June 14th, 15th and 16th, I will be teaching a new series entitled “The mystery of the gospel”. To-date I have completed two series about this mystery. One entitled “The Mystery of Unbelief”, and the other is entitled, “The Mystery of Faith”. This time we will cover much more of the aspect of this great mystery. “The Mystery of the Gospel.”

Let me tell you what a mystery is not. It is not a riddle. When I think of a riddle, I think of something one wants to trick or deceive someone about. Maybe I was exposed to too many fairy tales as a child.

A mystery seems, by definition, designed to be found out! I know for sure, at least in the case of the gospel, that this is a fact. Now, no longer a mystery, yet the world seems to have missed it all together. This mystery, this gospel mystery, has already been made known. We will cover much more of this mystery in Calgary June 14th through the 16th!

Now this part is no mystery at all. It is time for the Spring Pledge drive!! Beginning April 1st through April 21st, we will be asking you to help out in a very special project.

This may be the most specific pledge drive we have ever done. On the agenda this time is office space and living space for Jeff. Let me tell you of my plan to accomplish both.

Jeff needs to live on his own and so do I. Please help me get rid of Jeff! Ha ha ha! Honestly, I’m kidding on that one! Jeff and I have a good arrangement here at my home in Houston. Jeff and I both chose to give up much of our personal space to give the ministry a break on expenses, including office space, which is in my house also at this time.

Here is my plan: A fifth wheel travel trailer and truck for Jeff. The office would be conducted from the travel home at no rental cost to the ministry!

When Jeff first started working full time for MWM and the Gospel Revolution he was paid $50.00 a week plus room and board. Jeff makes more than that now and I have always wanted to show my appreciation to him for the time he worked for almost nothing.

Jeff’s truck has all but fallen apart. Help me do this?

$25,000.00 will give Jeff a home of his own, transportation and office space for the ministry! We will be telling you more about this shortly.

I intend to put $1,000.00 on my credit card to help accomplish this goal. Just 24 more and we’re there!

I love you all very much, and I hope your weather has warmed. Help me say “Thank you!” to Jeff for his limitless commitment to me, the Gospel Revolution, and Mike Williams Ministries!

Much love,