Volunteering at the orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya.

Volunteering at the orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya.

If you had any doubt about what is happening in Kenya, we hope to dispel whatever that might be.

We hope you’ve been following the exciting news coming out of Kenya, and that you had a chance to read Moses Ngata’s report in our previous e-newsletter. We can confirm to you that everything is going just as splendidly as Moses reports. He is, however, a very busy man now. We’ve published an actual recording from 99.0 FM HERO Radio in Kenya of a broadcast of the gospel message “The Redemption of the World” on our podcast site. The broadcast is in Swahili, but in the first 5 minutes of listening, you can hear the radio announcer say “Mike Williams”, “Gospel Revolution” and “School of the Scriptures.” The number of students at the School of the Scriptures is growing! All of this was made possible by Moses Ngata and the students with their own money and efforts. By now, over a million people (if not many more) have heard the gospel in East Africa. You can listen to the radio broadcast at “Gospel Revolution on the Air in Swahili.”

We are proud to support Moses and the students. It must be said that Moses has never asked for anything. He has never complained, even when he was attacked on his long walk home a couple weeks ago. We are committed to buying Moses a vehicle and we are accepting any and all donations toward that effort. Please call Jeff Robertson at 352-569-4889 to donate or for more information.


The Gospel Revolution Conference in Calgary this past weekend was a huge success. Mike spoke on “Living by Faith”, and the clarity of the subject as well as some really surprising insights came out of those meetings. The series is already available for download. You can download it at “Living by Faith Audiobook Download.”


On a more somber note, Mike made an unscheduled trip to California and is with our dear friend Richard Mull. Richard’s bout with cancer and his journey here are coming to an end. For all of you who know Richard, we’ve all shared in his suffering as much as Richard shared his love with us. We are all richer people for having been graced with Richard in our lives. Richard takes great joy in having all of us in his life too. Even in this, the gospel gives us peace.