Recently I have found myself engaged in conversations concerning the law of God. So, I wanted to update you on my view of this awesome subject, a subject that can lead one to total insanity or an amazing level of peace of mind and heart.

Yes, I believe many emotional disorders can be traced to a misguided view on this subject. I personally concur with King David when he stated that he loved God’s law! I also love Gods law passionately. Most of my critics would never think of me making such a declaration, since I do not believe God’s law exists for relationship with God any longer. Yet, I love it!

Others who profess to love God’s law, without an accurate revelation of its purpose, are often privately very angry about God’s law, and, indeed, angry with God Himself. It would be very difficult to love something that you perceive is the instrument of your feelings of guilt and shame and the cause of you potentially burning in hell for all eternity. Plus, how could you truly love the One who inspired such an instrument. So, you see, the perception of God’s law relative to us today is a very important subject indeed.

I can’t seem to find any of the purposes of living God’s law that I once accepted. Here are a couple of examples.

1. Righteousness. How much clearer can one be? Paul stated that if righteousness could have come by the law then surely a law would have been given for that purpose. So, I agree with Paul, too. God’s law was NOT given to make one righteous. Therefore, it obviously cannot be used to measure righteousness.

2. Blessings. Can anyone be blessed by keeping God’s law? They sure can. However, I do not believe I have the right to come up with my own standard by which I am blessed. I must accept the standard as set forth by the law I am attempting to use to be blessed by. Can I receive the one blessing spoken of by keeping the one law? No, it is not possible, according to the Law Giver. I MUST keep ALL of God’s law without infraction before I may receive even one blessing! This extends even to my third generation! Yes, a full three generations must keep ALL of God’s law for one to be blessed! That’s right. We must all be obedient to all God’s law to get even one blessing. Can anyone do that? Of course not, it is impossible. Therefore, God’s law can not be used to obtain blessings. I could go on with how God’s law was given to show us the way to live and many other so called reasons for God giving it to the Jewish people.

Still, I think I will accept the one and only reason Paul taught was the purpose of Gods law. It is found in the book of Romans. God’s law is pure, holy and just. In Paul’s words, God’s law was given to reveal, nothing else, just to reveal. If that is its purpose, should I not seek the revelation the law was intended to reveal?

First, we must ask Paul’s question. Did the law make any one a sinner? God forbid! How can anything perfect and holy create something unholy? You see God’s law did not create anything. It was given to reveal the condition in mankind that existed before the law was ever given. So, you see, the law cannot bless or curse. It can only reveal. This revelation is how peace replaces insanity. How? This understanding replaces a perceived division between you and God with total unity. According to the same teaching of Paul the law was given to reveal sin, the condition of sin (or separation from God) not the act of sin. This condition was brought on by one man’s, disobedience. Adam was the perpetrator.

By comparison, in the same teaching, we accept Paul’s declaration about the gospel.

The gospel is the power of God because it reveals the righteousness of God. So, here’s my prayer. That people would stop misusing God’s law and accept it for its intended purpose. In all reality, the law made it unlawful to act like a human. God’s purpose in it was to produce the revelation that our humanness was NOT the problem and so that we would ever be free in Christ from trying to change our humanness in order to please a God Who could only be pleased through perfection, the perfection of Jesus Christ.

Always remember, the law is revelation not instruction. Understanding this crucial difference is the difference between inner peace and turmoil.

I Wish You Peace Above All Else,

Michael Williams