For over 30 years I suffered from disabling lower back pain. Over the years everything became more and more difficult and restrictive. Flying or driving had to be limited to about 5 hours and continued getting less and less.  Muscle relaxers and painkillers became a regular part of living, or so called living. About six years ago, after seeking every form of professional help to no avail, I happened to catch a T.V. magazine show. A professional therapist wanted to demonstrate to the world the wonderful benefits of stretching. To do this he took nursing home volunteers who shuffled about holding onto handrails, unable to bend to tie their own shoes. He began to work the magic of stretching on those suffering from the advanced affects of aging. The news story filmed the participants before and after his instruction and guidance. The result after one year was astounding! Elderly folks standing, bending, looking behind themselves, between their legs! Sitting, lifting one leg at !
a time and placing it behind their neck! Convinced, I was going to do it! I would not grow old without learning to stretch.

I was already to start.

Six painful years passed. I used the “no one to show me the way” and a million other excuses. You see, I didn’t need anyone to show me how to walk or where to walk. Just stretch me so I can walk and keep going where ever I chose.

I will never forget the day this past April. A friend in Vancouver, who owns a gym there, put me on the floor for my first good stretch. Cold sweat, nausea, rapid breathing were just a few of my immediate reactions. Just when I thought he should quit, he pressed more. The result? Instant release! Getting up off the floor and standing could only have been described as new life! I could feel! I didn’t even know how numb I actually had been all those years! Walking around seeing how wonderful I felt must have been like watching someone on the newest and best wonder drug.

During the process of learning and practicing my new-found freedom in the gospel could be aptly compared to my experience with stretching.

We have all seen and experienced it many times. The mind and heart gets stretched. We sense emotional and mental nausea, if you will. But we continue on. We experience freedom and feeling that hasn’t been there in years if ever before. Many of us literally walked in freedom for the first time perhaps in our lives. “Walking” without the disabling pain and restrictions of legalism is literally joy unspeakable and full of glory.

You see, my desire is not to show you how or where to walk. Just stretch you so you can go where your need to.

I think many have wondered, “Now that I am free why should I get actively involved in this Gospel Revolution?” Here is the answer. We all need the gospel! Just like the awesome liberty of physically stretching. The results can only be enjoyed as long as we continue to stretch. Be a part. Join in on every “stretching class” available. And then start stretching on you own! Tapes, web sites, sharing, reading, getting involved financially.

Sorry, giving won’t stretch YOU. However, it will help me to stretch others to think and expand their view of the awesome completed work of Jesus. Your own experience tells you just how desperately it is needed. You can also get a group together and invite me to come share for a weekend. It really is not that expensive or difficult.

Use the freedom you have been given and keep on stretching! Please don’t become complacent now. You are the ONLY ones I can turn to for help in defining and delivering this message to the masses.

Here is where to call or write to get involved.
Mike Williams Media
P. O. Box 572
Olney, IL 62450

Or call the office 561-557-1329. You may get our voice mail. But we will return the call.

Your friend,
Michael Williams