Dear Beautiful Humans,

The other night my son Jacob who lives in San Diego was having dinner at my parents home in the Los Angeles area with their best friends in the world Pat and Ronnie, my cousin Richard, and my brother Jimmy, his wife Elaine, and their daughters Sammie, Casey, and Drew who were all on the West Coast visiting from Chicago. It was a mini Klein Family Reunion.

I spoke with them briefly after they ate. As I heard all the fun they were having on the other end of the phone, I got a little emotional thinking about how important all those wonderful people are in my life and how much I love them.

And then I started thinking about the importance of family.

Then my mind went to the way Michael starts each one of his Good NewsLetters with: “Dear Family” as that salutation arises out of his own heart. And then I began imagining all the amazing people around the world who comprise our Gospel Revolution Family. And, indeed, we are family. We may have been brought together through marriage and adoption (check-out Romans, Galatians, and Ephesians) kind of like TV’s “Brady Bunch”, but we love each other like the family we are.

During our Gospel Revolution Conventions, Conferences, Summits, and Radio Programs—many folks have commented on how much it feels like a “family reunion”. This often coming from people who had never even met each other before. Having had the privilege of attending so many of these gatherings, I can concur with their sense of our common heritage.

So, what is “family”?

Among the definitions found are:

Any group of persons closely related by blood
The children of one person
All those persons considered as descendants of a common progenitor

Are we in the Gospel Revolution actually family? Do we descend from a common progenitor? Are we the grown children (sons) of one person? Are we a group closely related by blood? The answer, of course, is a resounding, “YES”!

Whether it be our dear brother Richard Mull in Southern California dealing with three stage four cancers, Grant Miller in Indiana recovering from a partially amputated leg, Lee Lau welcoming his new daughter Laurel into the world in Hong Kong, Moses Ngata walking 68 kilometers in Kenya to listen to the Webcast, or Kate Benham in Australia creating music that Dena Morgan in Michigan and Girma Colston in Virginia sing together on the phone all the time (and so many thousands of others around the Earth) our family is living life, growing, creating, suffering, maturing and experiencing this most amazing Gospel together as One.

But the deeper reality is this entire planet of Beautiful Humans is part of our ONE Family, isn’t it? Every last one of them! And while the above named loved ones are enjoying their oneness, we have family members known AND unknown to us all over the world waiting to hear that they are in this Family of ONE, too!

If you knew members of your family were imprisoned illegally, unjustly, what would you do to get them out?

Well, YOU and I have family on every continent whose souls–their minds–have been locked away by the legalistic, heinous, and illegal domination of Christian and religious traditions that have been thousands of years in the making. They ALL need to know they are IN the Father’s will by blood, that they are IN Christ, and are and always will be IN THE Will of God. They need to know that they have been freed from the bondage of sin, the chains of guilt and judgment that bind them.

They need to know to which family they really belong to.

We have the blessing of a lifetime to know WHO we are and WHERE we are.

Now it’s their turn!

Please help us help them discover their lineage, their holiness, their righteousness, their perfection, their sinless nature, their equality with Yeshua Himself–not through any works or belief lest any of us should boast–their REAL family that they were born again into.

This ONE Family excludes NO ONE! We need to let them know about their ancestry!

Shalom Everybody!