In Christianity we were taught that our will affected out eternal destiny, but that God’s will, (and our purity of heart) saw to it that we got the right parking space, were killed or not killed by a tornado, and generally determined the course of events in our life. In the Gospel, we coined a phrase for this and called it “Parking Space Spirituality”.

The Christian religion teaches that Man’s will affects eternal things and God’s will affects temporal things. The Gospel teaches that God’s will affects eternal things and Man’s will affects temporal things.
Paul’s teachings on predestination, make it patently clear, that God had an eternal plan for humanity, planned it out in the Eternal Counsels before the foundations of the world, carried it out pleasure perfect, and brought creation to its focal point, full achievement and fruition at the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. God’s will achieved and effected all of that.
YOUR will is now free to live freely; even free of predestination, and especially free of the morbid fear that God is in any way affecting your temporal outcomes.

What do we know for sure?
(1) You and God are ONE;
(2) You cannot tell where you end and God starts, meaning that you may invent the greatest step forward in medicine, or Art, or Music, or free energy, or anything of inestimable benefit to the human race, and never be actually quite certain how much of that was your clever intuition and how much was the God with whom you are ONE.
(3) No one has yet fully explored that of which they may be capable, if they knew with quiet assurance, that it was impossible to fail.

Perhaps today is the day when you yourself start that journey?!
Perhaps you are an untested dynamo of untold potential.
As you explore today, let us encourage you to stay full of the CPR of the Gospel, that consistent, persistent, repetitive input of the Gospel of grace and Peace, which will build you up in your expectations and your outcomes.
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