Dear Family,

I just finished watching an MSNBC documentary focusing on Dr. Conrad Murray and his role in Michael Jackson’s later life and death.

In the wake of Jackson’s death, and the trial of his physician Dr. Murray, we learned some things about the frame of mind of the late pop star and those surrounding him.

Jackson believed he was chosen by God to change the world. What pressure he must have felt believing in this “calling”, plus having hundreds of millions of dollars at his disposal to possibly accomplish it, and a myriad of enablers around him to feed this notion. The oppressive nature of that for him must have been beyond measure.

It was Dr. Murray who reported that Michael Jackson said, “I am chosen by God to change the world”. It is likely that the very sleep disorder which required extreme measures in order to sleep was either caused or exacerbated by Michael’s messianic beliefs.

Murray’s comments imply that he, too, by virtue of his intimate and pivotal relationship with Jackson may have seen his role as God-ordained, as well.

A perfect storm was in place. All it would take for Dr. Murray to ignore all professional protocol in his care of Michael was to believe he was also chosen of God for this divine assignment.

True to form, Dr. Murray reported having a “holy spirit” moment when he became convinced God Himself was in control of his life and guiding his path.

I have to admit, I can relate to Michael in his desire to change the world. However, it is vital, even an issue of life and death, to know the difference between WANTING to change the world and believing God Himself has CHOSEN you to do so. I rejoice that I am NOT chosen by God, save the one thing all humanity was chosen for: redemption.

This is the finite and infinite nature of the Gospel in practice. The finite: Jesus was THE only One chosen to redeem the whole world. And the infinite: ALL human beings past, present, and future are chosen for redemption for all eternity!

When an individual removes themselves mentally from this single equation of only being chosen the same way everybody else is chosen, they place themselves in the most vulnerable position psychologically and emotionally one can be in. Seeing yourself safely inside this equation allows you to KNOW your value and worth (and everyone else’s) in God’s eyes. Without it, the search for identity can lead to delusional external spirituality.

When two identically misplaced spiritual identities come together, with the same “calling” like Michael Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray with the resources to feed the lunacy—what you can end up with is a perfect storm!

With a sleep disorder, possibly caused from the pressure of thinking he was being chosen by God to change the world, and with that sleep disorder possibly preventing Michael from doing “God’ s Will”, Dr. Murray was there to make sure Michael slept and then felt perfectly justified in doing whatever it took to do so. At that point, no request from Michael or any act on Dr. Murray’s part was too extreme. The goal was to save the world as instructed by God, for God’s sake!

Some think I see the world a bit too simplistically. I get that. However, when ones understanding of the Gospel places the Gospel in the same survival category as the need for water, air, and food, things get pretty simple and to the point.

In my opinion most answers for the psyche, the mind, the will, the emotions, the intellect—in other-words, our soul—are all resolved in the understanding and ongoing rehearsal of the Gospel.

Christianity does not teach a daily benefit of the Gospel. It only teaches an eternal benefit of “the gospel” they promote, which is no Gospel at all. I do not think all mental and emotional damage comes from religions like Christianity. However, I do think all mental and emotional traumas are increased in intensity by religion.

The Gospel has no eternal benefits.

The Gospel is the good news reporting that all eternal consequences were finished at the Cross. The continued meditation of this fact, with all its implications, frees the mind, the emotions, and the intellect—our soul—for its designed purpose: to operate in a logical, rational, vital, mental disposition.

This is the entire purpose and target of the Gospel, what Paul called “The Power of God”. The power’s target? The target is our brains and the way with think and emote and thereby communicate.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is it!

I’ve been observing my own journey for a while now. It has been one of mental and emotional instability transitioning into one that is observably more stable. All my internal instability has not been resolved to my satisfaction as of this writing. However, with Gospel before my eyes, I sure am enjoying this ride–a perfect ride!

Much Love,