Dear Family,

The general acceptance of a still-angry God and place of eternal punishments where he sends most people is to our society what the thought of a flat Earth was to antiquity. That’s how disconnected from reality it is. The almost complete and utter failures of our sociologists and psychologists to acknowledge, address, and affirm the devastating and mind-altering affect of this has been nothing short of catastrophic for multiple millions.

Psychology and sociology expend a great deal of energy dealing with the negative and devastating mental affects of a still-angry God resulting in the likelihood of an eternal place of suffering. They understand and acknowledge the fact that being guilt-ridden is at the root of most mental and emotional disorders and never even begin to address where that guilt was born! It is tantamount to finding bruises on a child and never looking to the source of the bruise to discover the real issue and its source!

The fact is much of the “professional” services offered in the name of psychology come from “Christian” therapists. They may not be fundamentalist Christians, but if they have not resolved the issue of guilt, they might as well be regarding trying to help people mentally.

After doing rather brief, and non-professional research on serial killers in the United States, I found the only common link to them all was a strong religious, legalistic influence in their childhood through someone close to them: a parent, a grandparent, etc. They came from rich, poor and middle class backgrounds. They came from broken homes, single parent homes, and traditional nuclear families. They were the middle child, oldest or youngest. This legalism and religious connection was the only constant and “thing in common” that I found.

Last year I was watching a documentary about America ’s first serial killer. He was in Chicago around the time of the World’s Fair there in the 19th century. The experts, too, later looked for something he had in common with those serial killers who followed. They found no link. However, as the film told of his childhood and showed his home environment, the comment was made that one of his parents was a very strict religious person. It was passed over as an inconsequential event in his life, but based on my research, I knew better!

I remember our dear sister Ruth Gustafson’s mental and emotional state. She thought she was out of the will of God, and out of the will of an angry God at that. Then there were my own three attempts of suicide believing I was rejected and damned to Hell by God. I recall the young man from New Life Bible College in Cleveland, TN, who drove back and forth over a ten mile stretch of interstate for hours paralyzed into inaction, unsure of God’s will as to which way to go. Tragically, he eventual leapt from a 30 story building on the gulf to his death.

The completed work of Christ at the Cross is the single most important event in human history.

The Gospel of Grace and Peace is by far the most valuable information that has been shared on this planet since this new being, the ONE new man, emerged from the grave 2,000 years ago!

The cross created a whole new species. Literally, a God-Man! The ONLY information, the only “news”, that causes this God-Man to function in an optimal way is the information freely revealed in the Gospel of Peace and Grace. Certainly, the news coming across our televisions and computers everyday certainly won’t. And neither will the information being presented behind pulpits all over the world.

My new book, “ONE, The Gospel According to Mike”, is arriving at many doors as I write this. This book was written from, to, and for this new God-Man. It is not for a broken or even repaired image of God. It is for a whole new creation, a creation made to function ONLY with an understanding of the absence of an angry God or the threat of an eternal or temporary punishment from God. Today’s human species was created in Christ 2,000 years ago to function ONLY in a relationship with a God without any enmity who requires no performance or belief in order to gain, have, or maintain a relationship with him.

The doctrines of Christianity, in all its forms, never address the new creation with a “gospel” designed for it to function optimally and in the current reality. Christianity does not accept the new creation as a done deal, as a truly finished work. The doctrines of Christianity are designed for a long-gone species, one that was in a broken image of God. The doctrine, which has so impacted society that it even affects sociology and psychology, is designed to this very day in an attempt to repair this broken image of God, this broken man. It cannot be done! Why? Because you cannot repair the faults and insufficiencies of a dead man and that old man is dead!

The gospel is designed for the new man, the new creation, who is perfect and faultless in the sight of God. It is therefore time for a new psychology, a new sociology. What is this new psychology, this new sociology? Folks, it is nothing more and nothing less than this beautiful Gospel of Grace and Peace, “the psychology of the gospel”, if you will.

We are voyagers on a sea of revelation far from the devastation of religion in our lives. Just imagine it. It’s easy if you try!

Much Love,