My flight to Nova Scotia was fairly uneventful, that was until I met up at the Halifax Airport with one of my buddies and a fellow worker in the Gospel, Richard Mull. Richard lives in California and works there in an investment firm. It had been a few years since we had last seen each other so some catching up was in order.

Randy Cook and Roy Muise were there in Halifax to drive us the 3 hours or so south to the beautiful seacoast fishing village of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. There we met all the different people who had started listening to our teaching tapes and who were filled with wonder at what they had heard.

Then the questions started flying!

My schedule called for eight days, teaching every evening, plus lunches and breakfasts with many different folks. It was an awesome time of getting to know everyone.

Without speaking “evangelistically”, it seemed like the Gospel we share was spreading like a wild prairie fire impacting the hearts and minds of those present. Lots of different people from many different walks of life were there, restaurant owners and chefs, dairy farmers, nurses…well. many interesting people

One young man who touched my heart deeply plays hockey for the Mariners, a minor league hockey team in Canada. What an amazing thing it was to get to tell this young man that he can fully expect to become a father and grandfather outside any unforeseen circumstances AND for him to become certain that when life ends it will NOT be at the hand of God having decided to destroy the planet in an “end times” calamity as he had been taught!

I tell ya, I feel so blessed to get the opportunity to bring such good new to such wonderful people. Now I want everyone to meet my new found friends and fellow workers in the Gospel who reside in one of Canadaâ?Ts most beautiful provinces, Nova Scotia

I will post some pictures on the web site so you can see some of these beautiful people.

Michael Williams