Many thanks and appreciations from Moses, my wife Elizabeth, my sons Joshua and Richbright and from the entire students of the School of the Scriptures and of International College of Journalism in Nakuru, Kenya.

We can’t thank you enough for your support to buy the car, to open the school of media and all round support always.

To you Mike and all the Gospel revolutionaries who supported this cause, we say: Thanks a million.


The School of the Scriptures

28th September 2012 marks Six months since the school of scriptures started in Nakuru, Kenya. Currently we are 42 students in number. Among the 42 students, 2 are from the Muslim community, and are already feasting on the book ONE that was sent to us by Sir Jeff and the Gospel Revolution, USA.

The book ONE translation into Swahili and Japanese has already commenced. Within some few months it will be ready for publishing.

My next agenda is to translate the book into Arabic and Dinka, my target being Sudanese nationals. We have so many of them in Kenya as immigrants and refugees and I long for them to be reached with the Gospel of Grace and peace.

The effect of the Radio Show has tremendous impact on the Kenyan community. Three renowned pastors have shown interest on Mike’s materials after listening to the show. They have come for the CDs and newsletters which I gave them. I have called back one of these pastors and gave them a copy of the book ONE and he was very thankful. The other two had Steve and Aaron Essary’s book and Barry Laney’s materials and Mike’s CDs. This was just after the two weeks show which ended last week on Thursday.

I have already paid for an extra one week today to complete a series we had started and I did not want it to be left hanging. So we will be on again next week only.

We are through with negotiations for the Six months uninterrupted radio show, after discussing with Mike of the same, and we have agreed on a deal of Kshs. 100,000 ($1,172) per month. This translates to Kshs.600, 000 ($7,030) for six months and they will in turn give us a FREE one month. The broadcast will air twice a week, one in English and a repeat in Swahili.

I will also be having a review of the book ONE (MOJA) in Swahili in the radio station in a few weeks’ time at NO COST. I have already made some arrangement as I prepare myself with the content and the context of the book.

Listeners are already aware of the book ONE in town and that the Swahili copies will be available soon.

International College of Journalism

The college is doing alright. Students started enrolling for lessons starting 1st September 2012. We have already 10 students in class now and 3 committed staff. We are fully and legally registered by the government. A lot of marketing is going on for the same. We are having some bits of adverts and mentions of the college in the Mikes’ Radio show and we have many students and parents calling and enquiring.

Scholarship programs are on the process and we are opting to start with 3 needy and deserving students. The criterion to win this scholarship is being drafted and the students will then apply for it.

The Landlord of the premises which we occupy for the media school and school of scriptures is of Asian origin (Hindu believer) and he is now a proud owner of the book ONE, by Michael Williams. He is so happy and so much interested to know what is therein. Mark you the room we use for our meeting for the school of scriptures was given for free by the same landlord. I met him today when I went to pay the rent for the media school. I wish the book ONE can be translated into their language (Gujarat perhaps).

Children Home

We continue visiting children home once per month to supply food and clothing to the children. The students contribute to this cause and now the students from the school of the scriptures have chipped in and will be joining us in the next visits.

Moms’ Health

My mom’s health has improved after a long conversation and encouragement from Mike Williams. She is now on medication and always smiling. Mike is a proud owner of a cow from my mom (Mary Ngata) as thanks to him. She wishes if the cow can come to America where Mike will be milking her daily. She can’t wait to see Mike someday.

On behalf of all in Kenya, I just say one word to Mike and all the GRs: THANK YOU! ASANTE SANA! ARIGATO GOZAIMASITA! NIWEGA MUNO!

With Love,

Moses Ngata,

Nakuru, Kenya.