The first church fathers, mostly Greek speakers, understood the common collection of NT greek writings from a greek mindset. And NONE of them taught of an eternal hell used by God to punish humans.
The later Latinizers of the Bible; (the Latin gang of four were Jerome, the translator of the Greek and Hebrew into the Latin Vulgate, Augustine, the dogma dictocrat, who once boasted that he would never learn Greek or Hebrew, yet is called a Saint, Damasus the Pope, all standing on the shoulders of Constantine who most successfully married Paganism to Christianity); these four were principally concerned with a common Bible in the Latin tongue for cohesive political clout and an empire wide religion of uniform beliefs.
In this process, and towards this end, simple basic greek words were outrageously, permanently and deliberately mistranslated. Among which was “hell”, a word which neither Jesus nor Paul, ever used.

The word “hell” in the English, came to us via the “set in concrete” religious dogma of the RCC (Roman Catholic Church), and was never seen until some 700 years after the life and death of Jesus. The Latin word used was “infernum”. How multiple Greek words meaning a rubbish dump, a grave, and other things, can be translated into ONE single English word is an insult to intelligence and logic.

This conflation of gehinnon (a valley outside Jerusalem), outer darkness (No one knows exactly what that is, though many pretend to), tartarus ( a place of underground torture for those who threatened the gods, and straight out of Greek mythology), and the grave (hades – sheol in the O.T.), have all gone into building the Latinizers false narrative of Hell, then Limbo, and then Purgatory.then commercialized prayers for the dead.
Mistranslate as well, the greek term “aeonian” and voila! Now you have an ETERNAL Hell!!! WooHoo! Such religious shenanigans!
Then to take these false translations, forced interpretations, and religious contortions to prove that Jesus ever spoke of “hell”, is to call me either ignorant, a liar, or an idiot.
I call BS!

IF truth requires manipulative fear to succeed in its success, then you can keep it.

“I am God, and I love you so much that I created Hell just in case you don’t love me back!”.

Knock Knock;
Who’s there?
Jesus, your loving Saviour;
What do you want?
I want to tell you the good news;
What good news?
The good news of what I am going to do to you if you don’t open the door!