“I’m living life as if there were no God,” a dear friend recently informed me.

Now some might think that bit of news would be quite upsetting to a Bible Teacher who promotes The Gospel and the benefits of its meditation.

I was not upset in the least. I was excited!

When one’s understanding of God and spirituality leads to a belief that God or some “spiritual law” is working on behalf of that individual pertaining to their life, career, health, relationships, etc. or that some evil force is working against them—this is the beginning of a progression from an organized mental illness to a very disabling one.

Thinking that God or the Devil is either working for or against you in daily life is mental illness.

America’s most famous atheist, Madeline Murray O’Hare, stated that one reason she did not believe in God was what she had been taught about God and what He does and does not do. One summer afternoon, after not being able to resolve her questions, she stepped outside during a lightning storm. Having been taught Christianity, Madeline decided to take it to its limit. Even if it cost her life, she was going to know once and for all. As the lightning struck all around her she turned her face to heaven and yelled out “if there is a God, strike me dead NOW!” The storm passed. Thus, America’s most outspoken and famous atheist was born.

Transformation of the heart and mind does NOT come to the human soul when one figures out what God does and does not do in everyday life. Nor does it satiate the heart to know that the Devil is working against us.

What satiates, transforms and renews the mind and soul of humankind is to know that “IT IS FINISHED!”

During the last few years I have not only started experiencing this “salvation”, but have observed close friends having very similar experiences while consistently staying focused on the message and the many facets and ways of looking at the Gospel.

We have all seen many of life’s ups and downs, to say the least! What a difference it is to face them with a healthy, vital, logical emotional and mental disposition!

I do understand what my friend said about “living life as if there is no God”. Instead, I would like to say that I am living life as if it truly is “finished.”

What is finished?

Everything is finished. Every way in which we saw God interact with humanity in the Scriptures, and which Christianity wants to apply to our lives on this side of the Cross (which is so amazingly destructive to do)—that is what is finished!

I could never say that God is NOT involved in daily life. Especially since He and we are ONE! Still, that IS God’s sole involvement in our daily life.

God’s involvement is not seen in what HE does or does not do today. It is manifested in who we all are: perfect, righteous, holy, without spot or blemish, sinless—and what He did to accomplish that fact.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!!!

Live free, love free, think free. This is best accomplished by knowing Who has set us free, what we’ve been set free from, and by continually acknowledging that freedom.

Lots of Love,