In this Gospel Revolution Powercast, Beres Bartlett interviews Mike Williams about Chapter 1 in his new book ONE – The Gospel According to Mike. Chapter 1 basically lays down the foundation for the rest of the book. It challenges the very foundations of Christian doctrines of righteousness and truth. It challenges the very foundations of what the work of the cross is. It challenges the very foundations of the doctrines of sin and judgment. Mike points out that in seeking truth, a true seeker of truth does not seek truth for personal gain or so that it will benefit them with health or wealth or anything else. A true seeker of truth will seek truth even if they know the result could kill them. A person who thinks they already know the truth, when presented with another way of looking at it, will reject it outright and call it heresy without actually listening to it. This brought up two recent radio debates between Steve and Aaron Essary and a pastor of an Evangelical church.

The Pursuit of Righteousness
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