In this Gospel Revolution Powercast, we start off with “The Kenyan Corner.” Moses Ngata, the President of the Gospel Revolution School of the Scriptures in Nakuru, Kenya asked this week’s question in an email. Moses asked if quoting scripture to the devil (as taught by some Christian sects) is the proper way to deal with the devil. We also had an email from Daz in Kelowna, BC and a call from Kookie Davyduck in Castor, AB. Greg Amburgy also called to tell us how he was raised to believe that Jesus would be coming during his lifetime. As a child, Greg never thought he’d grow up and now he’s 50 years old. Greg and Mike Williams discussed the horrible abuse it is for children to grow up with that doctrine. However, there is relief from the torment in the true Gospel. The true eschatology or end time doctrine of the last days that the Gospel announces is that it is “history.” The last days were 2,000 years ago!

True Gospel Eschatology
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