In this Gospel Revolution Powercast, we pay special tribute to Richard Mull, who passed away on Tuesday, July 31, 2012. Richard is a former Vietnam vet who was wounded…he’s seen war. Richard never went through life without conflict…even in religion. He made his way through a religious pursuit and was wounded. He had many wounds. But…Richard, in all his life, he loved…he gave what he didn’t have, but found a way to make it happen…every time. In all his dealings with people, Richard, corny as he can be, insisted on being enthusiastic…even unto death. He has always had an encouraging word and always makes an attempt to bring a smile to your face. He’s working on Jesus right now;) In this Powercast, courtesy of Glenn Klein Online, you will hear Glenn Klein and Mike Williams extol Richard’s gift to humanity. Richard loved the gospel and we are proud to share Richard’s inspiring words and gospel insight in this Powercast. Also in this show, Mike Williams and Beres Bartlett discuss some recent events such as the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Mike discusses the will of God in events such as these as well as the meaning of faith in the light of the gospel.

The Gospel According to Richard
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