Dear Family,

The Power of God…

No phrase on Earth has ever evoked more awe, excitement, fear, dread and amazement. Please pause for a moment and just imagine the inspiring implications which resulted, which are resulting, and which can result from this ultimate power.

The Scriptures declare how the Power of God created light and separated it from darkness. The Power of God organized the Universe. It brought order out of chaos. Even the most staunch fundamentalist Christian, Moslem, or Jew would agree that God’s power was so definitive in the process of creation that He does not even have to consider or “pay attention” to these things in order for them to continue working just as He designed them to work as they do to this very moment and will forever. For truly, “It is finished”.

In its feeble and inept tradition and in its attempt to continue to “verify and legitimize” the Power of God for today, Christianity is still promoting the so-called miraculous, answers for earnest praying, concepts of how to win God’s favor, and “making Jesus Lord” with the added threat of how the Power of God is about to unleash a scourge of judgment on the Earth unparalleled in human history.

However, I have Good News for Christians around the World and everyone else…

Jesus is already Lord for everybody!

Judgment has already come!

Creation is already finished!

Re-Creation is already complete!

The Power of God’s Law is already fulfilled!

The Power of Prayer and Praise has already been realized!

The Power of Prophecy is already done!

So, where oh where has all this magnificent power gone? Did it dissipate into the atmosphere? Did it just stop and cease to exist?

The Science of Physics informs us that energy CANNOT be destroyed, just transformed or it takes on another form. But never ever can it be destroyed!

Do you think that the Power of God is, in its most basic understanding, energy?

I do, too!

The Power of God does not exist in a vacuum. It does NOT do NOTHING. The Power of God does SOMETHING. What does it do? It brings results.

So what happened to it? Where is the totality of God’s Power now? What is it accomplishing today, if anything? It certainly isn’t parting Red Seas or leveling Sodoms and Gomorrahs anymore, is it? Is the Power of God divided up into many different forms and demonstrations as in the days of the Scriptures and the Old Testament? Far from it, because…

…ALL previously mentioned manifestations of God’s Power, and thousands not mentioned here, HAD their ENTIRE culmination at the Cross some 2,000 years ago.

But what about now? Yes, what about NOW?!

On this side of the Cross, the Gospel has sprung OUT! The Gospel (which Paul declared to be “the Power of God”) with its Declaration of Peace between God and man, and its Revelation of Grace, finds man no longer needing redemption. This is a “done deal”. The Good News, AKA the Gospel, results in the salvation of the soul of every man, woman or child who hears it and allows it to permeate their respective souls. The Gospel cleanses the soul and renews the mind. It is a salvation desperately needed for the collective mind of an already redeemed human race—whether they know it or not.

The power of all our childhood fairytales, the power of all of “the ghost stories” past, all the power of a hog-wart’s education can now be seen on the tip of a wand or a scepter or ET’s finger!

All these stories and fantasies were produced in some form out of the Gospel which resides in the heart of each human being manifested by their creativity.

This is perfectly brought home to us by the reaction to the “Harry Potter” series–the reaction by both the religious community and everyone else. Have the multiple millions of imaginations captured by these books and movies been done so because all these people are at heart warlocks, witches and wizards or influenced by the devil as so many preachers have claimed? Not at all! The reason we yearn for and respond to this kind of fantasy and stories of freedom and liberty is because of the revelation of the Gospel that is bulging from the human experience. The Gospel wants to be known! The Power of God is waiting to explode!

Yes, the Power of God, THE POWER OF GOD, can be thwarted by the human will on this side of the Cross. In the Scriptures (in the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets), the Power of God was unhindered by humankind’s will. In the freedom and liberty of the New Heaven and New Earth produced by the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ, humanity has been freed to experience the Power of God by our own volition. For it was for freedom that Christ set us free.

Our fairytales are released from the heart which KNOWS that all power comes from “behind the wand”. Thousands of years of human history and amazement verify it.

You may be thinking, “Mike, come on! Are you trying to say there is such a scepter, such a wand?” YES, a million times yes!!

“But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne oh God is forever and ever, the scepter of thy Kingdom is a scepter of righteousness!” Hebrews 1:8

This ”wand” is called the Gospel, the Power of God, the Righteousness of God, the Kingdom of God.

The Gospel is information, Good News. And what is behind the history of all creation and the transformation of that creation? The Gospel, that’s what! This power, like all useful forms of power, is very accurate and understandable to anyone wanting to know what it is and how it works and who will take the time to contemplate and study it.

With laser like precision, God’s infused power has been designed and designated to obliterate two awful and terrible enemies of the human soul: guilt and judgment.

Does the Power of God heal a few and not others? Does it save one from tragedy and not others? Does it anoint one man and not others? Does it redeem just a few and condemn all others? NO, a million times no!

Life’s circumstances are all issues of chance in this New Testament, the covenant we now all live under. Circumstances and the nature of change are NOT due to the Power of God. They are NOT Gospel issues.

If the Gospel does anything at all, it will do it in concert with the information it represents—the Redemption of ALL. The Gospel doesn’t redeem. The Cross of Christ did that. However, when the Gospel (the News of the Cross) is heard, embraced, and rehearsed, it will save the souls (the minds, the wills, the emotions, the intellects) of those who hear it. Save them from what? From paralyzing and fear-producing guilt and judgment, that’s what!

Please understand, the Gospel adds NOTHING to your life. Its power is measured in it what it takes away from your life. Our New Heaven, our New Earth, our New Creature has no place for guilt and judgment. You see, this New Creation is perfect as God Himself is perfect—as WE are perfect! And perfection does not suffer guilt and judgment in any way, shape or form.

Guilt and judgment are the toxic leftovers of religion and the Law. Remove these two destructive elements from the soul of humanity and, behold what results–nothing short of the Kingdom of God! While Christianity and the religions of the world try to tell you what the Kingdom of God does or will look like, I have the privilege to tell you the Truth.

Jesus said the Kingdom would never be seen with the human eye. It is an “inside job”. It is a Kingdom of the Heart. And I am blessed and proud to be able to give you this Good Report: the Kingdom of God is absent of all guilt and all judgment. You may ask, “Guilt and judgment from what?” The guilt of thinking that anyone can be estranged from God for any reason, and the judgment of thinking that anyone is more favored by God than anyone else, that’s what!

In my considered and humbled opinion, only the Gospel–the very Power of God–can remove these dastardly aliens now living comfortably in the minds of some men and women. And ONLY the self same Gospel can repair the lifetime damage, destruction, fear and confusion left in the wake of this alien invasion. Yes, even repairing the damage that is unknown to the individual human mind they invaded.

Now, ALL the Power of the Ages is here to help you and to help me. And help it has. Furthermore, if the Power of the Gospel can save yours and my soul, whose soul can it not save?

Please let the Gospel, the Power of God, put order to the universe between your ears. Let the Gospel make sense of the emotional chaos that has existed heretofore in the orbit of your mind. Let it bring light to where there was darkness in your soul.

And please join me and Gospel Revolutionaries around this World in sharing the Power of God with others. So many need to know. They need to know who they are and where they are. They and God are ONE!

My book “ONE” will be published soon. You will be so proud of it. The Gospel Revolution Radio Webcast has become an oasis of revelation, understanding, and just plain old fun! I am so proud of it. And wait until you see the New Gospel Website coming soon. Wow!

Can you help me find more ways to deliver the Power of God, the Gospel, to a planet in such desperate need of this Good News?

I need your talents, time, effort, energy, creativity, ideas, and money! Since we’ve firmly established that this is the Kingdom of the Heart, please always do whatever you do from your own heart. You will not be disappointed.

Much Love,