Dear Family,

The first time I taught and declared the Gospel, the Good News of the Redemption of ALL, in the U.S. was in Denver, Colorado. Unfortunately, it was not recorded. The first recorded sessions which produced “The Redemption of the World” Series was done soon after in Glenn’s living room in Tampa, Florida. That series was duplicated and has gone all over the world, even being translated into Mandarin Chinese.

The Denver meetings, however, gathered a small group with lots of questions and excitement. This may sound like the start of a joke, but it was no joke. There was a Scientist, a Buddhist and an Atheist.

After hearing my presentation, the Buddhist said. “Ever since I moved to Denver 20 year ago friendship after friendship ended as people tried to convert me to Christianity. After three sessions she said, “what you’re sharing is indeed good news!”

The Atheist announced he now believed in God without reservation!

The Scientist shocked me the most by declaring, “Mr. Williams, this is the most logical lecture I have ever heard.” Then he continued, “I am not talking about this being the most logical spiritual lecture. I am telling you, Mr. Williams, this is the most logical lecture on ANY subject I have ever heard in my life!”

The term “Gospel Logic” was born out of my meetings well over a decade ago and even became the name for a “sister” website which hosted my materials.

The Logic of the Gospel is my mantra. It flows from my heart. It is the goal of my life.

Logic, of course, is not something commonly associated with “spiritual” or “belief-systems” on Earth. However, THE most common word spoken of in describing the Gospel I teach and preach is the term logical. All those of the Gospel Revolution and Mike Williams Ministries seem to roll in, revel, and enjoy the logic of the Gospel like a kid in ivy!

When you teach something that literally has no “ands, ifs, buts or maybes”—logic ensues as well as its twin stabilizing force: “consistency”.

Let’s get one thing clear here. There are times in my life when I can be illogical and act a bit foolish. The Gospel, on the other hand, NEVER lacks logic or is foolish.

The Gospel is so rich with wisdom you can “taste” it!

Wisdom for what? Wisdom for every circumstance life throws at you, that’s what.

Gospel Logic: it’s infectious, it’s life-saving for me and for so many others around the planet. It is the most exciting thing I’ve encountered during my lifetime.

Much Love, Grace, Peace, and Logic for ALL,