In this Gospel Revolution Powercast, our Mike Williams and Beres Bartlett pick up where we left off on July 26th in discussing Mike’s new book ONE – The Gospel According to Mike. On July 26th, Mike and Beres discussed Chapter 1, The Pursuit of Righteousness. In this Powercast, Beres picks up at Chapter 2, The Gospel of Peace. In Chapter 2, Mike explains that the Gospel of Peace is the foundation to understanding the gospel and the scriptures. It is the cornerstone to even begin to understand the Bible. The Gospel of Peace is good news. Mike explains that that news is “information”. All news is information, and once you hear the news, it changes your thinking – you thought one thing until you heard the news. AND THE “GOOD NEWS” IS: God has declared peace – a cessation of hostilities between God and man forever – because of Christ’s work at the cross. Mike and Beres then actually covered the subject of Chapter 3, A Scriptural Heritage. Chapter 3 is actually a heritage that comes from the Gospel of Peace. It is about the promise according to Isaiah 54, that it is our heritage to condemn any tongue that rises in judgment.

We also heard from Moses Ngata in Kenya and Pastor Ted Winsett in Alabama. Moses asked about the fascination so many Christians have with having soil or trees from seeds that came from Israel or feel compelled to visit “the holy land.” He also asked what it means to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” The question from Pastor Ted this week came from the same teenage girl who asked the last question. She asked what it means to offer your body a “living sacrifice.” She also wanted to know what the “renewing the mind” is all about.

On a final note, we mentioned that Moses Ngata had recently purchased a car that was provided by people from the Gospel Revolution. He has since sent us pictures, which we will be sharing with you shortly.

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