, in John’s Gospel, Jesus told the disciples directly that they were in darkness. He said they were in darkness because they didn’t know where they were going. The light went on for me! Being in “darkness” doesn’t mean you are in sin. It doesn’t mean you have done something wrong. Being in darkness means…you don’t know where you’re going.

We have an entire world that is “in darkness” because they don’t know where they’re going. So, let’s shed some light on the subject…

….And light is indeed what is being shed — with the Book, the Webcast, the Website, the Newsletter, and our lives. These lives of ours that have been united forever as ONE through the Gospel of Grace and Peace because of the one, singular work of Jesus, the Redeemer of ALL!

There’s more light coming on this week’s show. Until then…

Much Love, Grace, and Peace for ALL,

Mike Williams Ministries