In this Gospel Revolution Powercast, Mike Williams answers Moses Ngata’s email, which questioned people’s experiences who have written books about having gone to heaven or even hell. Beres Bartlett brings up a dispute that was publicized in the Christian Reformed Church. Apparently, one of the church’s elders, Neal Punt, complained about the church’s Editor in Chief, Leonard J. Vander Zee, wrote that Jesus saved the whole world. Punt complained that Vander Zee’s statements were contradictory to the church’s beliefs and also complained that the synod would not ask Vander Zee to withdraw his statements. We welcome the gospel being proclaimed and protected wherever someone can make it conspicuous! We spent most of the hour discussing how Adam was made in the image of God and how Jesus came and destroyed that image. In the process, a new creation resulted. No longer in the image of God, thanks to the work of Jesus Christ, we are now in Christ – in God!

No Longer in the Image of God
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