Happy New Year everyone!!

Wow! What a year 2015 was! First I would like to thank all of you who supported the Gospel Revolution during this past year. It was indeed a banner year because of you! Your monthly support kept us alive and your one-time gifts in each pledge drive are the boost we need every quarter to finish the task.

This last year we also experienced a measurable increase in understanding the gospel.

Issues of Heaven and Hell were clarified. Our understanding of exactly what “unity” with God looks like has also increased. Dualism is being exposed and defined as Beres and I both tackle the subject.

2015 brought with it a strong juxtaposition between the gospel and Christianity. Here is one of the most striking differences as we put them side by side: All Humans come with internal and external contradictions such as, “I love everyone, but I occasionally get angry.”

Christianity as a doctrine attempts to eliminate these contradictions. Lets face it, the contradictions never ever leave us. The only result in the pursuit of eliminating our contradictions is to become fake, phony, yes even liars or discouraged. Remember those days?

The gospel does not create a goal of ending human contradictions. The gospel synthesizes our contradictions. It gives us the ability to be honest about them with ourselves and others. It eliminates the “polar opposite” dynamics of contradictions, therefore bringing peace! That’s what the gospel is all about. Peace with God, peace with our self, and peace with others.

Kenya has become a major part of the GR in getting the gospel out, especially to the Muslim community. The School of The Scriptures is thriving and meeting as often as possible due to the rise in terror threats in Kenya. All kinds of religious backgrounds are proud to call themselves gospel revolutionaries in Africa.

Myanmar and Thailand have been added to the list of countries where the gospel is being shared at extreme risk to those who are sharing it and also to those who are attending classes and schools set up for the sole purpose of declaring the gospel of peace and grace.

This year much will be learned and shared in and from the gospel revolution and MWM.

From myself, Hazel, Jeff, Beres and our new project manager, Kris Novak, we once again extend to you our gratitude! Have a wonderful New Year!

Michael L Williams

PS Remeber! Beres and I will be speaking in Calgary Alberta on the subject of “Dualism” beginning Jan 23rd to the 25th. Jeff will be making more videos this year. Keep in touch!