When some people observe the Gospel Revolution Or Mike Williams Ministries beimg critical of Christianity, they automatically presume that the Gospel Revolution is hostile to Christians. This foolish notion is a natural consequence of confusing the organization of Christianity with the individuals contaminated by it. Christians love to say, “hate the sin, but love the sinner”. This statement typifies the convoluted logic of a religion that judges others, whilst excusing themselves, the very thing that Paul says is a sign of people being a law unto themselves. (Romans 2:14-15)
That statement, “hate the sin, but love the sinner”, is of course, the exact opposite of what Jesus taught. Jesus taught us to love the sinner but hate your OWN sin.
This example typifies the hypocrisy of Christianity. In fact without hypocrisy, Christianity could not operate at all.
Tony Campolo, once famously said at a Christian conference, “last night while you were sleeping, 30,000 children died around the world from malnutrition, and most of you don’t give a sh*t”. Then he continued, “but here is the real tragedy, that you care less, that 30,000 children around the world died last night from malnutrition, than the fact that I said sh*t!”.

Jesus taught us that the Church is an organism. Christianity teaches us that the Church is an organization. Jesus taught us that love is the final and fruitful product of righteousness. Christianity teaches us that judgment is the full and final product of righteousness. The Bible tells us to forgive our enemies but Christianity tells us that God is going to torture his enemies, eternally, for 70 years of mistakes down here. Jesus prayed that we should be one. Christianity is fractured into multiple thousands of versions, sects, and warring factions that have often been only too glad to murder each other.
When the Gospel Revolution criticizes Christianity, it is criticizing that level of hatred and judgment. When the Gospel Revolution criticizes Christianity it is not criticizing Christians. It is criticizing the organizations whose hypocrisy has led to our current fractured state of affairs. Christianity has had 2000 years to prove its worth, but all it has to show for it are creeds demanding belief or excommunication, and blood knee deep. At its very best, Christianity is nothing more than a shame based behavior modification system, and at its worst, the exact opposite of love. It depends for its success on the two most basic human instincts; fear of loss (hell) and hope of gain (heaven), and there is not one sect within Christianity, of which I am aware, that does not practice, to some degree, this protection racket.
Lastly, when Jesus criticized the Pharisees, he did not mince words. He called them a den of Vipers, or on another occasion whitewashed graves full of dead men’s bones. We haven’t yet gotten to Jesus level, even though we can think of a few people claiming to be Christians, rather deserving of those titles.