Can we imagine a world wholly different than the one we are experiencing right now? A world as drastically different on a human level as the changes we have seen on a technological level since 1995?

It has been said, “It Has Become Appallingly Obvious That Our Technology Has Exceeded Our Humanity”.

Is there a means, now available on the planet, by which this change for the betterment of the human race can be witnessed and experienced by the entirety of humanity?

This medium in my way of thinking is here; it is called the gospel!

The teaching in Canada this Spring revolved around the subject of, “predestination”. I consider this subject to be the cornerstone to understanding the gospel. All redeemed, no law, no sin, no personal faith required on man’s part.

Predestination explains how God controlled events to lead up to the new creation which was completed at the death burial and resurrection of Christ. Paul knew beyond any other possibility that in Christ, God predestined all to be called, justified and glorified. (Romans 8:30)

Paul did not reach this conclusion by faith. He was enlightened to these facts by knowledge, logic and reason! Yes, even by the Holy Ghost.

Everything up to and including the work of the cross was carried out by God’s faith through predestination. The requirement for personal faith was as much a failure for all mankind as it was a total failure on Israel’s part to keep God’s law.

We have watched the deadly nature of religions around the world when it imposes God’s law, now done away with, on humanity. I am persuaded that imposing “personal faith” on humanity has been even more destructive than using a law, done away with two thousand years ago.

Just as important as being freed from Gods law, you have been delivered from all demands, requirements and expectations of personal faith.

Yes, predestination has delivered you INTO a world of logic, reason, chance possibility and personal responsibility!

It is way overdue that we accept our God-given righteousness, redemption, identity, freedom and responsibility for the amazing life imparted to us by Christ himself! Is there anyone who can be harmed by this way of thinking, as we have been so thoroughly warned against?

No one, not a single human being can be harmed by being God’s righteousness in the earth!. No one, can be harmed by total personal responsibility for one’s own life! No one, can be harmed by reason, logic, knowledge and understanding! No one!!

Can any human be harmed by being under God’s law? Can anyone be harmed by being under requirements of personal faith? EVERYONE!

Please notice what is happening! Legalism and personal faith is a total abdication of reason, logic and knowledge. Legalism and required personal faith is as far from love mercy and kindness as the east is from the west!

Stop wondering just how ISIS became what they are! Just like all religions, they get there by being subjected to a law done away with and a requirement for faith completely fulfilled by Christ!

Spiritualizing daily life is an open door to mental illness. Humanizing Gods work with “personal faith” is the destruction of civilization.

Please show yourself some love, mercy and kindness this week. It just may spill over onto others.

Much love,



“Predestined to Life” is Mike Williams’ new series from a recent Gospel Revolution  Conference in Canada.  In this series, Mike exposes  the theology of  predestination in the light of the gospel as opposed to traditional Christian theology.  He studies out all references to predestination in the original Greek texts, as well as in the English translations. Find out who was predestined and when, and also find out what roles faith and hope play in predestination and whose faith and whose hope they were.

It is our very great pleasure to offer this series for free. Just click on the link and right click; then select the option, “save link as”.

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