This week, the Gospel Revolution takes a stand to condemn the vitriolic tongues that rise in judgment and persecution. The gospel is the good news of the Covenant of Peace Jesus established by which God declared in Isaiah that is the foundation of our heritage in which God said, “Thou shalt condemn” those voices of judgment, and we do. In a rare exposé, Beres Bartlett reports his findings after a thorough investigation into the sources of an international campaign to persecute, imprison and execute a group of people in the name of God. The trail leads back to a few large, well funded and clandestine Evangelical groups in America such as the International House of Prayer and The Fellowship, aka The Family and C Street. These groups solicit funds to fuel their campaigns most often from good-intentioned, unwitting parishioners who believe their money is going to missions and the poor.

IHOP: International House of Persecution
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