In the latest post on our site, Glenn took the opportunity to express views that, in short, examined the stances pro and con regarding the controversial appointment of an openly gay man to the position of Bishop in the Episcopal Church. I felt it was a good point to make. I knew he had struck a cord. I just didn’t realize how big of one.

I now know how naive I was about where people really are in their thinking. Actually after the many responses came in my surprise went both ways. We received some of the most gracious replies. There were letters encouraging us to keep going, demonstrating that this gospel revolution is breaking down barriers and changing hearts in an awesome way.

There were others of disagreement. As I read them I could see their point and respected their opinions whether well thought out or not so well thought.

Disagreement is such a healthy exercise in this life. Hey, let’s face it. None of us have moved forward in our thinking without some conflict and disagreement. The fact is our that our nation, as a free society, was founded in conflict and has never moved forward without it. In actuality, the planet and its people has never moved to a better position without these moments, unpleasant as they may be. However, in each of these human experiences, national and personal, opinions don’t answer the critical questions. Ultimately, they are only addressed through observable experiences that endure the passing of time.

Perhaps, rather than be inflamed by the excessive warnings of the “slippery slope” that the doomsday folks always warn us about, let’s all take a deep breath and see what transpires. Warnings about the peril to society when the slaves were freed or when women got the vote turned out to be baseless. It simply took time to see that a freed black man was not a demon waiting to commit anarchy. Nor did women’s equality change the electorate to a totally emotionally-based voting pattern.

Contrarily, we should never allow ourselves to be lulled into a sleepy mindset that would allow a true societal tragedy such as the Holocaust Germany perpetrated.

The question at hand, though, is this: are we moving forward or backward?

There has been present in the argument against homosexuals as equals the fringe thinking that certainly must be openly and vigorously denounced and exposed for its ignorance, hate, and intolerance of any grace or critical thinking.

My mind is literally filled with so many things I want to say. My heart is groping for wisdom to make my thoughts clear. What I’m about to say is in no way designed as a publicity stunt or tactic to keep you “tuned in”. The things I want to say will be forwarded in the future and will be clearly articulated. I will be doing this is a series of posts to come, hopefully very soon.

As you read my comments, please read them knowing who they are coming from. They will be coming from Michael Williams: the youngest of 6 siblings, a father of 3 daughters, the Grandfather of four, and a man who turned 51 August 16th, one whose life’s is driven to know, understand, and share the Truth of the person of Jesus Christ. This is all comprised in an honestly gay man. This is a man who truly wants to grow in the grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and who believes he is.

Michael Williams