Wisdom will always beget freedom. Freedom will always seek wisdom. Wisdom creates nothing. Wisdom uses that which has been created to its highest potential!

I think I am seeing a beautiful pattern here.

Faith, in the operational aspect of creation – miracles, virgin birth, resurrection from the dead – was a creative force in the hands of God. Now, in 2012, 2,000 years after the cross, as Paul put it, faith “acknowledges.” (I will be teaching on this in great detail in my upcoming Calgary, Alberta Canada conference July 20 – 22. See details below.)

Faith is no longer a “creative” power to change things. Faith is now the unrestricted power to acknowledge that which HAS changed by the power of God. You see, when I say that we are ALL righteous, THAT is faith in its total operation today! Faith, in the hands of a human being, does not create nor does it miraculously change things. It acknowledges the things that have changed by the Faith of God.

This is one reason I think it is important to know that God WAS angry before the cross. You see, I acknowledge the truth about the Gospel of Peace. Acknowledging this truth is faith in its FULL action! One can only do that if they understand WHY a Gospel of Peace was necessary. A once angry God should not be a threat to our spirituality. It should be a cornerstone OF our spiritual being.

Of all the amazing “creations” of man, NONE stands alone outside God’s creation. We create within the perimeter of that which WAS created. So you see, when man “creates” He is simply acknowledging the truth of what has already been created by God himself!

Much the same is wisdom. In the hands of God wisdom formed all that we know to exist. Including the redemption and freedom of the human race at the cross. THAT wisdom from the cross made it into our constitution, well at least one line. ALL men are created equal! You see mans wisdom did not create equality for all. The wisdom imputed to man does not create freedom, it has and can ONLY acknowledge, and apply it.

Every place wisdom is applied, freedom will ensue. Freedom, in response, will always desperately look to wisdom to accomplish its highest potential! Freedom brought on by wisdom will never leave us drowning in our own inadequacies, shortcomings and personalities.

On this fathers Day 2012, it is my 60th year on this planet. My desire for freedom seems to have been outrun by my desire to operate in enough wisdom to make my freedom and its potential as effective as possible. Forty years ago I prayed. “Lord, I admit I am a fool, a young fool. The world seems to tolerate young fools. I pray that I will not be an old fool. I do not think the earth can tolerate even one more old fool.”

I no longer pray that way, nor do I expect an answer. None the less, I desire wisdom. Wisdom, I know for us all, is now within. Wisdom to cause my freedom to reach it highest potential!

You see, freedom in my life without wisdom leaves me no perimeter within which to create. Wisdom can even take my greatest shortcomings, perceived or real, and give me a platform from which to declare freedom! Without wisdom I am simply lost in a “puddle” of myself. Believe me that does not look or smell good at all.

By wisdom I use faith and acknowledge the truth about myself and you! You are Holy, Righteous, without fault and perfect in the eyes of God! Wisdom does not make these truths look and smell good to God. Hopefully, wisdom will help my freedom smell and look good to others. And if not to all, at least to a few more as each year goes by.

Happy Fathers Day everyone!

Much Love,