Since the inception of Christianity, every half millennium, we have seen a reformation.

About 500 years after the death of the Apostles, we saw the completion of the evolution of the Church from a charismatic, vibrant, alive, Greek influenced organism, to an institutionalized, dead, Latin thinking organization.

500 years later we saw the Great Schism where the eastern and western wings of Institutionalized Churchianity permanently split down the middle over competing dogmas.

500 years after that we saw the reformation which started with increasing disgust over forgiveness of sins being marketed as an commercial commodity and ended up with Protestants leaving behind them the dead works of Roman Catholicism.

Now, today, 500 years after that, the protestant Church Industrial Complex, is quite rapidly, disintegrating before our eyes, as it faces internal seismic shifts resulting from building on the false constructs of the Church it came out of.

It is fragmenting, with many of its adherents returning to question, research and study the alleged “heresies” of the early church, mindful that orthodoxy is oxymoronic – mindful that if “orthodoxy” was in the least to be respected, there would not be multiple thousands of versions of it.

Be a heretic, and be proud of this badge of honour, which originally meant to be one who chooses for themselves.